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					                     The Quilters’ Guild of NSW Inc                                                      10. Janine Dixon                                 16. Carolyn Sullivan
                                 Level 5, 276 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000                               Keeping an Eye on Things                         Scribbly Gum
                                 Tel: (02) 9283 3737 Fax: (02) 9283 3274                                 Tathra,NSW                    51 x 64 cm         Bundanoon,NSW                   85 x 78 cm
                                     Email:                                  Pictorial Quilt (Open)               NFS         Art Quilt (Open)                     $2250
                                                                       Small quilt made using raw edged appliqué        Eucalypts signify our "Australian-ness" and
                                                                                                         and machine quilting.                            the Scribbly gum markings are particularly
                     Sydney Quilt Show 2010 Online Catalogue                                             11. Erica Spinks
This catalogue is available for download from the Guild website for those visitors who wish to print     Jetsam                                 NFS       17. Choy Lin Williams
their own copy. A complimentary shortform catalogue with layout diagram is provided at the show.         Parramatta,NSW                 51 x 51 cm        Trails
                                                                                                         Mixed Techniques:Anything Goes (Prof)            Kurrajong Heights,NSW           87 x 75 cm
  List of Exhibitors:Page 27 • 2010 Judges: Lynn Hewitt, Lynne Alchin & Jocelyne Leath                                                                    Art Quilt (Open)                     $1200
                                                                                                         My own hand-dyed fabric, hand stitched and
                                                                                                         embellished with hand knitting. The colours      (No description supplied)
 1. Fiona Hammond                                       5. Kay Sieff                                     and shapes remind me of wreckage floating
 Drift                                      NFS         Cellular                                         on the sea.                                      18. Waltraud Klingohr
 Lake Bathurst,NSW                   44 x 79 cm         Homebush,NSW                    32 x 27 cm                                                        Der Kuss
 Mixed Techniques:Anything Goes (Prof)                  Mixed Techniques - Anything              NFS                                                      Fisher,ACT                   88 x 68 cm
                                                                                                         12. Catherine Porter
 Fiona has used bead embellishment, raw-                Goes (Amateur)                                                                                    Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)       NFS
                                                                                                         Patterns from Nature
 edge appliqué and hand stitching to create             A piece of experimentation following a class                                                      Der Kuss, by Gustav Klimt
                                                                                                         Bexley,NSW                     65 x 89 cm
 this quilt. The horizontal lines hint at a             by Pam Priday. Going out of my comfort
                                                                                                         Pictorial Quilt (Open)                  NFS
 gentle sideways movement, hence the title              zone, playing with new products and adding                                                        19. Pamela Priday
                                                                                                         Inspired by a photo of the palm tree trunk I
 'Drift'.                                               texture in an ad hoc way. Nothing like trying                                                     Memories of Holland
                                                                                                         observe through my office window. I layered
                                                        something new.                                                                                    Asquith,NSW                     76 x 58 cm
                                                                                                         four fabrics together, free-motion stitched
 2. Brenda Gael Smith                                                                                                                                     Pictorial Quilt (Open)                 NFS
                                                                                                         and cut away layers to reveal the colours.
 Desire Lines #3: Running Hot & Cold                    6. Kay Sieff                                                                                      Tulips were made separately then raw-edge
                                                                                                         Thanks to Jenny Bowker for helping me find
 Copacabana,NSW                    37 x 76 cm           Growing                                                                                           appliqué technique was applied. Many of my
                                                                                                         my 'voice'.
 Art Quilt (Open)                        $675           Homebush,NSW                     44 x 27 cm                                                       hand dyed fabrics were used in the tulips
 A dance of intimacy. This work emerged                 Mixed Techniques - Anything             NFS                                                       and leaves. Made in 2010. Cotton fabric was
                                                                                                         13. Elizabeth Long
 from my exploration of the theme of                    Goes (Amateur)                                                                                    rusted for 4 days.
                                                                                                         Panda with Twin Cubs in Snow
 'passion' with the Twelve by Twelve                    My first-ever art quilt. Using tiny confetti
                                                                                                         Kincumber,NSW                  64 x 64 cm
 Collaborative       Art     Quilt      Project         pieces of fabric, encased under tulle. Then                                                       20. Kiyo Inoue
                                                                                                         Pictorial Quilt (Open)                NFS
 ( See the Twelve by                stitched, embellished and stitched to within                                                      Flowered Town
                                                                                                         We both love Pandas - Noel did a Marquetry
 Twelve exhibition at Gosford Regional                  an inch of its life. A fabulous learning and                                                      Overseas                      90 x 90 cm
                                                                                                         picture of a male, so I knew, sometime, I
 Gallery until 23 June, 2010.                           'growing' experience for me too.                                                                  Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)         NFS
                                                                                                         would make a 3D soft sculpture mother and
                                                                                                         cubs. I have attempted to make the               Flower is the symbol of peace. I wish that
 3. Amanda Daly                                         7. Chris Timmins                                                                                  flowered town will enlarge more and more
                                                                                                         bamboo, as I would when doing a Chinese
 Lizard of Oz                                           Sun Burst                                                                                         all over the world.
                                                                                                         brush painting - even the wadding is made
 Kenthurst,NSW                   39 x 61 cm             Grafton,NSW                   50 x 50 cm
                                                                                                         from bamboo.
 Art Quilt (Open)                         NFS           Not to be Judged-Display only        NFS                                                          21. Wendy Cross
 I'm a keen camper and travel all over                  Printed Sunburst using Genesis Dyes with                                                          I Dream of Africa
                                                                                                         14. Pam Hill
 Australia enjoying the flora and fauna and             narrow dyed fabrics sewn into the                                                                 Strathfield,NSW                   94 x 51 cm
 richness of colour that our wonderful country          background. Machine quilted.                                                                      First Time Entrant (Amateur)              NFS
                                                                                                         Manly,Qld                      84 x 84 cm
 has to offer. Lizard of Oz was made after                                                                                                                Made on retreat in Bowral 2009, inspired by
                                                                                                         Small or Wall Quilt (Professional)    NFS
 visiting the red centre.                               8. Sandra Lyons                                                                                   J. Williamson's book "Quilt Africa". As I kept
                                                                                                         Raw-edge     appliqué   using   a  Sharon
                                                        Peach Melba                                                                                       making more blocks, the quilt grew too big
                                                                                                         Schamber design. Quilted on my longarm
 4. Penny Hoswell                                       Oyster Bay,NSW                 50 x 50 cm                                                         for its hanging spot, so it became double-
                                                                                                         using my original quilting design and YLI
 Got Any Bread? - the Girls Anna,                       Miniature (Open)                      NFS                                                         sided. I now have "two quilts for the price of
                                                                                                         #100 silk thread.
 Rosalea and Fudge                                      Started in a workshop with Mariya Waters. I                                                       one"!
 Tongarra,NSW                      45 x 61 cm           wasn't happy with what I had done so I
                                                                                                         15. Nicole Deans
 First Time Entrant (Amateur)               NFS         undertook some major "reverse sewing" and
 Anna, Rosalea and Fudge eyeing my son                  am now happier with the result. Machine          Oriental Fashion
                                                                                                                                                          22. Eve Harradine
 Brad for bread. While I did all the stitching it       quilted.                                         Kelso,NSW                         74 x 50 cm
                                                                                                         Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)             NFS    Best Friends                 Age: 6 years
 was my family who calmed me when I                                                                                                                       Collombatti Rail,NSW          70 x 100 cm
 agonised, supported me when I doubted                                                                   I have combined my duel loves of cross-
                                                        9. Cathy Jack Coupland                                                                            Junior Member A (up to 12)            NFS
 myself and gave great advice. Thanks guys!                                                              stitch and quilting. What started out as cards
                                                        My Beautiful Boy                                                                                  Eve used some new pastels to draw a happy
                                                                                                         turned themselves into a wall hanging when
                                                        Burwood Heights,NSW            50 x 56 cm                                                         bright picture. She then chose some of her
                                                                                                         I found these lovely Japanese fabrics at last
                                                        Mixed Techniques - Anything            NFS                                                        favourite colours to make a patchwork
                                                                                                         year's Quilt Show. Cross stitch kimonos from
                                                        Goes (Amateur)                                                                                    border.
                                                                                                         "Cross Stitch Card Shop".
                                                        Inspired by a walk and played with and
                                                        added to over time. An exercise in play and
                                                        how far to take a design.

Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                         Page 1   Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                   Page 2
Online Catalogue                                                                                        Online Catalogue
 23. Ineka Voigt                                   29. Mary Williams                                   36. Cathy Jack Coupland                        42. Judy Day
 Pokémon Patch               Age: 10 years         Over the Top                                        Faites Simples - The Fauvists                  Hearts and Flowers
 Latham,ACT                      60 x 60 cm        Summertown,SA                   61 x 109 cm         Burwood Heights,NSW              29 x 23 cm    Lindfield,NSW                   31 x 31 cm
 Junior Member A (up to 12)              NFS       Small or Wall Quilt (Professional) NFS              Art Quilt (Open)                         NFS   Miniature (Open)                       NFS
 I am crazy about Pokémon so this is my            Inspired by a wall hanging I made called            Simple, elegant lines and beautiful threads.   I was inspired by a small quilt by Sally
 second-ever quilt. It is appliqué with raw        'Cotton Tops'. The wall hanging colours of                                                         Collins in "Small Scale Quilt Making" 1996.
 edges sewn on the machine free motion. I          the arid centre of Australia and the bright         37. Kerrie Anne Riles                          The tiny hexagonal flowers were made over
 pieced the blocks and free motion stitched        yellow flowers have been used in the 'Over          Feast in a Coconut                             papers and the leaves hand-appliquéd. The
 the Pokémon logo in the border in rainbow.        the Top' quilt. Texture has been created with       Gorokan,NSW                    30 x 30 cm      quilt was made special by adding some
                                                   lots of machine stitching.                          Mixed Techniques - Anything            NFS     trapunto. Hand quilted.
