SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLAN EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
                            SUGARLOAF ELEMENTARY/MIDDLE SCHOOL

Strengths: Sugarloaf has been consistently increasing the number of Accountability Points awarded on
the Florida School Report Card, from 570 in 2006-2007 to 604 in 2008-2009. This shows a growth of 34
points over a three year period. Currently our proficiency rates are 84% in Reading in 79% in Math.

Challenges: Sugarloaf demographics are changing – 32% of our students are Economically
Disadvantaged, but in the K-2 group this percentage is 46, a percentage which would qualify for Federal
Assistance. However, we have no allocation from Title 1 Funding or 21st Century Grant Funds to
support our increasing population of Economically Disadvantaged students.

Targeted Areas Based on Data: Sugarloaf teachers are targeting Students with Disabilities and
Economically Disadvantaged students in Grades Pre-K through 8 to develop the proficiency levels
required for Annual Yearly Progress. Specifically, we are targeting vocabulary development and reading
comprehension strategies to promote reading skill development. In math, the targets are number
sense, data analysis and geometry.

Response to Intervention: Sugarloaf is in its third year of implementation for RtI. The school based
leadership team meets twice a month to review student data and uses the problem solving model to
establish interventions for students who need support. The RtI team will focus on grade level targeted
students throughout the school year.

Florida Continuous Improvement Model (FCIM):

                Plan – Sugarloaf has established an instructional focus calendar for reading, science,
                math and writing at each grade level to support skill deficit instruction. The calendar is
                based on a data analysis of the Monroe Benchmark Assessment Test and will be revised
                as data from FAIR and Think Link become available.

                Do – Instructional Focus Lessons are delivered in ten minute increments before or after
                the Sunshine State Standard Benchmarks are taught using the Monroe County pacing
                Guide in each subject area. Teachers develop mini-assessments to analyze student
                progress in areas of need. They discuss as teams, effective strategies to remediate
                student performance in deficit skills.

                Check – Ongoing formative assessment occurs through administration of mini-
                assessments, the FAIR test, the MBA and Think Link. The school’s leadership team
                reviews all data, teacher lesson plans and student work to address areas of concern that
                are established through the assessment process.

                Act – Supplemental and intensive instructional materials have been identified for each
                grade level and form the crux of the decision making model for individual student’s
                needs. The school has established practices to support high performing students and
                include, but are not limited to homogeneous class groups, differentiated instruction and
                consultation with the gifted teacher in project and assignment development.

Reading: Increase or maintain our current proficiency rate of 84% for the total population. Increase the
performance of the Economically Disadvantaged and Students with Disabilities to 72% to meet the
requirements for Annual Yearly Progress.

Mathematics: Increase or maintain our current proficiency rate of 79% for the total population.
Increase the performance of the Economically Disadvantaged and Students with Disabilities to 74% to
meet the requirements of Annual Yearly Progress.

Science: Increase the percentage of all groups who attain proficiency in Science to 72% in grade 5 and
62% in grade 8. Special emphasis will be given to “hands-on” laboratory experiments to promote
science concept development.

Writing: Through the use of the Jane Schaffer Model of Writing Development, all students in grades 4
will increase proficiency in writing to 80% of the students tested and Grade 8 students will increase to

Differentiated Accountability Status: Prevent 1

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