How to do Upgrade Firmware

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                          How to do Upgrade Firmware

                          Firmware; Often-used micro program or instruction set stored in ROM (read-only memory). Usually refers to
                          the ROM-based software that controls a unit. Firmware is found in all computer based products.

                          This document describes how to perform firmware upgrades on the VikinX Sublime and Modular prod-
                          ucts using the System Configurator.

                          Also VikinX Compact routers and panels are firmware upgradeable, but this is by physically changing the
                          firmware chipset. These procedures are not covered in this document.

                          Modular System Controllers, Control Panels and Sublime Routers and Panels can all be upgraded using
                          the System Configurator. Firmware upgrade for Sublime is currently only available over RS-232 on serial
                          port, while the Modular System Controllers and Control Panels can be upgraded over Ethernet.

                          The System Configurator ships with the latest firmware for all devices at the time of release, and is in-
                          cluded in the CD following your VikinX product.
                          The firmware files can be found in the System Configurator installation directory under “Conf\Firm-
                          ware”. The default location of the installation directory is “C:\Program Files\Network Electronics ASA\
                          System Configurator”.

                          If you cannot locate these files, please go to the Network Electronics web site to download the latest
                          firmware (

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                          VixinX Modular

                          Included in all Modular router systems are the System Controller SYSCON or ETHCON. These in addition
                          to the Control Panels are upgradeable over Ethernet and only require a connection to your local area
                          network (LAN).

                          Additionally, the Control Panels also need to be set up to communicate with at least one System
                          Controller in order to be upgraded. During the upgrade process the firmware file is uploaded to the
                          controller(s). As soon as the file has been successfully uploaded, the Control Panel retrieves it from the
                          System Controller(s). Thus, both the Control Panel and the controller(s) must be online while upgrading
                          a Control Panel’s firmware.

                          Open the firmware upgrade dialog by right-clicking the device to upgrade in the project explorer in the
                          System Configurator (Figure  and Figure 2).

                          Figure 1. Firmware upgrade for a Modular System Controller

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                          Figure 2. Firmware upgrade for a Modular Control Panel

                          Selecting “Firmware upgrade” in the popup menu that appears (Figure  and Figure 2) will open
                          the firmware upgrade dialog.

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                          A firmware upgrade for Sublime is currently only available over RS-232 on serial port. The Sublime
                          unit to upgrade must be connected directly to the PC with a standard RS-232 cable but is not
                          required to be connected to your local area network (LAN) during the upgrade process.

                          In order to open the firmware upgrade dialog, you first need to open the “Sublime IP Settings”
                          dialog. This is done by double-clicking the grey row labeled “Sublime” in the project explorer (Fig-
                          ure 3) or by selecting “IP settings->Sublime” from the System

                                                                  Figure 3. Sublime IP Settings

                          Open the firmware upgrade dialog by clicking the “Functions” button in the lower left corner of
                          the “Sublime IP Settings” dialog (Figure ).

                                                                             Figure 4. Firmware upgrade for Sublime

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                          Selecting “Upgrade firmware on serial port” in the popup menu that appears (Figure ) will open
                          the firmware upgrade dialog.

                          The firmware upgrade dialog, VikinX Modular and Sublime
                          The firmware upgrade dialog will display some vital information about the specific device (System
                          Controller or Control Panel) whose firmware you are about to upgrade (this does not apply to
                          Sublime). This information is displayed within the group box labeled “. Verify Device Informa-
                          tion” in the firmware upgrade dialog (Figure ). Make sure you have selected the correct device
                          before proceeding.

                                                                                                Figure 5. Firmware upgrade for a
                                                                                                system controller

                          The group box labeled “2. Select Firmware File” displays information about the currently selected
                          firmware file to be applied to the device. Make sure that the information is correct before proceed-
                          ing. If no information is displayed or the information is wrong, select a new firmware file from your
                          computer’s hard drive by clicking “Select File” as shown in Figure 6.

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                          Figure 6. Selecting a new firmware file for Sublime

                          After having selected a firmware file, make sure that the file information is correct before proceed-
                          ing. Then click “Upgrade” to start upgrading the firmware of the chosen device. The progress bar
                          will start moving to indicate that the process of upgrading is running (Figure 7).

                          Take caution not to turn off the power on the device or computer while up-
                          grading as this may cause serious damage to the device!

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                                                                                              Figure 7. Upgrading the firmware on a

                          The dialog will indicate when the upgrade process has terminated and whether it was successful or
                          not. After a successful upgrade, system controllers and control panels must be rebooted in order
                          for the upgrade to be applied. Click “Reboot” to reboot the selected device. This does not apply to
                          Sublime which require a power down (disconnecting/reconnecting the mains cable).

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