 24. Amanda Daly                                                                                       Goes (Professional)
 Dragonfly Dance                                   30. Belinda Betts                                   Original photo taken in Noumea of a            43. Jenny Bacon
 Kenthurst,NSW                     75 x 75 cm      Paula 2: Lava Flow                                  Silvereye eating a coconut. Wholecloth         Midnight Marigolds #2
 Small or Wall Quilt (Professional) NFS            Orange,NSW                         99 x 99 cm       printed using sublijet transfer dyes, heat     Maryborough,Vic                   34 x 32 cm
 I    became       interested   in     exploring   Small or Wall Quilt (Professional) NFS              pressed onto synthetic fabric. Colour          Miniature (Open)                         NFS
 positive/negative designs after studying          Each piece in this quilt is individually fussy-     enhanced with fabric paint and fabrico pen.    Part of a series of designs using Snails Trail
 Notan the dark-light principles of design.        cut to give a kaleidoscopic effect of lava          Intensely free-motion quilted.                 blocks, working in this scale allows me to try
 Dragonfly Dance is the first in a series of       flowing into a bright tropical sea. The black                                                      out more designs.
 quilts featuring insects and reptiles including   background was made using a stack and               38. Linda Crouch
 the enchanting Dragonfly.                         slash technique. It took 2 years to complete.       Carnivale in Nantes                            44. Ruth Harradine
                                                                                                       Doncaster,Vic                  29 x 33 cm      Incy Wincy Quilt               Age: 7 years
 25. Nancy Parkinson                               31. Pamela Priday                                   Miniature (Open)                      NFS      Collombatti Rail,NSW             35 x 35 cm
 Aftermath                                         Mountain Retreat                                    A friend gave me the hexagon papers. I         Junior Member A (up to 12)               NFS
 Carramar,NSW                  62 x 52 cm          Asquith,NSW                     47 x 29 cm          glued the fabric to the shapes while           Ruth loves the look (not the feel!) of
 Pictorial Quilt (Open)               NFS          Art Quilt (Open)                        NFS         travelling by plane and train in Europe. I     spiderwebs in the morning as they sparkle
 The Aftermath of a bushfire and the               Made in 2009 with silk cocoon strippings,           sewed all the hexagons together in Nantes,     with dew. She has tried to portray that
 regeneration of the flora has been in my          commercial and hand dyed fabrics, painted           France, while my husband was at a              sparkle by using metallic thread for the web.
 mind since Feb 2009, and this small wall          webbing, foils, acrylic paints and organza,         conference. Finished at home.
 hanging is a reminder of that terrible            this landscape let me experiment with lines,                                                       45. Lindy Wilson
 bushfire.                                         mark making and free-motion machining.              39. Margaret Wallace                           Daintree
                                                                                                       The Blues are Singin'                          Gordon,NSW                   44 x 36 cm
 26. Joan Shaw                                     32. WITHDRAWN                                       Bega,NSW                         30 x 30 cm    First Time Entrant (Amateur)        NFS
 Kimono Dolls                                                                                          Miniature (Open)                        NFS
 Avalon,NSW                      76 x 76 cm        33. Jane Gibson                                     Enjoying the opportunity of spontaneity that   46. Isobel Lancashire
 Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)          $400       Peacock Star                                        crazy quilting gives, this work was made for   Brenda's Gift
 Kimono dolls are constructed by hand,             Epping,NSW                      19 x 19 cm          the NSWQG 2010 Calendar Competition.           Wentworth Falls,NSW              41 x 41 cm
 machine     quilted   and    appliquéd    to      Miniature (Open)                       NFS          Hand embroidered and embellished, small        Miniature (Open)                        NFS
 background fabric. I have embellished the         Most of the blocks were made at the Guild           amount of machine quilting.                    Miniature quilt inspired by the wholecloth
 hair in the Japanese tradition. The pattern       weekend away at Jamberoo - with                                                                    quilts in Dorothy Osler's book North Country
 and fabric was given to me as a gift.             interruptions each afternoon to watch the           40. Brenda Gael Smith                          Quilts. A gift from Brenda. Made in memory
                                                   peacock strut his stuff. The blocks are not         Rose Moderne                                   of my friend Narelle Grieve.
 27. Stephanie Knudsen                             foundation pieced.                                  Copacabana,NSW                  30 x 30 cm
 Renewal                                 NFS                                                           Miniature (Open)                        $275   Top polyester silk, pellon batting, cotton
 Attadale,WA                      63 x 65 cm       34. Colleen Harradine                               Rose Moderne is a modern interpretation of     backing, quilted with silk thread.
 Mixed Techniques:Anything Goes (Prof)             Deco Echo                                           the stained glass rose windows found in
 Each summer fire ravages our land leaving it      Collombatti Rail,NSW                22 x 22 cm      Europe. Made for the "Window" theme of the     47. Julie Haddrick
 seemingly lifeless. Rain and seasons change,      Miniature (Open)                             NFS    Twelve by Twelve Collaborative Art Quilt       Beach House, Culburra
 renew the land with grasses and wildflowers.      I love the decoration in Art Deco                   Project ( currently on      Blackwood,SA                   97 x 149 cm
 Natural and dyed wool, cotton fabric, hand        architecture. I have used some of its               exhibition at Gosford Regional Gallery.        Pictorial Quilt (Open)                 NFS
 felted, hand embroidered and hand quilted.        elements to inspire this little quilt's design.                                                    Designed from photos taken at Culburra
                                                                                                       41. Sharon French                              where my cousins spend many hours
 28. Sue Dennis                                    35. Kerryn A. Taylor                                Inspiration Unleashed 2                        enjoying, relaxing together, the beautiful
 Anthills - Study in Gold                          My Inner Animal - The Wombat                        Avoca Beach,NSW                31 x 31 cm      environment with contrasting sunsets and
 Sunnybank,Qld                    80 x 76 cm       Katherine,NT                    30 x 20 cm          Miniature (Open)                       NFS     beach walks with Labradors Bill and Georgie.
 Art Quilt (Open)                        NFS       Pictorial Quilt (Open)                $220          A miniature version of my quilt "Inspiration   Made as a thank-you gift. Hand dyed,
 I continue my exploration of portraying the       The background is needle-felted wool on felt.       Unleashed 1" using the same fabrics but        coloured, painted.
 humble termite mound, commonly known as           The leaves are bonded organza painted with          different design. Machine appliquéd and
 an anthill, built by an army of termites and      paintsticks.  The   wombat     is  machine          machine quilted. October Calendar Quilt in
 withstanding the ravages of time.                 embroidered and then attached with extra            the Quilters' Guild of NSW 2010 Calendar
                                                   padding underneath.                                 competition.

Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                      Page 3    Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                 Page 4
Online Catalogue                                                                                      Online Catalogue
 48. Judith Thomson                              between school, Johanna spends many                60. Lorna Haigh                                   66. Pat Dwyer
 Harbour Views                                   hours on the water training for rowing.            Australian Wild Flowers                           Jewels on the Murray
 Bega,NSW                    100 x 100 cm                                                           Murwillumbah,NSW                104 x 85 cm       Waterfall,NSW                      91 x 67 cm
 Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)         NFS       55. Elizabeth Long                                 Commercially Machine Quilted              NFS     Art Quilt (Open)                           NFS
 This quilt was constructed using free-form      Confetti Explosion of Sunflowers                   Quilt (Open)                                      This was a challenge created for Braidwood
 piecing and was based on the sparkling          Kincumber,NSW                     112 x 87 cm      Australian wild flowers stained glass in fabric   2009 'Airing of the Quilts'. It was inspired by
 colours seen in harbours on a sunny day.        Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)              NFS     wall hanging. Hand stitched and hand              John Hall Thrope,           Australian artist.
 Machine pieced and quilted.                     I love happy sunflowers - the 'Ocean Waves'        embroidery.                                       Constructed with nuno felting process and
                                                 blocks were ideal to use up many of my                                                               embellished with buttons, embroidery and
 49. Denise Griffiths                            smaller 'scrap' pieces for this interesting and    Machine quilted by Barb Cowan, The Quilt          bling, hand made and machine quilted.
 Basket Case                                     colourful wall quilt.                              Connection.
 Shellharbour,NSW               95 x 128 cm                                                                                                           67. Kay Haerland
 Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)          NFS      56. Barbara Myers                                  61. Judy Day                                      Drought
 The technique for this quilt was from Velda     Red Mums                                           Changing Seasons                                  Green Point,NSW                  94 x 79 cm
 Newman. It is painted canvas, backed in         Grafton,NSW                   109 x 97 cm          Lindfield,NSW                    107 x 84 cm      Art Quilt (Open)                         NFS
 batting and stitched. Each basket was           Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)          NFS         Small or Wall Quilt (Professional) NFS            The outback landscape in drought was my
 layered haphazardly on top of each other. It    This quilt was inspired by the 'Red Mums'          I used some favourite Liberty Lawns to            inspiration    for  this   quilt…the    bush
 was then quilted.                               fabric used and was slashed on a 60 degree         appliqué traditional "Oak Leaf and Orange         burned…the lake evaporated and the mud
                                                 angle with a light value fabric inserted.          Slice" blocks on a variety of cream-on-cream      baked…and yet life lies dormant, waiting for
 50. Denise Sargo                                Textured fabrics and sashiko were used for         background fabrics. The block designs vary        the rains that almost instantly brings back
 Centre Stage?                                   visual effect. Wholly designed, pieced and         slightly. Hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted.        green growth, birds, fish and wildlife, all in
 Connells Point,NSW             87 x 109 cm      quilted by the maker.                                                                                its own life cycle.
 Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)            NFS                                                       62. Rachelle Denneny
 Made in response to a Fyre Gallery              57. Yvonne Williams                                Deco Flower                                       68. Bernadine Hine
 challenge. Inspired by the work of John Hall    Playing with Colour                                Glenelg North,SA               104 x 77 cm        Morning Call
 Thorpe, I used canvas, sacking, voiles, paint   Wallaroo,NSW                  112 x 96 cm          Small or Wall Quilt (Professional)      NFS       Glenview,Qld                    80 x 59 cm
 and some beading.                               Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)         NFS          Deco Flower was designed to try a machine         Pictorial Quilt (Open)                 NFS
 What takes centre stage - flowers or pots?      After designing and colouring in graph             appliqué technique, and experiment with a         A male Golden Headed Cisticola calls for a
                                                 paper, black was a good contrast for the           few different quilting patterns. Machine          mate at dawn, whilst keeping himself safe
 51. Roslyn Miller                               bright colours of fabric dyed by me a few          pieced, and appliquéd. Quilted on a domestic      within his grassy habitat. Hand dyed, dye
 Blue & White China                              years ago. They have been stored for quite         machine.                                          painted,    fabric    painting,     machine
 Concord,NSW                   110 x 110 cm      some time. My lovely granddaughters aged                                                             embroidered, appliquéd and quilted.
 First Time Entrant (Amateur)             NFS    7 and 9 joined me with laying out the              63. Sue Dennis
 Based on a quilt by Maggie Walker called        pattern. Machine sewn and quilted.                 Anthills - Silent Cities                          69. Trudy Johns
 'The Blue Collection' I adapted it as there                                                        Sunnybank,Qld                  69 x 123 cm        Bird
 was a pot plant through the middle and fans     58. Lorna Haigh                                    Mixed Techniques - Anything            NFS        The Junction,NSW              98 x 66 cm
 around the outside which detracted from the     Susie Q                                            Goes (Professional)                               Small or Wall Quilt (Professional)   NFS
 design. I love blue and white china so had to   Murwillumbah,NSW                87 x 59 cm         Anthills are the skyscrapers of the outback       A wall hanging designed by Michele Hill.
 make the quilt.                                 Commercially Machine Quilted           NFS         housing millions of inhabitants within their      Featured in her book 'William Morris in
                                                 Quilt (Open)                                       earth walled constructions.                       Appliqué'.
