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Social-Networking-and-Pets by heryman



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									Social Networking and Pets

Chances are, you are already a member of a social networking site like
MySpace or Friendster. Aside from people, did you know that your pet can
also have their own profile?

Yes it’s true that there are already a few social networking sites for
pets. A few examples of these include Dogster, Catster, Hamsterster and
Petster. Each one already has hundreds of members and by signing up, you
can create a profile for your pet.

Similar to social networking sites for humans, you can upload
photographs, videos and create a complete personality of your pet.

Becoming a member is free and once you sign up, you will be able to meet
other pet owners, get tips and advice from experts. There is even a blog
which you can use to share stores about your pet and tell others out
there how great he or she is. This might even lead to a lengthy
discussion when members can write their comments.

Within the social network, you can also create your pet polls, have
discussion groups and special interest clubs apart from those created by
those who own and operate the site.

If you put an interesting profile for your pet, you could be given
recognition as pet for the day or win an award that allows members to win

As a result, those who see it will mostly like want to add you as a
friend. It is your discretion now whether to accept or decline it.

Since your pets are not the ones who typed the profile, many use this to
connect with other pet lovers. If you have a dog, it is easier for you to
get to know someone here rather than walking up to that individual when
you see them at the park.

Aside from meeting dog lovers, you can also meet those who have cats,
fish, hamsters and other any creature.

Not all the social networking sites are free. One example is Facebook
that will require you to pay $19.99 to be able to use add-ons to feature
your pet which is a feature that existing members can use. Then again,
why pay when there are others around that offer the same features and
this is offered to you for free.

Must you have a pet to join social network? The good news is no because
the important thing is that you love animals. However, if you are
interesting in owning one, there is a special section that allows you to
adopt one especially when there are a lot of abandoned animals that need
decent shelter. You just enter your breed reference, age, gender and size
so a list of possible prospects will come out so you can choose and bring
Making a social network for pets probably sounded crazy a few years ago
but you can’t deny the fact that it already has hundreds of members.

The biggest of which happens to be Dogster followed by Catster which
could mean that there are more dog owners out there compared to cats or
any other animal.

So if you want to meet other people who also love to care for animals,
this type of social networking is just right for you. Just remember that
the star here is your pet and he or she is your ticket in making new

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