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Asian Pacific Building Corporation


Asian Pacific Building Corporation’s IT staff struggled to manage 15 servers and 120 workstations across 10 sites. Working with Total Network Support, a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, the company deployed Microsoft System Center Essentials 2007. This new solution is helping the company save several hours each week with automated management and remote software deployment, freeing IT staff to focus on proactive, value-adding activities.

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									                                             Microsoft System Center Essentials 2007
                                             Customer Solution Case Study

                                             Property Developer Slashes Administration
                                             Time with Powerful Management Tool

                                             ―Overall, Microsoft System Center Essentials 2007
Customer: Asian Pacific Building
                                             will save us up to 15 hours a week, so our investment
Web Site:                    will pay for itself within a couple of months.‖
Customer Size: 100–5,000
Country or Region: Australia                 Lucas Yeates, Infrastructure Engineer, Asian Pacific Building Corporation
Industry: Professional services—
Architecture, engineering, & construction    Asian Pacific Building Corporation’s IT staff struggled to manage 15
Partner: Total Network Support
                                             servers and 120 workstations across 10 sites. Working with Total
Customer Profile                             Network Support, a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, the company
Asian Pacific Building Corporation
specializes in commercial property
                                             deployed Microsoft System Center Essentials 2007. This new
development in Melbourne, Australia. It      solution is helping the company save several hours each week with
has 10 offices and approximately 120
employees, supported by a two-person IT
                                             automated management and remote software deployment, freeing
department.                                  IT staff to focus on proactive, value-adding activities.
Software and Services                        Business Needs                                        department because we were so snowed
 Products                                   Asian Pacific Building Corporation (APBC),            under with work,‖ says Lucas Yeates,
  − Microsoft® System Center Essentials      based in Melbourne, Australia, has grown              Infrastructure Engineer at APBC. ―We had
    2007                                     from a family-run construction business that          difficulty being proactive. If someone’s PC
                                             started in 1867 to a modern, innovative               was running slowly, sometimes they wouldn’t
                                             property development company. It pioneered            tell us about it until one day they would
                                             the award-winning Business Network                    switch it on and it wouldn’t work. Then they
                                             Precinct in Melbourne—a commercial office             would ask us why we hadn’t fixed it.
                                             district with a variety of businesses
                                             interacting in a vibrant work environment.            ―Similarly, our server maintenance
                                                                                                   processes were almost entirely manual. We
                                             With 120 staff located across 10 different            had some tools for checking server logs, but
                                             offices, including one call center, APBC’s two        that was about it. We didn’t find out about
                                             IT-support employees were kept very busy              issues until they were big problems.‖
                                             attending to the needs of 15 servers and
                                             120 workstations.                                     APBC used Microsoft® Windows Server®
For more information about other Microsoft                                                         Update Services to automate software
customer successes, please visit:            ―Our main problems were PC performance                updates, but all of its other technology                issues and slow response times from the IT            support processes were manual.
―We started looking at management software,                             database software and Microsoft Exchange          Remote management. IT staff no longer
but the products on the market either didn’t                            Server 2003.                                      need to travel to remote offices when
do enough or were too expensive,‖ says                                                                                    updating computers or installing software.
Yeates. ―There was a huge gap between the                               ―System Center Essentials sends me daily e-       These tasks used to take up to 40 hours
technology aimed at large enterprises and the                           mail reports that keep me up to date with         each month, but are now reduced to as few
small-business products that had limited                                the status of all our IT systems,‖ says Yeates.   as 10 hours. ―I don’t have to drive to other
scope and capabilities.‖                                                ―It tells me if there are issues with PCs or      offices and manually install software
                                                                        potential problems with servers. It also          anymore,‖ says Yeates. ―I can just click a
Solution                                                                makes recommendations where there are             box, and when they switch on the computer
Working with Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner                          things we could be doing better.‖                 the next morning, the application or update
Total Network Support, APBC participated in                                                                               is installed.‖
the Rapid Deployment Program for Microsoft                              Following the success of this pilot, the
System Center Essentials 2007.                                          company decided to implement the                  Time to be proactive. APBC’s IT staff now
                                                                        management software across its entire             have more time to provide responsive user
Specifically designed to meet the needs of                              technology infrastructure, a project that was     support, perform proactive maintenance,
midsize businesses with up to 500 computers                             underway in May 2007 with completion              and focus on value-adding work. ―With more
and 30 servers, System Center Essentials                                expected by the end of June 2007.                 time up our sleeves and all our alerts
provides a unified environment for IT                                                                                     centralized into a single, easy-to-use
professionals to proactively and efficiently                            Benefits                                          interface, we are now aware of and can
manage their IT systems.                                                Significant time savings. System Center           attend to issues before they become big
                                                                        Essentials has delivered meaningful time          problems,‖ says Yeates.
Starting in March 2007, APBC conducted a                                savings in technology management tasks
pilot project, using the package to manage 7                            such as server and desktop monitoring and         Powerful tools for midsize business. System
servers and nearly 40 workstations across                               remote management. This has allowed the IT        Center Essentials combines the functionality
different departments and locations.                                    department to proactively focus on other          of enterprise-level products such as
                                                                        tasks.                                            Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 and
―We knew APBC had a sizeable infrastructure                                                                               Microsoft Systems Management Server
and were looking to reduce the complexity of                            By automating tasks such as server and            2003 in a single interface. ―This package
managing it,‖ says Loryan Strant, Senior                                desktop management and software                   gives us the capabilities we need from
Systems Consultant at Total Network Support.                            distribution, System Center Essentials saves      Microsoft’s high-end systems management
―They instantly recognized it could help them                           time and effort for APBC’s IT department.         tools without breaking the bank,‖ says
control their IT environment.‖                                          Server maintenance tasks that used to take        Yeates.
                                                                        four hours each day are now completed in
System Center Essentials allows the IT team                             less than an hour. Installing applications        Table 1: Monthly Hours for IT tasks Before
to publish applications to workstations as                              over the network has halved the amount of         and After System Center Essentials 2007
easily as selecting a checkbox. Once                                    time spent on application distribution.                                              Time
                                                                                                                          Task            Before   After     saved
published, these applications are uploaded
                                                                                                                          Server,         60–80    20        66–75%
over the network and installed on each                                  ―Overall, Microsoft System Center Essentials      desktop, and
workstation the next time they are restarted.                           2007 will save us up to 15 hours a week,          device
                                                                        which means our investment will pay for           monitoring
The systems management tool took over                                   itself within a couple of months,‖ says           Software        15       7.5       50%
system update and patch management from                                 Yeates. ―Before putting the system in, we
Microsoft Windows Server Update Services. It                            estimated it would take us 50 hours to roll       Branch office   40       10–15     63–75%
also monitors the health of APBC’s servers,                             out the 2007 Microsoft® Office system
including Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000                                    upgrade, now it will take less than a day.‖

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

Document published May 2007

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