 52. Kathryn Cox                                 I started this quilt in a class with Sharon
 Spooky Scare               Age:9 years          Schamber when she came to Australia for            64. Lorraine Parker                               70. Tracey Smith-Rees
 Orange,NSW                  95 x 88 cm          the first time in 2009. Some commercial            Dappled Light                                     Memories of Takayama
 Junior Member A (up to 12)         NFS          fabrics were used along with hand-dyeds by         Coffs Harbour Jetty,NSW         77 x 60 cm        Newtown,Tas                    75 x 51 cm
 Spooky, Scary and Fun, something for            Ricky Tims. Most enjoyable.                        Art Quilt (Open)                      $320        First Time Entrant (Amateur)           NFS
 everyone.                                                                                          An early morning walk through trees near          Original design from a photograph of sake
                                                 Machine quilted by Barb Cowan, The Quilt           Athol Wharf (Sydney) and one particular           bottles hanging outside a traditional sake
 53. Janine Matthews                             Connection.                                        photo which I snapped inspired me to depict       shop in the Mountain village of Takayama,
 Regeneration                                                                                       the tree trunk with the 'dappled light'           Japan. Photo taken on the DUQ tour to
 Dapto,NSW                 100 x 100 cm          59. Beth Miller                                    reflecting through the tree canopy.               Japan    2008.    Drafted   from    original
 Art Quilt (Open)                 $1000          Dandelions & Rust                                                                                    photograph, hand appliqué, hand quilted.
 Thread drawing on commercial and hand           Kambah,ACT                       88 x 64 cm        65. Ele Hockey
 dyed and printed fabrics.                       Pictorial Quilt (Open)                    NFS      Dinner Time                                       71. Nic Bridges
                                                 The Dandelion plant and rusted objects are         Barrack Heights,NSW             93 x 86 cm        Elements - Air
 54. Johanna Tarrant                             usually considered to be of no value. Each in      First Time Entrant (Amateur)           NFS        Wollongong,NSW                     98 x 98 cm
 The Eight                  Age: 18 years        their own way have a beauty of rich texture        Based on a pond scene, you can see the            Art Quilt (Open)                          $980
 Grafton,NSW                  110 x 95 cm        and colour that is worthy of exploration.          goldfish, dragonflies hovering, waiting for       Air - the most essential of elements, the
 Junior Member B (13-18)              NFS                                                           dinner. Techniques used are trapunto,             most elusive and ethereal. This quilt is one
 Designed and created for my HSC Major                                                              machine embroidery, quilted, raw-edge             of a series of four abstract pieces inspired by
 Textile Project. Hand painted background,                                                          appliqué, painted, hand stitching and             the elements of earth, air, fire and water.
 machine appliqué and many creative textile                                                         angelina fibres.                                  Wholecloth, painted, machine quilted.
 techniques used to create the artwork. In
Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                   Page 5    Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                     Page 6
Online Catalogue                                                                                   Online Catalogue
 72. Amanda Anderson                               78. Anna Brown                                     85. Nomaicaci (Cissa) Kamakura                      92. Jan Frazer
 Autumn Reflections Honshu 2008                    Strata #6: Fool's Gold                             Billabong                                           Pick-Up-Strips
 Sackville North,NSW           116 x 118 cm        Bungwahl,NSW                 146 x 104 cm          Overseas                         141 x 112 cm       Elwood,Vic                     125 x 96 cm
 First Time Entrant (Amateur)             NFS      Art Quilt (Open)                    $1500          First Time Entrant (Amateur)                 NFS    Small or Wall Quilt                    NFS
 A challenge quilt for the reunion of the DUQ      Mining and the search for minerals, the            I fell in love with Aboriginal print fabrics on a   (Professional)
 Tour to Japan group this quilt features 20        brutal intervention of machines on our             trip to Melbourne in 2007, and designed this        This started as an exercise in colour but
 personal tour photographs sashed and              landscape have all influenced the design of        quilt to let these fabrics stand out in all their   became a battle between my traditionalist
 bordered with a traditional style fabric from     this piece.                                        natural beauty. The light squares represent         approach (block format) and improvised
 Japan. Machine pieced and hand quilted with                                                          the stream beds that crisscross the                 intra-block arrangements. Machine raw edge
 sashiko stitched motifs.                          79. Noelle Lyon                                    Australian landscape, some of which create          appliqué and machine quilting.
                                                   Shadow of Lost Dreams                              the Billabongs.
 73. Mirjam Aigner                                 Notting Hill,Vic             146 x 119 cm                                                              93. Lynn Hewitt
 Marina Follow the Birds to Freedom                Art Quilt (Open)                         NFS       86. WITHDRAWN                                       Kimono from Naoko
 Jindabyne,NSW                  117 x 112 cm       Hand dyed and commercially printed fabrics,                                                            Caringbah,NSW                   132 x 98 cm
 Mixed Techniques - Anything                NFS    organza, beads and embroidery. Organza             87. Margaret Wallace                                Not to be judged - Display only           NFS
 Goes (Amateur)                                    was thermally cut with a soldering iron. Raw       My Hydrangeas - Up Close and Personal               When I was in Japan in 2008, Naoko Hirano
 I could not find my friend's feelings after she   edge appliqué, embroidery, machine pieced          Bega,NSW                         134 x 81 cm        gave me a kimono with instructions to 'cut it
 experienced great sadness. The symbol of          and hand quilted. This quilt represents our        Pictorial Quilt (Open)                    NFS       up and make a quilt'. This is the result.
 the birds is to free herself. Marina follow the   arid land and the many dreams it has               Reproduced from a photo of my hydrangeas,
 birds to freedom. This quilt is my love and       broken.                                            this work has recently returned from the            94. Marianne Roberts
 friendship to her.                                                                                   USA, where it was juried into "In Full Bloom"       Aster Garden
                                                   80. Wendy Cross                                    special   exhibition,    as    part   of   the      Westleigh,NSW                  121 x 121 cm
 74. Judy Barlow                                   Ties with my Dad                                   International Quilt Festival, Houston.              Small or Wall Quilt (Professional)        NFS
 Colours of Myola                                  Strathfield,NSW              148 x 116 cm          Commercial and hand dyed, hand painted              This quilt includes six of my favourite 'quilty'
 Blaxland,NSW                  119 x 110 cm        Commercially Machine Quilted            NFS        fabrics.                                            things - curves, points, reproduction prints,
 Art Quilt (Open)                       NFS        Quilt (Open)                                                                                           pink, red and yellow. Pieced and assembled
 Made for a friend's new house built on            Dad had many ties. After his death in 2007 I       88. Verna Horwood                                   by hand then hand quilted. Made entirely
 Currambene Creek, Myola. Colours represent        made them into a crazy quilt to symbolise          Springtime                                          from my stash - well, almost.
 the creek, mangroves, water and sunsets           his wonderful "cracked" sense of humour. I         Menai,NSW                      109 x 92 cm
 seen while sitting on the verandah watching       also used some of my husband's ties too.           Small or Wall Quilt (Professional)      NFS         95. Verity Hinwood
 the tidal creek.                                  Dedicated to my two "best men".                    A combination of quilting patterns by Reiko         Cool Chaos                             NFS
                                                                                                      Washizawa of Japan were used to design my           Elanora Heights,NSW          129 x 125 cm
 75. Elizabeth Camping                             Machine quilted by Virginia Wise.                  wall quilt, using a blue background fabric          New Traditions from Old Favourites
 Snowbird                                                                                             with a sheer white voile overlay to create a        This quilt is an experiment in using
 McLaren Vale,SA               126 x 118 cm        81. Lynette Thrift                                 blue and white theme. Quilting all done by          traditional block designs such as log cabin
 Mixed Techniques - Anything              NFS      Midnight Bouquet                                   freehand.                                           and four patch in a modern adaptation.
 Goes (Professional)                               Stroud,NSW                   150 x 135 cm                                                              Traditional and non traditional piecing
 Inspiration started with the Japanese snow        Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)           NFS        89. Noelle Lyon                                     methods were used and it is quilted using a
 ring and silk cocoon "eggs". I built upon the     Quilt designed to use a charm pack of florals      Mighty Maddening Mosaics from                       domestic sewing machine.
 snow theme with snowflakes, moonlight on a        with a black background. Cotton top and            Marrakech
 snow covered hillside and pines, a silver         backing. Bamboo batting. Hand quilted.             Notting Hill,Vic                 110 x 70 cm        96. WITHDRAWN
 snowbird and silver embellishment on the                                                             Art Quilt (Open)                         NFS
 nest.                                             82. WITHDRAWN                                      Hand painted and commercially dyed silk,            97. Kay Haerland
                                                                                                      hand pieced and quilted, beading, raw edge          Under the Canopy
 76. Catherine Babidge                             83. Margaret Ann Perry                             binding. After accidentally flicking blue dye       Green Point,NSW                  119 x 154 cm
 Ginger Jars Cut Loose                             Two Worlds                                         onto my hand painted silk, I had to choose          Pictorial Quilt (Open)                     NFS
 Mosman,NSW                    134 x 117 cm        Gladesville,NSW                150 x 119 cm        between cutting it up or throwing it out. I         There is a magic in the sun-dappled
 Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)            NFS      Small or Wall Quilt (Professional)       NFS       cut it up!                                          Australian Rainforest. Life is abundant,
 After learning to cut corners freehand with       Hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted.                                                             things fluttering, buzzing, rustling, croaking,
 Brenda Smith, I applied the technique to          A square manipulated to make a shape with          90. WITHDRAWN                                       warbling, rippling and whispering just out of
 make a version of Kaffe's "Ginger Jars" quilt.    the same surface area, secondary lines then                                                            sight. Yet there is a stillness... A suspension
                                                   included to create this interlocking design.       91. Elizabeth Camping                               of events until you look away.
 77. Wendy Vermeulen                               Larger spaces left for appliqué. The appliqué      Snake Dance
 Memories of Japan                                 inspired by traditional Japanese motifs.           McLaren Vale,SA              114 x 58 cm
 Crescent Head,NSW           145 x 112 cm                                                             Art Quilt (Open)                        NFS
 Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)        NFS          84. Benjamin Cox                                   A trial of a new 3-dimensional appliqué
 This quilt began in a workshop with Jane          My Future in the Sky            Age: 11 years      technique prompted the design for this quilt.
 MacDonald but after a holiday in Japan it         Orange,NSW                      137 x 105 cm
 became enhanced with sashiko ginko leaves         Junior Member A (up to 12)                NFS
 and memories of my travels.                       In the future I want to be a pilot, but at this
                                                   stage, this is as close as I can get!

Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                     Page 7    Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                        Page 8
Online Catalogue                                                                                     Online Catalogue
 98. Pat Godden                                    103. Sandra Laird                                 109. Sandra Lyons                               115. Daphne Massie
 Mikado Maidens                                    Geishas and Kimonos                               Caramel Swirl                                   Chicken Scratch                   $388.50
 Florey,ACT                    115 x 150 cm        West Ryde,NSW                 109 x 136 cm        Oyster Bay,NSW               140 x 140 cm       Vaucluse,NSW                 152 x 125 cm
 Mixed Techniques - Anything            $800       Mixed Techniques - Anything              NFS      Traditional (Amateur)                  NFS      New Traditions from Old Favourites
 Goes (Amateur)                                    Goes (Amateur)                                    This "Mystery Quilt", designed by Carolyn       A "Tops and tails" design from Judy
 Three shy maidens look out from behind a          My Japanese quilt is a combination of 3           Gibbs was a joy to make. I love the             Hooworth's "Quilts on the Double" book with
 delicate rice paper screen. This piece            cross-stitch geishas, 1 Samurai, 12 origami       excitement as it all comes together and the     added hand appliquéd roosters, hens and
 combines the makers love of handstitching         Kimonos and traditional blocks. I enjoyed         design is finally revealed. Machine pieced      chickens.
 the stained glass and the intricate beauty of     the challenge of these small cross stitches       and quilted.
