How to Write a Survey or Questionnaire

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					  How to Write a Survey or Questionnaire

1. Decide what information you want to gather from
   the survey.

2. Keep the survey as short as possible, asking only
   those questions that will provide the information you

3. Use a casual, conversational style, making the
   questions easy for almost anyone to understand.

4. Structure the survey so that the questions follow a
   logical order and evolve from general to specific.

5. Use multiple-choice questions whenever possible.
   This helps the respondent to better understand the
   purpose of your question and will reduce the time it
   takes to complete the questionnaire.

6. Avoid leading questions that might generate false
   positive responses. For example, the question
   "How great was the service provided by our
   excellent waiters?" should be "How was the service
   provided by our waiters?"

7. Use the same rating scale throughout your survey
   for questions requiring the respondent to rate items.
   For example, if the scale is from 1 to 5, with 5 being
   the most positive, keep that same scale for all of
   the questions requiring a rating.

8. Test the survey on 15 to 25 people.
Checksheet for _________________________________ (to be
submitted with final)

Your Survey Project

Goal: To utilize the genre of a survey, gather information, develop
statistics and analysis the relevancy of the information.(TEKS: 8.13,

Think about an issue you feel strong about or something you want to
know about your peers. Follow the guidelines given in class to
construct the survey. It can be between 2 and 6 questions. (GET
APPROVAL) due _______________

After writing the rough draft, write or type a final draft and have it
reproduced OR use the same sheet for all surveyed persons and tally
marks. (Hang onto all papers as you will submit them later) due

Give the survey at Dessau. Due_______________________

Gather your data. Convert numbers into percentages.

Write up an analysis of your results in rough draft form. It should
include: Summary of the results statistically, analysis of the results –
why you think groups answered the way they did, and what you
think this results mean for the future, the school etc. – make a
due _____________________

Have a peer edit your rough draft carefully. Rewrite the analysis
neatly or type it.

Submit in a folder which includes: rough draft of survey, surveys
given, tally sheet, math scratch paper, rough draft of analysis, final
draft of analysis. Be sure to put your name, period and title of
survey on each page. Due __________________
Suggestions for Survey topics:

Safety at school
Purpose of grades
Favorite music, clothing brand, etc.
Home discipline
School uniforms
Jobs of the future
War in Iraq
Are Sports players paid too much?
Should kids who commit adult crimes go to adult prison?