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					Survey Reveals All About Canterbury District Health Board Smokers
Getting involved in smoking cessation sharpens the mind when it                                 encourage quitting behaviours.
comes to observing smokers, non-smokers, habits and habitués. It                                       The problems that respondents saw
                                                                                                were firstly, those associated with the
is seriously challenging when high profile people who smoke decide
                                                                                                addictive nature of nicotine; secondly, the
that bucking the trend is more fun than supporting the project.                                 practicalities of smoking off site; thirdly,
     But, go into a service station now to           The results, Dawn says, make good,         the disadvantage to smokers; and then
buy petrol and see how much it costs to         positive reading. For a start, the response     issues of enforcement, staff safety and
buy a packet of cigarettes. One observant       rate was a high 66% (594 surveys). And,         compliance.
service station attendant said he couldn’t      encouragingly, 62.6% of those who                      Several staff took the opportunity to
even begin to count the number of people        responded supported the Canterbury              comment that they had personal overseas
who drive in, buy $10 of petrol and $20 of      District Health Board’s stance on banning       experience of working in smokefree
cigarettes (that’s only about two packets       smoking on Canterbury District Health           hospitals where total smoking bans exist on
remember). And this, in spite of the very       Board premises. It is also worth noting         all premises and that no real problems had
large health warnings on every packet,          that many staff identified they had             been encountered. Other staff were positive
which by its very nature, confirms the          stopped smoking within recent months            in their support for introducing a strong
fact of addiction. What other product is        – congratulations to everyone who has           policy suggesting that will encourage
sold with a large health warning on its         taken this big step.                            compliance. Some commented that this
facing label?                                        The profile showed that 4.9% of            was a good move for the Canterbury
     Walk past a primary school nowadays        doctors, 11.5% of nurses and 6.3%               District Health Board to make and taking
and you will see a polite sign advising         of allied health workers smoke. The             a proactive stance on smoking was
people that ‘this school is a smokefree         approximate percentage of smokers               important. There was empathy expressed
zone’. It is a law that has been in place       is 9.6%. This compares very well with           by some non-smoker respondents that it
since the start of the year. Smokers and        the average of 24 – 25% in the average          would be difficult for staff who smoke, and
schools are not a winning combination.          population.                                     there was also some concern for patients,
So, getting real about smoking cessation             In the last 12 months, 29.7% of those      particularly those who require terminal care
is part of today’s dynamic. It is not cool to   who responded have successfully stopped         or are receiving mental health care.
smoke. It is cool to quit. The results of the   smoking; 11% (10 staff) would like to give             The survey has convinced the
Canterbury District Health Board’s internal     up within the next 30 days; 16.5% (15)          co-ordinating team that their efforts to
survey support this thesis.                     would like to give up within the next 3         date are worthwhile. While the results are
     The survey was sent to 892 staff           months, 25.3% plan to do so at some time        still ‘raw’ data, according to Dawn, there
(about 11%) - who were randomly selected        and 20.9% don’t plan to stop. (The latter       is enough in there to progress the project
within the occupational group definitions       figure represented 19 of the respondents        to its next stage. It has been quite a task
with a view to finding out what percentage      who identified as smokers.)                     getting the survey results this far, but, says
of staff smoke, what is the general opinion          Smokers were asked whether they            Dawn, it has been achieved with great help
on smoking cessation, whether the               would access community based cessation          from the rest of the team and in particular
Canterbury District Health Board has any        programmes if they decided to quit. 12.1%       researcher Greg Hamilton.
responsibility to assist with people wanting    said they would. Smokers were also asked               There will be ongoing information sent
to stop smoking, and the advantages and         whether they would access cessation             to staff about the programme. Posters and
problems of stringent policies on smoking.      programmes if provided and funded by the        pamphlets are currently in draft form, and
     Encouragingly, says Dawn Gourdie,          Canterbury District Health Board. 39.6%         ways of getting the message out to the
author of the survey and member of the          said they would.                                public who visit the hospitals are also under
co-ordinating committee, the responses               66.3% of respondents said they             discussion.
from the random selection mirrored the          believed the Canterbury District Health                More about that in the next issue of
workforce profile recently completed by         Board should provide access to smoking          across the board.
Sue Chapman, Canterbury District Health         cessation programmes and 5.17% were
Board’s Organisational Development              not sure.                                         And the winners are…..
Manager.                                             There were clear opinions that most          Josephine Lint from Hillmorton won first
     It was a ‘good, representative’ sample     respondents saw good health as the most           prize of a $50 voucher from Whitcoulls
of the Canterbury District Health Board,        important reason for smokefree hospital           for participating in the survey. Jenny
with regard to the gender, occupational         sites. The second most important reason           Castle from Canterbury District Health
groups and age ranges of Canterbury             is a clean environment, the third is to be        Board Labs won second prize of a $20
District Health Board staff.                    a healthy role model and the fourth is to         pharmacy voucher. Congratulations.

