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					“30 Overlooked Secrets Of Meeting Women Online”
How To Instantly TRIPLE The Amount of Messages You Receive Online…So You’ll Finally Be Able To Meet And Date All The Interesting, Beautiful And Intelligent Women You’ve Always Wanted To Get To Know..From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

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The Secret Power Of The Subject Of Your Message…
Most women receive DOZENS of messages a day…very attractive ones even a HUNDRED or more messages PER DAY in their profile inbox. If you would know ANY woman with a profile and asked her about her inbox, you would already know what 99% of those enormous amounts of messages are all about: things like the shallow “you’re hot,” the needy “you’re add me on” or the overly nice one “I don’t know if you think I’m your type, but I would like to do blabla for you or take you to blabla.” What do you see first, BEFORE you open up a new message? Think about it. Don’t worry, I’ll wait… It’s the SUBJECT of the message! Here’s the story: in marketing, they’ve done hours and hours of research on the effect of the headline of an advertisement versus the effect of the advertisement content…and what do you think was the result? Compelling headline, so subjects, INCREASED response with 10 to 20%. Guess what subjects can do for YOU then? If you know how to “sell” yourself and make up a compelling one, you can ALSO increase the response to your “ads”…your messages. The question then, off course, becomes…but how DO you make such a compelling subject?

“Sucker” Subjects…Those That Will Definitely NOT Help You Achieve Success Online
Next to the content of 99% of the messages being almost EXACTLY the same…guess what happens with the subjects of those messages? One of three very “unique” ones is used: no subject (never took the time), the greetings subject (hi, hello, hi there, etc.) and the cheezy subject. What’s a cheezy subject? A shallow compliment based on her looks (you’re beautiful), a joke (see below), an overly used quote from a movie or song (“I’ll be back” or whatever) and pick up lines (heaven must be missing an angel and so on). Here are some examples I took off a random female profile… - Subject: you are the perfect example of beauty - Subject: hello isabella - Subject: hi - Subject: HI HOW ARE YOU - Subject: 3 ducks walked into a bar… - Subject: Shame on you…(Your a theif.. you stole some stars from the night and made them your eyes)
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And blablabla…THAT is what a woman will literally think. Just imagine receiving 50 messages per day with 20 times being hello, 20 having no subject and 10 being cheezy…every day, 365 days a year. How long would it take for you to NOT open the messages with those subjects anymore? My guess: you would stop within the first week = around 140 times hello, 140 times no subject and 70 times cheezy! Here’s a hidden gem for you: actually TRY it…by searching on Google for photos of some random, cute woman and setting up a fake female profile with those photos on any given social networking site such as Facebook, MySpace, whatever. Take a look at her inbox once a week and read the first 20 messages (and their subjects) everytime you do…and you’ll KNOW what should be the difference between your crappy competition and YOU by knowing what doesn’t work. To know, is to slaughter the competition. Lesson #1: Don’t do no subject, a simple greeting or a cheezy subject You’ll get SKIPPED when she’s going through her inbox, it’s a sign of you NOT reading her profile and if you’re cheezy by being interested in her looks only and not who she is…you will turn her off BIG TIME. Lesson #2: The “Language Barrier” You may think you’ll get her attention by turning on your Caps Lock and WRITING EVERYTHING IN BIG LETTERS, but to her? She’ll think: you’re needy for a conversation with a woman, that you’re an attention whore AND she’ll be annoyed because she has to read entire subjects or messages that use Caps Lock. It get’s worse…you may think talking slang like 2night, l8, well hello thur, how r u and so on are cool…but the only women you’ll attract with those are women with dyslexia or women who think they need to be “ghetto” to earn a living or live their lives. Next to this, Women who aren’t hip to the whole Instant Messenger hype where late becomes l8 and today becomes 2day, and there are lots of attractive ones in this category, will have a hard time reading your stuff. Whatever’s the case, you’re narrowing down the odds of attracting a cute little lady IMMENSELY…as it has been proven that spelling mistakes guys make annoy women. Why? “If he can’t even spell right, and that during the first time he’s trying to contact me…WHAT ELSE will he do wrong or go wrong with him, my god…” need I say more? That isn’t something you want them to think. So check spelling, make sure the caps lock is off and one more thing: punctuation like three times the ? or ! will make you come across like you’re getting overly excited OR are needy for attention in much the same way the Caps Lock it…
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Clues For Doing The Right Thing
So we now know women get annoyed by subjects that aren’t about them, subjects that are either predictable, lame, cheezy or boring, messages with no subject AT ALL, misspelled words and so forth…and since we now know the BAD, we can go the opposite way and do GOOD for ourselves. What women want in a subject (and in messages too by the way) is… - It has to be about THEM and not a shallow, cheezy or needy thing you can send to ANY woman you see on the Web - It has to get their ATTENTION…and stand out from the hundreds of hello’s, no subjects etc. There are some difficulties unique to writing subjects that we have to pay attention to while doing this though: subjects are always WAY shorter then messages, which means we need to give every word we use as much meaning as possible to be able to get her attention. And what’s a better way to get her attention then playfully TEASING her about who she is? This does both things at once for you AND it can be done in just a few words…resulting in just the unique subject you need for your message to stand out…which makes her OPEN IT.

