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									                                             Windows Vista
                                             Customer Solution Case Study

                                             Windows Vista Helps Bring Reliability and
                                             Increased Functionality to University

                                             Even though I‟m responsible for all Religious
Customer: Brigham Young University,
Religious Education Computer Support
                                             Education IT, I seldom pay much attention to the
Web Site:                        operating system. I don‟t have to worry about
Customer Size: 8 PCs
Country or Region: U.S. West
                                             Windows Vista. It just works.”
Industry: Education                          Richard Crookston, Systems Administrator, BYU, Religious Education Computer Support

Customer Profile:
Owned and operated by the Church of
                                             Though Brigham Young University’s (BYU’s) Religious Education
Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Brigham   Computer Support maintains more than 300 PCs, only one full-time
Young University‟s Religious Education
Computer Support oversees the IT needs of
                                             person, with a few additional part-time personnel, oversees the
the college‟s religion department.           operation. The IT systems administrator expects reliability and high
Software and Services:
                                             functionality in the organization’s chosen technology. He also
 Windows Vista Enterprise                   needs solutions that can provide headroom to accommodate the
 Windows Vista Business
 Microsoft Office Professional 2007
                                             department’s future growth. Part of the answer was found with the
 Microsoft Windows Server 2003              migration to Windows Vista.

                                             Business Needs                                     products and features that can streamline
                                             When one small IT department supports a            solutions to user needs.
                                             network of hundreds of computers, reliability
                                             and ease of use are the watchwords. Richard        Solution
                                             Crookston is the only full-time computer           Instant Search
                                             support employee for BYU Religious                 With the Instant Search feature in Windows
                                             Education. With the help of a few part-time        Vista, users can find virtually anything on
                                             employees and volunteers, his eight-PC             their PCs with fast-as-you-can-type
                                             office must work with hundreds of users and        performance. To find a specific file,
                                             help desk personnel. Hardware and software         application or Internet Favorite, users simply
                                             headaches are not welcome, so choosing             open the Start menu or press the Windows
                                             and purchasing the right products, another         key and begin typing in the embedded
For more information about other Microsoft   task Crookston enjoys, are critical to his         Instant Search box. As users type, Windows
customer successes, please visit:
                                             support efforts. Crookston and his                 Vista instantly searches file and application
                                             department are always on the lookout for           names, metadata and the full text of all files,
and it displays the search results organized by                         Protected Access version 2 (WPA2). Windows           Instant File Access
the type of asset: Programs;                                            Vista helps users avoid connecting to              “I held off using a major online search
Favorites/Internet History; Files, including                            fraudulent wireless networks that may              engine in favor of Instant Search in Windows
documents and media; and Communications,                                appear to be legitimate hotspots but in fact       Vista,” said Crookston. “It‟s integrated into
including e-mail, events, tasks and contacts.                           are not.                                           the operating system so I don‟t have to rely
                                                                                                                           on third-party compatibility and functionality.
Remote Desktop Connection                                               Benefits
The Remote Desktop Connection feature in                                 Easy, Reliable Connections                       “Faculty and staff call for support and often
Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista                                   “Windows Sync Center is better than                rely on me to find previously shared e-mail
Ultimate and Windows Vista Enterprise                                   ActiveSync,” said Crookston. “It‟s more            correspondence,” said Crookston. “They
editions enables easy remote access to any                              seamless, and I don‟t have to download any         know Instant Search gives me the ability to
resource or application that BYU‟s Religious                            programs. I drag, drop and go.”                    quickly locate the background information
Education makes available.                                                                                                 even if they can‟t.
                                                                         Crookston continued, “Also, the new
For example, if Religious Education Computer                            Network Awareness feature helps me                 “I would hate to lose the Instant Search
Support needs remote access to one of its                               determine whether a user is unknowingly            capability,” said Crookston. “I now rely on it
servers, Windows Vista enables Crookston‟s IT                           „sharing‟ files. I‟ve got a single place to turn   every day. It would be painful to go back to
office to place an icon for that server on a                            that off or on.                                    old search methods.”
remote desktop. Computer Support personnel
just click the icon, and an automatic Terminal                          “Even though I‟m responsible for Religious
Services Remote Program connection is made                              Education IT, I seldom pay much attention to
back to the server over the Internet and to the                         the operating system,” noted Crookston. “I
Terminal Server in Microsoft Windows Server,                            don‟t worry about Windows Vista. It just
with no need for a virtual private network                              works.”
                                                                          Simple Remote Connections
Windows Sync Center                                                     “I‟ve noticed a significant improvement in
The new Windows Sync Center is a convenient                             Remote Desktop Connection,” said
central location in Windows Vista from which                            Crookston. “It‟s simpler. There‟s no double
users can manage data synchronization                                   log-on, and I automatically get enhanced
between PCs, between PCs and servers, and                               security.”
between PCs and devices. The importance of
this capability continues to grow as the range                          Crookston continued, “I‟m connected
of computers, devices, locations and data                               wherever I go, and I don‟t have to take an
sources explodes.                                                       external drive with me. I also don‟t have to
                                                                        worry about forgetting a specific file since I
Network Awareness                                                       have access to all my programs and files.
Windows Vista improves the wireless network
experience for home, mobile and university                              “Overall, staying remotely connected is
PCs in a number of ways. The new Network                                simpler and more refined. I don‟t have as
Awareness feature optimizes user programs                               many „drops,‟ and if the connection times
for the network's changing capabilities.                                out, Windows Vista gets me reconnected
Security of data is strengthened: Windows                               seamlessly.”
Vista offers enhanced support for the latest
wireless security protocols, including Wi-Fi

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

Document published June 2008

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