                                                Burwood Pilots Nicotine Replacement Therapy
                                                Nicotine Replacement Therapy or NRT, is         four weeks. A support group will be set up
                                                the latest catch phrase and it means what       to provide seven sessions in which people
                                                it says. Burwood Hospital staff are going to    can participate alongside their individual
                                                pilot the NRT project throughout August.        programme or as a stand-alone unit. It is
                                                The site committee has distributed their own    anticipated 20 – 25 people will start the
                                                survey, and is also setting up and organising   pilot with the aim of seeing what they can
                                                a workshop next month. A project will include   achieve. The Burwood committee comprises
                                                one-on-one support for smokers wishing          Di Gunn, Laura Clifford, Tony Burns, Jacqui
                                                to stop, and NRT at a subsidised cost of        Earl, Heather Harding, Ngaire Hunt and Mere
                                                $5 for four weeks and $10 for the following     Hibbs. Two of the team are smokers.

Riley Day Hospital
Celebrates 20 Years
One of the first things Physiotherapist Gaynor
Brown did after the opening of the Day Hospital 20
years ago was to go and remove the word Geriatric
from the sign. ‘It was such a negative word and
didn’t really reflect a centre that we had specially
designed to build up the physical and emotional                           Senior Physiotherapist Gaynor Brown (left)
confidence of our clients,’ says Gaynor.                                  and Sharyn Burrows (secretary)

      Gaynor is one of two staff members         stairs, air splints etc., a kitchen, large    population ages, the challenge will be to
who have been at the centre since it             activities room and specially designed        keep meeting the needs of older people
opened its doors in 1984. The other is           garden for occupational therapy and a         and the key to that is being flexible in the
secretary Sharyn Burrows. ‘I remember            comfortable and homely lounge.                way rehabilitation is done.’
having to do all the typing on an old                 Lecturer in geriatric medicine at             Clients come into Riley Day Hospital
Remington. Now it’s all computers and            Christchurch School of Medicine and           once or twice a week and, depending
new technology for data processing, which        geriatric physician, Professor Dick           on their programme, will stay up to three
is just as well as there are more and more       Sainsbury was one of the original             hours. The hospital also has the flexibility
people coming through the doors.’ The            consultants who set up the programme.         that allows it to carry out home visits. ‘It’s
centre has seen over 120,000 rehabilitation      He says the unit was developed after it was   proven that people prefer being at home
sessions over its 20-year existence,             identified there was a need to meet the       and treatment is more successful, with
averaging 25 patients a day, Monday              specialised rehabilitation requirements of    people recovering much faster when they
to Friday.                                                                                                      are in their own homes,’
      The centre provides         The centre provides a complete rehabilitation programme for clients says Gaynor. ‘We are able
a complete rehabilitation        who are referred from the community by their GPs or who have been to visit them and provide
programme for clients                     discharged from hospital and are referred by the ward.                information and advice
who are referred from                                                                                           that makes life easier.
the community by their GPs or who                older people. ‘Patients were staying longer   While an aging population has meant
have been discharged from hospital               in hospital than they needed to because       that we are seeing more patients who
and are referred by the ward. After an           there were still some minor concerns that     present with multi-factorial complex issues,
initial assessment with the team that            needed attention, and there were also         both physical and emotional, our basic
consists of physiotherapists, speech             people being admitted to wards who could      philosophy at the Riley Day Hospital has
therapists, social workers, occupational         be treated at a day hospital. Really the only stayed the same over the last 20 years
therapists and nursing staff, a decision         choices were outpatient treatment that was    and that’s to allow clients to keep living in
will be made on the client’s rehabilitation      very limited, or admission to wards, which    their own home for as long as possible by
programme. Depending on his or her               took up valuable bed space.’                  assisting them to reach or maintain their
needs, a programme can take from eight                Dick says the whole question of day      optimum levels of independence.’
to twelve weeks. The unit is kitted out with     hospitals is being evaluated world-wide.           The unit celebrates its 20-year
a gym that has a wide range of specialist        ‘The concept is accepted as being a           anniversary with an informal wine and
equipment such as treadmills, exercycles,        central part of the hospital function. As the cheese gathering on Friday, 6 August.

