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					                                                                                                         Majors and Careers
                           MICR OB IOLOGY
                           AND IMMUNOLOGY
About Microbiology and                                             Career Options
Immunology                                                         Microbiologists work in almost every industry including food and
                                                                   agriculture to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and health care.
The Microbiology program is designed to familiarize                This program provides a practical grounding for elds as diverse
students with the biology and pathogenesis of viruses,             as genetic diagnosis and gene therapy, forensics, industrial
bacteria, yeast and multicellular parasitic organisms.             microbiology and molecular evolution. The list of possible
The Department also has a si gni cant teaching program             careers found below represents only a subset of the career
in Cellular and Molecular Immunology. The Immunology               options that might be available to you. The career options
program is designed for students interested in                     containing an * will require additional education and/or training
fundamental questions in molecular immunology, tumor               beyond a bachelor’s degree.
immunology, autoimmunity or in ammation, and
defenses against microbial infection.                       When students consider the question “What can I do with a
                                                            major in Microbiology and Immunology?”, they are usually
        Microbiology and Immunology at Dalhousie            thinking about the kind of job they might get using only their
                     major. But there is another way of looking at this question and
                                                            that is this ... your marketability will also be related to other

                                                            factors such as the skills and interests you have developed both
                                                                                within and outside your area of academic
                                                      When you are in           study. These factors will play a signi cant role
Career Cruising                                    university and taking        on your gaining entry level into a company or
                                                   courses, it is easy to organization and once you’ve got your foot in
An interactive career guidance resource that                                    the door your career progression within it. It is
                                                overlook what skills you important to draw on your voluntary work, part-
includes in-depth pro les of hundreds of
di erent careers, detailed information on        are building and how                   time and summer work, as well as your

colleges and universities, multimedia            they will relate to the                social activities to demonstrate the
interviews with real people in every career            real world.                      variety and scope of your interests and
and much more.                                                                          experience.

                                                       possible careers
                                         Forensic Laboratory Technician       * Molecula   r Biologist      * Clinical Research Associate

                                               Food Technologist                 * Epidem iologist                  * Allergologist

                                              Biological Researcher                * Pharmacist                       * Professor
                                                                                                            * Waste Management Program
                                               Research Assistant                * Scienti c Writer
                To access                     Pharmaceutical Sales                                            Quality Control/Assurance
                                                                                    * Geneticist
                 Representative                                                       Specialist

          To obtain the username                 * Immunologist                     * Virologist               * Biotechnology Engineer
          and password, visit us
                                                * Microbiologist                  * Bacteriologist              Water Quality Inspector
          on the 4th Floor, SUB.
                                                  * Mycologist                     * Pathologist               * Research Administrator

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Professional Associations                                                                                            Page 2
Virtually every profession has its own representative group.
There are real bene ts to joining one in your chosen eld
and/or visiting their website. This will enable you to keep
up-to-date on what’s currently going on in your eld and to
learn about upcoming events. They are often an excellent
source of career information and are increasingly becoming
a good source of online job postings.

        Association of Medical School Microbiology and
                       Immunology Chairs

               Canadian Society for Immunology                     Books speci cally related to
                                                                   Microbiology and Immunology
              Canadian Society of Microbiologists
                 American Society of Virology                      The Frank G. Lawson Career Information Centre has over
                                              1500 books and other print resour ces to assist you as you
                                                                   begin to explore your academic and career planning options.
                                                                   The Career Information Centre also maintains a collection of

        did you know ...                                           academic calendars for Canadian, U.S. and overseas

                                                                   Why not drop by the 4th oor, Student Union Building, and
    •     Professional associations often o er                     see for yourself what we have to o er?
          discounted student membership rates?
                                                                   A sample of books on hand that are relevant to a major in
    •     A student membership will help you to                    Microbiology and Immunology:
          build your network of professionals in                   •   What You Can Do With a Science Degree
          your eld?                                                        by Dave Redekopp, Allison Betton and Mary Munro
                                                                   •   Opportunities in Medical Imaging Careers
    •     As a student member, you will be able                            by Cli ord J. Sherry
          to attend the group’s conferences?                       •   VGM’s Career Portraits: Science
                                                                           by Jane Kelsey
                                                                   •   Great Jobs for Biology Majors
    •     Student membership is an excellent                               by Blythe Camenson
          resume builder?                                          •   Real People Working in Science
                                                                           by Jan Goldberg

                                just read it ...

                        “       Great Jobs for Biology Majors by Blythe Camenson is a great book for any student
                         entering the workforce. Inside you will nd information for microbiologists and

                         immunologists. Explore the career paths of clinical technicians and technologists,
                         while discovering the necessary steps to landi ng a job in your eld. This book also
                         o ers information on resume writing, co ver letters, networki ng and interviewing.