Using Her Own Life “Against Her”
I’ve already explained all the key features of sexual communication that will make her feel attracted to you, with one of them…the most FUN one…being to tease them. And here’s how: look at her profile and look for the first hobby, passion, addiction, like or interest you can find or respond to…foods, sports, her idols, movies, TV shows, nothing’s safe. EVERYONE has things they love to do, see, hear, etc. but NO ONE wants to overdo it…since ADDICTIONS are mostly perceived to be a bad thing by society. Guess what you’re going to accuse them of? There’s her inbox with everybody saying hi, something cheesy, nothing at all in their subject…and there’s this stranger who’s playfully accusing her of being an addict of one of the things she loves to do most: “I can’t believe he’s saying that!” “Oh no he didn’t”, “How DARE he!” en “Just who in the hell does he think he is?” are the most common reactions to it…and they all make her open your message to find out just who in the hell dares to say that…and you’re IN! Here are some examples to show you what I mean… - She loves horses > SUBJECT: Heyyy…horse junkie - Her favorite food is pasta > SUBJECT: Heyyy…Italy freak - She just loves to play soccer > SUBJECT: Hi there…soccer mom - Her all-time favorite movie is Scarface ? SUBJECT: Hello…Montana maniac
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She’ll instantly know what you’re talking about and as you can see…all it takes is 3 to 4 words. First you greet, then you mention her hobby or interest and then you give it the “addiction level status” using words such as: junkie, addict, freak, maniac, groupie, etc. and let her know it’s in the spirit of playfulness. The latter is done using the power of the emoticon…the :P. What does it stand for? Just type it in on MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger, look for it in your Hotmail emoticon options and you’ll see a face sticking his tongue out…there you go: a playful face. Be sure to be specific: everybody goes to clubs sometimes, everybody drinks sometimes, we all have ourselves a snack…so see if you can answer the question WHICH. Which club? Which drink? Which snack, or which fast food chain? You get the idea…so be creative with it and have fun!

