How to Create Posters for RedPost WPB by bbu87850


									How to Create Posters for RedPost & WPB
This document should help you create ads that can be posted to the Bus Tracker signs that
are installed in neighborhood stores around Wicker Park and Bucktown.

Step 1: Design your ad
                                                             Ad Guidelines
First, you need to design your ad. Keep in mind the ad       • Arts or community events
guidelines and remember that your ad will only display
                                                             • Within Western to I-90,
for 10 seconds at a time, so use good visuals to help
                                                               Division to Fullerton (both
communicate your message in 20 or fewer words. The             sides of the street)
less words the better!                                       • Content appropriate for all
                                                               ages and audiences
You can design your ad in your preferred graphic             • 20 words or less per poster
design program, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,        • Dimensions: 1280 wide x
or InDesign. Alternatively, you can also design your           875 high, JPEG, PNG or GIF
poster in Microsoft PowerPoint.                                image

Adobe Photoshop Instructions

Create a new document that is 1280 pixels wide x 875 pixels high. Create your graphics and
text and choose the “Save for web and devices” option from the File menu. Save your image
as a JPEG image with 85% compression.

PowerPoint Instructions

In order to have the appropriate sized images for RedPost they must be 1280 pixels wide by
875 pixels high. Since PowerPoint doesn’t allow sizes in pixels, we’ll use inches instead. Go
to the Design Tab (at the top of your screen), select Page Setup menu; select Custom and
enter the dimensions: 13.34” wide by 9.12” high.

                                                                 Then create your ad as a
                                                                 slide, adding text and
                                                                 graphics as you’d like.
                                                                 Keep in mind the 20 word

                                                                 After your ad is complete,
                                                                 select the “Save As” menu
                                                                 and choose the “export
                                                                 option” of PNG file format.
Step 2: Register for an account (or log in if you already have one)

           and register or log in. To
Go to the website (http://redpost
register for an account, click the “Register” link in the upper right hand corner and fill in the
simple form.

Step 3: Upload and schedule your ad

Once logged in, click the “New Ad” link. Enter the following:

   •   Poster Name: the name of your event you are advertising for
   •   Website URL: a web URL for more info about the event (not required)
   •   Include in web feed (free): optionally, you can choose to exclude your ad from
       appearing on the website
   •                  r
       End Date: Your ad will run for two weeks (14 days) – choose the end date when you’d
       like your ad to stop running.
   •   Start Date: This will be automatically chosen for you, based on your End Date
   •                                                                                 ad
       Browse…: Click the Browse button and find the JPEG or PNG file that is your a saved
       on your computer. Select it, and then click the “Upload” button. Note that the file
       must be less than 750KB in size.

Once you upload your ad, you’ll have several payment (or credit!) options to pay the cost to
display your ad:

   •   Credit Card: is the default option, simply enter your credit card info and your card
       will be charged once your ad is approved
   •          :
       Invoice: if you’d rather receive an invoice, click the “Invoice Me” link. Note that we
       operate on the honor system. We’ll continue to approve your ads as long as we
       receive timely payments on your invoices. If we do not, we’ll disable your account.
   •                  :
       Poster Credits: If you have poster credits
       assigned to your account, they’ll show up and
       you won’t need to choose one of the first two
       options above.

Click “Submit for Approval.” We’ll now check out your
ad and if it fits the criteria, approve it and send it out
over all the signs around the neighborhood. You will
receive an email notifying you when we approve your
ad. If, for some reason, we reject your ad, t email
will contain a note as to why we did so.

Help me!

If you have questions, comments or suggestions,
or need a sample design template to work from,
please contact:
Eleanor at the WPB office. Phone: 773

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