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									      Volume: One                              May 2008                                         Issue: Three

     “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans
     will succeed.”                       Proverbs 16:3
                               “Everything You Ever Wanted To
                         Know About Human Resources & More! ”
                               The 55th Annual Conference
                 August 3–6, 2008                    Lake Junaluska, NC
     Q: What’s the purpose of the Annual Conference?
     A: To provide an annual forum for continuing education needs, intensive training, spiritual renewal,
     Christian fellowship and rejuvenation.
     Q: Who would benefit from attending the 2008 Conference?
     A: Church Administrators, Executive Pastors, Staff-Parish / HR Members, Lay Leaders (anyone who has an
     interest in HR Management/Staffing/Compensation, etc.).
     Q: What’s the primary focus of the 2008 Conference Speakers?
     A: We have 2 Nationally recognized speakers this year. Dr. Sandy Seay, Jr., (Seay Management
     Consultants of Orlando) will address all things HR. and Dr. Evelyn Laycock will assist with our spiritual
     renewal and rejuvenation.
     Q: Will other subjects of interest be discussed?
     A: Yes, we have an Administrative Forum each year where attendees are encouraged to submit questions or
     concerns for input and discussion.
     Comments from some members………….
     “The SEJUMACBA conference is a wonderful time of learning, relaxation and renewal. What a blessing to have this
     opportunity each year for gathering with friends and colleagues to become better equipped for ministry.”
     -- Rusty Taylor, Administrator, Frazer UMC, Montgomery, AL
     “The Conference at Lake Junaluska always provides relevant information and spiritual nourishment, but the fellowship
     and experiences I share with other administrators is invaluable in my day to day ministry at the church.”
     --Julie Platte, Dir. of Administration, St. Stephen UMC, Charlotte, NC
     “The technical knowledge learned at the annual regional conferences is invaluable, but the wealth of knowledge
     available from this group of administrators is awesome! Whatever issues your church is dealing with; most likely there
     will be someone in this group that has some expertise to share about their experience with the same issue.”
     --Vicki Eleazer, Administrator, Concord UMC, Knoxville, TN
     “As church administrators, we deal with a wide array of issues and usually end up making our own decisions about the
     best solution to problems. It’s a very valuable experience getting to meet and spend time with peers and share ideas and
     gain new resources.”
     --Gene Ray, Administrator, Johns Creek UMC, Duluth, GA
     “The conference at Lake Junaluska has proven to be one of the very best tools that I have acquired in my position as
     Business Administrator. In addition to the cherished friendships that have been formed, the attendees and invited
     experts assist me in taking care of God’s house throughout the year.
     --Wanda J. Antwine, Business Administrator, Central UMC, Florence, SC
     “The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it. Beyond the knowledge gained at the annual
     conference at beautiful Lake Junaluska, these fine folks are my 'Google' throughout the year!”
     --Ken Himes, Administrator, Trinity UMC, Opelika, AL


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                                                                            Early Bird Registration until June 30, 2008
                                                                                 2008 SEJUMACBA Conference
                              Sunday Night’s                                Sunday, August 3rd - Wednesday, August 6th
                                Kick Off!
                                                                     It is not too soon to register for our 2008 Conference. This year
                                                                      the theme will be Human Resources. Our speakers are Evelyn
                                                                         Laycock and Dr. Sandy Seay. You can register online at
     Plan to satisfy your hunger and kick off our 55th        Please make checks payable to
     Conference with a great barbeque dinner. We                      SEJUMACBA and send to Bill Perham at Munsey Memorial
     will be having a catered dinner of pulled barbeque                      UMC, PO Box. 1336, Johnson City, TN 37601.
     pork, cole slaw, beans, and dessert at the Kern                            • Early Bird Members registration is $125.00
     Center on the Lake. After our meal, we will                                               (Includes your dues)
     worship together with the Munsey UMC Praise                                    • Non-member registration is $150.00
     Team and Evelyn Laycock. To bring the evening                                             (Includes your dues)
     to a close there will be desserts and coffee. This
     will allow us an opportunity to get to know and                                      See the website for more information!
     catch up with each other. Come with your
     appetites and be ready for some great fellowship.

                                                                                       Lakeside Table Chats
                                                                       The information shared between one another is always eye
                                                                             opening and assuring in the ministry of church
                                                                      administration. This year’s lunch discussions will focus on:
                                                                                      • Alternative Ways of Giving-
                                                                                  led by Terry Coon and Laverne Sweeney,
                                                                                           • Human Resources-
                                                                                  led by Ken Himes and Frank Dunnewind,
                                                                                          • Capital Campaigns-
           ??? Questions and Answers ???                                       led by Roy Willis and Darlene Davenport.
     Each conference we have time set apart for general
                                                                       Be sure to join one or more of the lunch tables on Monday
     administrative questions to be asked in front of the
                                                                         and Tuesday to learn about the topics above. Often the
     whole group. This is one of the best ways to get                  greatest source of information comes from fellow Church
     some input of best practices used by other                       Administrators. If there is a topic you would like to discuss
     administrators. We usually run out of time during                let Kelley know by emailing her at
     this segment because we have some great
     discussions. Therefore, I would like to provide
     you opportunities through out the year to ask your
                                                                                 $$$$ Financial News $$$$
     questions and get responses. If you have a                                                 Great News!
     question you would like to ask the group please                  We will be receiving $1500.00 this year from the UMACBA.
     send it to Kelley at and it                  This is an addition to the $1000.00 we receive from GCFA
     will be emailed to the whole group for responses.                             each year. God is good all the time.

      A Note from Kelley………….
      If you know of other administrators that would benefit by receiving our newsletter please contact me at
      This is a great opportunity for this organization to grow.


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