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					Education Review Office
Into the future with ERO                                          Solution Overview

                                                                  The Education Review Office has
The Education Review Office (ERO) wanted to replace its           implements Microsoft Outlook,
                                                                  Office and Exchange to improve
Lotus Notes email system with a future-proofed solution that      productivity, mobility and usability
would also help them improve alignment with other                 for the 220 staff that work around
                                                                  the country.
government agencies. Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
were deployed with the help of Liverton, leading to               Web Site
improvements in productivity and usability, and assisting with

a move to different working patterns for employees based          Industry
all around the country.                                           Government/Education sector

The situation                                                     Liverton

                                                                  Customer Size
The Education Review Office (ERO) is one of six education         220 employees
agencies in the New Zealand government. Its role is to
evaluate and report publicly on the quality of education          Customer Profile
and care received by students in schools and early                The Education Review Office’s role
                                                                  is to evaluate and report publicly
childhood education.                                              on the quality of education and
                                                                  care received by students in
                                                                  schools and early childhood
ERO’s findings play a major role in helping parents, teachers,    education.
managers, trustees and other interested parties make
informed decisions about how students are educated while,         Business Situation
at the same time, providing a way for the government to be        The Education Review Office’s
                                                                  existing software incorporated
assured that each educational institution is meeting the          Lotus Notes and various Notes
needs of its students. As such, ERO works with a broad range      databases, with limited integration
                                                                  and/or automation between the
of institutions across the country, from individual schools and   applications. An updated email and
early childhood education centres to government policy            office productivity system was
                                                                  required to improve collaboration
makers.                                                           between systems, and improve
                                                                  usability and productivity amongst
The organisation employs some 220 staff, 150 of which are
designated education review officers working from eight           Microsoft Technology
offices around the country.                                        Microsoft Outlook 2007
                                                                   Microsoft Office 2007
                                                                   Microsoft Exchange 2007
Legacy software

ERO’s existing software incorporated Lotus Notes and various
Notes databases, with limited integration and/or automation
between the applications. In order to improve collaboration
between systems, and improve usability and productivity
amongst staff, ERO looked to update its email and office
                                                                  For more information about Microsoft products
productivity systems to a more commonly used system with          and services, please call the Microsoft Sales
                                                                  Information Centre on (09) 3575576. To
a range of Electronic Document and Records Management             access information over the World Wide Web,
                                                                  go to:
Systems (EDRMS) to choose from – in this instance Microsoft
Exchange, Outlook and Office 2007.                      

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The agency wanted to make sure it was well placed for             reserved.

future ICT opportunities, and pre-empt the support issues         This customer solution is for informational
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that were arising with the declining use of Lotus Notes in the    WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, IN
                                                                  THIS SUMMARY. Microsoft, Windows, SQL

public sector. This change was also prompted by the key           Server and .Net are registered trademarks or
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Lotus Notes IT specialist leaving the organisation.               United States and/or other countries. The
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The Microsoft solution

In February 2009, ERO undertook a closed tender process to
choose a vendor and solution to replace Lotus Notes.

The shift to the Microsoft solution – particularly Outlook 2007
and Exchange 2007 – has improved alignment with other
government agencies, and will enable ERO to improve
leverage with other Microsoft applications they already use,
including Active Directory. Office 2007 had been deployed
earlier in 2009, so a totally integrated solution was put in

With Microsoft Outlook, ERO gained a well-supported email
platform with wide user acceptability. Integration with a
variety of EDRMS was a key factor in choosing the Microsoft
solutions, as well as the future potential to integrate with
other strategic applications.

“We decided to go with Microsoft as, apart from integrating
with our EDRMS solution our existing software was not able to
keep up with our business needs, and we wanted an
integrated email platform and document system which
would help us improve productivity,” says Julie Burford,
Manger Information Services for ERO.

“This shift has made us more resilient for future technology
advancements, and brought us into line with the education
sector, particularly the Ministry of Education – one of our key

Partnering with rapport

Liverton was selected as the vendor of choice to implement
and customise the Microsoft solution for ERO. Liverton
provides IT products and services to government and
companies both in New Zealand and overseas, specialising
in Internet security, software development and Lotus Notes
to Exchange migration. The company employs 7 people.

“We worked closely with ERO to ensure we were able to
give them exactly what they needed – making sure the
solution was customised for their immediate multiple office
requirements, yet still flexible enough for future additions and
updates,” says Richard Bourne, Managing Director, Liverton.

“It didn’t take too long to get into a good rhythm with the
ERO team, and deployment took only two months.”

ERO was happy with the results they received from Liverton.

“Liverton was very solutions-focused, and quickly grasped
what we needed to achieve. We had constant progress
updates and there was an excellent rapport among the
teams,” says Julie.

ERO recently linked Blackberry PDAs to their system and has
found the transition to be smooth, with seamless integration
with the Microsoft software.

“With the team now using Blackberries and having the ability
to log into the email system offsite/offline, our staff have
greater mobility options, especially in the use of calendars,
which has led to productivity gains,” says Julie.

The benefits

The key benefits for ERO are:
   Total integration of software solutions
   Increased productivity
   Improved collaboration
   Offsite/offline access to Outlook email and calendars
   Better position for future application rollouts
   High employee acceptance and usability

“Our team took to using Outlook straight away – helped by
most people having it at home on their personal PCs, and
most being already familiar with the Office suite or having
used it in past roles. We hope to see more positive
productivity increases once the EDRMS is installed,” says

ERO will be able to see the true benefits and ROI more fully
once the EDRMS system is in operation in 2010.

“We are less likely to have inter-agency email issues now
that we are using the same systems as our counterparts. We
are also in a stronger strategic IT position with options to
install and leverage future technologies – knowing they will
integrate seamlessly with our existing software.”


Description: The Education Review Office implements Microsoft Outlook, Office and Exchange to improve productivity, mobility and usability for the 220 staff that work around the country.