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Tuppen Construction Limited


To keep pace with ever-increasing industry demands, Tuppen Construction needed a solution to help employees increase efficiency, boost productivity, and enable remote connection to the company’s network. Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner Interprom recommended Windows Vista® Business for its time-saving search and calendar functionalities, flexible Remote Desktop Connection feature, and integrated data protection and safety features.

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									                                               Windows Vista
                                               Customer Solution Case Study

                                               Construction Firm Boosts Efficiency and
                                               Customer Service with New Operating System

Customer: Tuppen Construction Limited          “The sooner we help the insurance companies
Contact: 416-675-2244
Customer Size: 16 employees
                                               respond rapidly to their customers, the sooner people
Country or Region: Toronto, Canada             suffering from disaster can start to rebuild their lives.
Industry: Manufacturing—Construction
Partner: Interprom Inc.
                                               Windows Vista is helping us do just that.”
Partner Web Site: www.interprom.com            Melani Deckert, President, Tuppen Construction Limited

Customer Profile
Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Tuppen
                                               To keep pace with ever-increasing industry demands, Tuppen
Construction has been providing insurance      Construction needed a solution to help employees increase
reconstruction services for 40 years.
                                               efficiency, boost productivity, and enable remote connection to the
Software and Services                          company’s network. Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner Interprom
 Windows Vista Business
 Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6
                                               recommended Windows Vista® Business for its time-saving search
 Microsoft Server Product Portfolio           and calendar functionalities, flexible Remote Desktop Connection
  − Windows Small Business Server 2003
                                               feature, and integrated data protection and safety features.
 Sony Vaio VGN-SZ420N portable computer
                                               Business Needs
 Toshiba Portege M400 portable computer
                                               Since 1968, property insurance companies           efficient, secure, and reliable system for
 HP dc5750 desktop computer
                                               across Canada have turned to estimators at         transmitting insurance information back to
 HTC S720 Pocket PC
                                               Tuppen Construction Limited to appraise            the home office. “Estimators were spending
                                               structures damaged by severe weather, fire,        so much time commuting back and forth to
                                               explosions, or theft. Based in Ontario,            the office to pick up and drop off files,
                                               Tuppen employees travel across the                 download photos from their cameras, and fill
                                               province to assess structural safety, conduct      in electronic insurance claims forms that it
                                               emergency repair to prevent further damage,        was negatively affecting their productivity
                                               and submit appraisals for reconstruction           levels,” says Melani Deckert, President,
                                               services. The company prides itself on             Tuppen Construction Limited.
                                               providing exceptional customer service and
                                               helping insurance companies respond                Deckert also travels frequently to Germany,
                                               quickly to claimants.                              so she needed a solution that would help her
  For more information about other Microsoft                                                      stay connected to the office while abroad
  customer successes, please visit:
                                               Tuppen estimators spend the majority of            and provide easy access to files stored on
                                               their time on the road, but they lacked an         the company server.
Solution                                                                Tuppen uses Windows Vista on one HP               Benefits
Tuppen turned to IT technology partner                                  dc5750 desktop computer and two portable          Tuppen employees understand the distress
Interprom Inc. for help. As a Microsoft® Gold                           computersa Sony Vaio VGN-SZ420N and a            that is felt by those who have unexpectedly
Certified Partner and Microsoft Small                                   Toshiba Portege M400. “Based on the time          lost a home or place of business. Using
Business Specialist, Interprom specializes in                           savings and increased productivity we’ve          Windows Vista, Tuppen can respond more
providing IT administration, support, and                               seen with this initial deployment, my goal is     quickly to insurance company requests
consulting to small-business customers. “We                             to upgrade the rest of our computers              thanks to improved efficiency features such
know how to bridge the gap between our                                  beginning in early 2009,” Deckert explains.       as Offline Files and Folders and Instant
customers’ business needs and the                                                                                         Search, enhanced security features such as
technology that will help them achieve their                            One time-saving tool is the enhanced              Windows Firewall, and flexible access
goals,” says Gavin Steiner, President,                                  calendar functionality in Windows Vista. “The     capabilities through Remote Desktop
Interprom Inc. “Tuppen has been great to                                interface is much more organized and              Connection.
work with because Melani views technology                               flexible than the calendar function in
as an asset rather than as an expense. She is                           Windows XP,” says Deckert. “Plus it has the       “Time savings and increased productivity are
very forward-thinking when it comes to                                  new overview feature that allows me to see        the two main benefits of Windows Vista,”
technology, and that has contributed greatly                            everyone’s appointments on one calendar.          Deckert says. “Our estimators don’t have to
to Tuppen’s 40-year success.”                                           We’re able to manage our time much more           waste time searching for files, which means
                                                                        efficiently.”                                     they have extra time to make another three
Interprom recommended a three-phase                                                                                       phone calls, get to the job site sooner, or add
approach, beginning in 2005 with the                                    Tuppen employees use the Offline Files and        another site visit to their schedule. When we
deployment of a scalable IT infrastructure                              Folders and Remote Desktop Connection             save 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there,
based on the Windows® Small Business                                    features (available in Windows Vista              it adds up quickly.
Server 2003 operating system. Six months                                Business and Windows Vista Ultimate) to
after Tuppen established the infrastructure,                            boost productivity while on the road. The         “The sooner we help the insurance
Interprom implemented Windows Mobile® 5.0                               built-in Windows Firewall with Advanced           companies respond rapidly to their
software (and subsequently upgraded to                                  Security feature also helps better protect        customers, the sooner people suffering from
Windows Mobile 6) on five HTC S720 Pocket                               users from malicious attacks. “I recently         disaster can start to rebuild their lives,”
PCs, which immediately improved productivity.                           used the Remote Desktop Connection                Deckert concludes. “Windows Vista is
“Our estimators save about an hour a day in                             feature during a trip to Germany and it           helping us to do just that.”
travel time,” says Deckert. “That’s an extra                            worked really well,” Deckert says. “I knew
hour a day that they can devote to being in                             the security was great, so I didn’t have to
the field, providing better customer service,                           worry about that; the system was stable, and
and sourcing new business.”                                             my connection was very quick.”

To further improve efficiency, enhance                                  Tuppen estimators have found the Instant
security, and boost connectivity, Tuppen                                Search feature in Windows Vista to be a
upgraded three of its seven computers to the                            tremendous time-saving tool. “We can type
Windows Vista® Business operating system in                             one word into the search field and access
early 2007. “The upgrade was easy and                                   every relevant file in one place,” says
integrated flawlessly with the existing                                 Deckert. “We manage hundreds of projects
infrastructure,” says Steiner. “Tuppen also                             at a time, so being able to search quickly for
uses a third-party application for creating                             the information we need helps us do our
insurance estimates, and it works seamlessly                            jobs more efficiently and provide better,
with Windows Vista as well.”                                            faster service to our customers.”

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

Document published August 2008

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