But…What Do You Do If Her Profile Doesn’t Include Hobbies & Interests?
Hey, it happens. Some women just made themselves a profile and didn’t got around to the interests and hobbies yet…some are just simply too lazy (or secretive) to fill them in, but you still want to send them a message with a compelling subject, right? There are ways of avoiding this “obstacle” though…and here are some things you should pay attention to when you happen to stumble across such a lazy or new chick: - Where is she from (internationally speaking)? If she’s originally from another country, you can bet your *ss on her still receiving messages in your own language…so talk to her in HER language using the following format: “Heyyy…miss Argentina :P” so greet..pause…miss –her country here-. I highly recommend you search on Google for a translator or go to and see if her language is on there and TRANSLATE the greeting and the miss. An example with a Spanish woman from Spain would be “Holaaa…senorita España :P”. Who talks to her in her own language? NO ONE…so you instantly stand out with your subject, and the lesser known her country is? The better! - Where is she from (regionally speaking)? Different people have different habits, traditions, cultures and even dialects, right? Again, everybody’s riding in the normal way of your own language…while her school, city, region, state or whatever may have another dialect or habit. Why not Google for it quickly and use it to your advantage? Tease them with their own dialect or about food for example (“Heyyy…crappy Cajun cook :P”). Remember to be specific though. - What doesn’t add up on her profile? Think about everything that’s considered to be normal or more normal and then look at her profile: a dark brunette with REALLY light blue eyes? Blonde, blue eyes is normal…so maybe she’s an “Heyyy…miss undercover blonde :P.” If she’s rich but has piercing, tattoos or whatever all over the place? Rich maybe means spoiled, but definitely not street…so maybe she’s having an “Heyyy…miss identity crisis :P”. Best thing is…you’re also setting yourself up to explain and tease her more with what the subject is all about in the CONTENT of the message (tell her you noticed she has a lot of
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money but looks like a dirty, backstreet biker and that you call THAT an identity crisis for example). - What if her profile is “empty”? Sometimes you’ll have profiles that almost seem (or actually ARE) empty and the profile has one or more of the following: no interests & hobbies, no photos (or only one), no descriptions, no comments, and so forth. What to do in THAT case? ’Heyyy…empty profile girl :P’ and you explain it all and tease her with it in the content of your message. You can accuse her of being too dumb to understand what “save profile changes” and “a computer” means (use the “”, it’s funny and emphasizes your tease even more) and more in your message. Remember that nobody talks about and teases her with the empty profile, so this is a perfect technique for the very new girls and very lazy girls with hardly any profile BUT…warning: being specific (and talking about her) as much as possible will always work better because it grabs her attention more and makes her curious to open your message more and she’ll do it faster that way…so use this one as a “last resort.” Here’s a juicy secret: say, you send a message to a horse junkie on Day 1 and discover another horse junkie on Day 4…it would be a WASTE of time if you had to type in that ENTIRE subject again. So what you do is turn on Auto-Fill. With most computers this is already on, but what does it do? When there’s a “form” you can fill in (a text box which you can write whatever you want in), it will actually STORE what you type in that text box on your computer…and the next time you want to write a message in that same text box? You type in just a few letters of the subject you want to use AGAIN and the Auto-Fill function will give you options you can pick from, pick the old one you already used and you just saved yourself a LOT of time! Youtube is an example of a website that also works with auto-fill, just try to search for any given video and you’ll see what I mean… Remember that it's best with all your subjects to keep it short, keep it simple, be specific…and be sure to EXPLAIN what you meant if things don’t add up on her profile and you’re using that for your subject. Have fun standing out and I’m MORE than sure you’ll win with women online… And if you want to get your hands on cutting edge tactics for how to communicate with women on the internet from your guy on the inside who’s been on dozens of profile based sites for 5-6 years now, so you’ll NEVER have to fear being dateless again..then check out my Online Mentorship Program. It’s the ONLY program out there that teaches you everything you’ll need to know about picking up women online in a step-by-step way..that actually COACHES you on your way to becoming an Online Game MASTER who devours his competition alive and STEALS all their female, online friends whenever he wants. Check it out now by going to Let’s continue shall we?
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Writing Wickedly Effective Messages That’ll BLOW Beautiful Women Away..And Will Have Them Clicking “Reply Now” In A Matter of Seconds
Here's the story: I don't have one single thing a say to every friggin' woman in the "universally attractive opener." No. What I do is applying a FORMAT, it's like a script where you fill in the blanks for that specific girl. Forget canned openers or cheezy pick up lines that you use on every pair of breasts that you come across online..because when can smell when you’re being insincere a MILE away and: The more canned lines are used, the more women will hear them, meaning they’ll get USED TO IT…and that’s when the ceiling comes in because they’ve lost their effect The BIGGEST mistake 99% of the men who’re messaging women online make, is that they come across like they HAVEN’T even read her profile: “you’re beautiful”, a random story, “please add me on yada yada”..but NO ONE lets them know that someone actually took the time to read their profile, it’s a MAJOR turn-off. Insincerity and coming across like a player always is. This is why you need to talk about HER specifically and not about some random thing that “magically” works on “all” women


This is why I’ve handcrafted a FORMAT for your first message that’ll force a woman to reply because she’ll crave to talk more because of the huge amounts of attraction you’ve created. The format is like a step-by-step blueprint you follow to create a message. I know how this may sound kinda vague to you, so let’s dig into the more practical side of things and start with how you BEGIN your message right after your awesome subject:

Intros That Work Insanely Well If You Want To Create Curiosity
The general public starts the message with a simple greeting, a hi, hey, what’s up and so on out of politeness. But that’s NOT sparking chemistry is it now…because her eyes will skip that part and continue reading (if you’re lucky). That means it’s WASTED space, and space is a TERRIBLE thing to waste because of our short attention spans. You have to grab their attention by the throat and NEVER let go from the get go. You can do that with your intro by CATERING it to where she’s coming from. Here are some examples of it: - With a Spanish speaking woman my intro will be "Holaaa, como estas?" - With an Arabian lady, it’s "Salaam aleikum, keef halek?" - With a girl from India it’s "Namaste, aap kaise hain?" So whenever a girl is not 100% from the country she lives in, I'll talk to her in HER language...why?

