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									Funding Opportunities available from the Centre for the Advanced Study
                     of the Arab World for 2008.

The Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World (CASAW) would like to
invite suitably qualified graduates to apply for the unique two-year Masters
studentships available at the Universities of Edinburgh, Manchester and Durham.
The studentships will start in September 2008 and will cover tuition fees and
provide an annual maintenance award of approximately £12,000.

For September 2008 entry, there are 5 two-year Masters Studentships available
across the three Universities. The two-year Masters degree in Arab World Studies
comprises 8 months in Edinburgh dedicated to intensive study of the Arabic
language and training in research methods followed by 4 months at an approved
institution in the Arab World. Students will be based at their primary institution
for the second year of the programme.

In addition to the Masters studentships available, the University of Manchester
invites suitably qualified graduates to apply for 3 four-year PhD awards (1+3
programmes). The PhD awards will follow either of the following tracks:

       (1) One year of intensive language training for students already holding a
           research-based Master’s degree plus a three-year PhD;

       (2) One year research-based Master’s degree for those already proficient
           in Arabic plus a three year PhD.

Masters students enrolled at Durham University will have the opportunity to apply
for additional funding (+3 PhD) after successful completion of the two-year

Applicants must apply to one of the three Universities mentioned above. This
University will be known as the student’s primary institution. Further information
on application procedures and regulations can be obtained by contacting the
respective University’s Postgraduate Office.

For further information on how to apply for programmes at the University of
Manchester please go to

Applicants for the CASAW studentships should also, independently of the
programme application, send the following documents to the Centre for the
Advanced Study of the Arab World, Administrative Office, University of Edinburgh,
16-19 George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9LD, before Friday 16 May 2008:
               1. Covering letter
               2. CV
               3. Copy of the complete on-line programme application
               4. 2 References - please ask two referees to send references
directly to the above address
Prospective PhD students should include a 3000-word proposal describing the
intended research topic.

If you have any further queries about the application procedure, please contact
the CASAW Administrator,

For details on eligibility requirements please see
The closing date for applications for the studentships is Friday 16 May 2008.

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