Workpackage I “Fuel, thermal hydraulics reactor systems

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					            Workpackage I

“Fuel, thermal hydraulics & reactor
               Simon Walker

                WP 1 Lead

              Imperial College
                         Work Package I People

     Simon Walker (Imperial) (WP I Lead)
     Michael Bluck (Imperial)
     Mark Cotton (Manchester)
     Tony Goddard (Imperial)
     Geoff Hewitt (Imperial)
     Dominique Laurence (Manchester)
     Chris Pain (Imperial)

   Colin Hale, Nicolas Cinosi, Yacine Addad, J Gomes

KNOO Research Students:
   Despoina Chatzikiriakou, Caroline Masson, Soleman Maudarboucas, Jessy Zeng, Inam Haq, Muhammed Ilyas,
   Daniel Moriconi, Badreddine Belhouachi, Amir Keshmiri, Stefano Rolfo

Associated Research Students:
    Inam Haq, Muhammed Ilyas, Daniele Moriconi, Marios Richards, Flavien Billard, Ulka Giatonde
            Bluck, Hewitt & Walker (Imperial)
•   Water reactor design basis accident studies
    (Large break LOCA, re-flood, interactions of thermal hydraulics and mechanical
    deformation of the core, droplet-wall heat transfer, fundamental rewetting physics)

•   Inorganic salt deposits (‘crud’) on PWR fuel
    (Altered heat transfer modes, thermal hydraulic and neutronic effects)

•   Computational methods development for elastodynamic NDT
    (Incorporation of recent ‘fast multipole’ methods into a frequency domain (Helmholz)
    treatment of elastodynamic wave propagation)
             Laurence & Cotton (Manchester)
•   Application of advanced CFD to Generation IV systems
    (Heat transfer in ceramic fuel structures: construction of a wall-resolved Large Eddy Simulation
    database for flow parallel to fuel rods)

•   Validation of Reynolds-Averaged-Navier-Stokes turbulence models
    (Exploitation of the LES database for the validation of RANS models; Cross-cutting with WP4 -
    Optimization of fuel/coolant exchanges for novel fuel element surfaces)

•   Thermal striping in liquid-metal-cooled fast reactors
    (Application of the wall-resolved LES treatment to wall-jet geometries including conjugate
    fluid/solid heat transfer)
                      Goddard & Pain (Imperial)
•   Coupled fault transient modelling framework for innovative reactors

•   to develop the general modelling capability of the unstructured mesh ハFETCH 3D transient FEM-
    based coupled code in respect of: multiscale reactor physics and thermal hydraulics together with
    incorporating structural interactions into the coupled framework

•   to interface the within-vessel 3D capability with whole circuit flow models

•   to apply the methodologyハunder ハWork Package 4 to VHTR and GFR Gen IV and related
    transient fault studies

•   to work with the Manchester group in benchmarking LES models for SFR applications

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