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					       Research Funding Opportunities in
            the Arts and Humanities

Katharyn Lanaro (VRU)
Anne Galliot (CRD)
9th June 2008
         How to find research funding

• Register with

• Funding opportunities page on the VRU website.

• Research Councils – AHRC/ESRC/EPSRC.

• Other UK grant providers – British Academy, The
  Leverhulme Trust, other charities and organisations.

• Contact VRU
          Types of funding: Research Leave

•   AHRC Research Leave Scheme

    Salary and associated costs for 3 to 4 months, to be matched by

•   Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowships

    Up to £35,000 for research costs and replacement teaching for 3-24
    months for experienced researchers.

•   Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships

    Applicants should normally be under 35. Provides 50% of fellow’s
    salary costs (up to £22,000) and £5000 research expenses p.a.
        Types of funding: Research Grants

•   AHRC Standard Route*

    £20,000-£1,000,000 fEC for up to five years.

•   AHRC Early Career Route*

    £20,000-£200,000 fEC for up to five years. PI within 8 yrs of PhD award
    or 6 yrs of first academic appointment.

•   AHRC Speculative Route*

    £20,000-£200,000 fEC for up to five years for speculative, exploratory
    or experimental projects.

•   AHRC Practice-led and Applied Route

    Up to £20,000 fEC for a maximum of 12 months.
       Types of funding: Research Grants II

•   Leverhulme Research Project Grants
    Up to £250,000 over two to three years.
•   The British Academy Small Research Grants
    Up to £7,500 for project planning and development, direct research
    costs, workshops and visits.
•   The British Academy Research Development Awards
    Between £15,000 to £150,000 (fEC).
•   The Wellcome Trust Arts Awards
    Up to and over £30,000 for projects to engage public with biomedical
    sciences through the arts.
     Types of funding: Networks, seminars,
         workshops and conferences

•   AHRC Research Networks and Workshops Scheme

    To develop ideas by researchers across disciplines by creating
    networks or running events. Up to £15,000 fEC over one year for
    workshops and up to £30,000 fEC over two years for networks.

•   Leverhulme Trust International Research Networks

    Funding of up to £125,000 available for up to three years, can claim for
    travel, costs of running seminars and workshops and salary for a
    network facilitator.
Types of funding: Networks, seminars,
workshops and conferences II

•   The British Academy Conference Support
    £1,000 - £20,000 for bringing key speakers to conferences, conference
    assistance and publication of proceedings.
•   The British Academy Overseas Conference Grants
    Up to £900 for travel expenses to deliver a paper at an overseas
•   University of Brighton Research Support Fund
    Up to £400 for conference participation – needs to be matched by
      Other possible funding opportunities

• Arts Council (for arts practice projects)
• British Council (for travel)
• CETLD (for Teaching and Learning projects)
• Your School or Department
• Faculty Research Support Fund
• CUPP (Community University Partnership in Practice)
• FP7 (European industry and commerce)
        The VRU: How we can help you…

• Disseminate funding opportunities.
• Have one-to-one meetings to help with your application.
• Advise on funder rules and guidelines and proofread
• Ensure applications are checked and approved.
• Cost applications.
• Advise on employing staff.
• Advise on IP, contracts and ethics.
• Run workshops.
• Provide information on VRU website.
        The CRD: How we can help you…

• Disseminate funding opportunities.
• Advise on writing research proposals.
• Provide examples of successful bids.
• Link with academic expertise.
• Approve applications at Faculty level.
      Applications: What you need to do…

• Check your eligibility for the funder/scheme.

• Contact the CRD and your Head of School/ Department to
   discuss your proposal.

• Advise the VRU you’re preparing a research proposal well in

• Allow at least three working days for approval of your bid.

• Ensure there is enough time for your bid to go through local
   School quality checks.

Phone: 2481

Phone: 3796