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- It shows I actually took the time to READ her profile (while everybody says "you're pretty" or "add me on" and you can say that without reading it too) - It's standing out from the competition because A) NO ONE talks to her in her own language (except for guys from her country who are reading this report right now) and B) because you are NOT from her country, but DO know the words > it'll make her curious to find out WHERE you learned the makes you UNIQUE because you aren’t SUPPOSED to know them. “Yeah but what if she ISN’T from another country?” Take it easy buddy, don’t get ahead of yourself. Here are some things you can do instead: She doesn’t HAVE to be from another country per se, people go to schools remember? Lots of men and women love to learn foreign languages at school: French, Japanese, check which languages she speaks and speak it too ((you can use or simply Google “how are you in Japanese” (or French, or Spanish or whatever) if you don’t know the words)) If you can’t find anything, try cultures she loves (see where she went on vacation, if she loves Rome or whatever) and talk to her in the language of THAT location…which will give you a great thing to talk about when she asks you about it! In all other cases, I would stick to the hobby, interests and passions script I mentioned before: if you busted her balls for being a wannabe gangster for example, then greet her with another version of that: “How are you miss soon-to-be Godmother of the Corleone family?” Works great too.



Let’s move things forward and dig into the biggest chunk of your message: the middle section in which you’re creating the attraction, connecting with her... And I always, 24/7 use HER hobbies, interests, likes, passions and activities to create attraction by teasing them about it. I also see if I can find something that doesn't seem to match: a very young looking girl who says she's 25 for example, or a girl with dark brown hair but really light, blue eyes...and bust her balls for it. So it’s the same technique as I use for the subject but now you go IN-DEPTH on it with your teasing Remember that if you would look in a woman's inbox, almost ALL the messages in there are from needy guys ("add me on blabla" or "I don't know if Im your type but if you only let me date you") or shallow guys ("you're the cutest woman in the world...while I don't even know you!"). Everyone is talking needy, boring OR shallow to her (by appreciating her for her looks and NOT her identity - it shows your interest is didn't even take the time to read her profile!). By using HER passions, you show her you DID read it...which makes you stand out. I don't just talk about her hobbies and stuff and TEASE her a little about it though.
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No. I use a mix of being very selective about what she does, or who she is or what she likes and tease her with it, and tease her BAD. Summary in a few words: let the accusing begin! It goes like this: “I looked at your profile and noticed how you…” - Like spaghetti, but are NOT from Italy. Tell me…you’re NOT of those suit wearing, slick talking, gelled-out hairdo Godfather WANNABEES are you? What are you wanted for...tell me! :P - Like horses, and I’m kinda curious because I don’t usually hang around with horseriders that much, so…is it TRUE...that horseriders get a firmer…ASS from ALL that riding in the sadle? :P - Have BLUE eyes…but DARK hair, which is an ABSOLUTE freak of nature, it never happens! :P So that makes me wonder…tell me…you’re a DUMB BLONDE by nature aren’t you? (A) I can hear you think: yeah, but that would take AGES to do, right? WRONG! It takes me ten seconds to see what her hobbies and so on are (I read her interests and skip through her description), type a message in one minute and BAM...neeext! It takes a while before you're used to it; it took me 10 minutes the first time...but now? It's two minutes per woman (and thanks to the tip below it takes me 10 seconds for a type of woman I already encountered in the past). And a great thing about this format is: AFTER I've talked to a girl who likes to ride horses, I'll use that same tease for the next one who does...the same one for the next pasta junkie, the...which saves you a LOT of time. So here’s a shortcut to meeting more women online and meeting them FAST: 1. Create a tease in a similar way as I explained above (and refer to the examples to see how) and store it in Word with some keywords above it so you can find it pretty damn quick later on (the pasta junkie would logically have the keywords pasta, Italy and so on) 2. Say you encounter another woman who likes to ride horses, try to IMPROVE your tease you used before until you have a tease that’s amazingly effective… Remember store that stuff and use it next time. As a sidenote: me personally, I now have a list for 60 different types of women (different looks, nationalities, hobbies, etc.)