 Japanese fabrics. Machine appliqué and            which took 1 1/2 years to complete, and                                                           116. Jennifer Cantrill
 quilting, fabric painting and gold tassel         learning how to fold the origami using fabric.    110. Robert (Bob) James                         Four Seasons in Japan                NFS
 embellishing.                                                                                       Logs and Stripes                                Mollymook,NSW               143 x 147 cm
                                                   104. Marilyn Bell                                 Cronulla,NSW                145 x 145 cm        Predominantly Appliqué (Professional)
 99. Leonie Lever                                  Kazali                                            Commercially Machine Quilted          NFS       I used four seasonal images and then hand
 Val's Tulips                                      Umina Beach,NSW               125 x 125 cm        Quilt (Open)                                    appliquéd a border of grapes and leaves.
 Keiraville,NSW                130 x 130 cm        Small or Wall Quilt (Amateur)           NFS       I was interested to see how stripes would       Hand quilted on predominantly hand-dyed
 Mixed Techniques - Anything             NFS       I named this quilt after my two daughters. I      look in small log cabin squares. Only the       fabrics.
 Goes (Amateur)                                    enjoyed designing it with the lovely bright       special inserts were paper pieced. Custom
 This quilt was inspired by a lovely bunch of      fabrics contrasting with the black and white      quilting be Verna Horwood.                      117. Catherine Porter
 tulips my son gave to me for Mother's Day         spot.                                                                                             Dance with Kaffe
 last year. I used designs and techniques                                                            Machine quilted by Verna Horwood. Precious      Bexley,NSW                      145 x 145 cm
 taught to me by Val Moore. It has been hand       105. Jo-Ann Phillips                              Heirlooms Quilting.                             First Time Entrant (Amateur)              NFS
 quilted.                                          Autumn in Japan 2008                                                                              When I saw a quilt in the book 'Loose
                                                   Turramurra,NSW                117 x 124 cm        111. Chris Jurd                                 Change' by Claudia Plett and LeAnn Weave I
 100. Sheila Beer                                  Small or Wall Quilt (Professional)     NFS        Birds in Paradise                      NFS      knew I had to make it, using Kaffe fabrics. I
 Seven Sisters and One Brother             NFS     I purchased Cheryl Wittmayer's pattern and        Blaxland,NSW                 148 x 148 cm       love the effect of brights with black. Machine
 Matraville,NSW                  130 x 130 cm      kit some years ago. It was finally made up        New Traditions from Old Favourites              pieced and quilted.
 New Traditions from Old Favourites                as a challenge for a reunion of quilters I        Designed in EQ6 with New York Beauty
 John's quilt to mark his 50th birthday. My        toured with to Japan in 2008.                     blocks inserted into 8-point star diamonds.     118. Jenny Bacon
 interpretation of the Seven Sisters block                                                           The result alters the block completely -        Birds in the Forest
 shows that each sibling is different but we       106. Stephanie Knudsen                            compare centre diamonds with corner New         Maryborough,Vic                138 x 138 cm
 also have similarities. The reference to the      Undercurrents                                     York Beauty blocks.                             Traditional (Professional)               NFS
 star cluster Pleiades, reflects John's interest   Attadale,WA                  144 x 130 cm                                                         Birds flit through the rainforest, picking at
 in astronomy.                                     Mixed Techniques - Anything            NFS        112. Keiko Arita                                berries and flowers. Light shines through the
                                                   Goes (Professional)                               Fantasia 2010                                   canopy.
 101. Nomaicaci (Cissa) Kamakura                   Shafts of sunlight highlight hidden swirling      Lalor Park,NSW               154 x 124 cm
 Halloween Among Friends                 NFS       currents. Hand dyed and hand pleated              Mixed Techniques - Anything             NFS     119. Belinda Betts
 Overseas                      111 x 120 cm        cotton fabric, commercial batik. Hand             Goes (Amateur)                                  Tuesday's Folly
 Group/Collaborative Quilt (Open)                  painted. Machine pieced and quilted.              Tucking, weaving and folding fabrics            Orange,NSW                  133 x 133 cm
 The house blocks used in this quilt were part     Couched threads.                                  fascinated me. I made individual blocks         Small or Wall Quilt (Professional)     NFS
 of a block exchange with the "Hill House                                                            separately and quilted them before stitching    Designed on a Tuesday afternoon during a
 Group" in Durham, North Carolina (USA). I         107. Faye Young                                   together to make a quilt.                       conversation starting with "What about if
 gave each member one Halloween-themed             Hearts and Flowers                                                                                we…" Machine pieced and quilted freehand
 fabric and the house pattern. Each person         Guildford,NSW                  131 x 131 cm       113. Jennifer Ramsay                            with the aid of rulers and templates.
 added her own fabrics to interpret the            Traditional (Amateur)                     NFS     Dahlia Delight                                  Embellished with heat bonded crystals.
 Halloween.                                        Hand buttonhole stitch appliqué in my             Balgownie,NSW                152 x 151 cm
                                                   favourite quilting colours. Hand quilted.         Traditional (Professional)             NFS      120. Barbara Myers
 102. Jan Frazer                                                                                     Dahlia Delight is machine pieced and quilted    African Water Carriers
 Monsteriosity                                     108. Susan Allsop                                 using a Dahlia pattern designed by Michelle     Grafton,NSW                    130 x 130 cm
 Elwood,Vic                     120 x 162 cm       Dreaming of Lime Green Quilt 1 of 2               Yeo.                                            Traditional (Amateur)                    NFS
 Art Quilt (Open)                        NFS       Davidson,NSW                  137 x 136 cm                                                        This is an interpretation of the Ricky Timms
 This started as a study of the Monsterio          First Time Entrant (Amateur)           NFS        114. Diana Grant                                'Convergence' quilts. I loved the African
 Delicio leaf but the colours took control of      I saw some 'Quilts on the Double' at the          Whirlygig                                NFS    ladies and their pots. Quilted and pieced by
 the design - hence the quilt's name. Machine      quilt show a couple of years ago, so I            Mountain View,NSW             150 x 150 cm      the maker.
 appliqué, embroidery and quilting.                purchased the book by Judy Hooworth and           New Traditions from Old Favourites
                                                   Margaret Rolfe. I then dreamt about the           Childhood memories of show time are fairy
                                                   colour lime green, and had to set it off by       floss, scary rides and blowing a whirlygig on
                                                   using orange and purple. Quilt 1 of 2.            a stick.

Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                    Page 9    Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                 Page 10
Online Catalogue                                                                                    Online Catalogue
 121. Denise Sargo                                  127. Carol Timmins                                 133. Linda Butcher                                Drunkard Path design using batik print
 Square Dance                                       Michelle's William                     NFS         Kell's Hounds                          NFS        fabrics. Quilted in four sections and then put
 Connells Point,NSW           141 x 130 cm          Blackwall,NSW                 183 x 150 cm         Croydon,NSW                   180 x 150 cm        together. My first big quilt which I loved
 Mixed Techniques - Anything             NFS        Predominantly Appliqué (Amateur)                   Predominantly Appliqué (Professional)             making.
 Goes (Amateur)                                     Made up of patterns from Michelle Hill's           Stitched entirely by hand for my 13 year-old
 Made in a workshop with Lisa Walton using          book, William Morris in Appliqué using Moda        son. Central design is from St Matthew's          140. Judy Barlow
 fabricated centre pieces. The beading is my        Fabrics from the Morris Workshop designed          Gospel (Book of Kells). Corner designs            Baby Hexagon Addiction
 own design.                                        by Barbara Brackman. Machine appliquéd             adapted from St. John's Gospel (Lindisfarne       Blaxland,NSW                  163 x 163 cm
                                                    and machine quilted.                               Gospels). Completed in 14 months.                 Traditional (Amateur)                    NFS
 122. Ellie Neil                                                                                                                                         I love hexagons and decided to do a fussy
 A Celebration of Australian Flora                  128. Alan R. Tremain                               134. Nerida Farrow                                cut little hexagon quilt as a long term
 Jesmond,NSW                    168 x 121 cm        Island Life 2                                      Kitty Capers                                      project. It took 4 years of work. The edge of
 Pictorial Quilt (Open)                    NFS      Wyoming,NSW                     168 x 155 cm       Freshwater,NSW                 172 x 149 cm       the backing contains a row of hexagons
 Our Australian environment is filled with          Art Quilt (Open)                           NFS     First Time Entrant (Amateur)            NFS       around the outside. These were then sewn
 glorious and colourful native plants, flowers      The design of this quilt represents the            Being a tribute to friendship and loyalty         to the front of the quilt hence the edge
 and trees - all worthy of celebration and joy.     movement in the earth's lithosphere and            experienced with felines, "Kitty Capers" was      shape.
                                                    mantle of the tectonic plates. Volcanic lava       hand quilted, padded and appliquéd while
 123. Pamela Tawton                                 oozes to the surface and creates tropical          being pieced by machine. It took me two           141. Mowbray Public School
 Bling                                              islands along the Pacific rim fault lines.         years to complete. Block of the month from        Mowbray Public School
 Weston,ACT                       165 x 134 cm                                                         Cushla's Village Fabrics, Auckland NZ.            Lane Cove,NSW                168 x 168 cm
 Small or Wall Quilt (Professional)          NFS    129. Jan Payne                                                                                       Commercially Machine Quilted          NFS
 I was fascinated with Leesa Chandler's fun         Catherine's Quilt                                  135. Jennifer Cantrill                            Quilt (Open)
 technique of folding fabric, it's a far cry from   Mosman,NSW                      175 x 142 cm       Kyoto Autumn                                      This quilt was made by the Year 6 students
 my childhood paper folding efforts.                Traditional (Amateur)                      NFS     Mollymook,NSW                 175 x 132 cm        of Mowbray Public School in 2005. It was
                                                    I decided to try this quilt design in pinks and    Pictorial Quilt (Open)                 NFS        their farewell present to the school. Each
 124. Joshua Davidson                               browns after seeing one done by Robyn              I used a photo of the Golden Temple in            button person represents a student at the
 The Colour Full Quilt              Age: 6 years    Ahern at our weekend away meeting two              Kyoto, then enhanced the image with an            school.
 Glenmore Park,NSW                 182 x 134 cm     years ago.                                         Autumn      tree.  Machine      and   hand-
 Junior Member A (up to 12)                  NFS                                                       embroidered, commercial and hand-dyed             Machine quilted by Alison Cracknell.
