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									Vol. 4, No. 9                       Joint Force Headquarters, Colorado National Guard                                                  June 2008
2/238th MEDEVAC returns home at last                                                                            Spc. Jessi Stone

                                                                thought it would be,” said Spc.    Soldiers in formation. He then offered his thanks
                                           Sgt. Nick Cor-
                                           nelius cradles    with the 2/238th.                      “Their service was a noble one not just because
                                           his two month      He added that he was proud           of the mission, but also because they were risking
                                           old son, Ethan,   of his service and what he did        their lives,” Ritter explained. “It’s an honor to
                                           at the welcome    while he was in Iraq. “I really       stand in their midst.”
                                           home ceremony     believe we have the best job in        “Thank you on behalf of the people of this
                                           for the 2/238th   the military” Moyer said. “It’s       state,” Ritter said in conclusion “The National
                                           MEDEVAC unit      very rewarding.”                      Guard is central to our ability to protect ourselves
                                           April 30. Ethan    Gov. Bill Ritter had the             … We honor you and we are privileged to stand
                                           was born while    opportunity to visit the 2/238th      as Coloradans beside you.”
                                           Cornelius was     in Iraq during a trip to the region
                                           still in Iraq.
                                                             in late 2007, which gave him a
                                           “It was a great
                                           feeling to be ablevery personal perspective on
                                           to come home      their homecoming.
                                           and scoop him up   “I am fortunate enough to have
                                                             met these Soldiers,” he said to
                                          Cornelius said.    the families gathered to welcome
                                                             their loved ones home. “It is an
                                                             honor and a privilege to be their
 After a year away from home the 2/238th commander in chief.”
Medical Evacuation unit returned from Iraq.       “It really gave me a sense of the
Their welcome home ceremony took place dangerousness of their mission … the
April 30, at the Aviation Support Facility on complexity and dangerousness cannot be
Buckley Air Force Base.                         over stated,” he said of the environment
                                                there. Ritter went on to describe the unit’s
1,000 missions. The unit’s mission in Iraq mission in Iraq and what he witnessed when              1st Lt. Christopher Fishell presents a shadow
was to rescue and treat the wounded.            he visited with them.                              box to Gov. Ritter at the unit’s homecoming cel-
 “Iraq was everything I thought it would
be, and at the same time nothing like what I he said to the families while admiring the            over Iraq in Ritter’s honor.

8th CST receives outstanding unit award                                                                                Col. Theresa Z. Blumberg
  Members of the 8th Civil Support Team           technologically advanced assessments and
received the TAG Outstanding Unit Award at        facilitates command and control.
their 10-year reunion May 22.                       The team provides support for numerous
  The 8th Civil Support Team, which stood
up in 1998, is a 22-person unit composed of       including the president, NATO, the governor
Army and Air National Guardsmen and is            of Colorado, and the U.S. Mint.
responsible for responding to terrorist use         Since the unit formed in 1998, it has
of weapons of mass destruction. The team          initiated several training, techniques and
is tasked with a homeland defense mission         procedures that are now accepted as standard
for Colorado and a rotating on-call national      across the entire CST community. It was
mission providing consequence management
for the aftermath of WMDs used against            by the Secretary of Defense.
civilian targets.                                   The 8th CST continues to set the example
  The team also provides support and training     for multi-agency coordination at the national
for local, state and federal agencies, and        level by forging effective collaborative         Maj. Gen. H. Michael Edwards presents mem-
supports incident commanders and follow-on        relationships with numerous federal              bers of the 8th CST the nationally recognized
federal forces with timely and accurate advice,   agencies.                                        CST badge March 27.

