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Tips Using Twitter for Marketing


									TIPS using TWITTER for Marketing
Twitter is a social network and micro-blogging service. Allows users to send and read messages as tweets. Twitter was
launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey. Since its launch, Twitter has grown in popularity in the world. With its wide scope and
diversity of users, Twitter is why marketing has become, to free the growth of your company. Getting started with
Twitter is not as easy as it seems. So in that sense, here are seven tips to consider when using Twitter for marketing

1.Choose a username significant If possible, use your name, mixed with the names of companies and are only created,
but significant. Make sure it is easy to find and easy to remember.

2. Make your Twitter page: Don't Let your Twitter page boring and flat. You will look like the average person, and do
not want to know that So be creative when creating your page in this sense. Make a logo, your contact information for
customers or visitors to your site useful. A good place to go is / portal

3. Learn to use the basics when various media to begin to promote your business, you should always take the time to
learn the basic functions of the platform. Twitter is (tell the world what happened ). You have 140 characters or less in
order to express their thoughts. Who is on Twitter for the first time can be overwhelmed, frustrated and confused all the
information in a short time. So, bearing in mind that you become familiar with Twitter and see all the features it has that
will. If you / guide / twitter, run through the basic Twitters how to maximize your experience with Twitter.

4. Add use of Twitter followers, you have followers. This is the most important part of consumption and time, Twitter,
especially if you use this marketing. You can always keep your contacts from your e-mail accounts and add them to your
list of the followers on Twitter, but this can not be the best idea. The reason is because we try to attract new people to
be showing your product or service. A good way to add, trailers to decide on a niche. Then you will find the most
important people in your city. One idea would be for people who are known to continue in the field of marketing.
Once again, they could begin to follow their supporters. Think about who follows you, you have to go back. It is the right

5. Automate your tweets If you sing tweeter commercial does not want the whole day sending tweets. You can use tools
such as, use and to automate and manage various aspects of your
account. These tools can help you do things as people know that is not actively involved with their accounts, you can
manage your direct messages, you can not have a timetable for when you want your tweets to display set, and the
people unfollow accepted. If you are correct these tools can actually use to reduce the amount of time you spend on
Twitter each day.

6. Not all social matters, Keep It, you do not want to use Twitter to promote your business every time. It is a big mistake
that can do a seller, and Twitter to suspend your account if you use it to send spam. You can check on other things, such
as the provision of information, useful information and updates that are useful is his people. Building relationships is an
important concept to consider, because people do not buy, someone you know and trust. First, friends, then, if you can
begin to offer their services or products.

7. Time management: If you use Twitter for business, you want to ensure that you have a commercial approach. Do you
have a routine in the eye, not too much time with Twitter. You can do this very easily with the software package. Plant
only a few submissions per day (5-7) on current topics, quotes, or things with humor. After a week or two start tweets,
the addresses of people to your sales page (1 or 2 per day).
Be sure to write, not, as many links to your site, where people are not sold as.

According to these established guidelines to maximize your experience for you and your business with Twitter. With the
automation of the suggestions have given, you can think of Twitter as a remnant of advertising, but remember to always
treat with care and professionalism. And finally enjoy what you learn to do on Twitter and meet new people.

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