                 August — Save Our Sight Month
 This month, the Save Our Sight Coalition       awareness of sight threatening conditions,     which is an eye disease that causes loss of
 launches its annual campaign to focus on       and to highlight eye health as an important    central vision leaving only peripheral vision
 sight and encourage people to be more          public health issue.                           intact. It is the leading cause of blindness in
 aware of health issues that can lead to             The campaign aims to tell everyone        people over 50 in New Zealand.
 partial or complete blindness.                 that early intervention can save sight.             In the third week of the campaign,
      Save Our Sight is a coalition supported        Each week this month there will be        the focus will be on diabetic eye disease.
 by the Royal New Zealand Foundation            a focus on a different issue relating to       During this week, people with diabetes will
 for the Blind, Retina NZ, the NZ Assoc.        eye health. It will begin with published       be encouraged to see optometrists as a
 of Optometrists, Glaucoma NZ, Diabetes         figures on eye health and blindness in         community resource for help and advice.
 NZ, Save Sight Society and the Royal           New Zealand and an announcement                     Children’s eye health and eye safety
 Australian & New Zealand Colleges of           of a national initiative: Healthy People       will provide the main emphasis for the last
 Ophthalmology (they are 2 separate             — Healthy Eyes. There will be parallel         week — August 22–29. On the last day,
 colleges).                                     promotions by Glaucoma NZ and the              which will be designated Children’s Eyecare
      The objectives of this year’s campaign    Foundation for the Blind.                      Day, optometrists will provide eye exams
 are two-fold — to reduce preventable                In the second week, the emphasis will     and glasses (where necessary) to children
 blindness through greater public               be on age-related macular degeneration         from needy families around the country.

Chris Dever — New Chief Information Officer                                                                              Now is the time to
                                                                                                                         consider standing
                       For the Canterbury          technology to clinicians, management and                              for election to the
                       District Health Board’s     the sector as a whole.’                                               Canterbury District
                       new Chief Information            ‘District Health Boards are very large                           Health Board.
                       Officer, Chris Dever,       organisations with huge investments in               Elections for District Health Board
                       there are a couple of       information technology. Consequently,           members, held every three years in
                       things that will make the   considerable care has to be taken to ensure     association with local body elections, are
                       move to Christchurch        that these assets are managed effectively so    taking place in October 2004. District Health
                       from Palmerston North       they continue to deliver what’s required of     Boards are made up of 7 members elected
     Chris Dever       easier. ‘Considering        them,’ says Chris.                              by the region’s voters and 4 members
the Hurricanes performance and that                     Knowledge of what these requirements       appointed by the Minister of Health. The
the Flyers didn’t win a single game, it’s          are has been gained from years in both the      Minister also appoints two of the Board’s
going to be a lot easier to support the            health and IT industries. ‘Prior to moving      members (either elected or appointed) as the
Crusaders and the Flames!’                         into the health industry I spent a number       Chair and Deputy Chair of the Board.
      From 9 August, Chris will be responsible     of years in senior technology positions         Key Dates 2004
for all of the Board’s telecommunications,         within the NZ subsidiary of a multi-national    23 July Candidate nominations open
information management and information             computer vendor. I was a founder member         20 August Candidate nominations close
systems. ‘I’m really looking forward to the        of the NZ Health Informatics Foundation         (midday)
challenge of the role. It’s a step up for me as    (now HINZ) and I continue to represent          17 – 22 September Delivery of voting
it’s a much larger organisation than where         the national Chief Iinformation Officers        documents and start of voting period
I am now.’ Chris has been the Information          as a member of the Ministry of Health’s         09 October Election Day
Systems and Technology Manager                     Information Liaison Group and NHI Steering      09 – 16 October Votes counted and official
for MidCentral District Health Board in            Committee. These groups have been vital to      results declared
Palmerston North for the past 10 years and         ensuring that District Health Board interests   06 December Newly elected Board
he’s looking forward to demonstrating that he      are taken into account when changes are         members take office
is up to this new challenge.                       being made to national systems.’
                                                                                                   Further Information
      ‘District Health Boards are beginning             Chris says he is looking forward to
                                                                                                   You can expect to see a national advertising
to operate in a much more collaborative            getting to know the experienced team
                                                                                                   campaign start in the coming weeks to
fashion with the different health providers        in the Services Group of the Canterbury
                                                                                                   promote the District Health Board elections
in the sector. My role will be to ensure the       District Health Board and working with
                                                                                                   and to encourage people to think about
Canterbury District Health Board is able to        them to deliver excellence in information
                                                                                                   standing for election. If you are interested
display leadership to the sector by delivering     management in both the clinical and
                                                                                                   in standing for the Canterbury District
excellence in information management and           administration fields.                          Health Board, the following contacts can
                                                                                                   provide you with more details and an
                                                                                                   information pack:
                                                                                                   • Electoral Officer, Max Robertson,
                                                                                                        Christchurch City Council, phone
                                                                                                        (03) 941 8533
                                                                        The Hon Ruth               • Vote 2004 toll free information line
                                                                        Dyson, Associate                0508 910 2004
                                                                        Minister of Health,        • Canterbury District Health Board
                                                                        officially opened the           electoral contact, Melissa Macfarlane,
                                                                        first Australasian              phone (03) 364 4105.
                                                                        Home Haemodialysis         You can also visit the Ministry of Health’s
                                                                        Workshop in
                                                                                                   website or the
                                                                        on 23 July. The
                                                                                                   Canterbury District Health Board’s site
                                                                        workshop was an  
                                                                        opportunity for the
                                                                        200 delegates to           Breast Cancer Foundation
                                                                        meet and discuss
                                                                        issues relating to
                                                                                                   Research Fund
                                                                        home dialysis and          The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation
                                                                        included some              is now calling for applications for research
                                                                        wonderful cameos           funding for either clinical or basic science
                                                                        from patients as well      research promoting advances in the cause,
                                                                        as care givers and         diagnosis and management of breast
                                                                        clinical staff. Keynote    cancer. Funding will be for one year up
                                                                        speakers talked
                                                                                                   to a maximum of three years. The award
                                                                        about the history
                                                                                                   will comprise a maximum of $50,000
                                                                        of dialysis and the
                                                                        growing emphasis           annually which may increase through future
                                                                        on treatment at            fundraising initiatives. The award is open to
                                                                        home particularly in       both medical and non-medical scientists
                                                                        New Zealand and            including those considering PhD studies.
                                                                        Australia.                      Applications close on 6 August and the
                                                                                                   award will be announced in October 2004.
                                                                                                   Inquiries can be directed to the foundation’s

