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									Social Networking Sites That are on Top of the Charts

Social networking websites are like ants in a picnic, their virtually
everywhere. No matter where you go on the internet you’re bound to run in
to one. When you think about it it’s really good because you can always
be connected with friends wherever you go and whenever you want. But with
so many choices to consider how do you know which one to go with. Here’s
a short list of the top ten sites that you can choose from.

First would be the "Facebook." Many people might be thinking it was going
to be MySpace right? Well, in terms of what it offers Facebook wins over
MySpace by an arm's length because of the applications and functions that
it offers.

Next to it would be "MySpace" because in terms of quantity, MySpace comes
in first but because of the fewer functions that it offers it comes down
to a close second. The main reason why MySpace is has a lot to offer is
because there are a lot of users.

Third would be "Hi5." The most impressive thing about Hi5 is the
simplicity of the site itself. There are fully functional options that
simplify the social networking experience. It makes social networking a
lot more serious when you start using Hi5.

Next would be "43 Things." People who have ever had a plan to do
something that they can’t really finish because no one’s there to support
them are the patrons of this site. That’s what 43 Things is all about.
More than social networking 43 things is like an online support group
that allows you to interact with people who have either made plans like
you did or people that are going through the same thing as you are.

Fifth would be the "Windows Live Space by MSN." The great thing about
Live Space is the flexibility and the ease of use of the site. Talk about
a social networking site with the power of the drag and drop. It is
absurdly easy to edit your profile, your page and your whole section.
Drag and drop your profile to anywhere in the page as you want it.
Another great thing about Live Space is that the widgets that are
available are actually functional.

Next would be the social networking site called "Gather." is
for people who love to blog. It’s a social networking website with the
twist of a bloggers website. Write all you want and all you can, all day

Seventh would be "" As the name suggest is really a virtual
world where you can go around and explore places and meet people just
like in the real world. Just like in the real world, here you can dress
up you avatar the way you like.

Next would be "Live Mocha" for people who want more out of their social
networking experience. Here, you must definitely try Live Mocha. Live
Mocha is not just a social networking website; it actually teaches people
a language. Choose from the many languages you can learn and log in to
learn it. Of course progression is dependent on the person.
Ninth would be "Stickam" that is really a surefire hit for Webcammers. If
you have a webcam and you want to chat with other people who also have
webcams then you are going to absolutely adore Stickam.

And last but not the least, the social networking site called
"Profilactic" is on the list. The cool thing about profilactic is that
when you sign up for an account here you can add all other social
networking accounts. Profilactic has an alert that signals you when one
of your other accounts has been updated or gets an update.

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