 This is the first quilt that I sewed without my    130. Patricia McGee                                fabrics and machine quilted by the maker.
 mum's help. It took me four years to get all       Eastern Impressions                                                                                  142. Michelle O'Brien
 my fabric. My mum let me use her Gammill           West Ryde,NSW                174 x 156 cm          136. Wendy Williams                               Colours and Sights of Autumn
 longarm to quilt my quilt.                         Commercially Machine Quilted            NFS        Among the Gum Trees                               Chipping Norton,NSW           170 x 170 cm
                                                    Quilt (Open)                                       Drummoyne,NSW                 155 x 133 cm        First Time Entrant (Amateur)             NFS
 125. Rae Cashman                                   The centre piece with the half cathedral           Traditional (Professional)              NFS       Autumn colours depicting a rustic walk in the
 Gateways to the Moon                               windows was copied from a design of Alison         My quilt is inspired by the gum leaves I find     country. Hand appliqué, stitched together on
 St Ives,NSW                   175 x 149 cm         Lim of The Village Quilt Shop Mittagong. I         scattered on the ground. It is made using         Janome machine, quilted by me on a
 Commercially Machine Quilted             NFS       changed it using the clam shell design.            curved piecing techniques and needle turned       shortarm Gammill. My first entry in any
 Quilt (Open)                                                                                          appliqué with hand stitching detail on the        show!
 The original block I saw in a quilt at a quilt     Machine quilted by Christine Parish, Quilt Me      leaves. The quilt has been machine quilted
 show, and I wanted to use it in a whole quilt      Quilts.                                            using variegated thread.                          143. Dianne Firth
 using Japanese fabrics which I think are very                                                                                                           Water Dreaming
 beautiful.                                         131. WITHDRAWN                                     137. Daphne Massie                                Turner,ACT                      170 x 170 cm
                                                                                                       What You Will                                     Mixed Techniques - Anything              NFS
 Machine quilted by Jenny Campbell, Coastal         132. Jocelyne Leath                                Vaucluse,NSW                165 x 126 cm          Goes (Professional)
 Quilting Services.                                 As The Seasons Change                              New Traditions from Old              $222         I live in land-locked ACT. I love swimming in
                                                    Churchlands,WA                182 x 152 cm         Favourites                                        the ocean and often daydream about it when
 126. Sheena Chapman                                Not to be judged - Display only         NFS        A "tails" design from a "Quilts on the            gazing out from my office window.
 Fandango                                 NFS       The extreme seasonal change in the great           Double" workshop with Judy Hooworth.
 East Killara,NSW              185 x 146 cm         Southern parts of WA has inspired me to                                                              144. Merelyn Pearce
 New Traditions from Old Favourites                 make this quilt. Wet winters welcome an            138. Kerry Dear                                   Bird of Paradise                         NFS
 I've always loved the "fan" block and              abundance of migrating bird life, new growth       Lime Peel                                         Gerroa,NSW                    165 x 174 cm
 thought    it   would    look   striking   in      and natural feasts. This was our farm in           Newport,NSW                     160 x 160 cm      Predominantly Appliqué (Professional)
 contemporary fabrics. I made the fans from         Denmark, our first home in Australia. Hand         Traditional (Professional)                NFS     No. 5 in my Margaret Preston series. The
 a bin of favourite scraps and set them on          piece                                              I just loved the central fabric and the rest of   centrepiece was completed as a small quilt.
 Kaffe Fassett shot cottons.                                                                           the quilt just evolved from that. Machine         Wanting to increase the size I completed the
                                                                                                       pieced, hand appliquéd and hand quilted.          second larger version, cut a hole in the
                                                                                                                                                         centre and pieced the smaller quilt into it.
                                                                                                       139. Chelsea Pilgrim
                                                                                                       Batik Curves            Age: 15 years
                                                                                                       Grafton,NSW             160 x 160 cm
                                                                                                       Junior Member B (13-18)          NFS
Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                     Page 11    Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                    Page 12
Online Catalogue                                                                                      Online Catalogue
 145. Verna Horwood                                151. Susanne Cody                               hand   piecing,  hand     appliqué,      hand     163. Susanne Cody
 Starburst                                         Ying and Yang                          NFS      embroidery and hand quilted.                      Olly May's Marigolds                     NFS
 Menai,NSW                    173 x 173 cm         Berrima,NSW                  163 x 163 cm                                                         Berrima,NSW                  183 x 183 cm
 Traditional (Professional)              NFS       Predominantly Appliqué (Professional)           157. Ann Haddad                                   Predominantly Appliqué (Professional)
 I decided to use 1930s fabrics to make my         This quilt started as a thumbnail sketch -      Shades of Sarasa                                  This quilt was inspired by the elaborately
 quilt and the hexagon shapes allowed me to        just a bit of fun to mix old and new, a         Griffith,ACT                 180 x 180 cm         embroidered Suzani traded along the Silk
 do some nice quilting as well. All the stars      journey started by a desire to mix bright       Traditional (Professional)          $1600         Road. A wonderful experience for me to
 were made using 1 1/2" (4 cms) wide strips        happy colours into a diverse design,            The traditional block "Yankee Puzzle" is          extend my boundaries into a world filled with
 of fabric and crosscut.                           therefore Ying and Yang, opposites living in    featured in this quilt. The fabrics used          exotic     influences    and    symbolism,
                                                   harmony with one defining the other.            include many vintage Sarasa woodblock             extravagant colours and complex designs
 146. Judith Thomson                                                                               prints and linen dyed in dried pomegranate
 Entropy                                 NFS       152. Marian Brown                               skins. Machine pieced, machine quilted and        164. Jan Payne
 Bega,NSW                     173 x 172 cm         Liquorice Allsorts                    NFS       hand appliquéd.                                   Another Green Quilt
 New Traditions from Old Favourites                Waterview Heights,NSW           160x160cm                                                         Mosman,NSW                    180 x 180 cm
 This quilt was constructed using randomly         Group/Collaborative Quilt (Open)                158. Shirley Carroll                              Traditional (Amateur)                    NFS
 placed kaleidoscope blocks of different sizes     Using hand dyed fabrics we added black          Australian Wildflowers                            I saw the Quiltmania's quilt at a quilt show
 to provide colour and movement. Machine           homespun to enhance the colours. Blocks         Camperdown,NSW                183 x 183 cm        two years ago, made up in Japanese fabrics.
 pieced and quilted.                               are a mixture of both traditional and           Traditional (Amateur)                   NFS       I couldn't wait to make it up in materials
                                                   modern. The centre block is a traditional       In memory of Shirley Carroll (9.2.35-             from my own stash. It has a different look to
 147. Jennifer Ramsay                              New York Beauty bringing all colours we         26.2.10). Machine pieced and appliquéd.           the original, but I am very pleased with the
 Rings of Happiness                                used together. Quilt as you go.                 Hand embroidered and hand quilted. This           result.
 Balgownie,NSW                151 x 154 cm                                                         quilt celebrates our mother's garden and her
 Mixed Techniques - Anything             NFS       153. Brett Bridger                              love of native flowers.                           165. Lynne Alchin
 Goes (Professional)                               My Dahlia                                                                                         Laurel's Star
 Rings of Happiness is based on a design           Burwood,NSW                   160 x 160 cm      159. Caroline Bay Quilters                        Wentworth Falls,NSW           180 x 180 cm
 from a Quiltmania magazine using a variety        Not to be judged - Display only        NFS      Sweet Caroline                             NFS    Not to be judged - Display only       NFS
 of Japanese materials including the noshi         My first Dahlia, done at a workshop at          Umina Beach,NSW                 183 x 183 cm      An original design, hand appliqué, English
 (happiness ribbons) which I bought in Japan.      Quiltsmith with Michelle Yeo.                   Group/Collaborative Quilt (Open)                  paper pieced stars, hand quilted.
 It is machine pieced, appliquéd and quilted,                                                      Made by the Caroline Bay Quilters as the
 and includes hand sashiko work.                   154. Natasha Rutter                             Raffle quilt for their quilt show in April 2011   166. Kay Goodwin
                                                   Natasha's Star                                  using designs from the "William Morris in         Le Coussin (The Cushion)                NFS
 148. Deborah Louie                                Narrabri,NSW                175 x 175 cm        Appliqué" book by Michele Hill.                   Greenacre,NSW                 175 x 177 cm
 Antique White for Claire!                         Commercially Machine Quilted             NFS                                                      Predominantly Appliqué (Amateur)
 Jannali,NSW                   170 x 170 cm        Quilt (Open)                                    160. Beverly Hunter                               Instead of starting yet another new quilt in a
 Traditional (Professional)               NFS      I was inspired to make this quilt, as it was    Lost at Sea                                       weekend workshop with Pam Furniss, I
 Happy 18th Birthday my darling Claire - you       foundation piecing which I had not              Moss Vale,NSW              183 x 183 cm           decided to make just one block for a
 have been surrounded by quilts all your life      attempted before. I made some changes to        Traditional (Amateur)               $500          cushion, however it was so enjoyable, I
 and I am thrilled you asked for this beautiful    suit my style of colours and block centre.      A combination of Mariner's Compass and            completed the whole quilt.
 classic quilt for your 18th. All my love          With no measurements, it was cut as you         Storm at Sea. Started with my blue scraps
 Mummy X.                                          go.                                             then shopped for the rest. Foundation             167. Helen Shepherd
 Machine appliqué, machine trapunto quilted.                                                       piecing, machine piecing and machine              Drunkard's Wave                         NFS
                                                   Machine quilted Lorraine Burrell, Quilt Shop    quilting.                                         Cardiff,NSW                   174 x 174 cm
 149. Trudy Johns                                  at the Bungalow.                                                                                  New Traditions from Old Favourites
 The Roadshow Quilt                                                                                161. Maree Blanchard                              Made using foundation paper piecing from a
 The Junction,NSW              169 x 169 cm        155. Elva Salter                                Logging on                                        kit by Judy Niemeyer. I love the accuracy of
 Traditional (Professional)             NFS        Circles and Spirals                             Marrickville,NSW                  183 x 183 cm    foundation piecing and love Judy's design.
 Pattern reproduced by Lynne Alchin from a         Hunters Hill,NSW              178 x 178 cm      Traditional (Professional)                 NFS
 quilt shown on the 'Antique Roadshow'.            First Time Entrant (Amateur)            NFS     This quilt started off as a reproduction of an    168. Rachelle Denneny
                                                   I noticed this quilt in a magazine and loved    old quilt but took on a life of its own.          Royal Amethyst                        NFS
 150. Ellie Neil                                   the curves and colours. I worked out a                                                            Glenelg North,SA             184 x 184 cm
 Pride of Our Nation                               pattern and had a go. It is all hand-pieced.    162. Lisa Walton                                  Predominantly Appliqué (Professional)
 Jesmond,NSW                     166 x 168 cm      The machine quilting gave me lots of            Deep Purple                                       A flower on a golden carving in a temple in
 Pictorial Quilt (Open)                 $3500      practice with a new skill.                      Lewisham,NSW                     183 x 183 cm     Japan and the rich purples of the beautiful
 Australia - the best in the cricket world. This                                                   Art Quilt (Open)                        $2000     amethyst gemstones were the inspiration for
 quilt is an attempt to capture the essence of     156. Mineko Kikuchi                             Combining the radiance of a single piece of       this quilt. Machine appliquéd, free motion
 "the game"; which includes our States,            Anemone                                         hand dyed fabric with the addition of a deep      quilted on a domestic machine.
 stadiums, media, audience, awards and the         Overseas                     180 x 180 cm       purple border, this quilt is enhanced by hand
 team players. Australia can be justly proud.      Art Quilt (Open)                       NFS      dyed    silk  organza       appliqué   creating
                                                   I love the Anemone. It's wonderful that the     transparency.