School Dental Clinic Review                                                                        NZ Sign Language Bill
                                                                                                   This Bill had its first reading in Parliament
                                                                                                   on 22 June this year. It provides official
The Ministry of Health is conducting             we’ll be able to identify areas where there
                                                                                                   recognition of NZ Sign Language, the
a major review of how it delivers oral           may be shortcomings.’
                                                                                                   unique language of deaf New Zealanders.
health services to children aged between              The District Health Board will also
                                                                                                   Canterbury District Health Board
2 and 12 around the country. A recently          be reviewing what issues there are for
                                                                                                   recognises the importance of the NZ Sign
released Ministry of Health discussion           communities accessing dental services for
                                                                                                   Language and has included it and other
document lists minimum requirements              their children.
                                                                                                   sign languages in its interpreter service
that have to be met to comply with                    The Canterbury District Health Board has
                                                                                                   which is available 24/7. This information
existing legislation. These include,             sent a letter to all the Boards of Trustees for
                                                                                                   is also covered in the Canterbury District
among others, adequate lighting,                 primary schools in the Canterbury area and
                                                                                                   Health Board’s Disability Plan.
the working environment for dental               is inviting input from the wider community.
therapists, protection of privacy, and                 ‘We want those involved to tell us what     KiwiKids Nursery & Pre-School
infection control.                               would make it easier for them to access           Are you looking for a good pre-school
      Each District Health Board has been        dental services for their children,’ says         facility while you are at work? The
given the task of conducting a review of         Megan. ‘This feedback is vital so that we         Canterbury District Health Board supports
how they deliver services in their region.       can identify areas in service delivery where      KiwiKids Nursery & Pre-School which
Canterbury District Health Board Planning        people have concerns.’                            is now in its new refurbished cottage at
Analyst, Megan Gibbs, says a key focus is             The review will be submitted to the          Hillmorton. The facility is available for any
to find ways that will make the school dental    Ministry in October and used to compile the       staff with pre-schoolers. Contact Rosalie
system work better and identify potential        national report with recommendations for          Ardagh on 335 8179 or (0274) 336 343
gaps in the service. ‘The MoH has sent us        potential action.                                 for more information. You can email at
a template for completing this work. Initially        Suggestions and comment can be     
there is a physical stocktake of the existing    made in writing (email acceptable) to Megan
                                                                                                   The 12th International p53 Workshop
facilities and equipment so that we will         Gibbs, Planning Analyst, Planning and
                                                                                                   will be held in Dunedin on Saturday
have specific information about the age of       Funding Division, Canterbury District Health
                                                                                                   6 to Wednesday 10 November this
the equipment, its physical condition and        Board, P O Box 1600, Christchurch, or             year. Speakers from as far afield as
quantities. We have now almost finished the                          Israel, France, the US, UK, Canada,
stocktake and once the data is analysed                                                            Scotland, Germany, Japan, Australia
                                                                                                   and NZ will feature. Register online now
Reunion of Last Hospital-                                                                          World Breastfeeding Week 1–7 August