                                         Driving the National Guard’s                                            By Tech Sgt.
                                         future in space                                                         Kevin Coulter
     6848 South Revere Pkwy
    Centennial, CO 80112-3904             FORT GREELY, Alaska – Very quietly, a              in Alaska, California and Colorado? How
                                                                                             do the three states integrate when each has
                                                                                             different requirements for promotions and
                                         brought together the Colorado Adjutant General      career development? How should National
                                         along with Assistant Adjutant Generals from         Guard personnel be rotated into Fort Greely
                                         Colorado, California and Alaska to iron out         and for how long?
                                                                                               The Emergency Management Assistance
                                         Ground-Based Midcourse Defense mission.             Compact allows for personnel to assist other
                                           “Homeland                                                                      states   during
                                         Defense has been                                                                 emergencies
                                         the      National                                                                while      they
                                         Guard’s primary                                                                  remain assets
                                         mission      since                                                               of their home
                                         1636,”        said                                                               states; but the
Maj. Gen. H. Michael Edwards             Alaska’sAssistant                                                                Ground-Based
The Adjutant General                     Adjutant General                                                                 Midcourse
                                         for Aerospace and                                                                Missile Defense
Capt. Robert Bell                        Missile Defense,                                                                 system is a
                              FHQ-CO     Brig. Gen. Craig                                                                 permanent
                                         Christensen.                                                                     mission     that
Maj. Renee Cunningham                    “Now         we’re                                                               requires long-
Chief of Public Affairs, Joint Staff     in space, and
                                         everything     has A Ground-based Interceptor is lowered into its missile silo    b e y o n d
1st Lt. Darin Overstreet                 gotten a whole lot during a recent emplacement on the Missile Defense Com-        emergency
Deputy PAO, Joint Staff                  bigger.”              plex at Fort Greely, Alaska.                                relief,    and
                                           A presidentially                                                                there are no
Capt. Michael Odgers                     mandated missile                                                                  provisions  in
                                         defense program is up and running, but what         Title 32 that require a Guardsman to move to
Commander, 104th PAD
                                         resembles a traditional artillery battery has grown another state.
Capt. Nicole David                       exponentially to the equivalent of having one        A few of the ideas considered at the G.O.

