2003 International Fire Code - with Phoenix Amendments SECTION 112 by qdk21196


									                  2003 International Fire Code – with Phoenix Amendments

                      SECTION 112 – CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE

112.1 General. A valid Certificate of Insurance shall be filed with the fire code official when
applying for a permit to conduct specific permitted activities.

112.2 Certificate of Insurance required. The Certificate shall be issued by an insurance
company authorized to transact business in the State or Arizona, or be named on the List of
Unauthorized Insurers maintained by the Arizona Department of Insurance. The following
information shall be identified:

     1. The contractor shall be named as the insured. If the insurance is provided by an
        individual, company or partnership other than the contractor, the contractor shall be
        named as an additional insured.

     2. "The City of Phoenix, a Municipal Corporation, its agents, employees and volunteers"
        shall be named as an additional insured and Certificate Holder.

     3. A minimum of $1,000,000.00 general liability limits, including contractual liability
        policy shall be provided for the following activities:

           3.1 Storage or use of explosive materials

           3.2 Conduct of pyrotechnic displays

           3.3 Install, modify, alter, repair, test, sell, monitor or service fire alarm systems, fire
              extinguishing systems, or fire-detection systems, devices or appliances

           3.4 Use of open flames before a proximate audience

112.3 Additional insurance. Greater liability insurance amounts may be required when deemed
necessary by the fire code official.

Rev. March 13, 2006

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