based Nursing Programme                                                                            Christchurch Womens’ Division of the
                                                                                                   Canterbury District Health Board is a baby-
                                                                                                   friendly environment and supports World
Calling the class of ’84 — its time for               Wendy says the plans for the weekend         Breastfeeding Week.
your 20 year reunion. Nurses Wendy               reunion include tours of the two hospitals.
Merritt, Adele Healey and Steph Grbic            ‘So much has changed dramatically at
are organising a weekend get-together            each of the hospitals. Wards have been            Apply Now for LAMP
in September for all the 62 nurses and           totally renovated and there have been
their families that were on the three-           improvements in ways of care which will all       LAMP – New Zealand Health Sector
year nursing programme.                          be interesting to see.’                           Leadership & Management Development
     ‘The weekend is planned for 17/18/19             Most of the 62 nurses are still involved     Programme – is an initiative of District
September, which is exactly 20 years since       in the health care industry. ‘Three of our        Health Boards and the Ministry of Health.
we graduated as registered nurses.’              class work in the cardiac ward,’ says             Applications close on 20 August for the
     The class was made up of students           Wendy. ‘Many of us went overseas to               next programme, which is for the Health
from Princess Margaret and Christchurch          nurse but have come back and moved                Systems and Management for Clinicians
Hospitals and was the last ever hospital-        onto being midwives, duty managers,               programme. This is designed for health
based nursing programme. ‘Things have            educators, staff nurses, generally staying in     professionals who have a part-time
changed so much in terms of training             the medical environment. However, there           management role or who are interested
since then,’ says Wendy. ‘People now             are a couple that moved on to become              in moving into such a position. It provides
train through polytechs or universities and      lawyers, olive growers and farmers.’              assistance in dealing with the complexity
becoming a registered nurse is a degree               Wendy also asks for anyone with any          of the dual clinician and management
programme. Our training was broken               memorabilia from those days; items such           responsibilities. The programme offers
up into stages so you would do some              as the old cardboard hats and uniforms,           the latest management thinking and
classroom-based units rotating with ward-        or old photos, to bring those as well.            opportunities to develop management and
based units. We also used to live in the         ‘We’d like to make up a display of what life      leadership skills. It is structured in three
residences at the hospitals so we were like      was like for the student nurses.’ Wendy           parts – a three-day workshop (27 – 29
a big family.’                                   is hoping that as many of the class as            September), five months of application on
     Twenty years ago there were fewer           possible will join the weekend to ‘mark the       the job, and a further three-day workshop
registered nurses on a shift at one time         end of an era.’                                   (2 – 4 February 2005).
because there would be a range of student             For more information on the                       Anyone interested can email
nurses who were at different levels of study.    September reunion, former class          or talk with Sue
‘It meant,’ says Wendy, ‘lots of hands-          members can contact Wendy Merritt on              Chapman, Canterbury District Health
on training and the great thing was that         (03) 322 8585 (,           Board Organisational Development &
we were also guaranteed a job when we            Adele Healey on (03) 364 1099, or Steph           Training Manager on ext. 68889.
finished because we were in the system.’         Grbic on (03) 364 1099.
Christchurch Hospital — Doing its Bit
for Waste Minimisation and Recycling
There is a saying – ‘If we each do a little,      controlled waste system,’ says Elaine.              waste and reusing is the answer. Don’t use
we can all do a lot,’ and this is the maxim            The draft policy is out for review and         items such as throw-away cups and use
that drives Christchurch Hospital’s Waste         consultation but until it is put in place, Elaine   both sides of a piece of paper for example.
Minimisation and Recycling Officer, Elaine        is working hard at educating people about           It’s about getting into good habits not just to
Williams.                                         waste minimisation and recycling. ‘There            save money at the hospital but, in the long
      ‘It’s been a hard slog because for ages     are now 34 areas in Christchurch Hospital           run, to save our environment. It is estimated
there has been this ‘out of sight, out of mind’   that are practising waste minimisation and          that if you can get about 80% of the staff in
mentality when it comes to waste,’ says                                                               your area interested and following recycling
Elaine. ‘Christchurch Hospital produces over                                                          and waste minimisation practice, the rest
541 tonnes of general rubbish a year and,                                                             will soon follow.’
because it’s a health institution, we’ll never                                                              While it may be some months still
be able to achieve zero waste but we could                                                            before the Waste Management policy is put
reduce it substantially just by being more                                                            in place, the Hospital has already changed
mindful of what we throw away.’                                                                       the way it deals with medical and infectious
Elaine says there are certain things the                                                              waste that was previously incinerated. ‘The
hospitals are required to do in terms of the                                                          restrictions stemming from Environment
New Zealand Standard for health care waste.                                                           Canterbury’s Clean Air Plan meant the
‘Up to now there has been no system in place                                                          inevitable closure of Christchurch’s
and nothing that tracks waste volumes, for                                                            incineration plant,’ says Elaine. ‘This was
instance. There are certain things we should                                                          scheduled for the end of the year but
be doing to comply with the standards and                                                             has been brought forward following a
we are starting to put these in place now.’       Elaine Williams, Waste Management Officer for       change in contractor. The bulk of medical/
      First up has been the drafting of a         Christchurch Hospital, checks out the bins that     infectious waste is now autoclaved and
waste management policy that reflects the         are encouraging staff to recycle.                   buried at landfill.’
Standard. ‘We are going to introduce a                                                                      While it’s never easy to break the
smarter system so that we can track the           recycling. Each area has a representative           habits of a lifetime, Elaine says people are
waste and know how well we are doing or           that I liaise with and rely on and they pass        becoming more aware of the need to make
if there are areas we could be working on.        on data and information to staff in their area.     a conscious effort to cut down on waste
The aim is to reduce the waste stream at the      The main thing I would like people to know          and ‘every little bit helps’.
higher end of the dollar scale by moving to a     is that recycling is not the answer. Reducing