                                         with command and control in Colorado. It is         or to have protections similar to those in
Maj. Laura Kenney
                                                                                             the Uniformed Services Employment and
Chief Public Affairs, 100th MDB          National Guard is now addressing. For instance,     Reemployment Rights Act to ensure that
                                         with a mission spread over half a continent, how    Guardsmen can return to their home states
Newsletter archives can be found at:     can the National Guard move members between         without penalty after permanent changes of            states?                                             station. Perhaps longer tours in Alaska would
news/default.asp                         by subject matter and arranged by numbered            This initial Summit addressed these and other
                                         titles. The United States Code, Title 10 covers     issues. The leadership of Alaska, California
For more information, visit the Public   the U.S. Armed Forces, while Title 32 addresses     and Colorado will continue to explore new
                                         state militias or the National Guard. Federally     and better ways to support the expanding role
                                         active troops – Title 10 personnel – are expected   of space in Homeland Defense.
Headquarters-Colorado Building,
                                         to move from one location to another, whereas         “We are all ‘plank holders’ here,” said Brig.
or call Public Affairs at (720) 250-     Title 32 personnel are not.                         Gen. Christensen, in his closing remarks
1050/1/2.                                  “A lot of us joined the National Guard and got    at the G.O. Summit. “We are laying the
                                         out of the active duty because we were tired of     groundwork for future developments in the
For more information about editorial     being moved all the time. We wanted to choose       National Guard’s expanding mission to protect
                                         where we settled down to raise a family,” said      America.”
policies, visit       Maj. Gen. H. Michael Edwards, the Adjutant
highground/editpolicy.asp                General of Colorado.                                Gen. H. Michael Edwards (Colo.), Brigadier
                                           But now that the National Guard has a larger      Generals Craig Christensen and Thomas
                                         space defense mission, how do states share          Katkus (Alaska), Thomas Mills and Stuart
                                         personnel, who need experience with the assets      Pike (Colo.), and Louis Antonetti (Calif.).
                                                               June 2008
A renewal of family support: A spouse’s perspective                                                                        Anne Overstreet
I attended the 2008 Colorado National            (some in compromising locations), and race         Ohio, whose 18-year-old son committed
Guard Family Programs’ State Conference          quickly from spot to spot. However, in spite of    suicide. The service member wasn’t granted
in Breckenridge, Colo., May 17-19 with my        our hard work, our team forgot to check in at      leave soon enough when his son was clearly
husband, 1st Lt. Darin Overstreet, Deputy                                                           in pain.
                                                  May 19:Another beautiful day in Breckenridge!       The Family Readiness Group can assist in
National Guard. Below is a journal of the                                                           times of crisis and may even have prevented
weekend’s events from my point of view.                                                             some of the tragedy this family experienced, if
 May 17: We arrived on a beautiful, blue-skied                                                      given the proper support.
Friday. We checked-in at the hotel and joined     They worked jointly to address effects of           So, family support is critically important.
other CONG families for the icebreaker. After    stress on the body and related traumas, as well
                                                 as ways to de-stress and reintegrate. They         difference, and it can do so in huge ways.
fellow Guard members and their families. We      demonstrated some imagery techniques that           We are a family, the National Guard Family,
became fast friends as we laughed and talked.                                                       and it’s up to us to protect and look out for
At the end of the evening, the conference was    people have endured.                               each other.
already off to a great start!                      What I found most poignant was the notion
 May 18: Bright and early, we joined the         that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not a
conference goers. Most of the day was spent      disorder, but a normal response to extremely
reviewing many facets of Family Programs,        high-stress situations. That goes a long way to
including the acronyms. Using case scenarios,    de-mystifying the problem, thus allowing for
groups worked collaboratively to problem-        growth and change from the experiences.
solve issues that arise for families when a        The following presenter, Brad Montgomery,
service member is overseas.                      a comedian and magician, spoke about the
 Having some familiarity with a Family           magic of life, repeating his catch phrase,
Readiness Group, I was very impressed with       “How cool is that?!” His message was about
the comprehensive support the CONG offers.       incorporating humor and fun into every day
This support was evident at all levels, from     life, and appreciating the gifts in life we have
the passonate statements of Maj. Gen. Mike       all been given. His wit was contagious and
Edwards, the Adjutant General of Colorado,
to commanders and on down through the unit
leaders. It was obvious the CONG has a solid     families: I know you make daily and deep
investment in this program.
 Throughout the day, it was clear to me          take for granted. I want to say “thank you”
                                                 from the deepest place in my heart.
a focused mission to support its families.         Although I didn’t mention it earlier, I have
Knowing someday Darin could be in harms          experienced a loved one’s deployment, while         P.J. Turner, son of Master Sgt. Palmer Turner
way, I am sure I will have the support I need.   he was in combat for 10 months with a Special       and Staff Sgt. Deb Turner of the COANG,
 The day ended with an active and competitive    Forces unit. So, I do know what many of you
scavenger hunt throughout the town of            have experienced.                                   Breckenridge. This was one of the activities
Breckenridge. Divided into teams of 10, we         I have also known a service member, from          offered to the children of conference goers.
worked together to answer clues, toss rubber
chickens into buckets, undo locks, funnel                                                                                    By Army
water into a cup, taste ice cream, get tattoos
                                                  ETT Glacier trains Afghan soldiers                                         Maj. Brian P. Gary

