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					                      8 STEPS TO HIGHER SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS

The world wide web is a great way to gain exposure in whatever you do. Having a website gives you the ability
to have publicity and to be seen by people from all over the world.

Just having a website does not get you instant recognition. It is earned by strategically marketing your business
and website. Remember, by putting up a website you are immediately entering yourself into a competition. The
World Wide Web has become so saturated with websites, it's nearly impossible to be noticed… unless you have
a plan.

The easiest way to be found on the web is to be listed in the search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. You can
easily do this by paying to be seen by using Google Adwords or Yahoo Marketing. This can be effective, but

Ultimately, you want to have your website to show up naturally on the front page of the search engines. Follow
these 8 simple steps towards optimizing your website and you will see a positive difference in your website

   1. Comprise a list of search terms you want people to find your site with. For starters, this should be 3-5
      word search strings. i.e. McDowell Mountain Ranch Real Estate or Toledo Organic Dry Cleaners.
      Something that is specific to your business or hobby.
   2. Load your website with original content. Take the time to write the information in your own words.
      Search engines will not give you credit for someone else's work.
   3. Add the key words from item 1 to your content on several different pages of your website. For example,
      it is better to have 500 pages with your key words listed once than to have 1 page with your keywords
      500 times.
   4. Know your target market. Write content that will interest them and bring them back for more.
   5. Add fresh content daily or as often as possible. Ideas to keep your site fresh include blogging, writing
      articles, interviewing people, and adding polls or RSS feeds.
   6. Keep your site for an extended period of time. There are many sites that come and go on the world wide
      web. The longer your site is around, the higher the search engines will rank you.
   7. Drive people to your website by sending out flyers, sending out mailers, emails, writing articles,
      blogging, linking to other sites and gaining as much exposure as possible.
   8. Submit your site to the search engines on a monthly basis. There are many search engine submission
      websites. Some are free and others charge a fee. Google "search engine submissions" to find one you
      like. Either way, you must submit to the search engines or your site will not be seen.

As your site ages and gets more information, you will see a higher ranking for your website. This does not
happen overnight, but by consistently adding information, you will create a website that provides value to the
end user. And ultimately, that is what the search engines are looking for… Providing good information that the
end user wants. Website are fun to own, work on and benefit from. However, they can take a substantial amount
of time. Have a strategy and work your strategy. You will see the best results and have the most satisfaction
with your website. Enjoy!
Special Thank to Tyson Bradshaw

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