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									                                              Microsoft Dynamics
                                              Customer Solution Case Study

                                              Real Estate Company Increases Efficiency by 50
                                              Revenues Grows by 5 Percent

Overview                                      “With CRM, the sales team has been able to reduce
Country or Region: India
Industry: Construction
                                              the sales cycle by 50 percent. In addition, we have
                                              seen a 20 percent increase in conversion rates.”
Customer Profile
                                              Naveen Sharma, Head Information Technology, Supertech
Founded in 1988, Supertech Limited, a
premier real estate developer, constantly
works towards creating new benchmarks of
architectural excellence in the
contemporary global environment.              Supertech, a real estate developer, has developed some of the
                                              modern and finest residential and commercial complexes in New
Business Situation
Supertech used disparate applications to      Delhi. With approximately 500 employee strength, the company was
manage internal processes which led to
                                              using a range of different systems to track their sales opportunities.
inconsistent and inaccurate sales pipeline
information. The company desired a            Supertech sought the assistance of Religare Technova, a Microsoft®
centralized system for tracking leads and
                                              Certified Gold Partner to implement a customised system based on
customer queries.
                                              Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. The new system reduces
                                              administrative overhead and improves operational performance by
To mitigate the existing issues, Supertech
with the help of Religare Technova opted      better harnessing the power of business data. Now, the company
for Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 4.0 to track
                                              can provide better support services to its customers, ensuring
all its customers’ queries and requests and
make information management more              increased customer satisfaction. In addition, Supertech has
structured and strategic.
                                              dramatically reduced time spent on administrative tasks and can
Benefits                                      run customers’ reports in seconds, saving valuable time.
 Streamlines multi channel lead creation,
  monitors leads efficiently
 Increases efficiency by 50 percent
 Increases revenue by 5 percent
 Increases conversion rate by 20 percent
“We have reduced the              Situation                                       Naveen Sharma, Head Information
                                  Founded in 1988, Supertech Group has            Technology, Supertech, explains, “In this
time spend on follow up           revolutionized the real estate arena with       increasingly competitive marketplace, we are
calls by an average of            architectural excellence in the contemporary    aware of the need to improve the way we
                                  global scenario. An ISO 9001:2000 certified     serve our customers. We therefore needed
65 percent”                       company, bestowed with “Udyog Ratan”            an integrated solution that is capable to
Naveen Sharma, Head Information   award for its quality standard, Supertech has   manage communication with our customers,
Technology, Supertech             successfully completed 20 years in real         track prospects and automate administrative,
                                  estate business.                                sales and support services processes.”

                                  Supertech has converted more than 33            Rapid expansion of its business base in
                                  million sq. ft. area of residential and         terms of number of projects, customers, and
                                  commercial entity into architectural            number of offices, led Supertech to consider
                                  landmarks and more than 36 projects that        implementing customer relationship
                                  accommodate nearly 6000 families. Its           management (CRM) solution.
                                  various projects include residential and
                                  commercial townships, shopping malls,
                                  hotels and IT parks.                            Solution
                                                                                  Supertech reviewed several well-known
                                  Until now the company relied heavily on         solutions, including Sage CRM, but after the
                                  Microsoft Office Access based applications      brain storming sessions of the management
                                  and Microsoft Office Excel worksheets to        team, Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM 4.0 was
                                  track prospects, manage internal processes,     considered as the best fit. “The functionality
                                  customer information, and to generate           was extremely attractive to us,” says Naveen.
                                  reports. These systems however lacked           “Another reason for choosing the Microsoft
                                  workflows or features to track prospects or     solution was its inherent flexibility.”
                                  monitor customer activity. There was no
                                  centralized solution to effectively manage      Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows workflow
                                  overall processes which led to inaccurate and   automation and extends software access to
                                  duplicate information.                          multiple locations with more features and
                                                                                  functionalities. At the same time it runs on
                                  All leads were tracked and followed manually    the Microsoft platform, which is an advantage
                                  using Microsoft Office Excel worksheets. This   for the organization since all the users are
                                  resulted in duplicate entries. Processes were   already aware of the usage.
                                  chaotic and data entry methodologies were
                                  not correctly laid out. This caused errors,     Working with Microsoft Certified Gold Partner
"Our revenue has gone             delays. Sometimes, leads wouldn’t be            Religare Technova, Supertech implemented
up by 5 percent of the            entered, a small error that could potentially
                                  cause revenue loss.
                                                                                  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, which today
                                                                                  forms the core of its customer engagement
earlier value after the                                                           capability.
implementation of new             There was no application to handle leads.
                                  Leads when received were entered in             Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software
solution.”                        Microsoft Excel worksheets or written on        has given Supertech the price point at which
                                  paper. These leads were then assigned to the    on-premise CRM solution is cost effectively,
Naveen Sharma, Head Information
                                  executives who would follow it through to       and provides a better quality. Ultimately, it
Technology, Supertech
                                  closure. Supertech didn’t have any quantified   has given the company significant savings in
                                  results on leads generated and converted.       setup and development costs because there
was no need for infrastructure and                eliminating training needs. Automated e-
architecture resources each time a new            mails along with phone calls and SMS’s are
application is developed.                         easily recorded and are accessible from
                                                  within a program for the users at Supertech.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 implementation         They can incorporate CRM processes into
at Supertech started in its Noida office in       their everyday activities without having to
September 2009 and was completed by               learn and use a separate system. There are 5
January 2010. The Sales module was                users in sales department for CRM.
implemented initially. The processes
implemented were Lead Management, Avaya
Integration, SMS Integration and Reports          Benefits
Generation. The first phase of                    The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics
implementation is complete and constitutes        CRM 4.0 has created a single, consistent
sub phases such as analysis, design,              approach to the whole life cycle of its
development, integration, testing,                interactions with customers and potential
optimization etc. The agenda on next phase is     clients. This, in turn, has enabled the
the integration of CRM with SAP.                  company to better assess potential
                                                  opportunities and revise strategies where
The attraction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM          appropriate.
4.0 was increased because of the ease of
customization. The solution presents in-built     Streamlines Multi Channel Lead Creation and
functionalities and tools required by             Monitors Leads Efficiently
Supertech. It also customized the solution by     Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 with customized
65 percent to incorporate SMS integration,        features such as integration with SMS, Web
Web integration and Computer Telephony            and Avaya Systems’ Computer Telephony
Integration (CTI). Moreover, lead creation,       Integration (CTI). All queries from all the
tracking prospects and conversion of lead to      above sources are automatically added to a
contact is also facilitated using the CRM         central lead database, and possess a unique
solution.                                         identity. The system routes the data
                                                  according to business rules. Thus, if a user
The inherent integration of Microsoft             tries to add the same lead again to the CRM
Dynamics CRM with Web forms via its .NET          database, the old window pops up notifying
architecture has made it simpler for              that the data is already present in the system
Supertech to build the functionality it needs,    and can be updated as required. This
without changing the underlying CRM               eliminates duplication and errors, saves 2
application. The company is exploring the         person hours for the 5 employees’ in the
possibilities of integration with SAP in phased   Sales department that were responsible for
manner.                                           lead data management.