                                                                                                           Members of COARNG’s
                                                                                                           Embedded Training Team Glacier
                                                                                                           are currently deployed to western
                                                                                                           Afghanistan where they are
                                                                                                           training Afghan infantry soldiers.
                                                                                                           On May 11, they held a ceremony
                                                                                                           for the 1-2 Kandak Battalion as
                                                                                                           it graduated from basic infantry
                                                                                                           training at Camp Zafar, Harat.
Conference attendees search a local map dur-
ing a scavenger hunt. The event was designed
as a team-building venture.
                                                                                                                        By Army
Soldier competes in Ironman China                                                                                       Staff Sgt. Norm Houser
Staff Sgt Norm Houser, of COARNG’s Special       nauseated, chills, and stopped sweating.            said that the
Operations Detachment-Korea, is currently in       I dismounted at the next aid station and took     headache and
China attending an intense Chinese language      two salt tablets and ate an energy bar while        nausea are part
immersion program. On April 20, Staff Sgt.       drinking electrolytes and water. Then I sat there   of the Ironman
Houser raced in the Ironman China triathlon.     in the shade for about 30 minutes and prayed        experience; to
This is his story.                               and debated with myself. Finally I mustered         be    expected,
 The race directors set up eight swim buoys      the strength to get on the bike again.              welcomed,
three days in advance. The next day, a typhoon     I pulled into transition area two at almost       and    enjoyed.
came through and swept away half of them.        exactly 10 hours, still not quite committed to      Hmmmm...
Standing on shore, one could almost see the      continuing the race. Although I showed all           I was within
                                                 signs of good hydration, I was still nauseated      10 km of the
                                                 and had a pounding headache. Again I took two
buoy we had to swim blind for over 100           salt tablets, ate an energy bar, drank a bottle     p.m., and it was
meters.                                          of electrolytes, and sat for 20 minutes before      only then that I
 After the second group of swimmers              taking off again, just to see.
inadvertently cut the course short, the swim       By this time, I had about six and a half hours
degenerated into pure mayhem. I had a                                                                and had a nice
                                                                                                                         Staff Sgt. Norm Houser
guy swim over my back going in the other         could complete the course. My unorthodox            crew of friends
                                                                                                                         rides 112 miles during the
direction.                                       hydration/nutrition plan had given me a             waiting at the      Ironman China triathlon
 Somewhere around 65 miles into the bike         low-grade stomach cramp that remained my            end to tie a        April 20.
                                                 constant companion, but it never incapacitated      bow around the
for about 15 minutes. That’s when I knew I       me, and I was able to run for long stretches
was in danger. At about 80 miles, I was in the   before slowing into recovery walks.                 who wants me to train through one with her,
                                                  One of the Ironman veterans I ran with

                                                                                                                           By Air Force
ESGR awards local                                                                                                          Maj. Jim Reeman
                                                  By popular demand I am providing my                FRUITS:
employers                                        personal approved food list, which is great
                                                 for those wanting to lose weight or simply get
By Spc. Jessi Stone                              into shape.                                         BREADS/
                                                  I have compiled this list over several years       GRAINS:
                                                 through my personal experience, passionate
                                                 study, and advice from some top professionals
                                                                                                     Sprouted Grains
                                                  While some of my top picks and forbidden           DAIRY/SUBSTITUTES:

                                                 list of approved foods on my Aircrew Fitness
                                                 Blog at                            . You can use    CONDIMENTS: Flaxseed oil
                                                 this list as a guide or a bible depending on the
                                                 strength and seriousness of your goals.             SEASONINGS:
                                                   For best results, be sure and consume protein     SNACKS: Protein bars (check for sugar)
                                                 and vegetables with every meal when pos-
                                                 sible. Limit fruit to the morning. Be sure to
 Maj. Gen. H. Michael Edwards greets             check the sugar content before consuming            BEVERAGES:
 employers of Colorado Guardsmen at              any processed foods. Don’t eat carbohydrates
 the inaugural Employee Support of the           within two hours of bedtime. Limit dairy.           SUPPLEMENTS:
 Guard and Reserve awards banquet in               Also remember to drink water on a regular         Omega 3 Fatty Acids
 Colorado Springs May 17.                        basis. One gallon per day is a reasonable goal
 Employers of Guardsmen and Reservists           for an adult.
 were honored at the banquet for going                                                               FORBIDDEN FOODS:
 above and beyond to support service             PROTEIN:
 members and their families during
 deployments. For information on how to          HEALTHY FATS:                                  -                                             -
 nominate your employer, visit                                   VEGETABLES:                                                                                      -

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