Responsorial Psalm Give thanks to the Lord for he by zib42419


									     PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL                               FINANCE COMMITTEE                  SAFEGUARDING TEAM                         FUNCTIONS COMMITTEE
Sr. Cecilia, Anna Chadwick, Barbara Conway, Betty Devine   Anthony McKenna, Agnes Fisher,    Patricia McClurey, Deacon Pat Thomas,        Joe Gallagher, Allan Burns, Phil Burns,
    Kath Gallagher, Vincent Harrison, Jim McParland,         Joe Gallagher, Susan Haley,    Paul Terry, Trish Millington, Kath Kelly.   John Devine, Harry Gallacher, Paul Haley,
     Sr Maria, Joe Gallagher, Paul Terry, Brian Walsh             Vincent Harrison,                                                                   Ian McParland.

PARISH SCHOOLS: St Mary’s Primary School (455309) : St Margaret Clitherow Primary School (835370) : St Peter’s Catholic College of Maths & Computing (453462)

            THIS WEEK’S CELEBRATIONS                                                    2nd Sunday of Easter (19.04.09)
  Sat    18th  (6.30 pm)
  Sun    19th  (9.30 am) 
                                                                         (DOUBTING THOMAS SUNDAY)
               (11.00 am)
         20th  (9.15 am)
                                                                         First Reading: Acts 4:32-35
  Tues 21st  (9.15 am)   St Anselm
  Wed 22nd  (9.15 am)
  Thurs 23rd  (9.15 am)   St George ­ Patron of England
  Fri   24th  (9.15 am)
  Sat   25th  (6.30 pm)    St Mark 

               THIS WEEK’S INTENTIONS 
               (Daily Mass time is 9.15 am except                        Responsorial Psalm:
                   where otherwise indicated) 
                                                                         Give thanks to the Lord for he is good For
                           ST  ANDREW’S
  Sat  (6.30 pm)  Winnie McArthur (Anniv)/John Aukstinaitis              his love has no end
  Sun (9.30 am)   Madge & Ernie Johnson/People of the Parish
  Mon  (9.15 am)  James Walsh (Anniv)
  Tues (9.15 am)  Joe Corrigan (Anniv)
  Thur (9.15 am)  James Shaughnessy RD
  Fri (6.30 pm)  Jonathan & Susan Barry’s Intentions 
  Sat    (6.30 pm)  Olive Hodgson RD 

                              ST  ANNE’S
  Sun (11.00 am)    Kathleen Percival (Anniv)                            Second Reading:
  Wed (9.15 am)  Mary, Wendy & Edgar Jones 
                                                                         1 John 5:1-6
                             ST  PETER’S

                   SCHOOL  MASSES 
 Fri (9.00 am)       Maurice Noell (Anniv) 

                                                                         Gospel: John 20:19-31 

                    NEXT WEEK’S READINGS 
         (for those who would like to prepare for next week’s 
                     Liturgies ) will be as follows:­ 
                          3rd Sunday of Easter 
                        Acts 3:13­15. 17­19 
                           1 John 2:1­5 
                          Luke 24:35­48

          Your prayers are requested for all the
           sick and housebound of the parish and
           those in hospital and nursing homes ­
          remember also those with care of them.

              WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: 
                     WEEKLY OFFERING                                                  RECENTLY DECEASED
                came to: ­ £ 1498.75 ­ Thank you                         Raymond Kane; Olive Hodgson; Billy                   Livingstone;
             TOTE: ­ O S K No winners £70 c/fwd                          Thomas Mageean; 
                        ­ COUNTING TEAM – 
              19April: Team ’B’  next weekend  Team ’C’                              ANNIVERSARIES THIS WEEK
                                                                         Mary Gibson; John Shea; Charlotte & Edward Demoily;
                       EASTER GARDEN                                     Maurice Abell; John Aukstinaitis; Kathleen Percival
at the front of the altar portrays for us the first Easter
                                                                                             MASSES RECEIVED
morning. Pay a visit with your children and offer a prayer to the
                                                                         James Walsh; Rose Ann Lloyd; Billy Livingstone; James
risen Christ. Remember – Easter is a season not just a day –
                                                                         Shaughnessy; Barbara & Bert Keens; John Shea; Charlotte &
Easter season lasts until Pentecost (50 days).
                                                                         Edward Demoily; Alice Murray; Mary Gibson; Olive Hodgson
                       EASTER WATER                                      (2); Grateful Thanks for Prayers Answered; Maurice Abel;
(Symbol of new life) as you come forward bless yourself with the         Jonathan & Susan Barry (Special Intention); Elizabeth Anne Jones;
water.                                                                   Andrew Wilson (2); Holy Souls; Colin O’Henly
                 SICK AND HOUSEBOUND                                                    SAFEGUARDING MEETING
If you would like to see a priest/deacon or parish sister over the       (Child Protection) for all parish reps at the Curial Office on
Easter season please get in touch.                                       Tuesday 21 April 7 – 9 pm, led by Deacon John Steel.
                 FEAST OF ST GEORGE                                                       DAY OF DIVINE MERCY
Thursday next. There will be a glass of ‘bubbly’ after Mass at St        This is to be held at the John Paul Centre, Middlesbrough on
Andrew’s.                                                                Sunday 19 April beginning at 2 pm with devotions. Mass at 4
              CONGRATULATIONS TO….                                       pm. See poster for details.
Natalie Cornwell and Robert Farrington from South Bank
                                                                                                 PARISH DANCE
who were married at St Andrew’s 18 April.
                                                                         Wed 29 April. Much more support needed. If you enjoy
And to…
                                                                         dancing the parish hall is the place to be. Just a £1 entrance.
Samuel Pallister of Eston to be baptised today at St Andrew’s.
                                                                          PARISH STATEMENT OF UNAUDITED ACCOUNTS
                 JOURNEY IN FAITH
                                                                         Copies. You will see that despite the recession we are
(RCIA) resumes on Thursday at 6.30 pm – newcomers very
                                                                         financially very sound. Thank you to all who support St
                                                                         Andrew’s Parish.
              Easter ­  the Season of Victory                                         NEW OFFERTORY ENVELOPES
 Through Jesus, victory has been won. However, there’s still             Begin this weekend; there are still some to be collected. Check
 work to be done. At the end of many wars, when the losing side          and see if you can ‘post’ some boxes to people who live near
 eventually capitulates, there’s still often a period of ‘mopping up’    you.
 to be done by the victorious forces. Some of the fiercest battles                            CHURCH BENCHES
 take place as they set about enforcing the victory, finally defeating   From St Gregory’s on sale £100 each. Contact the presbytery.
 the enemy town by town. In a similar way, we as the Church              Ten sold so far.
 now have the power and authority in Christ to enforce his                          THE SOUND OF MUSIC 2 DECEMBER
 ultimate victory won on the cross and to ‘clean up’ the world           Monies are now due to be paid. The cost is £31 per person
 around us, establishing the Kingdom through our prayers and             includes ticket & coach) and should be paid to Kath (in an
 loving actions.                                                         envelope with your name on it no later than Sunday 2 May
              David Payne, Catholic Evangelisation Services Director     Thank you.
                                                                                             300 CLUB for MARCH
                                                                         1st     £100 M Appleton (25);       2nd £40 P Hart (93)
                REGULAR SPIRITUAL EVENTS                                 3rd £20 Mr O’Mara (290). become a member, just £1
Rosary: Monday after Morning Mass at St Andrew‛s Church
                                                                         APF MISSIONS
                                                                         Many thanks to all Red Box holders. The marvellous sum of
St Vincent De Paul (SVP): Alternate Mondays in the Sacristy;
                                                                         £1858 sent to the missions. Thanks for all the prayers and
at 7.30 pm. New members welcome
                                                                         generosity and particular thanks to our Zelators for their hard
Adoration: Each Tuesday, 9.45 am-12.30 pm at St Andrew‛s                 work.
And also (for Vocations), on Monday. St Anne‛s House 11 -12                                  LOURDES MEETING
Divine Mercy Prayer Group: 2nd Wednesday of every month,                 There will be a meeting for all pilgrims with Mgr Ricardo on
2pm, 48 Kinloch Road. All welcome                                        Tues, 21 April at 7 pm.
Meditation Group: Tuesdays, 7.15 pm in the Sacristy;
                                                                                       YOU DO - My dad and I were talking the other
 newcomers welcome.                                                                    night about love and marriage. He told he knew
Preparation for Sunday Gospel: Tuesdays at 10 am at St                   as early as their wedding what marriage to mum would be like.
Anne‛s Church (upstairs)                                                 It seems the minister asked my mum ’Do you take this man to
RCIA Journey in Faith: Every Thursday 6.30 - 7.30 pm for                 be your husband?’ And she said ’I do’. He then asked dad ‘Do
those who wish to become Catholics                                       you take this woman ….’ And my mum said ‘He does!’
St Padre Pio Prayer Group: Alternate Thursdays at 10.30am                Footnote: 12th Annual Rosary Procession,3 pm 3 May
 at 4 Sleights Crescent, Eston. Newcomers welcome.
Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Novena: Thursdays after morning
                                                                                        PARISH BINGO       IN THE   HALL
Mass at St Andrew‛s.                                                       Monday:   Doors open 6.30 pm, eyes down 7.15 pm
Legion of Mary: Tuesdays after the morning Mass in the Hall                Thursday: Doors open 1.30 pm, eyes down 2.15 pm
Mercy Associates: 1st Wednesday of month, Parish Hall, 2pm.                            Newcomers always most welcome!
Newcomers welcome. See Marion Serplus/Margaret Shannon.                            This is a regular source of fundraising for the parish so
                                                                                              your support is always appreciated

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