H.S.A. NEWSLETTER January 2010 by dtb21686


									                        H.S.A. NEWSLETTER January 2010
H.S.A. Board Members                                                                    Email Addresses
Co-Presidents: Jen Squeri and Christine Taylor jenilee21@comcast.net           christaylormail@gmail.com
Vice President: Stacy Shannon                                                    sshannon1@yahoo.com
Co-Treasurer: Bob Marcin                                                         monstercab@verizon.net
Co-Treasurer: Kathy Vladyka                                                           KathyVlad@aol.com
Corresponding Secretary: Linda Krute                                                 mlkrute@comcast.net
Recording Secretary: Sue Lyons                                                       sueq32@comcast.net

                          UPCOMING EVENTS and IMPORTANT NEWS
                                     Friday January 22-Joe Corbi Fundraiser Deadline!
                                                       SMS Family Night 7:00PM in the cafeteria
                                        January 30 ~ February 5 – Catholic Schools Week
       Saturday January 30 - Pre-K and Kindergarten Open House 3 to 5 PM - Children and Parents Welcome
                       Catholic Education Mass 5:30 - Reception will follow in the cafeteria.
                Tuesday February 2 - Open House (Pre-K, K and Transfers) - Parents Only Please 9-11 am
                                   Wednesday, February 3 - Lunch with your Buddy Day!
                                                       Grades 5 & 1, 6 & 2 will eat at 11:30
                                                       Grades 7 & 3, 8 & 4 will eat at 12:00
                                            Kindergarten will eat with 3rd grade another day that week.
         Thursday, February 4 - In Class Jeopardy and Open House for current SMS parents 9:30-11:00 am
                        Friday, February 5 - Athletic Bowl - Free Green and White dress down day
                                                               9:00-11:00 Grades K-4
                                                                1:00-2:15 Grades 5-8

        Friday January 22 is SMS Family Night! The fun begins at 7:00 pm in the
      cafeteria. See the Wednesday envelope for registration and more info.
               Friday February 26-Basket Bingo Night! Featuring those ever
             popular, ever collectible baskets from Dresden, Ohio. Doors open at
  6:30pm and bingo begins at 7:00 pm in the school cafeteria. See the Wednesday
                          envelope for registration info.

       Please show your support to Retail and Grocery Scrip~ Still need to reach your HSA
        commitment? An easy way to help those dollars add up is to order scrip. Forms available in the
        Wednesday envelope or on line today. JUST A REMINDER: Any scrip order filled totaling
        $500 or more will automatically be sent to the School Office. This is regardless of what is
        checked on the front of your envelope.
       A great and EASY way to show your support towards our school is Box Tops and Campbell
        Soup Labels. Please continue saving these great labels and send them to Josephine Pugnet c/o
        Brandon in 8A. The last turn in date for soup labels and box tops is the end of February
        Thank you Josephine for all of your dedication!
       Please remember to save your pop tabs from soda cans! Please send them in to Mrs. Schnier,
        KA. Thank you Mrs. Schnier for all your hard work!
                     H.S.A. NEWSLETTER January 2010
                                           GOOD NEWS!!!!
  Congratulations to our 8th grade boys who were accepted to St. Joseph's High School:
 Lorenzo B                          Jack H                               Christopher L
 Carter C                           Robert H                             Drew R
 Michael C                          Andrew H                             George S
 Sean D                             Nicholas K                           Agustin Z
 John F                             Ryan L

    Congratulations to our 8th graders who were accepted to Bishop Ahr High School:
 Jasmine B                 John F                        Christopher L            Christina S
 Lorenzo B                 Nicole F                      Justin M                 Amy S
 Gabriella B               Jack H                        Caitlin M                Lisa S
 Sandra B                  Jessica H                     Michael O                George S
 Mark C                    Andrew H                      Brandon P                Jack T
 Carter C                  Jennifer J                    Morgan R                 Matt T
 Michael C                 Kathryn K                     Saloni S                 Jozxelle T
 Christopher D             Nicholas K                    Elena S                  Alyssa V
 Sean D                    Ryan L                        Katelyn S                Christopher W

    Congratulations to our 8th graders who were accepted to Immaculata High School:
 Gabriella B               Khristian H                   Justin M                 Elena S
 Mark C                    Jessica H                     Caitlin M                Katelyn
 Christopher D             Robert H                      Michael O                Christina S
 Sean D                    Jennifer J                    Brandon P                Amy S
 John F                    Kathryn K                     Drew R                   Lisa S
 Kristina F                Nicholas K                    Morgan R                 Devin S
 Nicole F                  Christopher L                 Saloni S                 Jack T
                                                                                  Alyssa V

Congratulations to our 8th graders who were accepted to Cardinal McCarrick High School:
 Christopher D                      Khristian H                          Caitlin M
 Nicole F                           Robert H                             Michael O
 Jack H                             Andrew H                             Drew R
 Patrick H                          Ryan L                               Elena S
                                                                         Jozxelle T

       Congratulations to our Girls and Boy’s basketball teams!

                   Christmas Tourney Champs:
       7th/8th Grade Boys Green - A Bracket Champion
       4th Grade Girls Green - A Bracket Champion
       5th/6th Grade Girls White - B Bracket Champion
       4th Grade Girls White - B Bracket Champion

       7th/8th Grade Girls White - B Bracket 2nd Place
       7th/8th Grade Boys White - B Bracket 2nd Place

        4th Grade Boys - A Bracket 2nd Place
        5th/6th Grade Boys Green - B Bracket 2nd Place

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