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Avinash Deora                          HR Division ,
Sales Executive ,                  Gati Logistics ltd.
Gati Logistics Ltd.
The activities which done by me in the induction programme is presented by me in date wise
formate. Which is mention below :-

Date – 07/04/2010.

On first day of the induction programme I went to Chakan office on general shift to observe the
operational work. Mr. SamadhanPatil took the induction in which I learn below mention things :-

    PDC.

    MR Preparation.

    Delivery Processes and Updation.

    Booking Processes.

    Docket entry in GEMS.

    Different codes of various stations.

    Various details of docket.

    POD updating by GA.

    Freight charges as per the destinations.

    Trip Challan Details.
                                        Date - 08/04/2010

    Next day we attend the night shift that is from 11pm to 7am. All the major loading &
     unloading work is done in this shift only.

    All the material which is going through the different routs is loading in gati trucks in this

    Whatever work is done in this shift is majorly done by the Gati helpers.

    The material which was placed in GATI office was placed route wise & material which was
     dispatched for their destination was dispatching according to their time schedule.

                                        Date – 09/04/2010

On third day we attend second shift i.e 3pm to 11 pm.

Mr. Sachin took us thorugh the activities like

    Various reports generation in GEMS,

    Logistics Activities.

    Gati also provide some warehouse facilities to their customers as per their requirements
     & dispatch these materials to different locations as per the customer’s need.

                                        Date – 10/04/2010

Next day we went to the Vishrantwadi branch. All the Air cargo activities are done in
Vishrantwadi Branch.

Ms. Itishree explain us all the internal work of the Air Cargo. These are some things that we
learn from Ms. Itishree

      ATC operations and processes
      Pick up and Lodgement
      Visit to Airport and observe pickup and lodgement.
      Functions of the ATC
       - Lodgement
       - Retrieval
       - Delivery

  Various Terms described as ,

1} ASL - Arrived Service Level

2} DSL – Delivery Service Level

3} ABSL – Arrived booking service level.

4} UCG Procedure – Unclaimed Goods.

Date – 12/04/2010 and 13/04/2010

       The Induction on 12 and 13 April was conducted in Kondhawa Branch.

       It was very well conducted by Mr. Nikose and Mr. Idate.

       Also some Sales Executives explained the whole sales procedure to us.

       The Sales Executive were Mr. Abhishek and Mr. Anshul

       Mr. Abhishek was from Retail and Mr. Anshul was from Credit.

       We learn the things like ,

       1} Sales Activities.

       2} GDW i.e Gati Distribution Warehouse. Activities .

       3} Customer visit with GA.
       Date – 14/04/2010

       The 14 th April Induction was conducted by Mr. Devanand Navale.

       He recently promoted as a Sr. Sales Executive.

       He told us the Whole Retail Activities , The Tarrif card was also well explained

       By him.

       The session was very Informative.

Date – 15/04/2010

This was the last day of the Induction.

We went through various sessions like .

1] IT Activities -   By Mr.Dyanesh

2] Customer Service Activities - By . Ms. Vaishali

3] BAC Activities        - BY Mr. Ravi Kuperkar.

4 ] FMG Activities - By Mr. B.D. Sharma

5] HRD Activities - Ms. Bharati.

   Conclusion : -
     I would like to Conclude here that The Induction program of Gati is very informative.

      It is going to help the New Employee in a very Great Manner . Especially those who
Come from other Sector. This Induction program gives me an added confidance.

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