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John F. Kennedy High School - DOC


With a modern educational system as the basis for the country’s ability to sustain long-term social and economic growth, the Senegalese government recognizes the critical role that information and communication technologies (ICT) can play in the learning and development of the emerging workforce.

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                                          Skills for Senegal‟s Future
                                          Bringing new opportunities to
                                          Dakar‟s female students

With a modern educational system as the            the leadership of its administration and the       FAST FACTS
basis for the country’s ability to sustain long-   excellence of its graduates—to work with the
term social and economic growth, the               Microsoft Unlimited Potential Group on an          Customer:
Senegalese government recognizes the critical      affordable computing pilot focused on the          John F. Kennedy High School
role that information and communication            needs of the students and teachers.
technologies (ICT) can play in the learning and                                                       Country or Region:
development of the emerging workforce.             The school had introduced limited ICT              Senegal
                                                   resources into classrooms, as part of an earlier
Cooperation is a key part of any successful        project led by the World Bank, and now looked      Industry:
endeavor and a Microsoft® Unlimited                to ICT training and support to enrich the          Education
Potential™ project at a school for girls in the    curriculum and use the school’s scarce
nation’s capital, Dakar, is uniting many           resources more effectively.                        Customer Profile:
talents—including the vision of the Ministry of                                                       John F. Kennedy High School is
Education, the expertise of an African training    Scalability, Sustainability, and Support           a highly respected school for
network, the passion of teachers and pupils,                                                          girls in Dakar, Senegal.
and the commitment of Microsoft. The initiative    Following the signing of an agreement
is helping a generation of Senegalese women        between Microsoft Senegal, the African             Senegal is a thriving West
to enjoy the opportunities that the knowledge      Network for Distance Training (RESAFAD),           African democracy, eager to
economy can bring.                                 and the Senegalese Ministry for Education, a       compete in the global economy
                                                   pilot project began in April 2008 with the         where knowledge is the most
Extending Access and Effectiveness                 provision of 49 Asus Eee personal computers        valuable commodity of all. More
Through ICT                                        to the school. Ensuring that the project was       than ever before, competitive-
                                                   sustainable and scalable across the                ness depends upon a critical
Government, non-governmental organizations         Senegalese education system, the computers         natural resource—the skills of
(NGOs), and businesses are working on a            are among a new class of highly capable, ultra     Senegal’s 11 million citizens,
range of partnerships in Senegal to bring          low-cost computers designed with education in      whatever their age or
relevant education, skills, and training to its    mind. The laptops were equipped with the           background.
next generation of citizens. Extending the         Windows® XP operating system and a
reach of education—bringing access to ever-        Microsoft Office suite, as well as Microsoft
more people—is a core objective that can be        Partners in Learning Modules and Digital
supported by a widespread adoption of ICT.         Literacy training. Laptops were connected to
This too will help children to learn and           the Internet through a newly installed Wi-Fi
familiarize themselves with ICT, a basic           network.
requirement in the information economy.
                                                   More important than hardware and software to
To prove the theory, the Ministry of Education     the pilot’s long-term success was the support
selected John F. Kennedy High School—a             of teachers at John F. Kennedy High School.
renowned school for girls in Dakar, known for      They met to define aims and objectives,
identifying areas where ICT could improve          Club” became the ICT hub for a network of
multidisciplinary teaching and established a       others, including: Sciences, History and
network of peer support so that teachers with      Geography, Spanish, Literature, Philosophy,
greater understanding could help those with        and the Njegem’Art Club.
                                                   The integration of ICT has transformed
With a tailored approach to each teacher’s         classes, with one teacher saying, “I often ask
specific needs, the pilot emphasized the           my students to do research on the Internet on
opportunities that ICT can bring to education.     a given theme. During a project on
RESAFAD provided a help desk and                   greenhouse gases, one of my students
determined that training people in pairs—          downloaded a document of such a quality that       Student Comments
establishing solidarity and peer support—was       I had to abandon my lesson preparation to
more effective than one-on-one sessions with       explain the theme using the student’s
expert tutors.                                     contribution. I think that something is            “I am more motivated for
                                                   changing; students are becoming sources of         homework when it
RESAFAD Manager, Anta Gueye, says,                 information like teachers.”                        includes research on the
“RESAFAD has partnered with Microsoft and                                                             Internet.” - Khadidiatou
the Senegalese Government to integrate ICT         The effect on students has also been
into the life of the John F. Kennedy High          significant. They can now call on the Web’s
School. Our objective is to provide teachers       extensive resources to improve their studies,      “At home, I have urged
with the skills required to help them to use the   researching new ideas and concepts. Their          my brothers and sisters
tools at their disposal and ensure a positive      own comments are the most compelling
                                                                                                      to use computers.”
experience with the program.”                      illustration of the difference ICT has made in
                                                   their education.                                   - Dieynaba
