These instructions assume that you have already filled out a Wireless Access
Request form and had your picture ID checked by a member of the library staff. If
you have not yet done this, please do so before proceeding any further. Please
allow at least two business days for activation of your Wireless Access
Account. Your username and password will be emailed to the email address
which you provide with your access request form.

This document demonstrates the use of Windows XP’s built-in wireless software.
Your software may vary slightly in set-up. Your wireless card must support WPA

STEP 1: Activate your wireless device. When you are in range of one of the
wireless access points, depending on your operating system and your software
configuration, you may see a message that informs you that you are within range
of a wireless access point (see Figure 1). Open your wireless access software to
enter your wireless access point setup.

                                      Figure 1

STEP 2: Ensure that the wireless access point you are choosing is a GCCC wireless
access point. Gulf Coast Community College access points will always have the name
“GCCC”. Click the wireless network you wish to connect to. The library’s wireless access
point is shown below (Figure 2). If you cannot see the network, relocate and press
“Refresh network list”.

                                          Figure 2

STEP 4: (Figure 3) When the Wireless Network Connection screen appears, enter the WPA
network key gcccgccc in both boxes and click connect.

                                          Figure 3

STEP 5: Open Internet Explorer, choose Tools, and select “Internet Options”.
Click the LAN Settings option. You will then see the window displayed in Figure
4. Click the check box that reads “Use a proxy server for your LAN” as shown
below. In the “Address” box, enter In the port box, enter 8000.

                                      Figure 4

NOTE: Don’t forget, you will need to return your settings to normal in order to
access any other network. To do this, you’ll need to enter Tools -> Internet
Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings when you are finished and uncheck the
box that says “Use a proxy server for your LAN”. This proxy server is used only
at Gulf Coast Community College and if left active will make it impossible for you
to connect to the Internet anywhere else. When you return to GCCC, click the
check box to turn it back on.

STEP 6: Navigate to any page using your web browser. The first time you do
this, you will get a message asking for your username and password. Enter the
username and password you were assigned when you signed up for wireless
access, and click the OK button.

You should now have full web access. Please note, you should never share your
username or password with anyone or allow anyone to use your connection –
you are responsible for anything done using your account. All wireless user
accounts are deleted at the end of the Summer semester. Continued access
requires a new application at the beginning of the Fall semester. Applications
may be obtained at the library circulation desk during normal business hours.

If you have any questions regarding the usage or setup of your account, please
call 769-1551, extension 4873 between 8 AM and 4 PM Monday-Friday,
excluding holidays.


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