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									                                  Landlord's Self-Help Centre
                                     Volunteer Application

Name (please print) _____________________________________________________________________

Address     Street ________________________________________________           Apt. ______________

            City ____________________________      Prov. ________________ Postal Code _________

Telephone   Home ______________________ Business _____________________________________

            Cell    ______________________ E-mail _____________________________________

What is your preferred method of communication?          email        phone         fax

   Why volunteer? What are your reasons for volunteering at Landlord's Self-Help Centre?
       interest in the business of renting              to gain volunteer experience
       to utilize my spare time                         ESL - English Second Language
       to develop career skills/experience              Other: ________________________

   Do you have any special skills? What can you bring to Landlord's Self-Help Centre?

       None, but willing to help                        Landlord/Tenant
       Information Technology                           Financial Management
       Lawyer/Legal Skills                              Human Resource
       Other: ___________________________________________________________

   Volunteer Opportunities
       Serve on a Committee                             Literary Contributions
       Technical Skills/Support                         Speakers Bureau
       Graphic Design                                   General Assistance

   Have you volunteered here in the past?              Yes       No

      Please complete this form and return it by fax to 416 504-1932

               425 Adelaide Street West - 4th Floor   Toronto, Ontario       M5V 3C1
                         Phone: 416 504-5190        Fax: 416 504-1932

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