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					ocr14e.lzh OCR v1.4e 02-May-97/hesche
stlla26.lzh Stella v2.6, document-database 02-May-97/hesche Real-Time-Clock hardwaremodification (1040 STF)02-May-97/hesche 38400 bps for Modem 1 02-May-97/hesche Configuartion utility for PaCifiST 28-Apr-97/hesche Dump real ST disks to .ST disk images 28-Apr-97/hesche converts Magic Shadow Archives (.MSA) to .ST 28-Apr-97/hesche Windows 95 front-end to PaCifiST 28-Apr-97/hesche Windows 95 front-end to PaCifiST 28-Apr-97/hesche PaCifiST, emulates an ST under DOS 28-Apr-97/hesche Dump real ST disks to .ST disk images 28-Apr-97/hesche
spin014.tos SPIN! v0.14, cd-rom xfs 02-May-97/hesche
gemx-100.tar.gz GEMX v1.00, exit GEM without problems, show system error,
cdplr14a.lzh Audio-CD-Player for ATARI ST/STE/TT/Falcon 02-May-97/hesche
cdreader.lzh CD-READER v1.10, reads/saves audio-datas 02-May-97/hesche file -> C source/GNU assembler converter, ANSI C prototyper, TeX-Shell v1.10 for N.AES and Lindner-TeX 30-Apr-97/hesche
a_man17.lzh A-MAN v1.7, shared lib 02-May-97/hesche
apman088.lzh Appman v0.88, Application Manager & Alias Icon Window Bavaria Event Manager v1.11e 02-May-97/hesche
menutool.lzh Menue-Tools for MagiC 02-May-97/hesche for digital multimeters on RS232 02-May-97/hesche
t2g_r8_d.lzh TOS2GEM R6, redirects BIOS/GEMDOS output to VDI-window
twsm1.lzh Tommis Workspace Manager 02-May-97/hesche CPXs for COPS, binaries 01-May-97/hesche CPXs for COPS, source 01-May-97/hesche
gfthyp03.lzh GrafTool & grafikformats documentation 02-May-97/hesche
spin016.tos SPIN! v0.16, cd-rom xfs 05-May-97/hesche
2c_1_0.lzh 2nd chance, moves files rather than killing 05-May-97/hesche
mupftl11.tos Tools for Mupfel (and other CLIs) 05-May-97/hesche Konfiguration for Diablo-Emulator (replaces SETUP630.ACC)
jane-152.tgz JAnE v1.52, ASCII & binary editor 09-May-97/hesche
GEM-init-0.56.tgz GEM-Init, login with password 09-May-97/hesche
ws170d_e.tos WebSpace v1.70 GB PPP & Offline Demo, WWW-browser BMP Viewer v0.14 11-May-97/hesche
spin020.tos SPIN! v0.20, cd-rom xfs 11-May-97/hesche POVRay v3.01, Vision Raytracer 14-Mar-97/hesche COmunication MAnager, sending & receiving FAXes15-May-97/hesche
fredm201.tos Freedom2 v2.01, nonmodale fileselector 16-May-97/hesche Swiftel photo 3.40, Minitel network emulator 19-May-97/hesche COmunication MAnager, sending & receiving FAXes20-May-97/hesche Diskus v3.5, (hard-)disk-monitor/harddsik-driver/-backup HDDriver v6,3, harddiskdriver 22-May-97/hesche
GEM-init-0.59.tgz GEM-Init, login with password 04-Jun-97/hesche
parcp220.lzh PARCP 2.20, copies files on parallel ports. Atari & PC
gt970601.lzh GrafTool v01.06.97, fast viewer and more 06-Jun-97/hesche
gfthyp04.lzh GrafTool & grafikformats documentation 06-Jun-97/hesche Afterburner Toolkit v5.00 07-Jun-97/hesche
MagiC_5.10_docs.lzh.lzh nomen est omen 10-Jun-97/hesche PARCP 2.40, copies files on parallel ports. Atari & PC
nogree06.lzh NoGreen v0.6beta, replaces the green at bootup 14-Jun-97/hesche
gemx-101.tar.gz GEMX v1.01, exit GEM without problems, show system error,