                                                   bud of the Anemone raises its head from the
                                                   soil. I expressed the Anemone with the cloth
                                                   of the Japanese kimono. I made this quilt by

Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                 Page 13    Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                   Page 14
Online Catalogue                                                                                  Online Catalogue
 169. Maree Blanchard                               quilt is a personal challenge to explore the       181. Leonie Lever                                187. Roslyn Moules
 Kazuko – Harmony                     NFS           value between warm and cool colours                Nicole's Stars                                   Trucks and Trains for Jacob
 Marrickville,NSW            185 x 185 cm           through monochrome hues and recreating             Keiraville,NSW                184 x 184 cm       Bangor,NSW                       200 x 142 cm
 Group/Collaborative Quilt (Open)                   my love of drawing my own stencils.                Traditional (Amateur)                   NFS      Traditional (Professional)                  NFS
 Quilt made by Kerry Brack, Lorena Uriarte,                                                            This blue and yellow quilt was started in a      My 3-year-old grandson, Jacob, loves earth
 Loloma Wren and Maree Blanchard. This has          176. Chris Timmins                                 foundation piecing class with Nic Bridges in     moving equipment, dump trucks and trains,
 been a great group project.                        Spinning Stars                                     May 2008. It is hand quilted.                    and this quilt is a surprise for his birthday.
                                                    Grafton,NSW                 198 x 168 cm
 170. Kim Mariani                                   Commercially Machine Quilted        $800           182. Marilyn Bell                                188. Glenda Wise
 Blowing Bubbles in my Garden                       Quilt (Open)                                       Flower Pots                                NFS   Crewel Work Through a Quilter's Eye
 Bella Vista,NSW                184 x 184 cm        Black and white jelly roll used to create          Umina Beach,NSW                 221 x 193 cm     Balgownie,NSW                172 x 240 cm
 Traditional (Professional)              $2000      centre blocks and then wedges added to             Predominantly Appliqué (Amateur)                 Traditional (Amateur)                   NFS
 Watching my daughter blowing bubbles, my           twist the blocks.                                  I enjoy appliqué and this seems such a           Having always admired Jacobean Style
 love of bright colours, a stash of large florals                                                      happy quilt with all the colourful fabrics.      crewel work I designed eight appliqué blocks
 and inspiration from Becky Goldsmith's             Machine quilted by Anne MacGee, Country                                                             combining multiple sources of patterns. I
 'Everyday Best' 2003, this quilt came to life.     Quilting.                                          183. Margy Syrett                                was persuaded to hand quilt to set off the
 Taking time to enjoy the simple things                                                                My Winding Ways                                  hand appliqué.
 makes me smile.                                    177. Gail Price                                    Darlinghurst,NSW             217 x 170 cm
                                                    In Your Dreams                                     Traditional (Amateur)                   NFS      189. Susan Grant
 171. Alan R. Tremain                               Chapel Hill,Qld             185 x 166 cm           I've always loved this pattern and the way       Colour? What Colour?
 Island Life One                        NFS         Traditional (Amateur)                 NFS          circles keep appearing. This was made            Park Holme,SA                170 x 136 cm
 Wyoming,NSW                 188 x 200 cm           A hexagon quilt I was never going to make.         completely from my stash, including the          First Time Entrant (Amateur)           NFS
 New Traditions from Old Favourites                 This has been the start of many more to            pieced back. The colours make me smile.          The 'New York Beauty' block taken to
 The nine batik panels in this quilt are            come.                                              Started in a workshop with Lynn Hewitt.          extremes! Made from Kaffe Fassett and my
 arranged to reflect an ancient symbol of a                                                                                                             own hand-dyed fabrics. The quilt back is
 double outrigger canoe used extensively to         178. Kathy Adams                                   184. Kay Goodwin                                 black homespun overprinted with red and
 explore polynesian islands. Tropical flower        The Sky is Blue, The Sea is Blue                   Moulin Rouge                                     then lino-cut printed to emphasise the New
 colours and sunset scenes complete this            Toowoomba,Qld                185 x 232 cm          Greenacre,NSW              208 x 160 cm          York Beauty 'left-overs'.
 design.                                            Pictorial Quilt (Open)                  NFS        Commercially Machine Quilted         NFS
                                                    In making this quilt I hoped to capture the        Quilt (Open)                                     190. Marina Shanidze
 172. Judy Turner                                   light and space of sand, water and sky and         This quilt is taken from the one fabric          Ocean Waves
 Japanese Checks                                    the precious moments of children at play.          (except borders). The technique is to cut        Putney,NSW                     242 x 205 cm
 Tura Beach,NSW                 194 x 158 cm        Techniques: raw edge appliqué, extensive           triangles then assemble them to create           New Traditions from Old                  NFS
 Mixed Techniques - Anything              NFS       quilting, design using computer software and       secondary patterns and place them in a           Favourites
 Goes (Professional)                                "quilt-as-a-canvas"                                pleasing design.                                 The name of the quilt 'Ocean Waves' came
 This quilt is made predominantly with                                                                                                                  from an old traditional quilting block. I like
 Japanese woven fabrics purchased in New            179. Alrema Bullen                                 Machine quilted by Denise Biviano, Quilted       to use the traditional blocks in my designs
 Zealand in 2009 while teaching there.              Old World Roses                                    for Memories.                                    and play with the arrangement and the
 Diagonally quilted with machine couched            Fairlight,NSW              180 x 188 cm                                                             colour. This is great fun.
 yarn in a variation of a sashiko design.           Commercially Machine Quilted          NFS          185. Barbara Gower
                                                    Quilt (Open)                                       Celebrate Spring                                 191. Helen Shepherd
 173. Glen Waples                                   I love to experiment with different ideas.         The Oaks,NSW                    210 x 152 cm     Vortex
 Terrazzo                                           Inspired by several publications. Hand             Mixed Techniques - Anything               NFS    Cardiff,NSW                  230 x 196 cm
 Erina,NSW                   199 x 168 cm           appliquéd and hand pieced.                         Goes (Professional)                              First Time Entrant (Amateur)           NFS
 Traditional (Amateur)                 NFS                                                             I like nothing better than immersing myself      Made using foundation piecing from the book
 My quilt was inspired by and adapted from          Machine quilted by Verna Horwood. Precious         in colour, whether it is in the garden or with   'Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts' by RaNae
 an old quilt which hangs at Levens Hall,           Heirlooms Quilting.                                fabric. Creating quilting patterns gives as      Merrill and machine quilted to enhance the
 Westmoreland,    UK     as  published   in                                                            much joy as picking flowers. Hand                centre spiral.
 Patchwork by Averil Colby.                         180. Epping Quilters Inc                           embroidered and painted. Machine pieced
                                                    Pomegranate Panache                        NFS     and quilted on my faithful old Pfaff.            192. Keiko Arita
 174. Greg Kazarian                                 Concord,NSW                      185 x 185 cm                                                       Blue Galaxy
 Star                                               Group/Collaborative Quilt (Open)                   186. Melissa Walden                              Lalor Park,NSW               233 x 194 cm
 Coogee,NSW                   190 x 195 cm          Based on a design by Michelle Marvig from          Underwater Wonder            Age:15 years        Traditional (Amateur)                   NFS
 Traditional (Amateur)                $250          Homespun magazine Vol 8 No 3. This quilt           Maraylya,NSW                 222 x 128 cm        A feathered star pattern quilt once inspired
 Hand pieced satin over papers                      was made by Epping Quilters Group as their         Junior Member B (13-18)                 NFS      me. I decided to make one.
                                                    raffle quilt for their quilt show in September.    A set of 288 x 3" blocks pieced to represent
 175. Esther Aliu                                   Hand appliquéd centre and quilting, pieced         the coral and ocean of the Great Barrier
 Sunshine & Shadow                                  border. It is in the style of a vintag             Reef.
 Donvale,Vic                  190 x 190 cm
 Mixed Techniques - Anything              NFS
 Goes (Professional)
 Inspired by contrast and Heraldic motifs, this
Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                     Page 15    Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                   Page 16
Online Catalogue                                                                                      Online Catalogue
 193. Lynette Zahra                              199. Amelia Stanislas                            205. Julie Haddrick                              210. Kerryn A. Taylor
 Inspirations of the East                        Smurfs Up                                        Kokeshi Dolls House                              Tiwi Blues
 Castle Hill,NSW               256 x 176 cm      Raby,NSW                     171 x 117 cm        Blackwood,SA                198 x 112 cm         Katherine,NT                  240 x 190 cm
 Commercially Machine Quilted            NFS     First Time Entrant (Amateur)             NFS     Mixed Techniques - Anything            NFS       Mixed Techniques - Anything           $1100
 Quilt (Open)                                    This quilt was made for an enthusiast for her    Goes (Professional)                              Goes (Professional)
 Traditional Japanese Family Crests were an      birthday.                                        Original design by Haddrick on Fabric, Julie     The central panel was purchased at Tiwi
 inspiration brought to life in appliqué form                                                     created the work from ideas based on her         Island Art Centre. The machine quilting is an
 using a variety of threads, fabrics and         200. Mirjam Aigner                               Kokeshi doll collection. Hand appliquéd          extension of the screen printed panel. A lino
 stiches to enhance the various themes. A        Coming Home                                      antique crepes and silks from kimonos,           cut block was made to print the reverse.
