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									                                              New Online Databases Added

 Did you know…                                                       Com Cat
   •	Over 31 billion searches are done in Google each                The literature (and statistics like those above) shows that
     month—up from 2.7 billion per month in 2006.                    students are looking for a new information-seeking model.
   •	Over 4 exabytes of new information are generated every          To help students, the following new databases will be part
     year—more than was generated in the last 5,000 years.           of the Com Cat federated search by early September 2009
   •	The amount of new technical information generated               ( Students and
     doubles every two years--and the pace is increasing.            educators can search all databases simultaneously. The
                                                 Did You Know 3.0?   Com Cat interface will be updated and will feature RIA    (Rich Internet Applications) and 2.0—including cover flow.
                                                                     Until that time, here are the direct hyperlinks.

EVERYBODY                                                            World Book Kids
Learn360                                                                                                 Offers simple navigation, thousands of colorful illustrations,
Includes streaming media. Outstanding K-12 content from              diagrams, and maps, and dozens of activities tied to national
PBS, National Geographic, Standard Deviants, Slim Good-              curriculum standards.
body, Sunburst Visual Media and dozens of other educational
video producers.                                                     World Book Discoverer
iCLIPART for Schools                                                 Differentiated instruction site features read-aloud and transla-                                    tion capabilities, more video, and clear, easy-to-read articles.

WILBOR                                                               SECONDARY                                      Advanced Placement Source
Thousands of audiobooks are available for download. Many   ,uid&
titles are compatible with iPods. Includes award-winning             profile=ehost&defaultdb=aqh
titles such as Iowa Children’s Choice, Iowa Teen, Iowa High          Designed to meet the needs of students in AP courses. Con-
School. This is a consortium with public libraries and users         tains more than 5,550 full-text academic journals and maga-
must have a library card with the participating local library to     zines and over 440,000 photos, maps and flags.
download audiobooks.
                                                                     History Reference Center
ELEMENTARY/MIDDLE                                          ,uid&
Discovery Education Science K-8                                      profile=ehost&defaultdb=khh                                    History reference database: full-text of 170 history periodi-
Includes standards-based streaming videos, virtual labs,             cals; 112,000 historical documents; more than 119,000
simulations, reading passages and more, coupled with a real-         biographies of historical figures; more than 113,000 historical
time formative assessment component. Organized around an             photos and maps; and more than 80 hours of historical video.
inquiry framework covering Physical, Earth and Space, and
Life Sciences. It is designed to encourage exploration, stimu-       Literary Reference Center
late critical thinking, and deepen understanding of science.,uid&prof
DEScience will be integrated into the search done with the           ile=lrc
DEstreaming database. Look for it in early September.                Contains full text for more than 31,000 plot summaries, syn-
                                                                     opses and work overviews, 100,000 articles/essays of literary
NoveList K-8 Plus                                                    criticism, 164,000 author biographies, 450 literary journals,,uid&              630,000 book reviews, 68,000 classic and contemporary
profile=novpk8                                                       poems, 18,000 classic and contemporary short stories, 5,600
This upgrade to Plus provides access to over 17,000 non-             author interviews, 8,200 classic texts, and much more.
fiction titles designed to support the curriculum and kids’
pleasure reading.                                                                                              continued on back page
Newspaper Source Plus                                                                   Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos,uid&                       
Contains 1,520 full-text newspapers, providing more than                                Gran Enciclopedia Hispanica
28 million full-text articles; and more than 601,300 TV and                   
radio news transcripts, videos & podcasts.                                    
NoveList Plus                                                                           3D,uid&
profile=novplus                                                                         LeEncyclopedia Decouverte
This upgrade to Plus provides over 200,000 fiction and                        
readable nonfiction titles, feature content including lists of
award-winning books, Book Discussion Guides, BookTalks,
Recommended Reads and more.

Points of View Reference                                                                   Databases we had to let go…,uid&site                                Newsbank (including DM Register)
This full-text database provides students with a series of es-                             eLibrary Science
says that present multiple sides of a current issue. Provides                              Learning: Literature
250 topics, each with an overview (objective background/                                   PD360
description), point (argument), counterpoint (opposing argu-
ment), and Critical Thinking Guide.                                                        Some Sample Essential Concepts and/or Skills
Science Reference Center                                                                   from Iowa Core Curriculum…,uid&prof                                Here’s how the rich content in online reference data-
ile=ehost&defaultdb=sch                                                                    bases, the information-seeking skills, and 21st century
Contains full text for hundreds of science encyclopedias,                                  information and technology literacy skills can be inte-
reference books, periodicals, and other sources.                                           grated. More information on the Iowa Core Curriculum
                                                                                           is at AND http://www.
World Book Student                                                                                                                 • Demonstrate creative thinking in the design and
Includes the articles of the Encyclopedia, a Biography Center,                                  development of innovative technology products and
dictionary, atlas, an extensive multimedia collection, thou-                                    problem solving.
sands of editor-selected Web sites, correlations to curriculum                               • Plan strategies utilizing digital tools to gather, evalu-
standards, and much more.                                                                       ate, and use information.
                                                                                             • Use critical thinking skills to conduct research, solve
World Book Advanced                                                                             problems, and make informed decisions using appro-                                                    priate technological tools and resources.
Powerful reference tool that includes encyclopedic, multime-                                 • Apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use infor-
dia, e-book, and primary source databases, fully integrated in                                  mation.
a single search.                                                                             • Use a variety of skills and strategies to comprehend
                                                                                                nonfiction and informational text.
Early Peoples Digital Library                                                                • Read for a variety of purposes and across content
Explore the history of such ancient cultures as the Egyptians,
Greeks, Romans, Australian Aborigines, Maori, and Chinese,
among others, in this expansive online reference collection.

Inventions and Discoveries Digital Library
An exploration of the transformative impact of the inventions                                                         6500 Corporate Drive
and discoveries that continue to shape our world today.                                                               Johnston, IA 50131
Living Green Digital Library                                                                                          (515) 270-9030                                                          Fax (515) 270-5383
Students explore environmental issues and current efforts to
reduce human impact on the environment.

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