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									                   Centre for Medical Education – Funding Opportunities for Centre Members – Updated Dec 12, 2008

**NEW: Link to Community of Science (COS) Granting Agency Database: http://fundingopps.cos.com/

SECTION 1. Summary Table: Granting Agencies & Details (***for details on individual granting agencies, click hyperlink)
LOI = Letter of intent
Code/Grant Agency      Type of grant $ Range      Due Dates      Topic Areas
 1- SPENCER            Small grant     <$40K      Accepted      • The Relation between Education and Social Opportunity;
                                                  anytime       • Organizational Learning in Schools, School Systems, and Higher
http://www.spencer.or Large grant      >$40K                       Education Institutions;
g/                                                              • Teaching, Learning, and Instructional Resources; and,
                                                                • Purposes and Values of Education.
                                                                Note: Large grants can take up to 8 months for approval.
2-STEMMLER             n/a             <$150K for Oct 3, 2008    - Support for R&D of innovative assessment approaches that will enhance
                                       2 yrs                     the evaluation of those preparing to, or continuing to, practice medicine.
http://www.nbme.org/r                                            Expected outcomes include advances in the theory, knowledge, or practice
esearch/stemmler/inde                                            of assessment … from undergraduate and graduate education and training,
x.html                                                           through practice. Pilot and more comprehensive projects are both of
                                                                 interest. Collaborative investigations within/among institutions are eligible
3-MAX BELL             Project grant   n/a        LOI, Board     The Foundation is interested in supporting projects that: 1 (Health &
                                                  meets May,     Wellness) promote good health in the broadest sense… particularly in
http://www.maxbell.org                            Sept, & Dec – identifying practical, alternative approaches to the creation & maintenance
NOTE: currently Max                               3-6 months to of the programs & policies which shape Canada's health care practices.
Bell currently isn’t                              process        2 (Education): …focus on innovative ways in which education institutions
accepting applications                                           meet …challenges. Of particular interest are those projects which address
                                                                 the thoughtful use of technology and alternative institutional arrangements.
4A-Social Sciences & (MCRI) Major <$2.5M/7yr      LOI Jan 31,    To support large-scale, leading-edge research that addresses broad and
Humanities Research Collaborative                 2009,          critical issues of intellectual, economic and cultural significance
Council of Canada      Research                   proposal Sept
(SSHRC)                Initiatives                1 2009
4B- SSHRC              Standard        <$100K/yr, October 15,    To support investigator-chosen research in the social sciences and
                       Research        max 250K   2009           humanities conducted by individuals or teams
4C- SSHRC              Research        < $40K, Up October 7,    To support analysis of changing directions in research and in the evolution
                       Development to 2 years     2008          of academic disciplines
4D–SSHRC –             Development < $25,000      Nov 7, 2008    To support developmental activities (workshops, seminars, & planning
International          grants           1 year    (note:         meetings) that are expected to lead to significant international collaboration

Section 1: Summary Table                                                                                                                   1
Code/Grant Agency      Type of grant   $ Range     Due Dates      Topic Areas
Opportunities Fund     Research        < $75,000   competitions   To help secure Canadian participation or leadership in current or planned
                       grants          1 year      April/May &    international research initiatives or networks.