 Geisha has been used, with embellishments       Jindabyne,NSW                 169 x 107 cm       combined with various recycled Japanese
 as the centre piece.                            First Time Entrant (Amateur)             NFS     fabrics.  Traditional motifs   quilted    in
                                                 Living in the country "The Snowy Mountains"      background.                                      211. Scarlett Govey
 Machine quilted by Belinda Betts, Eucalypt      I see nature at its best. We all have a place                                                     Manhattan Sunsets
 Ridge Quilting.                                 called "Home".                                   206. Helen Godden                                Spit Junction,NSW             255 x 193 cm
                                                                                                  La Luna Feminingo                                Not to be judged-Display only           NFS
 194. Julia Herbert                              201. Samara Flynn                                Latham,ACT                    118 x 215 cm       I learnt hand and machine piecing with
 Beautiful Mess                                  Birds of 8 Feathers...      Age: 16 years        Pictorial Quilt (Open)                $6000      instruction and advice from Killara Village
 Turramurra,NSW               248 x 186 cm       Grafton,NSW                    160 x 80 cm       A favourite Sydney Long painting of              Quilts; and studied Art Deco Design
 First Time Entrant (Amateur)            NFS     Junior Member B (13-18)                NFS       flamingos combined in the artist's mind with     Influences in the Applied Arts for a Year 9
 Inspired by modernist experimental art, I       Small quilts made by quilting the design on      classic Art Nouveau feminine figures, all long   extra curricular school "tutor task" Feb-Aug
 focused on form and colour. Using               the fabric and then birds appliquéd on top.      legged, graceful and elegant. Are the            09. Around the World 1930's block design.
 purchased and eclectic fabrics, black and       Creatively joined together.                      dancers turning into flamingos or are the
 white blocks are enhanced with vibrant                                                           flamingos transforming into women?               212. Hunters Hill Quilters
 appliqué. The piece has quilted elements,       202. Catherine Babidge                                                                            Sunrise                                  NFS
 vindicated with an asymmetrical centrepiece.    Roses are red, tulips can be anything            207. Kathy Doughty                               Concord West,NSW              231 x 193 cm
                                                 Mosman,NSW                  155 x 120 cm         Madness                                NFS       Group/Collaborative Quilt (Open)
 195. Carolyn Jones                              Traditional (Amateur)                NFS         West Ryde,NSW                 215 x 185 cm       Sunrise is a bright, fun and funky
 Spots and Dots                                  The old tulip quilts of the past are so          New Traditions from Old Favourites               contemporary quilt. Inspired by the design
 Mona Vale,NSW                 230 x 185 cm      attractive and I wanted to try my hand at        Broken lines and interrupted patterns create     of member Kathy Doughty, of Material
 Traditional (Amateur)                  NFS      making one.                                      the illusion of Madness! Made with practice      Obsession, the group worked together to
 (No description supplied)                                                                        blocks, scraps and strips..the leftovers of      create their own version. This quilt is one of
                                                 203. Helen Godden                                former glory are then tied together with         the two raffle quilts for the Hunters Hill
 196. Carol Honeyman                             Mother Earth                                     black and white graphic patterns. Go Crazy!      Quilters 2010 Quilt Show August 13-15.
 Pickled Wedding Ring                            Latham,ACT                    115 x 239 cm
 Shoal Bay,NSW                230 x 180 cm       Art Quilt (Open)                        NFS      208. Sue O'Connell                               213. Caroline Price
 Commercially Machine Quilted           NFS      Bleach painted on black, Mother Earth works      Ode to Autumn                                    One Stitch at a Time
 Quilt (Open)                                    her nurturing hands, giving form to ancient      Frenchs Forest,NSW              230 x 180 cm     Pyramul via Mudgee, NSW 230x195cm
 I swore I'd never do paper-piecing, however     civilisations in clay. Heavily free-machine      Commercially Machine Quilted              NFS    Traditional (Professional)             NFS
 a workshop with dear friend Jenny Rofe          stitched,    capturing  decorative   surface     Quilt (Open)                                     After machine quilting a pieced top, I
 convinced me otherwise. I thoroughly            designs on earthenware throughout the            This was my first venture into appliqué. Saw     preferred the back which resembled a
 enjoyed the process and didn't want it to       ages. Around the potter's wheel, paper dolls     the material first, then searched through my     wholecloth quilt. Philippa Naylor's book
 end.                                            spin, echoing the generations past.              APQ books, found the pattern and it all went     "Quilting in the Limelight" was the catalyst
                                                                                                  together nicely. Lace was not my thing so I      to design and make my own wholecloth quilt
 Quilted by Clare      Fairless-Lewis,   Never   204. Jenny Bowker                                omitted it from the original printed design.     - a labour of love.
 Ending Quilting.                                Sandstorm Over the White Desert
                                                 Garran,ACT                    207 x 246 cm       Machine quilted by Jenny Campbell, Coastal       214. Lorraine Wheeler & Kaye Brown
 197. Susan Campbell & Margaret                  Pictorial Quilt (Open)                 NFS       Quilting Services.                               Heavenly Stars
 McDonald                                        Magdy Badrmany is a Bedouin guide in                                                              Menangle,NSW                     242 x 201 cm
 Forever                                         Egypt's Western Desert. We camped there          209. Jennifer Charles                            Traditional (Professional)                 NFS
 Lockwood South,Vic             227 x 193 cm     as a sandstorm swirled in and the desert         Raspberry Flush                                  Heavenly Stars was made as a result of my
 Traditional (Professional)               NFS    changed colour - the pure white formations       Terrigal,NSW                  220 x 185 cm       love of old quilts; I like to put a modern face
 Hand pieced tumbling blocks that took           silver in the storm's shadow.                    Traditional (Amateur)                  NFS       to some of these old quilts. This quilt is a
 forever! By the time I got to the borders I                                                      "Raspberry Flush"     originated   from    a     combination of three quilts I have always
 decided that it needed a different treatment.                                                    workshop with Brigitte Giblin at Melbourne       admired.
                                                                                                  AQC 2009, known as Levens Hall circa 1708.
 198. Rebecca Walden                                                                              It was English pieced over papers, hand
 Dotty About Shoes            Age: 13 years                                                       sewn, then hand quilted, hence the "Flush"
 Maraylya,NSW                 152 x 106 cm                                                        having started to hand quilt mid February in
 Junior Member B (13-18)                NFS                                                       hot weather.
 A painted shoe in the centre, surrounded by
 patches of shoe and dotty fabric.

Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                Page 17    Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                   Page 18
Online Catalogue                                                                                 Online Catalogue
 215. Amanda Anderson and Tracy                   embroidery. Machine quilted on my trusty          226. Sharon French                               Tracey Stevenson. Block layout inspired by a
 Smith-Rees                                       old Pfaff.                                        Vibrant Delights                                 Julie Wallace design, who was herself
 Sydney to Hobart                                                                                   Avoca Beach,NSW               200 x 200 cm       inspired by an American 1890s quilt.
 Sackville North,NSW          169 x 138 cm        221. Mary Campbell                                Traditional (Professional)              NFS
 Traditional (Amateur)                   NFS      Pyrotechnics for Penny                            I love Log Cabin quilts and Judy Hooworth's      Machine quilted Lorraine Burrell, Quilt Shop
 Double-sided quilt comprising 148 hand-          Cronulla,NSW                   213 x 172 cm       pattern, All that Jazz, adds vibrancy to a       at the Bungalow.
 pieced and quilted folded hexagons. The          Commercially Machine Quilted              NFS     traditional block. Machine pieced and quilted
 outer row of hexagons form prairie-style         Quilt (Open)                                      on my Prodigy Long-Arm Quilting machine          232. Pamela Tawton
 points overlapping the hand-quilted border.      The twisted log cabin block (from Simply          with Intelliquilter.                             Indulgence
                                                  Quilts, Fox TV) took Penny's fancy. I blithely                                                     Weston,ACT                   254 x 220 cm
 216. Natasha Rutter                              took up the challenge, deciding to use paper      227. Marilyn Lowder                              Not to be judged-Display only          NFS
 Ruby Dance                                       for the foundation. It was a long labour with     The Bennet Sisters at                            168 log cabin blocks, 2856 pieces of fabric
 Narrabri,NSW                  172 x 172 cm       an unexpectedly pyrotechnical result! For         the Governor's Mansion                  NFS      must surely be considered an indulgence.
 First Time Entrant (Amateur)             NFS     Penny, much love Mum.                             Engadine,NSW                  200 x 200 cm
 This quilt is a variation from a quilt I had                                                       Predominantly Appliqué (Amateur)                 233. Karen Cunningham
 made before. I made changes to the               Machine quilted by Virginia Wise, The Shire       My quilt was inspired by the 'Dancing Dollies'   The Sampler
 cornerstones, making the colour dance            Quiltery.                                         coverlet on display in the former SA             Blackheath,NSW                255 x 224 cm
 through the quilt. I added a peeper, an extra                                                      Governor's Mansion 'Ayers House'. The            Traditional (Professional)             NFS
 border, to make a totally new style of quilt.    222. Elva Salter                                  ladies around the border represent the five      The inspiration for my Sampler came from a
                                                  The Brindi Quilt                                  Bennet sisters from Jane Austen's 'Pride and     quilt in the collection of V&A Museum,
 217. Susan Allsop                                Hunters Hill,NSW               218 x 190 cm       Prejudice'.                                      London, called the Sundial Coverlet.
 Row by Row Swap                         NFS      Mixed Techniques - Anything              NFS                                                       I wanted to make a quilt that contained
 Davidson,NSW                  190 x 136 cm       Goes (Amateur)                                    228. Janice Morrison & Michele Hawley            special dates, my children's names, where I
 Group/Collaborative Quilt (Open)                 The quilt was made as a gift celebrating 30       Little Birds                                     lived and contained all my favourite blocks
 Row by Row Swap with members of                  years visiting a friend's property by a trout     Harrington Park,NSW             203 x 199 cm     and fabrics.
 Australian Internet group Southern Cross         river. After only quilting for a year, I tried    Traditional (Professional)               NFS
 Quilters. My row is the Log Cabin row, and It    out some new techniques. Photos taken at          Hand pieced and needleturn appliqué.
 was the first time I attempted the prairie       'Koorabri".                                       Longarm machine quilted by Michele Hawley        234. Shirley Diepeveen
 point finish on the edges.                                                                         of Michele Hawley Quilting Services. Quilt       A Tribute to Violet
                                                  223. Sandra Donnelly                              designed by Lynne Alchin.                        Glebe,NSW                      236 x 218 cm
 218. Denise Griffiths                            Bird in the Garden                  NFS           This quilt is to be raffled at Camden Country    Traditional (Amateur)                   NFS
 Waratahs and Wildflowers for Dad                 St Clair,NSW               206 x 206 cm           Quilters Exhibition August 2010.                 Quilt as featured in Quilters Companion over
 Shellharbour,NSW             216 x 145 cm        Predominantly Appliqué (Amateur)                                                                   3 issues. English paper piecing. This quilt
 Mixed Techniques - Anything             NFS      This   quilt  is predominantly   machine          229. Zoe James                                   was a challenge as I had never used this
 Goes (Amateur)                                   appliquéd. It is surrounded by a swag             Nana's Garden                                    method before and I love the traditional
 This quilt is for my dad who loved               border.                                           Waterview                170 x 170cm             colours and designs.
 wildflowers. The single bottlebrush is for                                                         Heights,NSW
 him. Hand appliqué, hand and machine             224. Michelle Marvig                              Not to be Judged-Display only     NFS            235. Lois Cook
 quilting, embroidery, painted, machine           World Traveller                                                                                    Tennessee Ti-Pi
 embroidery and machine piecing were used         Blaxland,NSW                203 x 203 cm                                                           North Ryde,NSW                 254 x 209 cm
 in the making. I fanned out various black to     Traditional (Professional)            NFS         230. Dianne Ginis                                Traditional (Amateur)                   NFS
 white as the back for a striking contrast to     Inspired by traditional four block repeat         Struck by Lightning                              I admire the American Indians and this block
 the reds.                                        quilts, this quilt contains many fabrics          Bellingen,NSW                  247 x 223 cm      reminded me of their tents, hence the title.
                                                  purchased while travelling. The quilt was         Commercially Machine Quilted             NFS     The blocks are template drawn and hand
 219. Harry Betts                                 constructed   using   foundation  piecing,        Quilt (Open)                                     pieced, and the quilt is hand quilted.
 Skull Hunting                  Age:10 years      templates, hand appliqué and machine              A collection of co-ordinated black, white and    From the book "The Quilts of Tennessee".
