Let us give thanks to the Lord

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					                                  Sir Richard W. Scott
                                     Catholic School
                                                                                           90 Roxbury St.
                           OCTOBER 2007 NEWSLETTER                                    Markham, Ontario, L3S 3S8
                                                                                        Phone: 905-472-3964
Principal: Mr. Ryan Vice Principal: Mrs. Violante Trustee: Ms. Mogado                    Fax: 905-472-4283
Superintendent: Mr. Di Sebastiano Secretaries: Mrs. Panacci & Mrs. Palmucci

       We are a Catholic Learning Community of collaborative partners, called to serve one another by being
              committed to and accountable for quality learning by all, with Jesus as our inspiration.

                 Let us give thanks to the Lord
                                    We thank thee, Lord,
                                    For fields of grain
                             Gold and ripe for summer’s rain,
                                    For hillsides bright
                                     With scarlet trees
                             That rustle in the autumn breeze,
                                    For friends so dear,
                                     For those we love,
                                    For all things sent
                                             From heaven above….
                                                We thank thee,

                                             Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

THANKSGIVING MASS                                                     PICTURE DAY
We will celebrate our Thanksgiving Mass on                            Our school picture day will be on Friday,
Tuesday, October 2 (10:35) in the gym. Parents                        October 5. Students are reminded to bring
are welcome to attend.                                                their own comb or brush with them to school
                                                                      that day. Due to sanitary reasons, students are strongly discour-
RECONCILIATION, FIRST COMMUNION,                                      aged from sharing or lending brushes and combs.
The parish team of Father Michael, Father Bryan, Lois                 CATHOLIC SCHOOL COUNCIL
Shaw and Silvana Amantea, will visit our grade two and                C.S.C. elections took place at the September 26 meeting.
grade eight classes during October to begin preparations for          Congratulations and welcome to these 2007-2008 council
the sacraments of First Communion, Reconciliation, and                members:
Confirmation. Parent meetings and registration for these              1. Janice Amenta, Chair
sacraments will be held at the church during the month of             2. Rose Nagallo, Co-Chair.
November. More information will follow.                               3. Sonia Mracic, Secretary
                                                                      4. Sonja Schryer, Treasurer
SCHOOL SAFETY PATROL                                                  5. Wilma MacDonald, Teacher Rep.
The new members of our school safety patrol will                      6. Helene Bhersafi, Teacher Rep.
be trained by Constable Mike of the York Re-
gional Police. You will see these students in                         7. Domenica Violante, Vice Principal
front of the school each morning wearing their                        8 . Dan Ryan, Principal
brightly coloured vests. These students are vol-                      Thank you to each of these elected members for their will-
unteers who assist students to proceed safely to the school-          ingness to be a part of our Catholic School Council Team.
yard when they arrive at school in the morning. In the morn-          Together, we will continue to make Sir Richard W. Scott a
ings, when parents are dropping off their children, parents           place where our children grow in their faith, pursue aca-
should stop briefly and allow the safety patrol to assist their       demic excellence to the best of their ability, and to feel safe
child(ren) so that the parent can proceed safely on through the       in a welcoming school environment . All C.S.C. meetings
Kiss and Ride route. We ask parents not to park in the fire           are open to school community members.
route so as to assist in maintaining a safe and continuous flow       Please join us for our next meeting on November 7, at
of traffic. The safety patrol will also be doing Peer Mentor-         7:00 p.m. in the Library.
ship during recess time with the primary students only. The
members of the safety patrol will be announced in Novem-              HALLOWEEN DANCE
ber’s newsletter.                                                     Students are invited to wear costumes to our
                                                                      Halloween dance on October 31. Parents,
                                                                      kindly ensure that your child’s costume does
 Please do not park in the Fire                                       not depict violence, or include weapon replica
                                                                      (sword, knife, gun, etc.). Reminder: Please
             Route!                                                   do not send Halloween treats to school be-
                                                                      cause of the many serious allergies. You are welcome to
BUS SAFETY PROGRAM                                                    send non-edible treats ie. Stickers, pencils, etc. Thank you
On October 16 and 17 Junior Kindergarten to                           for your support and cooperation. The safety of all our stu-
Grade 8 students will participate in a bus safety                     dents is a priority!
program. Students will learn how to safely
board, ride and leave the bus as well as how to                       SAFE ARRIVAL
evacuate the bus safely in an emergency situa-                        Please remember to call the school when your
tion. We thank the staff of The Student Trans-                        child is absent or late. This eliminates office
portation Services of York Region for providing this service to       staff trying to track down parents / guardians
our students.                                                         when the student is not present.
                                                                      Your co-operation is deeply appreciated.
 All students are encouraged to borrow books                          SUPERVISION
 from the library. Grade 2 to 8 students can                        Morning supervision begins at 8:45 a.m. Please do not
 sign out a maximum of 2 books. It is the                           drop off your child prior to this time. For sporting events
 student’s responsibility to take care of the                       or special activities held outside school hours, supervision
 books and to make sure they are in good condition when re-         is provided only for those students who are directly in-
 turned. If books are lost or damaged, the students are ex-
                                                                    volved with the activity. Therefore students are asked
 pected to replace the cost of the books. We look forward
                                                                    not to remain after school to view sporting events, as
 to continuing to serve the needs of the students and staff.        supervision is not available. For the safety of your child
                                                                    (ren) we are asking parents to be vigilant with this request.
                                                                  2 Thank you for your cooperation.

