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									    NAI Funding Opportunities

1. NAI Conference and Workshop Fund
2. NAI Minority Institution Research Support
   (MIRS) Program
3. NASA Postdoctoral Program
4. NAI Research Scholarships
5. Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field
   Research in Astrobiology
6. International Collaboration
7. Focus Groups
                  NAI Conference and
                   Workshop Fund

The NAI supports requests for sponsorship of special sessions
at national and international professional meetings, or for
support (full or partial) to organize a separate meeting or
workshop focused in areas relevant to astrobiology.
Participation by NAI members is expected, but such activities
are open to the broader science community.
                    NAI Conference &
                   Workshop Fund - 2006

Recent activities supported by the NAI include the following sessions
  held as part of large, community-wide meetings.
•      International Symposium on Microbial Ecology, August 2006, in
    Vienna , Austria . "Life in Extreme Environments and Astrobiology",
    organized by Frank Robb.
•      Geological Society of America, October 2006, in Philadelphia, PA,
    "Changes in Ocean and Atmospheric Redox State and the Evolution of
    Life", organized by Andrey Bekker and Ganqing Jiang.
•      2006 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 11-15 December,
    2006, in San Francisco , CA "Biofilms in the Environment: Adaptive Roles,
    Microbe-mineral Interfaces, and Contributions to Global Biogeochemical
    Cycles", Organized by D'Arcy Meyer-Dombard and Matt Schrenk.
•      American Astronomical Society, January 2007, Seattle , WA ,
    "Formation and Detection of Habitable Planets", organized by Nader
                NAI Minority Institution
                  Research Support

The NAI Minority Institution Research Support (MIRS) Program provides
opportunities for researchers from qualified minority institutions to initiate joint
partnerships with researchers in the field of astrobiology. The NAI-MIRS
program provides summer sabbaticals, follow-up support, and travel
opportunities for faculty and students from minority institutions.

The purpose of this initiative is to increase the attendance and participation of
underrepresented scientists in astrobiology research laboratories, at
professional conferences, and as members in NAI Teams.

Detailed information for sabbaticals is available at
           Past NAI MIRS Fellows

• Todd Gary, Tennessee State University -
  collaborated with Jim Lake, UCLA - Computational
  methods for determining evolutionary relationships and
  horizontal gene transfer (2002)
• Michael Ceballos, Salish Kootenai College (Pablo,
  Montana) with Ken Stedman of Portland State University,
  co-chair of the NAI Virus Focus Group examining viral
  genomes to elucidate viral protein structure-function
  interactions, and relate these data to viral ecology and
  evolution (2006)
        2007 NAI MIRS Fellows

• Don Walter, South Carolina State University, to
  be hosted by Mike Mumma and Michael DiSanti,
  NASA GSFC, to develop a sustainable program of
  optical imaging and spectroscopy of comets at
• Abel Mendez - University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo
  with Chris McKay, NASA ARC, for development
  of a device to model microbial growth in the
  dynamic temperatures of natural environments
       NASA Postdoctoral Program
NAI Postdoctoral Fellows are full members of the NAI and, as such,
are included in the NAI database and on-line directory, invited to
attend and submit abstracts for NAI General Meetings, given access to
NAI collaborative tools, and are eligible for additional NAI funding

The NAI Postdoctoral Program is administered by Oak Ridge
Associated Universities (ORAU). There are typically three selections
per year, however the NAI does not participate in every
application/award cycle.

For additional information about the program and to view each team’s
research description, please see
              Past NPP Fellows, 2000 - 2003
       Name         Team         Current Location
2000                                                            2002

       Virginia                  Research Associate III,               Seth                          Assistant Scientist,
       Edgecomb     MBL          W HOI
                                 President of The                      Bordenstein      MBL          MBL
       Eric                      Foundation for Applied                Geoffrey         Univ.
       Gaucher      Scripps      Molecular Evolution (FAME)            Garrison         W ashngton   UW
                                                                                                     Asst. Professor,
                             Assistant Research Earth                                                Dept. of Geoscience,
       Marc                  Scientist, Biogeochemistry,               Susannah M.                   U Calif, Santa
       Kramer       NASA ARC U Calif, Santa Cruz                       McGuire Porter UCLA           Barbara
       Mark                      Research Assistant                    Tracy Beth
       Messerli     MBL          Scientist, MBL                        Norris           NASA ARC     University of Oregon
                                 Assistant Professor,                                  Carnegie      Research Position w/
       Yanan                     University of Quebec in                               Institute,    Stein Jacobsen,
       Shen         Harvard      Montreal                              Michael Smoliar W ash         Harvard University
       David                     Research Associate,                   Christopher      Arizona
       W armflash NASA JSC       University of Houston                 Staples          State

