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									June 2005                 Vol.2, Issue 6         CIHR and Institute Funding
In this Issue:                                        ICRH contact - Elissa Hines Reimer

Funding Opportunities
                                           Visit the following URL for the latest listing of
                                           CIHR funding opportunities, including
CIHR and Institute Funding
                                           Request for Application programs:
Postdoctoral Fellowships for Sex and
Gender Sensitive COPD Research,             Postdoctoral Fellowships for Sex
Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement:       and Gender Sensitive COPD
Bridging Excellence in Respiratory         Research, Interdisciplinary Capacity
Disease and Gender Studies

Canada Biennial Programming Budget          Bridging Excellence in Respiratory Disease and
                                                     Gender Studies (ICEBERGS)
(BPB) Fund…………………………………2
                                           ICEBERGS is a research team funded jointly
New Funding Opportunity in Patient
                                           by CIHR (IGH and ICRH), The Lung
                                           Association is focused on sex and gender
Canadian Cardiovascular Academy (CCA),     sensitive COPD (chronic obstructive
Have a Heart Bursary Program…………..3        pulmonary disease) research. ICEBERGS
                                           bridges respiratory health and gender specific
Meetings/Events/Training Opportunities     research in a multidisciplinary, collaborative
                                           research environment. Their goal is to
Mapping the Future of Public Health:       advance the current understanding of COPD
People, Places and Policies - Canadian     in both women and men, and to develop
Public Health Association 96th Annual      innovative methodologies and new research
Conference, September 18 to 21, 2005,      questions to address sex and gender issues
Ottawa, Ontario…….………………………4               in COPD.
                                          ICEBERGS is currently offering post-doctoral
Meetings/Events/Training Opportunities    fellowship positions. Interested candidates
                                          should contact ICEBERGS directly. Further
Canadian Cardiovascular Congress          information about ICEBERGS and post-
2005, October 22 to 26, 2005, Montreal,
                                          doctoral fellowship opportunities offered
Quebec…………………………………….4                    through the program can be found on the
                                          following website:
ICRH Distinguished Lecture and Prize,
October 25, 2005, Montreal, Quebec….5

6th Conference of the Canadian Rural
Health Research Society and 1st
Conference of the Canadian Society for
Circumpolar Health, October 27 to 29,
2005, Québec, Québec - Call for
Abstracts, "Rural & Northern Health
Research Bridging the Distance”……….6          Canada Biennial Programming
                                                  Budget (BPB) Fund
3rd National Research Forum for Young
Investigators (YI) in Circulatory and     The Canada Biennial Programming Budget
Respiratory Health, May 4 to 7, 2006,     (BPB) Fund is jointly managed by the Pan
Winnipeg, Manitoba……………………...6            American Health Organizations (PAHO)
                                          Office of the Deputy Director and the
In the News                               International Affairs Directorate of Health
                                          Canada. This fund represents Canada’s BPB
Dr. Amit Garg, University of Western      allocation and has traditionally been utilized
Ontario, London, Ontario………………..6         to fund small projects involving Canadian,
                                          Latin American and Caribbean partners and
Dr. Peter Barnes, Imperial College        both PAHO and Canadian health experts.
London, United Kingdom………………..7
                                          The purpose of the Canada BPB Fund is to
                                          provide funding for the implementation of
                                          projects or other activities that contribute to
                                          the improvement of the health status of
                                          citizens within PAHO Member States.