shift GEMX v1.01, exit GEM without problems, show system error, shift CPXs for COPS, binaries 17-Jun-97/hesche CPXs for COPS, source 17-Jun-97/hesche
nogre075.lzh NoGreen v0.75, replaces the green at bootup 19-Jun-97/hesche WatchDog v1.41, "Laberfilter" for CAT 21-Jun-97/hesche
automrr6.lzh AutoMore R6: keystrole after every AUTO-Prg, autoexec.bat
mupftl12.tos Tools for Mupfel (and other CLIs) 21-Jun-97/hesche
tst-tool.lzh Tests'nTools, some utilities 25-Jun-97/hesche
must118b.lzh MUSTEK Scaner driver v1.18b6, demo/registable 02-Jul-97/hesche NVDI patches v1.06 for NVDI 3.00 up to 4.11R9 02-Jul-97/hesche
GEM-init-0.62.tgz GEM-Init, login with password 03-Jul-97/hesche
s_art_11.lzh Screen Artist v1.1, GEM, only 68030/FPU, color 11-Jul-97/hesche Afterburner Toolkit v5.05 18-Jul-97/hesche
passwd10.lzh graphical passoword-protection for MagiC 18-Jul-97/hesche Calamus SL patches 31-Jul-97/hesche Cheat Machine V3.00, games cheat program 31-Jul-97/hesche HDDriver v7.0, harddiskdriver 31-Jul-97/hesche Bad Mood v3.06, Doom-Clone preview, binaries 31-Jul-97/hesche Bad Mood v3.06, Doom-Clone preview, sources 31-Jul-97/hesche Bad Mood v3.06, Doom-Clone, snapshots 31-Jul-97/hesche POVRay v3.02, Vision Raytracer for 68882 FPU 31-Jul-97/hesche POVRay v3.02, Vision Raytracer (68040 with FPU)31-Jul-97/hesche POVRay v3.02, Vision Raytracer binaries (basis)31-Jul-97/hesche POVRay v3.02, Vision Raytracer examples 31-Jul-97/hesche
aftp13b1.lzh aFTP is GEM FTP client running under MiNT-Net 31-Jul-97/hesche
GEM-init-0.64.tgz GEM-Init, login with password 31-Jul-97/hesche COmunication MAnager, sending & receiving FAXes31-Jul-
97/hesche aFTP is GEM FTP client for STiK 31-Jul-97/hesche MagiC IDE Patch v2.1, for Falcons/H&N-STs without IDE-harddisk
lotus015.lzh Lotus-type of game, preview 14-Aug-97/hesche
gifmerge-1.34b.tar.gz generates animated GIFs 14-Aug-97/hesche
GEM-init-0.70.tgz GEM-Init, login with password 14-Aug-97/hesche
tw2-20.lzh TosWin2 v2.0, new TosWin for N.AES 14-Aug-97/hesche TeX-Shell v1.12 for N.AES & Lindner-TeX 14-Aug-97/hesche
demojinn.tos Jinnee v1.0 demo, new desktop 15-Aug-97/hesche
passwd12.lzh graphical passoword-protection for MagiC 18-Aug-97/hesche GEM-ZModem v6.6, sharewareversion 20-Aug-97/hesche
o_028.lzh Okami Newsreader v0.28 20-Aug-97/hesche ATARI 800XL/130XE emulator 21-Aug-97/hesche
vconf030.lzh Virtual consoles vor Falcon030 with MiNT 21-Aug-97/hesche
elvis2st.lzh Elvis v2.0, text editor which emulates vi/ex 21-Aug-97/hesche
GEM-init-0.71.tgz GEM-Init, login with password 22-Aug-97/hesche
gcc-vmt.lzh GCC-!VMT v1.04Beta, VMT-cleaner for GNU C++ 22-Aug-97/hesche
rsm2072.lzh ResourceMaster 2.072, Resource-Construction-Set22-Aug-97/hesche
spin032.tos SPIN! v0.32, MiNT/MagiC XFS for CD-ROMs 23-Aug-97/hesche
pred_204.lzh PrEd 2.04, Pure C like GEM textfile-Editor 25-Aug-97/hesche
focus156.tos Focus 3D V1.56 31-Aug-97/hesche
mm2.7b.tar.gz Metamail 2.7 for MiNT, tools and docs for MIME 31-Aug-97/hesche
mutt-0.81b.tar.gz Mutt 0.81, curses based e-mail client, MIME, PGP...