2001                                                            2003
                                 Assoc Prof Dept. of                                                 Postdoctoral Fellow,
       Charles K.                Geophysical Sciences, U               Corien           Michigan     Michigan State
       Boyce        Harvard      Chicago                               Bakermans        State        University
                                 Research Associate                                                  Northwestern
                    UC,          W ashington University, St.           Matthew T.                    University, Asst.
       Ruth Ley     Boulder      Louis                                 Hurtgen          Harvard      Prof
       Martinez-    UC,
       Alonso       Boulder      Colorado?                             Daniel Lessner   Penn State   U North Carolina,
                                 Faculty Research Associate,                                         Chapel Hill, Faculty,
       Michelle     Arizona      Center For Meteorite                                                Comprehensive
       Minitti      State        Studies, ASU                          Peter Sazani     Harvard      Cancer Center
                                                                                                     European Space
                                                                                                     d'Astrophysique de
       Alex ander   UC,          Assistant Professor,                  Giovanna                      Paris, Extrasolar
       Pavlov       Boulder      University of Arizona                 Tinetti          JPL          Planets Section
                    Carnegie     Asst. Professor, Indiana
       Henry        Institute,   University, Dept. of Physics
       Scott        W ash        and Astronomy
Past NPP Fellows, 2004

       Jamie E. Elsila      NASA ARC GSFC
                                         Institut d'Astrophysique
       Aline Gendrin        MBL          Spatiale (IAS), Orsay, France

                                         Assistant Professor, East
       Jinling Huang        MBL          Carolina University

       Julie A. Huber       MBL          Research Associate, MBL

       Evgenya Shkolnik     U Hawaii     Third year renewal

       Brandy Toner         MBL
                            Institute,   Astronomer, Space Telescope
       Margaret C. Turnbull W ash        Science Institute
            Current NPP Fellows

2005                                   2006
       Elise Furlan      UCLA                 Oleg Abramov      U Colorado
                         Michigan                               MBL/UNC
       Shannon Hinsa     State                Jennifer Biddle   Chapel Hill
                         U Colorado,
       Sean Raymond      Boulder              Curtis Cooper     U Arizona
       Matthew Owen      Institute,
       Schrenk           W ash                Matt Pasek        U Arizona
       Feng Tian         Penn State
       Melissa Trainer   U Coloradu
   NAI Research Scholarships

The NAI Research Scholarship Program offers
research-related travel support to enable graduate
or postdoctoral students to circulate among two
or more NAI Teams or participating institutions of
the NAI.

Requests are limited to $5,000, and are accepted
on a continuous basis.
                   The Lewis and Clark Fund for
                   Exploration and Field Research
                          in Astrobiology

The American Philosophical Society and the NASA Astrobiology
Institute have partnered to promote the continued exploration of the
world around us through a program of research grants in support of
astrobiological field studies undertaken by graduate and
postdoctoral students, and junior scientists and scholars.

The Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research in
Astrobiology is open to field studies in any area of interest to
astrobiology. Grants may be used for travel and related expenses,
including field equipment up to $5,000. Applications will be reviewed
by a committee that includes members of the NAI, the APS, and the
wider science community as needed.
         2005 Lewis And Clark Fund Awards

Mercedes Lopez-Morales (Carnegie Institution of Washington), Searching for Transits of
Extrasolar Planets around Their Host Stars Using the Swope Telescope at Las Campanas
Observatory in Chile

Clara Fuchsman (University of Washington), Expedition to the Mid-Proterozoic: Understanding
the Nitrogen Cycle in the Black Sea Suboxic Zone

Nicholas Swanson-Hysell (Princeton University), Testing the Limits of Global Change:
Integrated Magnetic and Chemical Stratigraphy of the Bitter Spring Stage, Australia

Damhnait Gleeson (University of Colorado), Sampling at the Unique Sulfur-Rich Icy Ecosystems
at Borup Fiord Pass on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic

Penny Morrill (Carnegie Institution of Washington), Identification of Gaseous Hydrocarbon
Formation from Ultrabasic Springs at a Site of Active Serpentinization in Sonoma County,

Brian Hynek (University of Colorado), Mars’ Astrobiology Potential from Cerro Negro Volcano,
        International Collaboration

A fund has been identified to help support travel and accommodation costs
associated with collaborations between NAI members and international
colleagues in the field of astrobiology.

Critical travel to non-U.S. laboratories or field sites is appropriate for this
support, as are invitations to a foreign scientist to visit your institution for
research related activities, circulating among at least two of the NAI teams
during her/his time in the U.S., thereby increasing the degree of intellectual
exchange both internationally and inter-team.

Funds are limited to $5,000 per exchange.
           NAI Focus Groups

Focus Groups are cross-team and community-wide
research or planning efforts formed around a specific topic,
judged to be of particular significance for advancing the
field of astrobiology. They are established to stimulate new
areas of research, promote long-distance collaborations,
and contribute to NASA’s space missions.

Funding support is made available to approved NAI Focus
Groups for the purpose of carrying out their proposed

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