Quality Awards 2004
This year, 22 entries have been received for
                                                  On Track for the Big Move
the Canterbury District Health Board Quality
& Innovation Awards – 18 from the Hospital
                                                  Fiona Ensor, integration and relocation facilitator part of the team at
& Specialist Services division and four           Site Redevelopment looking after the move of Christchurch Women’s
from community & contracted providers.            Hospital to the Christchurch Hospital site, has given us an update on
The projects are currently being assessed         how the move is progressing.
and it is expected this will be completed
by about 24 August. The tentative date                 Fiona says that the team’s primary             being delivered on a daily basis for
for the announcement of the awards is             focus continues to be the move of the               installation.
30 August, but staff will be advised of the       Theatre Service Unit with significant items              The Information Services Group have
confirmed date as soon as possible. The           of new equipment now being installed for a          started their massive task of ensuring
assessors include: Rose Laloli, Quality &         23rd August occupation.                             that all the existing and new computer
Risk Manager Richmond Fellowship; Dr                   Planning structures and meetings               technology will be tried and tested prior to
Graham McGeoch, GP Barrington Medical             focusing on the timing and organisation of          the final move.
Centre; Garth Bateup, GM Ashburton &              the big move of CWH have commenced                       A sample operating theatre on the Day
Community Health Services; Paul Numan,            and will continue to be expanded until the          Surgery floor has been completed ahead
Business Assurance & Consultancy                  move next March.                                    of the overall schedule and will be viewed
Manager Canterbury District Health                     The Bye Bye committee’s plans are              by clinicians and staff members from
Board; Katherine Denton, Operations               well under way with plenty of preparations          Christchurch Hospital and Christchurch
Manager Canterbury Health Laboratories;           in place to acknowledge the end of an era           Women’s Hospital this Wednesday.
Dr Mark Jeffrey, Oncologist Christchurch          and celebrate the start of a new beginning               Hawkins, the main building contractor,
Hospital; Chris Goodyer, PACS Manager             for Women’s Healthcare in Christchurch.             continue their push on the construction
Christchurch Hospital; Lynley Coburn              This includes an exhibition of baby Layettes        front and are working on their programme
Quality/Audit Co-ordinator Mental health          from 1905 and a formal opening of the new           to completion.
Services; Sue Hayward, Director of Nursing        facilities.                                              It certainly sounds like the planning
Christchurch Hospital; Dr Geoff Shaw, ICU              Andrew Little, the Procurement                 is going well – congratulations to all staff
Specialist Christchurch Hospital and Hector       Co-ordinator, is now in delivery mode with          involved.
Matthews, Exec Director Maori, Canterbury         items of furniture, fittings and equipment
District Health Board.

