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									                   RFP 2008-02 Website Overview
                     Welcome to RFP 2008-02 HOME PAGE

The RFP 2008-02 HOME PAGE is divided into the following three sections:

   1. § Website Overview, RFP 2008-02 (Sections 1-6), & Evaluation Criteria contains
      the following:
      o The Website Overview is a document to assist in the navigation of the RFP
          2008-02 HOME PAGE.
      o The core RFP 2008-02 document has two links: The [PDF] link is to the PDF
          version of the document and the [Word] link is to the MS-Word version of the
          document. The Word version is set to print in duplex (front and back). Note:
          If you are not set up for duplex printing, the page numbers will alternate
          printing in the right and left corners of the page.
      o The core RFP document contains placeholder pages that are aligned with the
          Section 7 Appendices. Each placeholder page has the Appendix title so the
          respective Appendix can be printed and added if the Offeror desires a paper
          copy of the entire RFP document.
      o Proposal Evaluation Criteria are included for each of the contracts: Fiscal
          Agent Services (FAS), Provider Enrollment Services (PES), and Drug Rebate
          Services (DRS).

   2. § Appendices & Exhibits (Section 7) contains the Appendices and Exhibits of the
      RFP document.
      o Appendices A–D are to be used by all Offerors, regardless of the contract(s)
          for which the Offeror is submitting a proposal(s).
      o The remaining Appendices are modular to enable Offerors to access them by
        each contract respectively: Appendix E: Fiscal Agent Services, Appendix F:
        Provider Enrollment Services, and Appendix G: Drug Rebate Services.
        Offerors submitting proposals on only one contract do not need to be
        concerned with the other two Appendices.
      o Each Appendix includes all the documents for that Appendix in a PDF.
      o Some documents are also provided in a Word version to assist Offerors in
        submitting a “Modifiable Document” as part of their proposals.
      o Section 7 also contains an Exhibit that is part of each of the Standard
        Agreements: E.V FAS Standard Agreement, F.IV PES Standard Agreement,
        and G.IV DRS Standard Agreement. The Standard Agreements reference
        Exhibit A: Final Cost Schedules. Exhibit A will be created at the time of final
        contract negotiations and therefore is not listed in the Exhibit section. Only
        Exhibit B: Certification Regarding Lobbying is listed. The RFP 2008-02 Word
        document can be used for copying the Final Cost Schedules (Cost Proposal
        sections) and Appendix A.I: Small Business Subcontracting Plan template.

   3. § RFP 2008-02 Reference Library contains a link to all reference materials for
      each respective contract. The reference materials are different for each contract
      and may or may not contain the following information: Systems Documentation,
      EDI Documentation, Operations Documentation, and Security Documentation.

      Note: Unless otherwise indicated, documents are in PDF files.

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