But Why Is Teasing So Effective?
There are a number of psychological reasons for it being so damn effective as it really is, and I’d like to share them with you so you’ll know WHY you’re doing what you’re doing..and WHY it works.
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1. I’m teasing with accusations: you have dark brown hair and blue eyes, that’s really uncommon, so you must have colored your hair. And what’s the most logical response to an accusation? Defending your case, in fact studies have shown that we’re DRAWN to explain ourselves when we’re accused of a response is triggered because of human nature itself! 2. Most men are intimated by a woman’s looks, and will either hesitate to approach her or won’t approach her at all. Next to this, they’ll try to do everything for her and be really sweet to make her like them..they aim to please. Thirdly, lost of men are NERVOUS when physically around women: they feel uncomfortable, not at ease, they’re body is tense. But guess what happens when you tease her? You’ll show you’re NOT intimidated by her looks and NOT afraid of showing interest in her. You’re NOT trying to be someone else just so she’ll like you more or agree with everything she says, is and does like all those but kissing men out there. You’re also showing her that you’re comfortable around women, yourself around women, you’re at tease and relaxed (almost TOO relaxed). These are all attractive qualities in a man… Now, when you accuse her, you first of all playfully tease her which is a lot of fun, it’s exciting and she’ll want to play around MORE (and she’ll start teasing and accusing YOU because of it). Next to this, women always have been the most selective of the sexes. Why? Because men don’t run any risks when they have sex (except for STDs off course), but women? Women run the risk of becoming PREGNANT..being unstable and limited in their moments for a long period of time, plus they’ll have a child afterwards that needs to be taken care of too. And if a woman would indulge in giving in to every guy trying to seduce her? She A) wouldn’t have a life, B) would constantly be pregnant which would make it harder and harder for her and the increasing number of children to survive and C) not every man is born equal, as such a woman will want a guy with genes that offer the highest chance of survival for her offspring. So women NEED to be selective, they need to select a best possible mate or humankind would die pretty fast. But when YOU are the one doing the selecting with your accusing, magical things start to happen: all of a sudden YOU are perceived to be the object of desire, YOU are sought after and harassed by women who want to amte making it hard for YOU to have a life…and women want what everyone else is having , because if everything else wants it then it MUST be good. You’re subcommunicating that you’re amazingly good by teasing, challenging and accusing her…and since women want men with good genes? They’ll want YOU!

What Happens AFTER She Replies?
In the end, women must feel comfortable and safe enough around you to move to the next step with you. You must be a trustworthy guy, and you can make sure she feels like this by CONNECTING with her. Why is connecting with her so important? Because if you’re only accusing, sooner or later she’ll think she DOESN’T stand a chance. This is because you’re
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positioning yourself as more dominant than her (you are the object of desire, she’s not…you are the almighty accuser, the judge, and she’s the defender, the weaker one on trial). Do you understand what this means? It means that playing TOO hard to get will make her think you’re out of her league, no really…she will! So connect with her. How? You teased her about her passions, hobbies, interests, likes and so on, right? Than why not talk about the thing you teased her about more seriously? More seriously doesn’t mean be BORING, it means have fun with her talking about what she loves to do. Example: “But seriously now…I can tell you’re very much into horseriding, so how does it make you feel when you’re galloping at full speed on that big, mighty stallion with the mind blowing through your hair? And did you ever enter a competition and kicked the asses of your rivals? Tell me!” Something like that will do just fine. If you look closely, you’ll see I’m STILL talking about EMOTIONS (the “how does it make you feel?”). Why? Because attraction is based on a feeling, on EMOTIONS and not on logical stuff and rational thinking, that’s BORING. So I always avoid talking logical stuff and constantly involve emotions, throw in some humor here and there, tease her about her answer in the next message, and so on. A final IMPORTANT thing to do is: always make sure YOU are having fun as well, because if you’re not enjoying yourself while learning how to meet and date women online…then why do it in the first place? And if you want to discover staggering amounts of other insider information from a worldclass internet seducer so you can easily MULTIPLY the amounts of contact info you get from women AFTER connecting with them…almost overnight? Then I highly recommend you check out my Online Mentorship Program on right now. And maybe I’ll see you around on the Win With Women blog… With kindest regards, Your friend Dennis

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