gives us a live view of Bourbon Street

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					The Bourbon Street Live Cam Is Live
February 8, 2010 gives us a live view of Bourbon Street. Of course it's
nothing like it was twelve hours ago or so. But it's early. There'll be
plenty of time to live vicariously through the drunken revelers. So pop
open a bottle of Jim Bean, take off your shirt, kick back and relax and
enjoy the festivities.

The camera's original intent was to capture Mardi Gras, which starts
tomorrow. But since the Saints are now Super Bowl champs, we get to
see the crazy happen a little early.

Good to know that the street cleaners and sweepers can wash off the
confetti and vomit so thoroughly. Need this place spic-n-span if we're
gonna have thousands of drunks dancing through the streets flashing
their boobies at each other.

It's gonna be great!