Adds the Assistant Principal for John F.
Kennedy High School, “Teachers who return          One class recently obtained a 100 percent
                                                                                                      “When the teacher is
from a training session completely change          success rate in the final secondary exam,
their vision with regards to ICT. They realize     which the teacher attributed in large part to      taking the lesson, I ask
that the new tools are available for them and,     the students’ systematic use of Web research       myself my own
above all, are very useful as they open new        in their daily lessons.                            questions and I can now
prospects in the field of teaching.”                                                                  find the answers on the
                                                   Educational Motivation                             Internet.” - Ndeye Marie
A Network of Personalized Learning
                                                   Evaluation of the program to date suggests
With the laptops up and running in the             that one of the greatest benefits for John F.      “I like going to the
classroom, the teachers now have immediate         Kennedy High School has been the renewal           computer room. It‟s as if
access to up-to-date and diverse materials         of motivation amongst staff and students. The
                                                                                                      I have found again the
over the internet—resources that were              introduction of effective ICT training and
previously unavailable to them on tight school     laptops in the classroom has supported a           freedom to see what I am
budgets. Abstract concepts are brought to life     whole new world of educational opportunity         interested in!”
for students with images and video. Science        for everyone involved: teachers can explore        - Ndeye Gueye
teachers use the Web to demonstrate                and choose the best education resources
experiments. Language teachers source              from across the globe and reinvigorate the
unpublished or rare texts and complete             way they teach; administrators can ensure
monographs on writers on the syllabus.             that the school is run at optimum efficiency;
                                                   and John F. Kennedy High School students
The school’s existing network of study clubs       can gather invaluable life-long knowledge that
was another area of improvement where the          will support them as they help to build a better
teacher’s identified ICT’s potential. One “Net     life for themselves—and a better Senegal.
About Unlimited Potential                                         people who are not yet realizing the benefits of
Unlimited Potential is Microsoft’s long-term
commitment to provide relevant, accessible,                       Education is the cornerstone of economic
and affordable ICT to underserved people                          opportunity, so any efforts to help young
around the world. Through the use of                              people realize their full potential must begin        “Microsoft has made us
technology, training and partnerships with local                  there. Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential program
                                                                                                                        aware of the great
governments, NGOs, educators, and                                 is working with partners, educators,
community and business leaders, Unlimited                         governments, and NGOs to increase access
                                                                                                                        possibilities that IT has
Potential will create sustained social and                        to quality education through dynamic, learner-        to offer in terms of
economic opportunity in three key areas:                          focused technologies and resources. We are            teaching and learning.
                                                                  committed to helping improve the quality of           What was surprising was
• Transforming Education                                          teaching and learning, and helping people of          how quickly the students
                                                                  all ages learn valuable new skills.
                                                                                                                        understood and
• Fostering Local Innovation
                                                                                                                        accepted the concept of
• Enabling Jobs and Opportunities                                                                                       „knowledge sharing‟ and
                                                                                                                        „working together.‟ This
Microsoft has set the year 2015 as its first                                                                            illustrates Unlimited
major milestone to reach the next 1 billion                                                                             Potential very well. With
                                                                                                                        the donation of an e-mail
For more information about Microsoft Unlimited Potential, please visit:
                                                                                                                        server, a Wi-Fi network
www.microsoft.com/unlimitedpotential                                                                                    that will soon cover the
                                                                                                                        entire building, and Asus
                                                                                                                        Eee personal computers
                                                                                                                        that are lightweight and
                                                                                                                        flexible, Microsoft has
                                                                                                                        created a revolution in
                                                                                                                        our school
                                                                                                                        Assane Lo, Teacher, John F.
                                                                                                                        Kennedy High School

This document is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

Document published June 2009

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