Section 1: Summary Table                                                                                                                 2
Code/Grant Agency        Type of grant     $ Range           Due Dates      Topic Areas
5-CIHR – Canadian        Multiple types    wide range        range          4 Main topic areas: 1) Bio-medical, 2) Clinical, 3) Health services, 4) Social,
Institute of Health                                                         cultural, environmental & population health … special interest in supporting
Research                                                                    interdisciplinary research or projects with multiple perspectives
6 – NSERC/                                 no upper          LOI May 1,     In the context of improved health for Canadians, the objectives of the
Collaborative Health                       limit             2009           Collaborative Health Research Projects (CHRP) program are to:
Research Projects                          average=                          • translate research results to end users and stakeholders;
(CHRP)                                     $121,160 -                        • encourage the NSERC and CIHR communities to collaborate and
http://nserc.ca/                           $138,850.                             integrate their expertise in their novel research activities;
                                                                             • advance interdisciplinary research leading to knowledge and
                                           Up to                                 technologies useful for improving the health of Canadians; and
                                           3 years                           • train highly qualified people in collaborative and interdisciplinary
                                                                                 research of relevance to health.
7 - Canadian Found-      New               n/a               LOI June,      The CFI’s mandate is to strengthen the capacity of Canadian Universities,
ation for Innovation     Initiatives                         2008           colleges, research hospitals, and non-profit research institutions to carry
(CFI)                    Fund                                October,       out world-class research and technology development that benefits
http://www.innovation.                                       2008           Canadians. Emphasis on research infrastructure development.
8A - Fonds de la         Training Awards                     Oct 15, 2008   masters, postdoctoral
recherché en santé
du Quebec (FRSQ)-A       Career Awards                       LOI: Aug 22    Research/Clinical Research Scholars, National Researchers, Research
http://www.frsq.gouv.q                                       Oct. 1, 2008   Chairs in Technology Assessment & Evidence-based Medicine…
c.ca/en/index.shtml      Exchange          Daily living      Nov, 2008      Short-term exchanges with one of: Inserm (France), China, or Catalonia
                         Programs          allowance &
                                                                            (Spain). Short-term Research & Upgrading Program for Foreign Students
8B-FRSQ - B              Projets           $200-300K         LOI: June 1    Ce programme conjoint FRSQ-FQRNT vise à financer des projets
                         d'innovation      /yr for 4 years   2008           d'innovation dans des niches porteuses pour l'industrie des technologies
                         en                                  Nov 1 2008     de la santé. Un nombre restreint de projets d'innovation seront financés
                         technologies                                       conjointement par les deux Fonds subventionnaires, en partenariat avec
                         de la santé                                        l'industrie, dans des domaines où les intérêts et les forces des chercheurs
                         (Eng                                               du milieu universitaire, tant dans le domaine des sciences naturelles et
                         unavailable)                                       génie que dans celui de la santé, auront déjà été démontrés.

Section 1: Summary Table                                                                                                                               3
Code/Grant Agency          Type of grant   $ Range        Due Dates        Topic Areas
8C- FRSQ - B               Research        n/a            Nov, 2007 (no    Research Centres in: university hospital centres (UHCs), university
                           Centers                        update           institutes (UIs), or affiliated university hospital centres (AUHCs)
                           Groups          n/a            Nov, 2007 (no    "FRSQ research group": groups of investigators who work somewhere
                                                          update           other than in a FRSQ-funded research centre hosted by a university-
                                                          posted)          affiliated healthcare institution. This program is intended for independent
                                                                           investigators who belong to a well funded geographic unit and who form
                                                                           a durable critical mass. FRSQ research groups are usually recognized as
                                                                           research centres by their host institutions and receive funding from them.
                           Theme                                           Theme Network: It is complicated & costly to try to create, on a local
                           Networks                                        level, collective infrastructures & structuring initiatives that are able to
                                                          Nov, 2007 (?
                                                          renewed 2009)    benefit a large number of investigators working in the same field. It
                                                                           gets simpler & more cost-effective once investigators are able to pool
                                                                           their expertise. The FRSQ’s strategic network program targets specific
                                                                           research fields identified jointly by the FRSQ & its partners.

