How to Create a Study Guide by jqt53668


									                       How to Create a Study Guide

Step One: Organize Your Materials
     Look through your textbook and notes to remember the topics and main ideas for
      the unit.
     Sort your materials into piles. Each pile represents a different topic.
     Use paper clips and Post-It notes to label the topics.

Step Two: Identify the Key Facts
     Go through the materials for each topic.
     Make a list of the important people, events, vocabulary words for each topic.
     Look at the review questions at the end of each section to help you think about
      guiding questions for each topic.

Step Three: Using your Study Guide to Prepare for the Test
     On a separate piece of paper, create an answer sheet for the list of key facts.
     Fill in the important details for the facts listed for each topic.
     Review and re-read your notes, worksheets, and chapter for details.
     Use flashcards to learn “hard to remember” facts.

Step Four: When can you stop studying and consider yourself ready?
     Not until you have someone quiz you
     You can answer all of the questions, identify all of the main ideas and define all
      vocabulary from your study guide when asked!

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