Mental Health and Addiction Strategy Released
Last month the Board signed off                    Health District Advisory Group (MHDAG),           ·   a greater role and more responsibility for
on the mental health and addiction                 wider health/other agency sector                      community and primary care services
strategy – Future Directions for Mental            consultation and presentation to a forum of
                                                                                        Megan says this is a fundamental change
Health and Addiction Services. The                 Canterbury District Health Board Board sub-
                                                                                        and requires increasing the capacity
Future Directions document provides                committees.                          and capability of services and service
the framework for continuing the                        The vision of the mental health strategy
                                                                                        reconfiguration within current resources.
work already started in Canterbury,                for the Canterbury District Health Board is to:
                                                                                        Actions to deliver an improved System
that brings consumer services to the               ‘Improve the health and wellbeing of people
                                                                                        of Care require acceptance by the
consumer predominantly at the place                experiencing mental illness and alcohol and
                                                                                        community, consumers and families of
of their choice. Early intervention,               other drug problems’                 a new way of working. They will take a
rehabilitation in the community and                     Megan Gibbs, Planning Analyst, says
                                                                                        number of years to action and embed.

consumer centred care planning                     the big shift in thinking is the move from
                                                                                            ‘A programme that is established
are reflected in the principles for                patients being looked after in the tertiary and
                                                                                        and fits with the mental health strategy is

implementation of the strategy.                    secondary sector to improving the mental
                                                                                        Access Canterbury – where primary care
The plan ties in with current work   Improve the health and wellbeing of people experiencing and the provider arm look to
being undertaken by the:                mental illness and alcohol and other drug problems          establish projects that enhance
· Ministry of Health (‘Bringing it                                                                  integration. The projects within
    all together, The 2nd National           health System of Care with consumers                   Access Canterbury – Discharge
    Mental Health Plan for more and better   and families. This means a commitment      Planning, Shared Care and GP Liaison
    services’) updating the 1994 Mental      to collaboration by and between the        – improve collaboration between services,’
    Health Strategy                          organisations involved in planning,        says Megan.
· Mental Health Commission (Review of        funding, providing services and supporting     A working group has been
    the Blueprint), and                      consumers/tangata whaiora and their        established with the goal to start detailed
· South Island Regional Mental Health        families/whanau in their recovery.         implementation planning of the strategy
    Network (Regional Mental Health Plan)    Specifically, the strategy supports:       and it is expected that this will extend over
The strategy is the culmination of work      · community based care backed up by        several years. The strategy can be viewed
from groups across the whole mental              specialist services.                   on the Canterbury District Health Board
health sector and has involved extensive     · realigning secondary services to be      website
consultation via the Canterbury Mental                specialist and regional, and

                         Workforce Profile                                                           NZASID Conference
The Canterbury District Health Board has           of a staff member is up to 8.09 years.            in Christchurch
just completed its third report of work-                ‘It’s important data to have because         The New Zealand Association for the Study
force data since its formation in January          future planning will be done around this. For     of Intellectual Disability will hold its annual
2001. The results give a demographic               instance, if we have an ageing workforce do       meeting and conference in Christchurch on
snapshot of the organisation at 31 March           we need to work harder to attract younger         30 September and 1 October this year.
this year.                                         staff, do we need to adapt current work           Registrations and abstracts are now being
     According to Organisational                   practices to suit an older workforce and, if      invited. The theme for the conference
Development and Training Manager, Sue              there is a shortage in any particular area,
                                                                                                     is ‘Journeys’ and key speakers include
Chapman, the data has been collected from          what will the impact be?’
                                                                                                     Professors Glynis Murphy and Robert
the Canterbury District Health Board payroll       Other key findings include:
                                                                                                     Davis. Professor Glynis Murphy is a
system and includes all staff employed             · 71 % (70% FTE) of employees are
directly by the Board but not including               working within the clinical category
                                                                                                     chartered clinical and forensic psychologist
subsidiaries, NGOs or other health providers.         with the nursing workforce being 39%           who is currently Professor of Clinical
     Sue says the workforce was analysed              of the total.                                  Psychology of Learning Disability at the
according to the demographic characteristics       · All workforces except RMO show an               Institute for Health Research in Lancaster
of headcount and Full Time Equivalents (FTE),         average age of between 42 and 47 years.        UK. Also speaking will be Associate
status, tenure, gender, age and ethnicity. ‘The    · There has been a marginal increase in           Professor Robert Davis, who comes from
results give us a better understanding of our         average age to 43.                             Australia. His research interests span
workforce, as well as the opportunity to trend     · There has been an average tenure                medical aspects of developmental disability,
selected aspects over time.’                          increase of 2.38 years to 9.32 in Nursing.     medical education, self-injurious behaviour
     The Canterbury District Health Board          · The ratio of female to male employees           and multi-disciplinary care. He lectures at
employs 8194 staff, the equivalent of                 is maintained at 80% to 20% with nursing       Monash University and the University of
5680.15 FTE’s and, interestingly, it’s the first      have the highest proportion of female to       Melbourne. Stephanie Roberts and David
time since the Workforce Profile has been             males at 91.9%. SMOs have the highest          Corner are two other keynote speakers at
collated that there are a marginally higher           proportion of males at 77.4%                   the conference.
numbers of permanent part-time positions           · 3% of the workforce identifies their                 Areas of focus for the conference will
than full-time positions.                             ethnicity as Maori, which is up from 2%
                                                                                                     be: quality of life, health, sexual offending,
     ‘While this data gives valuable                  in 2003. However, only 66% of staff
                                                                                                     self-advocacy issues, research and
information we need to go further and                 declared their ethnicity.
                                                                                                     professional practice.
explore reasons for these changes and
                                                   The full results of the report are available on        For further information contact
trends,’ she says.
                                                   the HR intranet.                                  Catherine Pawlowski on (03) 365-3211 or
     The data shows that the average tenure