9- The Templeton           n/a             ?              Anytime,        Foundation serves as a philanthropic catalyst for research and discoveries
Foundation                                                submit brief    relating to what scientists and philosophers call the Big Questions. We
www.templeton.org                                         online propos- support work at the world's top universities in such fields as theoretical
                                                          al may be       physics, cosmology, evolutionary biology, cognitive science, and social
                                                          asked for a     science relating to love, forgiveness, creativity, purpose, and the nature
                                                          full one within and origin of religious belief. One category for support is…Human
                                                          30 days         Sciences/Medical & Health Sciences
10- National Institute     Wide variety                   January –       Support the advancement of fundamental knowledge about the nature and
of Health (NIH) (U.S.)                                    April, 2009 for behavior of living systems to meet the NIH mission of extending healthy life
                                                          most            and reducing the burdens of illness and disability. While NIH awards many
http://grants.nih.gov/gr                                                  grants specifically for research, we also provide grant opportunities that
ants/                                                                     support research-related activities, including: construction, training, career
                                                                          development, conferences, resource grants
11 – Canadian                              <$120K,        Dec. 2, 2008    1) Applied health services research projects. To support teams of decision
Patient Safety                             matched        (new call for   makers & researchers interested in conducting applied health services
Institute (CPSI)                           funding        proposals       research focused on identifying new knowledge on the magnitude, scope,
http://www.patientsafet                    required for   expected        & determinants of adverse events or on leading practices in patient safety
yinstitute.ca/index.html                   grants over    Sept 2009)      in Canada. Proposals accepted for new primary research or syntheses.
                                           $20K, but it                   2) Demonstration projects. To support teams of researchers & decision
Grant info:
                                           can be in-                     Makers interested in implementing/assessing the effectiveness of defined
                                           kind                           practices and/or tools in reducing avoidable adverse events (e.g., critical
                                                                          incidents, near misses) and mitigate the effects of adverse events. Tools/
                                                                          practices of particular interest may currently exist in other Canadian/
Section 1: Summary Table                                                                                                                             4
Code/Grant Agency         Type of grant    $ Range       Due Dates       Topic Areas
20Research%20Anno                                                        international jurisdictions but are not broadly implemented in Canada.
12 – The Society for      Philip Manning   $50K          LOI Dec 5,      1) Offered every 2 yrs for original research studies related to physician life-
Academic                  Research                       2008, full      long learning and physician change. Proposals must use quantitative or
Continuing Medical        Grant in CME                   proposal by     qualitative methods in a rigorous scientific design. Finished work must be
Education (SACME)                                        March 15,       appropriate for publication in a peer reviewed journal and presentation at a
http://www.sacme.org/i                                   2009            SACME meeting. Awards to members of LCME-accredited organizations…
ndex.cfm?id=1038          Research                       proposal by     2) Research proposals on topics relating to physician life-long learning and
                                           Up to $5K
                          Grants in                      May 15, 2009    physician change. It must be original research that will produce work that
                          CME (Small                                     should be considered for presentation at a Research in Continuing Medical
                          Grants)                                        Education meeting or other professional conferences. New investigators
                                                                         are encouraged to apply. Offered only to SACME members.
13 - Medical Council      1) Multi-year    $50K/yr for   Feb 1, 2009     1) Research around a general theme of assessment in realistic settings.
of Canada                 grant            3 years                       The aim will be to develop assessment tools that could be used in actual
http://www.mcc.ca/en/                                                    clinical circumstances related to undergraduate and postgraduate
                                                                         educational programs, as well as the assessment of physicians in practice.
                          2) Fund for      Up to         Feb 1, 2009     2) Innovations in the assessment of clinical competence or performance of
                          Research in      $37.5K over                   students, postgraduate trainees, or practitioners. Priority will be given to
                          Clinical         2 years                       proposals which promise to contribute to knowledge & understanding of
                                                                         measurement in clinical assessment & to clinical program evaluation
                                                                         methods for medical education. The proposal must focus on research, not
                                                                         development, in the assessment of performance or clinical assessment
13 - Royal College of     1) Med Ed        $25K/yr, up   March 3, 2008   1) Med Ed: To support quality research in Canada relevant to the field of
Physicians &              Research &       to 3 years                    postgraduate medical education or continuing professional development.
Surgeons                                                                 2) Can-MEDS: To support research, development, and/or implementation
                          2) Can-MEDS      Up to $25K    March 3, 2008
http://rcpsc.medical.or                                                  of projects to enhance specialty education in the promotion of the key roles
g/                        3) Travel        $2,500/mo     Sept 30, 2008   for specialists as defined by CanMEDS
                          Fellowship       up to $21K                    3) 2-12 months to enable recipient to acquire knowledge & expertise in
                          4) Fac Dev       $5K/year                      med ed by visiting an educational centre of excellence
                                                         March 3, 2008
                                                                         4) To create new and innovative faculty development programs

