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Biological Sewage Treatment Plants for Domestic Applications
                                                 products in compliance with PN EN 12566-3

                                  BIOLOGICAL SEWAGE TREATMENT
                                  PLANT AND TIGHT TANKS
High Efficiency, Low Costs

BioDisc® is a compact biological sewage treatment plant using the system of rotating discs, with
in-built Managed Flow System patented by Klargester. Once local environmental authorities issue their
permission, the effluent treated by BioDisc® can be discharged to water courses.

 O P E R AT I O N                                                   MAINTENANCE
 The	 system	 consists	 of	 primary	 settlement	 zone,	             Klargester	BioDisc®	systems	are	distinguished	for	their	
 two-part	biological	zone	with	rotating	discs	and	the	              very	 high	 operation	 safety	 level,	 thus	 maintenance	
 final	settlement	tank.	                                            can	be	performed	once	a	year	only.
 The	 scoop	 system	 is	 attached	 to	 rotating	 disc.	    	        The	 system	 requires	 very	 limited	 maintenance	
 The	 BioDisc®	 is	 powered	 by	 a	 small	 electric	 motor.	        because	it	primarily	made	of	polyester	reinforced	with	
 All	systems	are	complete	with	the	control	box.	                    glass	fibre	(GRP)	and	corrosion-resistant	elements.	

 Several	 sets	 of	 plastic	 round	 discs	 are	 mounted	 on	
 the	drive	shaft	that	immerse	to	the	preset	level	in	the	
                                                                    A P P L I C AT I O N S
 sewage.	Microorganisms	in	the	form	of	biological	film	
 set	 on	 the	 discs.	 At	 each	 turn	 of	 the	 discs,	 bacteria	
                                                                	   •		 BioDisc®	is	a	proven	alternative	for	conventional	
 decompose	 organic	 matter	 included	 in	 the	 sewage	                 sewage	system.
 and	thus	purify	these.                                             •		 BioDisc®	 meets	 all	 requirements	 of	 EN	 12566-3	
                                                                        standard	concerning	container	sewage	treatment	
 T H E M F S ( PAT E N T E D)
                                                                    •		 High	 quality	 recognised	 globally	 and	 certified	
 was	developed	especially	to	deal	wit	cleaning	agents	                  by	state	environmental	organisations.
 and	 other	 harmful	 substances	 that	 are	 present		              •		 BioDisc®	can	be	characterised	with	quiet	operation	
 in	household	sewage.                                                   and	does	not	generate	unpleasant	odour.
 The	Klargester	Managed	Flow	System	makes	it	possible	                                                                  	
                                                                    •		 Underground	 installation	 assures	 easy	 access	
 for	sewage	to	regularly	flow	through	the	system	thus	                  for	maintenance	work.
 avoiding	sudden	sewage	inflow.
                                                                    •		 For	1-75	PE	(systems	for	larger	PE	number	available	
 Thanks	to	the	above	process,	the	biologically	purified	                on	request).
 effluent	 is	 generated	 that	 meets	 the	 highest	 quality	
 requirements.	Sewage	inlet	to	the	final	settlement	tank	           •		 The	 compact,	 monolithic	 BioDisc®	 treatment	
 is	also	managed	this	way.                                              plant	 for	 6	 PE	 weighs	 350	 kg,	 offers	 shallow	
                                                                        installation	and	thus	is	the	optimal	solution	to	the	
                                                                        issue	of	domestic	sewage	treatment.
 FINAL SETTLEMENT TANK                                              •		 The	system’s	construction	assures	easy	installation,	
                                                                        especially	in	locations	with	limited	access.
 The	 biologically	 purified	 effluent	 is	 transferred	 from	
 the	second	biological	zone	to	the	final	settlement	tank	
 separated	by	a	partition	wall.	The	colloidal	suspension	
 sets	 on	 the	 bottom	 of	 the	 tank,	 and	 purified	 sewage	
 flow	out	of	the	tank.
                                                                           35 years’ experience

 FA S T A N D E A S Y I N S TA L L AT I O N                                CE-certified

 The	 compact	 Klargester	 BioDisc®	 sewage	 treatment	                    Reliable
 plant	is	delivered	as	a	complete	system		for	immediate	
 installation.                                                             Low running costs
 However,	 it	 can	 only	 be	 installed	 by	 a	 specialised	

                                                                        ADVICE. The information in this sales literature is only bri

                     B                                        K           J         L

                                                                    A                               B
                                  I                                                                         I







      BioDisc® BA-BC                             BioDisc® BD-BG

ief. For more detailed technical literature please contact the office or the nearest distributor.
BioDisc®, BA – BG type, general specification and dimensions
BioDisc®                                                     UNIT                        BA                   BB              BC                  BD            BE             BG         BF

Population Equivalent                                                                  6	RLM                 12	RLM         18	RLM            25	RLM           35	RLM        50	RLM     75	RLM
Daily flow                                                     m3/d                     0,75	                  1,5           2,25	              3,0	            3,75	         5,25	       7,5
Daily BOD
load in kg                                                   BZT5/d                      0,3	                 0,6             0,9                  1,2	          1,5	          2,1	        3,0
A-Length                                                       mm	                    -	                        -	              -	             3340	            3340	         4345	       5235
B-Diameter                                                     mm	                  1995	                     1995            2450	            2450	            2450	         2450	       2450	
C-Depth under inlet                                            mm	                  1400	                     1400	           1820             1825	            1825	         1820	       1820
D-Inlet depth                                                  mm	              450/750/1250              450/750/1260	     600/1100         600/1100         600/1100	        600	        600	
E-Outlet depth                                                 mm	              520/820/1320              520/820/1320	     670/1170         685/1185	        685/1185	        700         700
F-Installation depth                                           mm	             1850/2150/2650            1850/2150/2650	   2420/2920	       2425/2925	       2425/2925	       2420	       2420	
G-Total depth                                                  mm	             2160/2460/2960            2160/2460/2960	   2825/3325	       2830/3330        2830/3330        2825        2825
H-Height over ground
top edge                                                       mm	                       310	                 310	            405	                405	          405	           405	       405	
I-Cap thickness                                                mm	                        95                   95	             65	                 65	           65	            65	        65	
Internal size                                                  mm	                         -	                  -	               -	                855	          855	          1070	       890
K-Inlet position                                               mm	                        -	                   -	              -	                 1255	         1255	         2170	       3120
L-Outlet position                                              mm	                        -	                   -	              -	                 1260          1370          1105	       1225
Pipework Diameter                                              mm	                       110	                 110	            110	                 110           110           160         160
Total weight, empty                                              kg	              310/325/380	            335/350/405       600/700         1100/1200        1100/1300        1315	       1660
Motor Rating                                                    kW	                     0,050	               0,050	          0,075	               0,075         0,075         0,120	     0,180

                                                                                             KLARGESTER BRAND INCLUDES A WIDE VARIETY
                                                                                             OF ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION SYSTEMS:

  •	 BioDisc®Sewage	Treatment	Plants                                                                          •	 Cesspools
  •	 AirFlow	Sewage	Treatment	Plants                                                                          •	 Grease	&	Silt	Traps
  •	 Sigma	SuperSeptic                                                                                        •	 Oil/Water	Separators
  •	 Reed	Beds                                                                                                •	 Sand	Traps
  •	 Package	Pump	Systems                                                                                     •	 Rainwater	Harvesting
  •	 Septic	Tanks                                                                                             •	 Tanks	for	Special	Substances

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