ELK RIVER GIRLS YOUTH BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION
                                     BOARD MEETING MINUTES

DATE:            November 18, 2006

TIME:            12:55 p.m.

PLACE:           Salk Middle School

Presiding:       Kevin Hidde

Members Present:          Brian Lewis              Rich Bond                 Colleen Enerson
                          Mark Pederson            Dave Cornelius            Dan Haack
                          Stephanie Kush           Eric Hexom                Jerry Bruns
                          Damian Jenson            Rick Stoll

Members Absent:           Randy Klopp              Rich Schulz               Kevin Sweet

                                        APPROVAL OF MINUTES:
A motion was made by Damian Jenson and seconded by Dave Cornelius to approve the October 10 , 2006
                                                          rd                           th   th
meeting minutes along with the minutes from the October 3 special meeting during the 7 & 8 grade travel
tryouts. Motion passed to approve October minutes with all in favor, and none opposed. Motion carried.

Checking                                        $4,561.81
Savings                                        $46,463.19

Total                                          $51,025.00

Starting Balance (Checking)                    $22,739.74
Deposits of $17,631.45

Bills Submitted and Paid:
NSF Check (house)                                   $75.00
NSF Check (house)                                   $75.00
NSF Check fees                                       $6.00
Mark Pederson (travel)                            $285.12
R&D Sales (travel)                               $9,660.00
Steve Conklin                                       $75.00
Community Education                               $390.00
Colleen Enerson (house)                           $100.00
Community Education                                $50.00
ARAGBA (travel)                                   $195.00
Monticello Community Education (travel)           $165.00
AGBA (travel)                                     $130.00
SCAYBA (travel)                                   $190.00
SAYBA (travel)                                    $175.00
PYBA (travel)                                     $185.00
Becker Youth Basketball (travel)                  $150.00
MSF Youth Basketball (travel)                     $215.00
Jennifer Belanger (house referee)                 $105.00
Hannah Downing (house referee)                     $75.00
Nate Mathison (house referee)                      $75.00
Kaitlyn House (house referee)                      $30.00
Tessa Butau (house referee)                       $210.00
Zach Mettling (house referee)                     $120.00
Hannah Sweet (house referee)                      $105.00
Kevin Sweet (house referee)                        $60.00
Jamin Ivers (house referee)                        $90.00
Shane Lakings (house referee)                      $60.00
Jenesa Sohns (house referee)                      $120.00
Kelsey Roach (house referee)                      $105.00
                                                1 of 2
Roger Rands (house referee)                             $70.00
Janee Udalla (house refund)                             $70.00
Elaine Switzer alterations (travel)                     $40.00
Vonnie Holby (house refund)                             $70.00
R&D Sales (travel)                                    $858.00
Colleen Enerson (travel)                              $300.00
Cub Foods (house)                                       $70.56
Silver Bell Trophy’s (house)                         $1,125.00
Elk River Meats (house)                                 $59.80
Bernicks Pepsi (house)                                $441.60
The Watson Company (house)                            $211.85
Jared Lundgren (travel refund)                        $185.00
Kay Charlson (house refund)                             $70.00
US Postal Service (PO box rental)                       $40.00
R&D Sales (house)                                    $1,290.00

Total Bills Paid                                    $18,177.93

Ending Checking Balance                              $4,561.81

A motion was made by Dave Cornelius, and seconded by Rich Bond to approve the Treasurer’s Report. All in
favor none opposed. Motion carried.

                                                NEW BUSINESS

End of the season In-House Tournament
The parent meeting was held before the individual skills competition during the tournament. Kevin Hidde (ERGYBA
President) did a re-cap of season as well as Rick Stoll (In-House Director).

The board members present were announced by name and what their role is on the board.
                                          th   th     th
Kevin Hidde also reminded parents of the 4 , 5 & 6 grade girls in the in-house program to remember to sign up for
travel next year. Tryouts are usually in early September.

We needed to nominate 3 new board members from the in-house parents as we have 3 current board member’s terms
expiring. The three people nominated were: Damian Jenson, Amy Berg and Janet Cotton. Pat Riebel declined the
nomination, so no vote was needed. The three new board members are:

Damian Jenson, Amy Berg and Janet Cotton

Next Meeting
Sunday, December 10 , at Salk Middle School in the teachers lounge.

Meeting Adjourned
Motion to adjourn meeting made by Mark Pederson seconded by Stephanie Kush. All in favor none opposed.
Motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

Stephanie Kush
Elk River Girls Youth Basketball

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