                                          Further information will be available in next
                                          month’s e-notice. Please stay tuned!
New Funding Opportunity in Patient              Canadian Cardiovascular Academy
             Safety                               (CCA) - Have a Heart Bursary
The Canadian Patient Safety Institute
(CPSI) is dedicated to providing national      The Have a Heart Bursary Program is
                                               designed to introduce promising young
leadership in building and advancing a safer
Canadian health system. As part of its         Canadian medical students, postgraduate
                                               trainees and basic scientists-in-training to the
overall mission, CPSI is pleased to
announce a commitment of $1.5 million to       cardiovascular sciences by attending the
                                               annual Canadian Cardiovascular Congress
fund research and demonstration projects
aimed at improving patient safety. The         which will be held in Montreal from October
funding will be divided between two            22 to 26, 2005.
                                               Applications must be submitted to the CCA
   ♦ Applied health services research          office in Ottawa, by July 15, 2005. A panel will
     describing issues in patient safety.      review the submissions and the winners will
     This stream includes projects that        be announced in early August. The
     will result in new knowledge on the       application form is available at the following
     magnitude, scope and determinants         URL:
     of adverse events in Canadian   
     jurisdictions.                            005.pdf
   ♦ Implementation of innovative
     demonstration projects for improving
     patient safety. This stream includes
     projects that pilot innovative
     knowledge transfer or change
     management processes for the
     implementation of approaches,
     devices, practices or systems that
     are evidence-based (i.e., have
     demonstrated an improvement in
     patient safety), but are not yet
     broadly implemented in Canada.
Specific theme areas under each stream
are defined in the full Request for
Applications (RFA). To download the RFA,
as well as application and registration
forms, please visit:
  Mapping the Future of Public                     ♦ links between data and policy
Health: People, Places and Policies                  development;
                                                   ♦ communicating health data to the
   Canadian Public Health Association 96th
 Annual Conference September 18 to 21, 2005,
              Ottawa, Ontario                      ♦ globalization and public health
                                                   ♦ core competencies and essential
Featured Speakers:                                   functions for public health ….and
   ♦ The Honourable Carolyn Bennett,                 much more!
      Minister of State for Public Health
   ♦ Dr. David Butler-Jones, Chief Public       Online registration opens May 16
      Health Officer of the new Public          ( Early Bird Registration cut-off
      Health Agency of Canada                   date is July 15. For more information, please
   ♦ Ilona Kickbusch, PhD, Senior               visit the following web-site:
      Advisor on Millennium Development
      Goals and Health Targets to the           ml
      Director of the Pan American Health
      Organization                               Canadian Cardiovascular Congress
   ♦ Roy J. Romanow, Q.C.,
                                                            October 22 to 26, 2005
      Commissioner of the Commission on
                                                              Montreal, Quebec
      the Future of Health Care in Canada
      (invited)                                              ICRH contact - Salima Harji
   ♦ Dr. Michael Decter, Chair of the
                                                The 2005 CCC promises another solid
      Health Council of Canada
                                                scientific program! The opening of the
                                                Congress, scheduled to take place on
Timely and provocative sessions will focus
                                                Sunday, October 23, will feature the Heart
                                                and Stroke Foundation of Canada lecture
    ♦ enhanced public health surveillance
                                                presented by Dr. David Barker followed by
                                                the inaugural American College of
    ♦ new and emerging threats from             Cardiology/CCS Joint Opening Symposium,
       global forces affecting health;          with a Canadian/American series of talks on
    ♦ impact of nutrition data on the health    atherosclerosis. Drs. Paul Ridker, Peter
       of Canadians;                            Libby, Salim Yusuf, and Edward Rubin are
    ♦ policy- and practice-relevant             scheduled to speak.
       research in population health,
       including reducing health disparities;   Some of the confirmed lecturers include the
    ♦ evidence-based and ethical policy         following:
       and practice measures;
    ♦ interventions for population-level           ♦ Dr. Jeffrey Towbin from the Texas
       benefits across the life course;              Children's Hospital will present the
     John Keith Lecture on New Horizons       ICRH Distinguished Lecture and Prize
     in Heart Failure: Bench to Bedside
                                                             October 25, 2005
   ♦ Dr. L. Henry Edmunds will deliver                       Montreal, Quebec
     this year's Wilfred G. Bigelow
     Lecture                                              ICRH contact - Melanie Train

