How to Work an ADVOCARE Booth - DOC by cld20872


									                             How to Work an ADVOCARE Booth

Set-Up / Display
       Have an Advocare banner
       Display 2 “Energy Packs”: Canister Spark, Box Spark, Bottle ThermoPlus
       Have 12oz water bottles and open boxes of Spark for sampling
       Have on hand: Impact Magazine

       Stand in front of the booth/table, not behind it (notice the vendors who sit don’t own the business)
       Manage your demeanor; be the same positive, encouraging, energetic person the whole time, people
        are watching you
       A smile brings someone into your warm market
       As lots of questions: “Have you heard of Advocare?” “Do you drink soda or coffee?”
       Spark people on the spot, don’t send people off with Spark. Sparking them on the spot allows you to
        engage conversation – while they’re drinking Spark is your chance to go for the business

Connect and Capture
       Give them Spark on the spot “in exchange for a minute of their time to complete our survey”
       As they fill out the survey, their answers should engage you into deeper conversation
       As they complete their survey, the bottom question offers them $15 of products if they are willing to
        take a deeper look at Advocare and schedule a follow time with you – DO NOT WAIVER. If they do
        not commit to a follow up time and to go through the “Discover Advocare” steps, then cut it off, they
        got a Spark out of the deal for their survey time and you have their info if you chose to follow up
       If they agree to go through the “Discover Advocare” document and steps, briefly walk them through
        what each of the steps entails, and give a brief description of the products in their bag
       Their “bag” should include something like this: Impact, DVD, (1 of each of the following products)
        Spark, Rehydrate, Meal Replacement Shake, Muscle Fuel, Arginine Extreme, Slam
       Schedule follow up as close to the event as possible – within 24-48 hours if possible
       Re-affirm that “the only thing we expect in exchange for the $15 in free products is that you complete
        your 5 steps to learn more about who we are and what we do, and that you honor our scheduled time
        for us to get your feedback, good or bad.”

       The fortune is in the follow-up; follow up at the time you scheduled with your prospect
       Positive feedback should lead to a face-to-face meeting or 3 way phone call with your upline
       Start people ideally with the business. If they don’t see it yet, start them with products

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