ncftp-2.4.2b.tar.gz ncftp 2.4.2, curses based ftp client 31-Aug-97/hesche GNU cpp docs 31-Aug-97/hesche GNU gcc docs 31-Aug-97/hesche IO Stream docs 31-Aug-97/hesche GNU Library docs 31-Aug-97/hesche Make docs 31-Aug-97/hesche
cron3.0pl1b.tar.gz Vixie cron daemon, version 3.0 31-Aug-97/hesche TRANSISTOR v1.92 with GFA source 09-Sep-97/hesche
gt970907.lzh GrafTool v07.09.97; view, manipulate & catalog 09-Sep-97/hesche
mouse-p.lzh C header files for alternative mouse pointers 13-Sep-97/hesche
GEM-init-0.72.tgz GEM-Init, login with password 17-Sep-97/hesche
n_play29.lzh Simple sample player (SAM/AVR/DVS/WAV/AU/SND) for STE/TT/F030
fredm202.tos Freedom2 v2.02, nonmodale fileselector 25-Sep-97/hesche
lharc313.tos LHarc v3.13, bugfixed, without shell (*.LZH) 05-Oct-97/hesche
lsrc313.lzh Source for LHarc v3.13 (PureC & MintLib) 05-Oct-97/hesche
qed-400bin.lzh QED v4.00, GEM-Editor, german 05-Oct-97/hesche
lotus03.lzh Lotus-type of game, preview 05-Oct-97/hesche
gettext-0.10.31-mint.tgz GNU NLS utilities 05-Oct-97/hesche
GEM-init-0.73.tgz GEM-Init, login with password 05-Oct-97/hesche
m2gem164.lzh High-portable GEM-library, german docs 05-Oct-97/hesche
perl5.004_02-mint.tgz Perl 5.0P04 for MiNT 05-Oct-97/hesche
fakemint-1.0.tgz Install MiNT cookie 05-Oct-97/hesche
nothing.lzh NoThing v1.00, redrawmanager for alice 05-Oct-97/hesche
stewart104.lzh Stewart v1.04, new look for MagiC 05-Oct-97/hesche
stic.lzh Stewart Iconserver v1.00 05-Oct-97/hesche
imagin40.lzh IMAGIN v4.0, formula plotter and utility 08-Oct-97/hesche CPXs for COPS, binaries 08-Oct-97/hesche CPXs for COPS, source 08-Oct-97/hesche
smurf09p.lzh SMURF Preview-Version 0.9, picture-util 10-Oct-97/hesche
aiphyp15.lzh ATARI Info Pages R15, infos about program(er)s 17-Oct/97/hesche
lharc313a.tos LHarc v3.13a, bugfixed, without shell (*.LZH) 26-Oct-97/hesche
lharc313adfy.lzh LHarc v3.13a, *.DFY (for 3.13) (*.LZH) 26-Oct-97/hesche
lharc313asrc.lzh LHarc v3.13a, sources (*.LZH) 26-Oct-97/hesche FRED v0.96, GEM texteditor 27-Oct-97/hesche CAT 3.03, the MausNet frontend 27-Oct-97/hesche Megamax-Modula-2 sources for CAT/CATPUTZ/FRED 27-Oct-97/hesche CatPutz V3.03 - mandatory for CAT 3.03! 27-Oct-97/hesche
catpost.lzh CATpost v1.00, plays sample if unread PMs in CAT exists
dhmodule.lzh Zeig's mir modules 01-Nov-97/hesche COmunication MAnager, sending & receiving FAXes18-Nov-97/hesche
chatwin307.lzh Chatwin V3.07, flexible shell for compilers 18-Nov-97/hesche Electronic utilities (calculations) 18-Nov-97/hesche ORIC-1 and ORIC-ATMOS emulator, v0.3 19-Nov-97/hesche
fredm203.tos Freedom2 v2.03, nonmodale fileselector 19-Nov-97/hesche
applin25.lzh AppLine v2.5, shows (with MagiC) running apps 19-Nov-97/hesche
texttl11.tos Some ttps for text-manipulation (J. Reschke) 19-Nov-97/hesche Emulator for ORIC-1/ATMOS 6502 computer, v0.4 27-Nov-97/hesche
orgs_123.lzh ORGANISER v1.23, timer (time-manager) 02-Dec-97/hesche
