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Learning Infomercial Project


									                                          Learning Infomercial Project
Your job is to create a 2 to 5 minute Infomercial about Learning/Conditioning. You and your partners will
create an infomercial on a Learning Theory or concept.

               Visual and audio elements
               an on-camera narration or voice over
               live action, animation, or still images
               text
               music

         An effective infomercial is (requirements):

               2:00 - 5:00 min. infomercial that grabs the viewers' attention
               gives accurate facts
               makes one point concisely
               has a “catch phrase” and “un”official logo
               uses appropriate examples to help aid in understanding of content

         Think about:

               What is the main point you want to make to this audience?
               What specific content do you want your viewers to remember?
               What techniques are you going to use to grab the viewers' attention?
               What visual and audio elements are you going to combine in your

         Scoring Rubric – use the rubric as your guide!

                                         Due Date: November 24
   Project Title: _____________________________________________________
                       AP Psych Project – Learning Informercial
                           DUE DATE : ________________
                                  Scoring Rubric

   Category         Poor = 2                 Fair = 3                  Adequate=4             Excellent =5

1. Content /        Project content is not   Project content is        Project content is     Project content is
Expertise/          accurate. It contains    accurate but contains     accurate with          accurate, complete
understanding of    multiple errors and      some errors and           minimal errors and     and error free.
                    /or major omissions.     multiple or major         omissions. Presenter   Presenter shows an
                    Presenter shows little   omissions. Presenter
                    understanding of         shows some
                                                                       shows an adequate      understanding
                    subject material with    understanding of the      understanding of the   beyond grade level or
                    numerous errors.         material with few         material.              expectation.
   Category         Poor = 2                 Fair = 3                  Adequate=4             Excellent =5

2. Creativity,      Project shows little     Project shows an          Project shows an       Project shows an
Originality and     creativity and/or        inadequate level of       appropriate level of   advanced level of
Professionalism     originality. Project     creativity and/or         creativity and/or      creativity and/or
                    shows little care for    originality. Project is   originality. Project   originality that makes
                    appearance.              neat but has a “last      looks well-planned     the project unique.
                                             minute” appearance.       and thought out        Project exemplifies
   Category         Poor = 2                 Fair = 3                  Adequate = 4           Excellent = 5

3. Educational      Project can not be       The project is very       The project can be     Project can be used
Utility             used to teach a          limited in teaching a     used to teach a        as a valuable teaching
                    lesson.                  lesson.                   lesson on the          tool for other
                                                                       learning, however      students.
                                                                       some parts are

    Category        Poor = 2                 Fair = 3                  Adequate = 4           Excellent = 5

4. Presentation &   Presentation fails       Presentation barely       Presentation meets     Presentation exceeds
Requirements/       to meet                  meets expectations.       expectations and       expectation and
Directions          expectations.            Some directions/          shows some novel       shows a unique
                    Project is late (one     requirements are not      approach to the        approach to the
                    letter grade/day         followed.                 project. All           project. All
                    deduction), and                                    directions/            directions/
                    directions are not                                 requirements are       requirements are
                    followed.                                          successfully adhered   successfully adhered
                                                                       to.                    to.

                                   Total Points = ____/20

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