Sing tothe Lord by zib42419


									                                             Sing to	the
                                              A	practical	workshop	for	all	
                                              who	enjoy	singing	together

                                             10am	-	4pm
                                             Saturday	3	July	2010
                                             All	Saints	Church,	Lindfield,	
                                             Sussex,	RH16	2HS

                                                       •	 Sing	a	wide	range	of	
                                                          musical	styles

                                                       •	 How	to	rehearse	

                                                       •	 How	to	make	the	most	of	
                                                          your	voice
                                                       •	 Practical	advice	for	
Geoff Weaver	is	a	church	
musician,	conductor	and	
                                                          developing	choirs
animateur,	with	extensive	
experience	worldwide,	and	
specifically		with	the	Royal	
                                                       	…	and lots more!
School	of	Church	Music.	He	
directs	two	youth	choirs	
in	the	Midlands,	conducted	a	children’s	
choir	at	the	National	Millennium	Service	
in	St.Paul’s	Cathedral,	and	directed	the	
music	at	the	2008	Lambeth	Conference.	He	
has	recently	edited	a	new	book	of	world	
worship	music,	In Every Corner Sing.
assisted	by	Jonathan Robinson
Jonathan	joined	All	Saints	Lindfield	in	2005	as	   a   music and worship foundation training event
Music	Director	after	studying	at	the	London	
School	of	Theology.	He	has	previously	served	as	
Resident	Musician	at	Iona	Abbey.
Sing to	the                                                                                   10am	-	4pm
                                                                                     Saturday	3	July	2010
  Lord                                                     All	Saints	Church,	Lindfield,	Sussex,	RH16	2HS

  From	Tallis	to	Townend	...	Join	Geoff	and	Jonathan	as	they	take	you	on	a	musical	journey	
  through	centuries	and	across	the	globe.	On	the	way	discover	how	to:

      •	   warm	up	your	voice                                     •	     sing	beautifully,	in	unison	and	parts
      •	   make	the	most	of	your	God-given	                       •	     improvise	harmonies
           “instrument”                                           •	     develop	a	local	or	church	contemporary	
      •	   make	the	most	of	practice	times                               choir	(regular	or	ad	hoc)
      •	   enable	a	choir	to	thrive	–	musical	and	

           spiritual	approach
  All	this	whilst	singing	through	a	wide	repertoire	of	music	across	worship	styles.
  A	fun	day	of	singing	suitable	for	all	ages;	music	reading	helpful	but	not	essential.
  Please	return	this	form,	with	payment,	enclosing	an	SAE	if	email	address	not	given,	to:	
              Jonathan Robinson,	75	Fieldway,	Lindfield,	Haywards	Heath,	West	Sussex,	RH16	2DE
  	           Tel:	01444	413008	

Booking form
Booking form                                               Sing to the Lord
                                                           Sing	to	the	Lord
                                                           Saturday	3	July	2010,	All	Saints	Church,	Lindfield
                                                           Saturday 3 July 2010, All Saints Church, Lindfield
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                                                                       £18 Full price
                                                                       £16 if booked by 3 June
                                                                       £14 mwf Friends/Associates
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                                                                       £10 full-time students/unwaged

 Post Code:                                                    For every five booked from your church a sixth
                                                               person comes free.
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                                                               Worship Foundation.

Church                                                         • Please bring own lunch – drinks provided.
                                                               • Confirmation of booking and travel directions will
                                                                 be sent prior to the event.
                                                               • All young people under 18 must be supervised by
Age (if under 18)        mwf is registered under the             an adult from their church or family.
                         Data Protection Act. If you           • See for details of other mwf
                         object to these details being           activities.
                         stored on computer, please
                         contact us.                           Please tick here      if disabled parking is required.
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                                                                                             music & worship foundation is a
                                                                                             registered charity, number 290417.

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