modu3.lzh Music Compilation with music by 505 04-Dec-97/hesche 1st Guide (06.97), show/convert pictures/text, hypertextsystem COmunication MAnager, sending & receiving FAXes14-Dec-97/hesche PARCP 3.01, copies files on parallel ports. Atari & PC
make-3.76.1-bin.tar.gz Make 3.76.1 01-Feb-98/hesche
apache_1.2.5-bin.tar.gz 01-Feb-98/hesche
lynx-2.7.1pl1-bin.tar.gz tty Web-browser 01-Feb-98/hesche Port of the JPEG image compression utilties 26-Apr-98/hesche
smurf10.lzh Smurf 1.0, convert and edit pics 26-Apr-98/hesche
ext2-011.tgz extended filesystem driver for Linux Ext2 26-Apr-98/hesche
GEM-init-0.74.tgz GEM-Init, login with password 26-Apr-98/hesche
hsmdoc7e.lzh HSModem 7 English docs 26-Apr-98/hesche TeX-Shell v1.30 for N.AES & Lindner-TeX 26-Apr-98/hesche Freedom2 v2.04, nonmodale fileselector 26-Apr-98/hesche
newton.lzh Newton v0.85, Graphical calculator 26-Apr-98/hesche
nogreen.lzh NoGreen v0.95, replaces the green at bootup 26-Apr-98/hesche
tp306v10.lzh TOS 3.06 patch v1.0, for german TOS 3.06 26-Apr-98/hesche
tp306v10_pak3.lha PAK/3 TOS 3.06 patches 26-Apr-98/hesche
GEM-init-0.76.tgz GEM-Init, login with password 10-May-98/hesche Eureka 2.12, 2D graph describer, 3D modeller 16-May-98/hesche
smurf103.lzh Smurf 1.03, convert and edit pics 16-May-98/hesche COmunication MAnager, sending & receiving FAXes16-May-98/hesche PARCP 3.21, copies files on parallel ports Atari & PC
thin126d.lzh THING v1.26, desktop replacement 16-May-98/hesche
ticn110d.lzh Thing IconManager v1.10 16-May-98/hesche
fbase101.lzh freeBase v1.01, database 22-May-98/hesche
smrf103d.lzh Smurf 1.03b, convert and edit pics 22-May-98/hesche
GEM-init-0.79.tgz GEM-Init, login with password 22-May-98/hesche
findr110.lzh Finder v1.06, locating files & strings in files22-May-98/hesche Emulator for ORIC-1/ATMOS 6502 computer, v0.6 25-Jun-98/hesche 3D editor for POV III 06-Jul-98/hesche Eureka 2.12, 2D graph describer, 3D modeller 06-Jul-98/hesche
gemj130.lzh GEMJing 1.30, sound plugin 06-Jul-98/hesche
Magc6doc_v2.lzh MagiC 6 programmers documentation 06-Jul-98/hesche ST2DISK, recreate disks from PACIFIST .st-files06-Jul-98/hesche Emulator for ORIC-1/ATMOS 6502 computer, v0.8 10-Oct-98/hesche
smrf104d.lzh Smurf 1.04b, convert and edit pics 10-Oct-98/hesche
progddok.lzh German StinG-Programmierdoku, Vorabversion 25-Nov-98/hesche
stngddok.lzh German STinG-Einsteiger-Doku 25-Nov-98/hesche Emulator for ORIC-1/ATMOS 6502 computer, v0.9 25-Nov-98/hesche
capy.lzh OXYD/Sokoban like maze game for F030/TT 25-Nov-98/hesche
minixfs-0.70-pl6.tar.gz Minix file system driver 25-Nov-98/hesche
freemint-1.15.0-bin.tar.gz FreeMiNT 1.15 binaries 25-Nov-98/hesche
freemint-1.15.0.tar.gz FreeMiNT 1.15 source 25-Nov-98/hesche
Kaffe-0.9.1-Diffs.tgz Kaffe diff-files 25-Nov-98/hesche
MiNT-kaffe-0.9.1.tgz Virtual machine for Java bytecode 25-Nov-98/hesche Freedom2 v2.05, nonmodale fileselector 25-Nov-98/hesche
newton2.lzh Newton v0.96, Graphical calculator 25-Nov-98/hesche
stbibtex.lzh BibTeX for ATARI 07-May-02/hesche

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