Funding Opportunities in the Life Sciences

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					                                                              Funding Opportunities in the Life Sciences
                  ORGANIZATION                                            SUBJECT                                 DEADLINE                    CONTACT NAME                      E-MAIL                    PHONE

Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council        Non-medical life sciences                11/30/00                                                 44(0)1793 413348
The Whitaker Foundation                                     Collaborative life sciences/             12/01/00 for preliminary application;   Wolf W. von Maltzahn                   (703) 528-2430       ✔
                                                            biomedical engineering research          02/01/01 for full application
National Cancer Institute                                   Dietary nutrients as modifiers of        12/08/00 for letter of intent;          John Milner                 (301) 496-8573
                                                            genetic pathways leading to cancer       02/14/01 for application
NCI and National Human Genome Research Institute            Innovative technologies for              12/11/00 for letter of intent;          Min H. Song                       (301) 402-4185
                                                            quantitation of spectrum of              01/18/01 for application
                                                            human tissue proteins
Howard Hughes Medical Institute                             Biomedicine                              12/13/00                                                              (301) 215-8500
U.S. Department of Energy                                   Microbial genomics applied to            12/14/00                                Daniel Drell        (301) 903-4742
                                                            either bioremediation of metals
                                                            & radionuclides or to carbon
Engineering & Physical Sciences Research                    Post genome science                      12/15/00                                Andy Rendell            44(0)1793 444032
Council Programmes Interface                                regional networks
American Association for Cancer Research                    Cancer, including breast, lung,          12/15/00                                Jenny Anne Horst-Martz                     (215) 440-9300
                                                            and colon cancer
American Institute for Cancer Research &                    Diet, nutrition and cancer, especially   12/18/00                                                               (800) 843-8114
Food and Drug Administration                                modulatory effects of caloric
                                                            restriction on metabolic processes
                                                            related to cancer
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation                        Dystonia                                 12/30/00                                Mahlon R. DeLong   (312) 755-0198       ✔
American Brain Tumor Association                            Basic brain tumor research               01/04/01                                Janet Ruiz                         (847) 827-9910       ✔
Beckman Institute for Advanced Science & Technology         Biological intelligence, human-          01/05/01                                Kelly Hucal                       (217) 244-9489
                                                            computer intelligent interaction,
                                                            and molecular & electronic
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution                        Biology, marine chemistry &              01/15/01                                                                (508) 289-2219
National Research Council                                   Numerous areas of science at             01/15/01                                                                     (202) 334-2760
                                                            participating U.S. government labs
Burroughs Wellcome                                          Molecular parasitology, molecular        01/16/01                                                                 (919) 991-5100
                                                            pathogenic mycology & malaria
Neose Technologies, Inc.                                    Complex carbohydrate function            01/31/01                                Barbara Krauter                 (215) 441-5890       ✔
                                                            and synthesis
American Diabetes Association                               Etiology or pathophysiology of           02/01/01                                                           (703) 549-1500       ✔
                                                            diabetes and its complications
Sandler Program for Asthma Research                         New pathways of investigation in         02/15/01                                Mee Mee Wong           (415) 514-0730       ✔
                                                            basic asthma research
Chemical Heritage Foundation                                Public understanding of the              02/15/01                                Leo Slater              (215) 873-8224
                                                            importance of chemical sciences
                                                            and industries to public welfare
The Campbell Foundation                                     HIV/AIDS                                 Open                                                                   (954) 493-8822

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