The success of the CRM initiative also            Increases Efficiency by 50 Percent
depended on rapid, widespread adoption of         Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 has boosted the
the solution. Microsoft Dynamics CRM works        morale of staff and helps to increase team
as a natural extension of the Microsoft Office    productivity. About 50 per cent of managers’
Outlook® messaging and collaboration client.      time that was earlier spent on administration
                                                  has been freed for business-critical tasks.
The users have spontaneous and basic              Manual processes have been automated and
understanding of the solution thereby             streamlined. Naveen says “We have reduced
the time spend on follow up calls by an             relationships with its customers and delivers
average of 65 percent”                              increased customer satisfaction.

He further explains, “With Microsoft
Dynamics CRM, account managers can
qualify sales leads more quickly than ever
leading to efficient lead management. We
can proudly state that we have saved 50
percent of our time by avoiding information

Increases Revenue by 5 Percent
Naveen comments, “Our revenue has gone
up by 5 percent of the earlier value after the
implementation of new solution.” This is
primarily because we could shortlist leads
based on various criteria and focus on leads
having greater conversion rates. Tracking
each lead generated gives us an insight into
a credible pipeline and the lead history gives
us cross selling and up selling opportunities.”

Increases Conversion Rate by 20 percent
Dynamics CRM provides a way to follow the
leads from qualification to conversion,
developing an ongoing relationship with the
customer. Also, a complete view of customer
interactions is available to the entire team.
This leads to better access to information and
collaboration. It also reduces incidents of
multiple follow ups with the same customer.
Naveen says, “With CRM, the sales team has
been able to reduce the sales cycle by 50
percent. In addition, we have seen a 20
percent increase in conversion rates.”

Advance notifications are automatically sent
to customers and sales executives on various
activities like site visit, approvals etc via e-
mails from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This
reduces the number of visits customers make
to the site. “Customers only visit us to finalize
the deal and don’t need to return for updates.
This saves time and energy for our salesforce
as well as the customer,” explains Naveen.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM has consequently
helped in strengthening the company’s
For More Information                                            Microsoft Dynamics
For more information about Microsoft                            Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated,          About Religare Technova
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                                                                Dynamics brings together people, processes,
For more information about Supertech Ltd.                       and technologies, increasing the productivity
products and services, call 1800 103                            and effectiveness of your business, and
7676 or visit the Web site at:                                  helping you drive business success.
                                                                For more information about Microsoft
For more information about Religare                             Dynamics, go to:
Technova products and services, call (91)             
(120) 339 100 or visit the Web site at:

                                                                 Software and Services                           Software
                                                                  Microsoft Dynamics                               Server: Intel Xeon, 2 GB RAM
                                                                   − Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0                     Desktop: Intel Pentium, 512 MB RAM
                                                                  Microsoft Office 2003

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT

Document published May 2010

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