Section 1: Summary Table                                                                                                                            5
Code/Grant Agency       Type of grant   $ Range      Due Dates       Topic Areas
14 – Association of     Incentive       Up to $10K   Oct. 6, 2008    Incentive awards to ASPE members for unique research studies/
Standardized Patient    awards          per award                    development projects that extend our knowledge about the effective use of
Educators (ASPE)                                     Grant Period:   Standardized Patients in Health Science Education. All studies/projects
http://www.aspeducato                                January 1 –     must be consistent with ASPE’s mission & goals. Studies identifying best
rs.org/                                              December 31     practices in SP education are particularly encouraged. For grant info:
15 - Associated         Hannah:         Up to $10K   March 1,2009    1) Development Grants support small budget proposals, consistent with its
Medical Services        1) Develop-     for 1 year   & September     mandate and interests in the history of medicine and health care. E.g.,
(AMS)                   ment Grant                   15th, 2009      seed money to develop research initiatives, small conferences, archival &
http://php.ams-                                                      museum activities. Proposals are expected to advance an aspect of
                        2) Independ-    Up to $10K   Nov 1, 2009
inc.on.ca/                                                           medical history that could benefit the broader community of practitioners.
                        ent Scholars    for 1 year                   2) Independent scholars: for qualified individuals to study significant issues
                                                                     related to the history of medicine
16 - College of         1 & 2) Janus    $5–10 K      February 15,    1) 2 for “novice” researchers : $5K each. A novice researcher is defined as
Family Physicians of    Research                     2008 (2009      one who has never received a grant of over $10K.
Canada (RFPC)           Grants                       not posted)     2) 2 for novice/intermediate/senior researchers: $10K each. For a small/
http://www.cfpc.ca/E                                                 pilot project, in hopes of later getting larger funding from another funder.
                        3) Research     Up to
nglish/cfpc/programs                                 March 1,        May be requested as partial funding for a slightly larger project for which
                        Proposal        $1,500
/awards%20program       Development                  2008            you have received inadequate funding (project max budget=$25K).
/awards_08/part2/de     Grant                                        3) 3 Research Proposal Development Grants
17. Canadian Assoc.     CAEP            $5,000       Dec. 16, 2008   Applications accepted from diverse settings: academic, non-academic,
of Emergency            Research                                     rural & community emerg physicians. Residents & fellows are especially
Physicians (CAEP)       Grant                                        encouraged to apply. Don’t fund meeting registration, travel or equipment.
http://caep.ca/templa                                                Requirements:
te.asp?id=16A0191                                                    • CAEP membership of Principal Investigator at time of application.
B258246CDB2FF9F                                                      • Less than 8 years of postgraduate (Medical School) training of the PI.

Section 1: Summary Table                                                                                                                        6
SECTION 2: Timeline for Grants
                      2008                                                                  2009
                      July      Aug        Sept       Oct         Nov        Dec      Jan          Feb       March      Apr        May        June
1. SPENCER            Anytime
2. STEMMLER             CFP
3. Max Bell           Anytime
-4A-MCRI                                                                               31-LOI
-4B.SRG                          15-LOI               15-Submit
-4C.RDI                                               7-Submit
-4D.IOF                                                                                                                            7-Submit
 (Many different)     various
6. NSERC                                                                                                                             1-LOI
7. CFI                                                 Submit                                                                                   LOI
8. FRSQ –
8A-Training                                            Submit
   -Career                                             Submit
   -Exchanges                                                     Submit?
8B-Innovations-                                                   1-Submit
     technology                                                                                                                                1- LOI
8C-Research Ctrs                                                  Submit?
   -Groups                                                        Submit?
   -Theme networks                                                Submit?
9. Templeton          Anytime
10. NIH                                                                                            Submit      Jan to   Apr for    Most
12. MCC                                                                                                       Submit
13. RCPSC                                                                                                     Submit
14. ASPE
15. AMS                                     Submit
16. RFPC
17. CAEP
AGENCIES                                                                       NIH = National Institute of Health (USA)
SSHRC= Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada                 MCC = Medical Council of Canada
   MCRI = Major Collaborative Research Initiative                              RCPSC= Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada
   SRG = Standard Research Grant                                               ASPE= Association of Standardized Patient Educators
   RDI = Research Development Initiatives                                      AMS = Associated Medical Services
   IOF= International Opportunities Fund                                       RFPC = College of Family Physicians of Canada
CIHR = Canadian Institute for Health Research                                  CAEP = Canadian Assoc. of Emergency Physicians
NSERC = Natural Sciences & Engineering Council of Canada                       OTHER

Section 2: Timeline                                                                                                                                  7
CFI = Canadian Foundation for Innovation                        CFP = Call for Proposals due to be issued
FRSQ= Fonds de la recherché en santé du Quebec                  LOI = Letter of intent due date
SACME = The Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education   Submit = grant proposal submission due date

Section 2: Timeline                                                                                           8

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