HEFFLEY CREEK PAC NEWSLETTER

Heffley Creek Parents’ Advisory Council (PAC) is a collective voice of all families and is
open to suggestions, ideas and interest of opportunities for our students and school. In
effort to fulfill this goal, PAC has changed the monthly PAC meeting days to coordinate
with the Kindergarten schedule hoping that more parents will be able to attend. Also, a
return checklist is attached to give families the opportunity to participate in and bring
attention to school functions. Join the school SPIRIT, participate in any capacity!!!

PAC MEETING SCHEDULE:                 Tuesday, November 4th @12:30pm,
                                      Tuesday, December 2nd @ 12:30pm
                                      Tuesday, January 6th @ 12:30pm
                                      Wednesday, February, 4th @ 12:30pm
                                      Monday, March 2nd @ 12:30pm

       PAC monthly meeting Minutes can be found on the Heffley Creek website at

Put your costumes on and come out to the annual ‘HALLOWEEN SCHOOL PARTY’
held on Friday, October 31st at 2:30pm in the School Gym. Games and organized
activities with lots of treats!! Families’ can donate a store bought bag of treats that can
be dropped off in the Halloween bin at the school office before Wednesday, October
29th. Please remember, we are a PEANUT FREE School. PAC is hoping for volunteers
to decorate, supervise and clean up to make this party a success.
Coordinator-Apryl Duthie 250-578-8298.

Currently there is an opportunity to run a 3-day Hot Lunch Program (Mon., Wed., Fri.) for
our school students beginning Monday, November 3rd to Friday, March 13th (Spring
Break). For this program to kick-off there is a need for MINIMUM 20 VOLUNTEERS so
that each volunteer needs only to be at the school once a month (Food & Beverage
Program section). The tentative lunch menu will have a variety of items offered, i.e., grill
cheese, soup/bun, and chicken nuggets/apples along with pizza and hot dog days
keeping with the healthy food choices. There is no longer access for students to use
microwaves at the school so this would be a great alternative. If the volunteer number
(20) is not filled the Program will not be go ahead. Should you have any questions or
suggestions, please contact Kristin Faessler 250-578-7837.

MILK CONTEST - This year PAC has a new incentive to get those milk bottles into the
MILK recycle bin. Once the student has finished drinking their milk, give the bottle a
quick rinse and put their name on it and then place it in the MILK recycle bin. Every
second Friday of the month a bottle will be pulled out of the bin and the lucky student will
win a MOOOO prize. Draw dates: Oct. 17th & Oct. 31st. Remember always RECYCLE!!

RECESS SNACK PROGRAM – Each classroom has a ‘Weekly Recess Snack Chart’ to
help remind students when to pick up their recess snack. To keep food, costs and
money from waste, check frequently with your child that they are actually picking up and
eating their snack.

PAC has set a schedule of events and activities for the 2008/2009 school year and is
offering the opportunity for everyone to get involved whether it is coordinating and/or
volunteering throughout the year. Please take the time to review the following list and
check off one or more events and/or activities that you would enjoy to participate in.
Please return the checklist to your child’s teacher by Wednesday, October 15th.

Lastly, KITTENS for free – call Barb Linder at 250-578-7566
                                HEFFLEY CREEK PAC
                              PARTICIPATION CHECKLIST

Name(s):                                                          Phone No.

Food & Beverage Program;                Hot Lunch Program
                                        Recess Snack & milk
                                        Concession events

One-to-One Reading                                                (volunteer(s) needed to read with child)

Halloween Party                                                   (set-up, supervision, take down)

Volleyball Jamboree (1 day)                                       (concession, supervision, refereeing)

Christmas 50/50 Draw                                              (selling tickets prior to Xmas concert)
(School Xmas Concert Night)

Christmas Raffle Prize(s) Draw                                    (selling tickets prior to Xmas concert)
(School Xmas Concert Night)

Family Fun Night (end of Jan.)                                    (Committee)

Basketball Jamboree (1 day)                                       (concession, supervision, refereeing)

Teachers’ Appreciation Luncheon (May)                             (co-coordinator, set up, clean up)

Mother’s Day Basket (May)                                         (organize basket & ticket sales)

Spring Fling                                                      (Committee)

Father’s Day Basket (June)                                        (organize basket & ticket sales)

Brock Pool Day (end of June)                                      (concession)

Family BBQ (June)                                                 (concession, set up, organized games, clean up)

Fundraising Committee                                             (organize events and sales)

Baby/Kids Swap Meet                                                an indoor swap meet open to the public strictly
                                        Yes               No       selling baby and/or children items and clothing.

Spring Fling                                                       suggestions: family dance, family carnival,
                                        Yes               No       family movie night…

GET CONNECTED, join the PAC e-mail list to receive PAC Minutes, information of upcoming school events and
activities, when, what and where you can participate in volunteering, free education seminars and workshops that
are available to parents in our community and of course, the opportunity to offer your ideas and suggestions.
          SIGN UP NOW!!!!!
                               Please print clearly.
PAC Communication Officer: Ed Wright               edwright@telus.net



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