How to Write Effective Use Cases The Key to Finding the Right Requirements Duration One of the hardest things to do when creating sophisticated

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					    How to Write Effective Use Cases:
The Key to Finding the Right Requirements
     Duration                  One of the hardest things to do when creating sophisticated
                               software systems is to build the right thing. Too often requirements
     2 days
                               are gathered and systems are developed only to find that there is
                               a poor fit between what the users actually need to do.

     Instructor                Use Cases are a proven method to effectively describe the
                               functional behavior of a software system. The Use Case
     Geoff Hewson
                               method builds a shared vision of the real problem at hand by
                               aligning the system requirements with the goals the system
                               needs to achieve.
     Class Limit
                               How to Write Effective Use Cases: The Key to Finding The
     20 students               Right Requirements is a high energy, intensely hands-on
                               course which introduces both the theory and practice of using
                               Use Cases to define the functional requirements for software
     Prerequisite              systems. Throughout this two-day course, participants will work
                               together to identify, model, and document the Use Cases for a
     None                      fun and entertaining example system, learning all the skills
                               required for constructing highly effective Use Case Models and
                               Learning areas include:
     Please contact SPC        • An introduction to Use Cases: More than stick men and ovals
     for pricing (contact      • An iterative method for exploring, identifying, and specifying
     information on page 2)
                                 Use Cases
     Public Training           • How to write detailed Use Case descriptions
     $1,095 (2 days)           • How to determine the right level of Use Case detail
     *Discount available for
                               • Guidelines for structuring the Use Case Model
     early registration
                               • Tips for improving Use Case quality: Common pitfalls to avoid
                               • How Use Cases fit into the broader requirements picture

     Materials Provided
                               Participants will complete the seminar more confident in their
     • Student manual          ability to work with Use Cases to get the requirements right. You’ll
       containing the          be more efficient in your work and be able to effectively describe
       course slides           what customers and users really want. Your deliverables will be
     • Student handouts        easy to read and easy to manage so engineers, quality assurance
       with class exercises    professionals, and others stakeholders can create and manage
                               the solutions you’ve specified.

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  Getting Use Cases Right: Your Key to Finding the Right Requirements
  Instructor                                                 Outline
                                                             Introducing Use Cases
  Dr. Geoff Hewson is an industry-recognized                 • Origins of the Use Case Approach
  recognized expert and SPC's principal consultant on        • What Are Use Cases?
  Use Cases and Use Case modeling. He regularly              • The Parts of a Use Case
  directs SPC's consulting projects for organizations        • UML and the Use Case Model
  worldwide to optimize development practices.               • The Surface and Dive Approach

  Geoff has been working with Use Cases and other            Scoping the System - High Level Use Cases
  scenario-based methods for defining software               • Describing the Actors and their Goals
  requirements since 1995. In this time he has made          • Finding the Use Cases
  significant contributions to several development           • Writing Use Case Briefs
  methodologies that are driven by Use Cases and             Adding details – Main Success Scenarios
  Scenarios, including the Rational Unified Process and      • Common Use Case templates
  the Microsoft Solutions Framework.                         • Pre- and Post-conditions
                                                             • Use Cases Structured with Goals
  Geoff is the co-author of this course, and is a frequent   • Writing Use Case Headers and Main
  speaker at industry conferences such as the Better           Success Scenarios
  Software conference, Project World / Business              • Guidelines for writing Use Case
  Analyst World, and the Pacific Northwest Software            transactions.
  Quality Conference.                                        • Iteratively Refine Project Scope

  Intended Audience                                          More details - Alternative Courses and
  This course is ideally suited to software                  • Finding the Extensions
  professionals involved in the development of               • Recognizing an Alternative Course
  software and user requirements, such as software           • Recognizing a Failure
  analysts, software developers, programmers,                • Documenting Use Case extensions
  system architects, software testers and software
  development     managers.     Software    project          Structuring the Use Case Model
                                                             • When to structure the Use Case Model
  managers, team leaders and business analysts will
                                                             • Structuring with <<includes>>
  also benefit.
                                                             • Structuring with <<extends>>
                                                             • Documenting sub-use cases
                                                             • Guidelines for using Includes & Extends
    For more information on this or other                    Improving Use Case quality
    SPC Springboard courses, please visit                    • Running Use Case elicitation workshops or e-mail SPC at                  • Guidelines to write high quality Use Cases                                              • Validating the Use Cases
                                                             • Writing Scenarios from Use Cases
    Software Productivity Center Inc.                        • Use Case Review Guidelines
    Suite 460 - 1122 Mainland Street                         • Scenarios and Test Plans
    Vancouver, BC V6B 5L1
                                                             Beyond the Use Cases
    Vancouver:                         Toll Free:            • Use Cases and Non-functional
    604.662.8181                 1.877.548.1948                Requirements
                                                                 o Business Rules
                                                                 o Data Formats (Dictionary)
    Fax:                                                         o External Interfaces
    604.689.0141                                                 o Quality Attributes
                                                                 o Glossary
                                                             • Incorporating Use Cases in
                                                               requirements documentation

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