   ♦ The State-of-the Art Lecture will be     It is with great pleasure and honour that we
     presented by Dr. Robert Roberts of       announce the awarding of the 2005 ICRH
     the University of Ottawa Heart           Distinguished Lecture and Prize in
     Institute                                Cardiovascular Sciences to Dr. Peter
   ♦ Dr. Peter Carmeliet from the             Carmeliet, Professor, Adjunct Director, Center
     University of Leuven will deliver The    for Transgene Technology & Gene Therapy,
     2005 ICRH Distinguished Lecture.         Flanders Interuniversity Institute for
     Please see entry #8 for more details.    Biotechnology, University of Leuven, Leuven,
Please take note of the following important
dates that are approaching:                   Each year, this award is made to an
                                              outstanding researcher from across the
   ♦ New clinical trials submission           spectrum of basic, clinical, health services
     process to focus on research with a      and policy, and population health themes, for
     Canadian link - Deadline is June 30,     his or her contributions to the advancement of
     2005                                     cardiovascular sciences. Through this award,
   ♦ The deadline for submitting              Dr. Carmeliet is being recognized for his
     workshop proposals is May 13, 2005       outstanding contributions to our
   ♦ Preliminary program available mid-       understanding of cellular and molecular
     June                                     mechanisms of angiogenesis, and of the
                                              pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases. Dr.
For further information, please visit the     Carmeliet will deliver the ICRH Distinguished
Congress website at:                          Lecture on Tuesday, October 25, 2005, from                        11:00 am to 12:30 pm in conjunction with the
                                              Canadian Cardiovascular Congress,
                                              Montreal, Quebec, and will speak on:
                                              Angiogenesis in health and disease: From
                                              genetic insights to therapeutic strategies.
  6th Conference of the Canadian                  3rd National Research Forum for
   Rural Health Research Society                     Young Investigators (YI) in
(CRHRS) and the 1st Conference of                Circulatory and Respiratory Health
      the Canadian Society for                        May 4 to 7, 2006, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Circumpolar Health, October 27-29,
                                                             ICRH contact - Salima Harji
       2005, Québec, Québec
                                                The 2005 YI Forum was a huge success!
 Call for Abstracts, "Rural & Northern Health
       Research Bridging the Distance”
                                                Congratulations to all the competition
                                                winners! On behalf of the YI Forum
Participants will learn about and discuss       Secretariat, we wish to convey our special
recent research results, research               thanks to all faculty who assisted with the
approaches and policy frameworks with           moderation of sessions, workshops, judging
others who are interested in the health and     competitions and mentoring. We also wish to
well-being of those who live and work in        thank all of our partners, without whom we
rural and northern communities.                 would not have succeeded!

The Canadian Centre for Health and Safety       Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the
in Agriculture (CCHSA) funded by the CIHR       2006 YI Forum that will take place in
Centre for Research Development will be         Winnipeg, Manitoba, from May 4 to 7, 2006!
holding a pre-conference session on             We look forward to seeing you there!
Thursday, October 27, 2005 to bridge the
gaps between the CCHSA theme areas of:          Dr. Amit Garg, University of Western
What we Breathe, What we Eat and Drink,              Ontario, London, Ontario
How we Work and How we Live.
Presentations from key note speakers and        Top kidney researcher hails from Sudbury,
abstracts presented orally or as posters        Sudbury Star, June 13, 2005 - Dr. Amit Garg
from the CCHSA Scientific Network and           is one of the principal investigators in the
awardees of the Junior and Senior Faculty       high-profile Walkerton Health Study.
Release Time Projects.                          Researchers are tracking the health status of
                                                the 4,500 people affected by the May 2000 E.
For abstract themes and further information     coli outbreak. The seven-year study is
see the CRHRS website:                          exploring the group's potential risk for long-
http://crhrs-                                   term kidney impairment and high blood         pressure.
 Dr. Peter Barnes, Imperial College                 "COPD is the only common cause of death in
      London, United Kingdom                        the Western world that is increasing, affecting
                                                    almost a million patients in the U.K., and 4
                                                    million in the U.S., and the identification of
Imperial College London: Discovery of key
inflammation mechanism in COPD could                this molecular mechanism could be of
                                                    enormous importance in how we treat COPD
lead to new treatments, Health Business
Week, June 10, 2005. Professor Peter                in the future."
Barnes, from Imperial College London and
the Royal Brompton Hospital, and senior
author of the research, said:

                    CIHR – Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health

        Dr. Bruce McManus          Elissa Hines Reimer              Arun Chockalingam
        Scientific Director        Assistant Director               Associate Director
        Tel: (604) 806-8934        Tel: (613) 954-0544             Tel: (604) 806-8932
        Fax: (604) 806-8935        Fax: (613) 954-1800             Fax: (604) 806-8935

       Salima Harji                Melanie Train                   Karen May
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                                               Institute Advisory Board

André Cantin University of Sherbrooke (Chair)               Kathryn King University of Calgary

Paul W. Armstrong University of Alberta                     Peter Liu University of Toronto

Jacques de Champlain Université de Montréal                 Jean Marion Rx&D

Roxanne Deslauriers National Research Council of            Graham Nichol Ottawa Health Research Institute
                                                            Benjamin Rusak Dalhousie University
Dana Devine University of British Columbia
                                                            Brian Rutt University of Western Ontario
Gregory Downey University of Toronto
                                                            Jack Siemiatycki Université du Québec
Peter Glynn Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in
Ontario                                                     Verna Skanes Memorial University of Newfoundland

Frances Gregor Dalhousie University                         Lori West Hospital for Sick Children / University of
Pavel Hamet Université de Montréal (CHUM)

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