4-20-09 Board Meeting - DeWitt AYSO 1297

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					                           DeWitt AYSO 1297
                         Board Meeting Minutes
                             April 20, 2009

April 8, 2009 Minutes – Passed, Kathy 1st motion, John Dziuba 2nd

Present: Amy Wilkins, Kelly Brown, Carrie Brandell, Mark Helinski,
John Dziuba, Tom Conway, Kathy Eiferle, Ray Canalas

Saturday, April 18, 2009
   1. booth went very well
   2. nets need to be anchored
   3. fields need to be marked 1,2, and 3
   4. found DeWitt AYSO 1297 banner
   5. need to purchase 6 nets for $210

Season Calendar: still in the works

Treasurer Report:
   1. 1 out of 8 letters that were sent out with old checks was sent back
      with a new check – not heard from the other 7
   2. still waiting for payment on a few from the fall and new spring
   3. Amy turned in receipts for snacks for coaches meeting, hotel stay
      Section 8 meeting – Kathy made 1st motion, John made 2nd motion
      – motion passed to reimburse Amy
   4. made a motion to purchase gas cards for the trainers of the
      coaches training (3-28-09) – Amy made 1st motion, Mark made 2nd
      motion – motion passed

Referee Report:
   1. do we have accident insurance forms?
   2. school-age referees need contact list for accidents
   3. Tom needs copy of rules of play for our region
   4. discussed how many referees are actually going to be needed

   Tom Conway Referee Instructor 8 D 1297 submitted this report:
        - Saturday’s games 9:00 U8 and U10 games had referees.
          10:30 U10 had a referee @ half time. 11:00 game turned out
          to be a no show, found out later that the coaches had
          rescheduled for 6:00 pm, no referee. 12:00 game U10
          refereed. Saturday’s referees were for U8 games, Tyler
          Respond & Dave Kracko, U10 games Jason Conway & Ken
          Smith. Cold drinks were provided and greatly welcomed.
         -   Board members RC Joe, ARC Amy, RRA Marcy & Jennifer all
             spoke with spectators and parents on the touchlines during
             halftime game stoppage. Requests for assistance were well
             received and volunteers recruited. Fall/Spring 2009-2010
             should go much better. We are planting the seeds of that
             crop now.
         -   Monday night games had referees scheduled. Outcome
             unknown at this time. Ken Smith/Tyler Respond.
         -   Sunday U8 training. Attended by four persons: Three adult
             and one school age. All passed the course. Of the four, two
             are confirmed for the bridge training to regional referee this
             coming Sunday. Thanks for the support of the board in
             securing the location and power point projector. Due to the
             small size of the class we got through the U8 course with
             extra time left. That time was spent teaching referee Safe
             Haven to three of our new U8 referees who had not taken it
             on line. All four are now Safe Haven trained. I have
             contacted AD Ken Smith to find out the best way to have the
             Safe Haven code added to the course.
         -   Referee training is ongoing. In this very busy world we are
             scheduling and it can be very hard. Six to ten persons
             would be a manageable class size. I, however, will instruct
             any sized class. We just need to get them trained

Field/Equipment Report:
   1. two port-a-johns are now on the fields – one at lacrosse and one at
      U8 – need to figure out which one is AYSO’s
   2. DeWitt Community Ed wants to put out a dumpster – the board
      Feels the barrels are fine
   1. we are getting more blue jackets
   2. still waiting for prices from MLS

Coaches Report:
  1. binders have been made for each team with players registration/
     medical release forms
  2. Kelly has more registration forms for these binders but is still
     Waiting for payment on those
  3. send out e-mail to coaches to pick up team binders at booth Sat.
  4. the two U8 girls games for April 21st are cancelled due to wet fields
  5. U10 girls game this past Sat. in St. Johns did not play due to there
     Was not a field available – determined that St. Johns scheduled
  6. coaches are rescheduling games and not letting anyone know –
     need to get them retrained to let the board know of changes so we
     may let the referees know
   1. flyers to go out May 1st – Tina Templin needs to approve
   2. need snacks for registration on May 12th and 16th
   3. Kelly is working on complete supply list for reg. dates
   4. April 27th & 28th are Showcase Specials Night at Schavey – are
      there any games or practices?
   5. talk to DARA about an AYSO booth to be there on the last day of
      their season

New Business:
  1. Ray announced he is involved in Tag Team Award through Best
     Buy – for every 40 hours he puts into DeWitt AYSO, Best Buy will
     Give $1000 to DeWitt AYSO – he will keep us posted

Tabled Items:
   1. phone tree/e-mail for cancelled/rescheduled games to let referees
   2. players that want to be on a team just for the spring

NEXT MEETING: MAY 4, 2009 – 6:30-9:00 P.M.

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