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Labour Market Information                                                                                    Page 3

It is sometimes tempting to make assumptions about a career eld based upon
what you see in the media. However, in order to nd a career that ts your
talents, interests and lifestyle, it is im portant that you set aside some time to
research those occupations that are of speci c interest to you. A number of
user-friendly web resources currently exist that can provide you with up-to-date
and objective labour market information. These websites include information
on typical job duties, trai ning and educational requirements, career paths,
salaries and wages, employment tre nds and potential employers.
The following is a list of websites
particularly useful:
                                      that students at Dalhousie have found
                                                                                          1   My major will determine
                                                                                              my career choices.

                                                                                     Success is directly related
               Canadian National Occupational Classi cation (NOC)
                                                      to money and status.            2
                                    Job Futures                                            There is only one right
                                                            3   career for me.
              Labour Market Information (Local LMI across Canada)
                                                                                     I should choose a career
                                                                                     that’s in high demand.
                                                                                           Choosing a career is a
                                                                                      5    simple process.

Considering Advanced Studies?                                                        Most students know their major
                                                                                     and career goals when
If you are interested in pursuing advanced studies, you will rst have to give
some serious thought to your motivation for pursuing graduate level study and
                                                                                     they enter university.         6
how obtaining an advanced degree will t into your long term career plans. It is
                                                                                              I’ll have only one career
important to talk with your professors about your decision to pursue graduate
studies. They will be familiar with the wo rk you have done, wi th your interests      7      in my lifetime.
and abilities, and may be ab le to point you toward a good program or potential
supervisor. Study at the graduate level takes a lot of determination and             I don’t need to go to the Career
con dence, dedication, hard work, passion , intelligence and considerable skill.
                                                                                     Information Centre until
Thus, it is not a decision to be taken lightly.
                                                                                     my nal year.                    8
There are many web resources that will he lp you to identify programs that will
be a “best t” for your particular area of interest. Here are several of them:                 Graduate schools
                                                                                       9      require speci c
                                                                                              undergraduate majors.
                                Career Cruising
       To obtain the username and password, visit us on the 4th Floor, SUB.          I should know what I want to
                                                                                     do before I see a
                Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
                                                                                     career counsellor.     10
                             Canadian Virtual University

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Dalhousie                                                                                                      Page 4

Counselling Services
Picture this. It’s late at night. You’re tossing and turning.
You’re feeling overwhelmed about all those troubling career     Frank G. Lawson
questions centered around “What am I going to do with my
life?” Making choices about majors and careers or deciding      Career Information Centre
whether or not to pursue advanced studies is an important
part of your experience at Dalhousie. Our career counsellors
                                                                Dalhousie Counselling Services’ Frank G. Lawson Career
can help you to make sense of the options available to you
                                                                Information Centre houses a wide collection of career and
and provide you with the skills required to make informed
                                                                academic resource materials.
educational and career choices. Through career counselling
you will begin to focus on where you are, where you should
                                                                Here you can find information on majors and careers, job
be going and just how you are going to get there. Together
                                                                descriptions and career profiles, labour market
you and your career counsellor will work on what next steps
                                                                information, job search resources, career portfolios, career
are best for you.
                                                                planning, universities and their course offerings, study/
                                                                work abroad, volunteer opportunities, and much more.
Our professional counsellors have careers that are deeply
meaningful to them – that is, helping students like you to
                                                                The Centre is arranged for easy self-service access to its
achieve your educational and career goals.
                                                                resources.     Career Information Assistants are also
                                                                available to help you find information.
Appointments can be made to see a counsellor by calling
494-2081 or dropping into:

           Dalhousie Counselling Services Centre
             4th floor, Student Union Building                                        Click to take a
                                                                                       Virtual Tour
Career counselling is offered as a free and confidential
                                                                                      of the Centre!
service to students of Dalhousie University, University of
King’s College and the Nova Scotia College of Art and

                            students tell us

                     “      I was graduating and had no idea what I was going to
                            do. The resources at the Career Information Centre
                            were invaluable in helping me find my way.
                                       - 4th year Biology major

                            I liked how helpful everybody was. It’s a place where

                            you can go to get all kinds of career information and
                            lots of friendly advice.
                                         - 3rd year Sociology major

   Dalhousie Counselling Services
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Description: Microbiology is the branch of biology. It is to study the various types of micro-organisms (bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, viruses, rickettsia, mycoplasma, chlamydia, spirochetes, and single-cell algae, protozoa) and morphology, physiology, biochemistry, classification and ecology Science.