 Updating the Radiology Department’s Information System
 The Radiology Department, spread between Christchurch, Burwood                                      have to deal with the new system. This
 and Christchurch Women’s Hospitals, is looking forward to a                                         group set policies and then debated the
 more streamlined and efficient service following an upgrade of its                                  applications of them. We also turned one
                                                                                                     of our clinical conference rooms into a
 information system (COMRAD).                                                                        dedicated training room and, aside from
      ‘We were facing several problems,’           COMRAD system, upgrading to version               developing a ‘train the trainer’ approach,
says PACS Manager, Chris Goodyer, ‘not             II. ‘However, COMRAD II is actually a             we encouraged staff to practise on
least of which was that support for the old        completely new system. It’s cost us about         the new system. Basically we did our
COMRAD version that we were using was              $100,000 to do the upgrade but we’ve              homework to make sure that we could
becoming increasingly difficult.’                  saved hundreds of thousands more by               tailor the system to meet our needs and
      While the existing system managed            staying with the same supplier. Apart from        then lay the groundwork so that everything
appointments and waiting lists, recorded           the conversion costs, we only had to              fell into place as easily as possible.’
visits, captured information                                                                                           Chris also pays credit to
for diagnostic reporting and                                                                                       all those in the department,
recorded the accounting and                                                                                        plus the PACS application
statistics adequately, the                                                                                         specialists, for their hard work.
addition of the PACS digital                                                                                       ‘Right from the start there was
imaging system stretched it to                                                                                     a willingness to get stuck in
its limit.                                                                                                         to help. This culminated in
      ‘Basically,’ says Chris,                                                                                     the days prior to and over the
‘it was old technology that                                                                                        changeover weekend, when
couldn’t match the increased                                                                                       many extra hours were worked
workload, nor deal adequately                                                                                      to ensure all necessary tasks
with changes to departmental                                                                                       were completed.’
procedures brought about by                                                                                            While there have been some
going “filmless”. It also couldn’t                                                                                 teething problems with the
interface easily with the Patient                                                                                  new application, Chris says
Management System, which it                                                                                        that, overall, the 150 staff in the
really needs to do.’                                                                                               Department are happy with the
      The Department began                                                                                         new system. ‘The system no
work on upgrading the system                                                                                       longer hangs up and causes
in January and seconded radiographer               replace some hardware and install                 the huge frustrations that were happening.’
Rebecca White to manage the transition.            new servers.’                                           While the system won’t reduce waiting
‘Rebecca was amazing. She had to learn                 The transition has gone smoothly              lists, Chris is confident the biggest bonus
the new system and then train the staff. It        because of the intense planning the               will be the reduction in stress levels. ‘The
was a huge job that included re-mapping            department did. ‘We had a Radiology               system is more reliable and will eventually
data, testing the new system, training and         Department focus group that met every             contribute to greater efficiency in reporting
documenting new procedures.’                       week and included representatives from            of studies.’
      The Department stayed with the               each area of the Department that would

LSI Scoping Project                                detailed information than was gathered            out of the review to date. The review team
Two weeks ago, the GM Organisational               in the initial two-week exercise. LSI will        is due to report back to the Canterbury
Development & Support, Murray Dickson,             present their findings to Canterbury District     District Health Board in 2 – 3 weeks time.
announced a scoping project to look at             Health Board management at the end of
the maintenance teams on all Canterbury            the exercise at which time a decision will        Proposal for Change
District Health Board sites and the                be made whether to proceed with a formal          The GM Hospital & Specialist Services,
technical services technicians (excluding          proposal for change.                              Jock Muir, reports that the submissions
sterile services) based at Christchurch                                                              received have now been independently
Hospital. The exercise will involve the            ED Review                                         collated and will be discussed by the
affected staff and will look at areas where        A workshop with key stakeholders was              Executive Management Team and
potential efficiencies can be gained. The          held in mid-July to look at consistent            the Clinical Board. A decision will be
purpose of the study is to capture more            themes and opportunities that have come           announced later in August.

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