THANKSGIVING FOOD DRIVE                                                  PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES
Sir Richard W. Scott’s Luke 4:18/Student                                 The school board is currently developing a policy to
council has organized a food drive for those                             address the potential negative impact of personal
less fortunate than ourselves. Students are                              electronic devices (i.e. cell phones, Blackberries,
asked to bring in imperishable food items.                               IPods, cameras and other wireless technologies) on
The food drive will end on Thursday, October 12. Below is a              school safety, privacy and academic integrity. It will be brought
list of the items that each class has been assigned to collect for       to the Board for approval during the 2007-2008 school year.
the food drive. Thank you for your support.                              Students are expected to keep all personal electronic devices out
                                                                         of sight and turned off during the school day while the policy is
Teacher/Grade               Item Requested                               being developed. The Board assumes no responsibility for the
                                                                         loss, recovery, repair or replacement for any personal electronic
Grant - JK/SK              Crackers, cookies                             device brought onto school property. In order to prevent loss,
                                                                         confiscation or damage, students are encouraged to leave these
                                                                         devices at home.
Radford - SK               Boxed cereal

Ker - Gr. 1                Canned vegetables

Jamjekian - Gr. 1/2          Baby Food                                   We are pleased to provide you with the attached highlights of
                                                                         our school results on the provincial EQAO (Education Quality
Kung - Gr. 2               Canned fruits, soup                           and Assessment Office) test written last May. We will be re-
                                                                         viewing our detailed EQAO results and other school assessment
Varghese - Gr. 2           Pasta, canned pasta sauce                     data, in order to build on our strengths and address areas requir-
                                                                         ing improvement. The students who participated in the assess-
                                                                         ment will be receiving their individual results later this month.
Burchat - Gr.2/3           Pasta, soup
                                                                         For further information, please visit www.eqao.com.
Geraghty - Gr. 3           Oatmeal, granola bars
                                                                         WORLD RECORD WALK (WRW)
Johnson - Gr. 3            Canned pasta, sugar                           On Wednesday, October 3rd at 12:30 our school will
                                                                         participate in the World Record Walk which will take
                                                                         place in our school yard. The World Record Walk is
Smith - Gr. 4              Tea bags, coffee
                                                                         a 1 km walk that aims to create a culture of walking
                                                                         in Canada by starting a Walkolution. Walkable com-
Gribbons - Gr. 4            Juice boxes, hot chocolate                   munities are safe for our children, good for our
                                                                         health, and are environmentally friendly. To kick-start the
Kindiak - Gr. 5            Spaghetti sauce, ketchup                      Walkolution, we are going to break the Guinness world record
                                                                         for the most people walking 1 km simultaneously. Parents are
Coghlan - Gr. 5/6          Canned tuna, salmon, meat                     welcome to participate.

Bufalini - Gr. 6           Powdered milk, rice
                                                                         The volleyball season is underway. Both the girls
Intraligi - Gr. 6          Cake mixes, icing                             and boys Intermediate teams have been chosen
                                                                         and are in training. They will be participating in a
Rivard - Gr. 7             Jams, canned fruit                            number of exhibition games and tournaments
                                                                         throughout October and November. We wish them the best of
MacDonald - Gr. 7          Canned vegetables, salsa                      luck in the season ahead.

Lee Chan - Gr. 8           Popcorn, nachos, rice
                                                                         CROSS COUNTRY
                                                                         The grade 4 to 8 students have been training to prepare for
Watts - Gr. 8               Canned meat (tuna, salmon),
                                                                         the upcoming Cross Country Meet. It will take place at
                                                                         Bruce’s Mill on Wednesday, October 24, 2007. We wish the
CHESS CLUB NEWS                                                          team all the best. GO TITANS GO!
Chess Club for grades 1 - 8 will be starting
soon. Students who join should know how to
play chess. Exceptions will be made for grade                            HAPPY THANKSGIVING
ones. Notices and permission forms for the                             This month is a special time of year as we are
chess club will be coming after Thanksgiving.                          given the opportunity to take a “pause” to thank
Ms. Brisbois & Mrs. MacDonald                                          God for the many Blessings we take for granted
                                                                     3 every day. Happy Thanksgiving Day!




              WHAT MAKES A DAD

     God took the strength of a mountain,
            The majesty of a tree,
        The warmth of a summer sun,
            The calm of a quiet sea,
         The generous soul of nature,
         The comforting arm of night,
           The wisdom of the ages,
        The power of an eagle’s flight.
        The joy of a morning in spring,
         The faith of a mustard seed,
           The patience of eternity,
         The depth of a family need,
      Then God combined these qualities,
     When there was nothing more to add,
    He knew His masterpiece was complete,
          And so, He called it …. Dad.


    On behalf of our staff, from our family to
    yours, we wish all the dads a Happy Father’s