 Orange,NSW                     195 x 153 cm      quilting.                                         red fabrics were used to create "Lightning
 Junior Member A (up to 12)                NFS                                                      Strikes" or "Struck by Lightning". This was      236. Pamela Westmacott
 Family and friends collected skull fabrics for   225. Maureen Teager                               made from strip-piecing and cross-cutting to     Petal's Petals
 me. The top section is the graveyard; nine       My Wild Child                                     create this spectacular design, commenced        Willoughby East,NSW             235 x 205 cm
 patch pirates are beside the centre skull; the   Elanora Heights,NSW            201 x 201 cm       in workshop with Chris Timmins.                  Commercially Machine Quilted               NFS
 bottom is the city of skulls. This is the        Traditional (Amateur)                     NFS                                                      Quilt (Open)
 second quilt that I have quilted myself.         Quilts are like children, they have their own     Machine quilted by Anne MacGee, Country          This quilt was begun in 1988 with Dresden
                                                  personality. My youngest son was wild and         Quilting.                                        Plate Petals in a variety of Liberty of London
 220. Barbara Gower                               did his own thing. Now as an adult I can see                                                       fabrics. Recommenced piecing in 2007 and
 Morning Glory Medallion                NFS       glimpses of a traditional streak. This quilt      231. Tanya Coxsedge                              completed 2008 for my daughter Peta.
 The Oaks,NSW                  208 x 157 cm       reminds me of him.                                Tracey's Quilt
 Predominantly Appliqué (Professional)                                                              Gilgandra,NSW               280 x 234 cm         Machine quilted by Susie Anderson, Leura
 Inspired by Marie Webster's quilts from the                                                        Commercially Machine Quilted          NFS        Quilting.
 1920's and some later embroidery designs                                                           Quilt (Open)
 by Leslie Beck, this quilt combines my love                                                        I thoroughly enjoyed every moment making
 of 1930s prints and designs and hand                                                               the "not too girly" quilt commissioned by

Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                  Page 19    Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                  Page 20
Online Catalogue                                                                                   Online Catalogue
 237. Mercedes Forbes                              242. Pamela Westmacott                              247. Dianna Alvaro                                252. Chris Jurd
 Remembering Green Knowe                           Second Time Round                                   Birds on the Wing                                 Bluebell                              NFS
 Five Dock,NSW                  226 x 168 cm       Willoughby East,NSW           253 x 223 cm          Figtree,NSW                 202 x 198 cm          Blaxland,NSW                 205 x 205 cm
 Commercially Machine Quilted              NFS     Commercially Machine Quilted              NFS       Commercially Machine Quilted         NFS          Group/Collaborative Quilt (Open)
 Quilt (Open)                                      Quilt (Open)                                        Quilt (Open)                                      Made by members of Springwood High
 Lucy Boston's stories were much enjoyed by        Begun in 1992 with one third pieced in first        This quilt was made using a Lynne Alchin          School Quilt Show committee as our 2010
 my children. I saw her quilts at her home in      twelve months. The next 16 years saw it             design in one of her classes at Patchwork         Raffle Quilt. Quilted by Suzie Anderson of
 1997. Lucy's pattern "The Patchwork of the        packed away in a box. Recommenced                   Heart. A great opportunity to use fabrics         Leura Quilting from a design by Karen
 Crosses" is my first paper piecing project.       piecing in May 2009. With Michelle Turner -         from "the stash".                                 Cunningham.
                                                   Pinetree Cottage Quilting - quilting it for me
 Machine quilted by Linda Billett, Artisan         in February 2010.                                   Machine quilted by Michelle Turner, Pinetree      253. Kirsten Kreutzfeldt
 Quilting.                                                                                             Cottage Quilting.                                 Lily Rosenberry
                                                   Machine quilted by Michelle Turner, Pinetree                                                          Liverpool,NSW                222 x 222 cm
 238. Heather Davie                                Cottage Quilting.                                   248. Yvonne Line                                  Predominantly Appliqué                NFS
 Katrina's Quilt                                                                                       Memories                                 NFS      (Amateur)
 Marrickville,NSW                224 x 153 cm      243. Christine Parish                               Campbelltown,NSW              200 x 200 cm        Designed by Sue Garman, USA. Modified
 Commercially Machine Quilted              NFS     Lightning Strikes Interpretation                    Mixed Techniques:Anything Goes (Prof)             border incorporating quirky bird from 1853
 Quilt (Open)                                      Regents Park,NSW              252 x 228 cm          I love working with different fabric textures     Ohio Quilt. Lily Rosenberry is a design of
 I had promised all my great nephews and           Traditional (Professional)             NFS          from my "collection". Working in blocks           Roses, Lilies and many many (!) berries -
 nieces a quilt for their 10th birthday and this   My interpretation of Chris Timmin's Bargello        made the work easy to carry around and I          hence the name.
 was to be Katrina's, whose favourite colour       quilt 'Lightning Strikes". I have used              worked on them while my granddaughter
 is blue. She received the quilt top for her       different colourways. Cotton batting and            was at trumpet lessons and on the train, etc.     254. Robert (Bob) James
 birthday but is yet to enjoy the completed        backing and all-cotton top. This is my first                                                          Oriental Rooster Hotpot
 quilt.                                            attempt at bargello (black, greys, white,           249. Shirley Merriel                              Cronulla,NSW                  224 x 218 cm
                                                   reds).                                              Purple Magic                                      Traditional (Amateur)                    NFS
 Machine quilted by Joanne Nicholls, Thirroul                                                          Caringbah,NSW                   200 x 200 cm      Only two fabrics in the centre and two in the
 Custom Quilting.                                  244. Rae Cashman                                    Traditional (Amateur)                      NFS    border. The main fabric has oriental roosters
                                                   Hexagons and Tumbling Stars                         Started in a 2-block magic class with Lynne       with ornate swirling tails. The pattern
                                                   St Ives,NSW                  270 x 230 cm           Peebles in 1999. Lots of interruptions during     comprises Kaleidoscope hexagons.
 239. Diane Tramontana                             Commercially Machine Quilted           NFS          the next 10 years including hand surgery.
 Mountain Rose                                     Quilt (Open)                                        This quilt will be a 21st birthday gift for one   255. Leesa Evans
 Springwood,NSW                225 x 210 cm        I saw the quilt at Old Government House             of my granddaughters. Luckily she was just        Oriental Obsession
 Traditional (Amateur)                    NFS      years ago and loved the layout. I wanted to         a toddler when I started.                         Woongarrah,NSW                216 x 216 cm
 "From little things big things grow". It          reproduce it as close as possible, with the                                                           Traditional (Amateur)                    NFS
 started with a small 'goose in a pond' block.     exception that I preferred green instead of         250. Julie Loaney-Brown                           It started with my bedroom colour scheme
 This needed a big sister and of course some       blue in the central blocks.                         Licorice All Sorts                                and an obsession for oriental prints. The
 flowers. Add the desire of a daughter who                                                             Umina,NSW                      200 x 197 cm       quilt was then constructed by a quilt-as-you-
 wants a queen-size quilt and . . . . . .          Machine quilted by Jenny Campbell, Coastal          Commercially Machine Quilted             NFS      go method.
                                                   Quilting Services.                                  Quilt (Open)
 240. Susan Power                                                                                      'Licorice All Sorts' made for teenage             256. Chris Serong and Susan Campbell
 Le jardin de ma grandmère                         245. Hunters Hill Quilters                          daughter who loves bright colours and             Pickle Dish
 Bexley,NSW                   249 x 213 cm         Rhapsody in Red                                     butterflies. Quilt inspired by 'All That Jazz'    Essendon,Vic                  215 x 215 cm
 Commercially Machine Quilted          NFS         Concord West,NSW                244 x 229 cm        by Judy Hooworth's book 'Razzle Dazzle'.          Traditional (Professional)              NFS
 Quilt (Open)                                      Group/Collaborative Quilt (Open)             NFS    Black border sets off the explosion of            All hand pieced. I have redesigned the large
 This quilt has been a hand project for 18         Rhapsody in Red combines redwork and                colours.                                          half centre diamond to one piece and added
 months. Begun in Paris 2008.                      traditional piecing in a scrappy quilt of red                                                         a pieced border. The Pickle Dish was a
                                                   and white fabrics. Each member of the               Machine quilted by Jenny Campbell, Coastal        favourite in the late 1800s. The colour
 Machine quilted by Virginia Wise, The Shire       group was "challenged" to complete at least         Quilting Services.                                scheme was usually in white and cranberry,
 Quiltery.                                         one redwork block. This group quilt is one of                                                         it was meant to shimmer like cut-glass
                                                   two raffle quilts for the Hunter's Hill Quil                                                          servin
 241. Shirley Diepeveen
 Consuming Love and Happy Years                    246. Greg Kazarian                                                                                    257. Janice Morrison
 Glebe,NSW                    231 x 218 cm         Diamond                                             251. Lynette Thrift                               Trundle
 Mixed Techniques - Anything             NFS       Coogee,NSW                   190 x 173 cm           Lynette's Sampler                                 Harrington Park,NSW          213 x 209 cm
 Goes (Amateur)                                    Traditional (Amateur)                $250           Stroud,NSW                  202 x 202 cm          Commercially Machine Quilted          NFS
 This quilt was made to commemorate my             Hand pieced satin over papers                       Traditional (Amateur)                NFS          Quilt (Open)
 Daughter's wedding. The theme is Tulips as                                                            Blocks made around 1990. It was a                 Machine pieced and needleturn appliqué.
 this flower was in her wedding bouquet,                                                               challenge to put them together in a large         Quilt design by Karen Cunningham.
 messages from guests were incorporated,                                                               quilt. Cotton top and backing, Hobbs
 some on the back of the quilt as I ran out of                                                         polydown batting. Hand appliquéd and hand         Machine quilted by Michele Hawley of Michele
 space on the front.                                                                                   quilted.                                          Hawley Quilting Services.

Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                     Page 21    Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                  Page 22
Online Catalogue                                                                                      Online Catalogue
 258. Narelle Grieve & Maree Gebhardt              263. Kerry Dear                                    268. Carol Timmins                              273. Carol Honeyman
 Legacy                                   NFS      One Hundred Stars                                  My Rising Sun                                   Mariners Madness
 St Ives,NSW                   208 x 208 cm        Newport,NSW                  240 x 240 cm          Blackwall,NSW                240 x 240 cm       Shoal Bay,NSW              195 x 195 cm
 Predominantly Appliqué (Professional)             Traditional (Professional)               NFS       Commercially Machine Quilted            NFS     Commercially Machine Quilted         NFS
 Narelle    Grieve     (1939-2009).     Narelle    I was inspired to make this quilt by a lovely      Quilt (Open)                                    Quilt (Open)
 completed the magnificent appliqué and            old quilt I saw in "Folk Art Quilts". The          A reproduction of the Rising Sun Quilt          In my madness I thought I'd use up scraps
 hand quilted around each appliqué design          reproduction fabrics were carefully chosen         chosen by the Smithsonian Institute for their   from my stash. However, no fabric was
 before her sudden illness. The background         so as not to repeat any. The quilt is hand         first range of fabric by RJR in 1994.           repeated! Even managed an extra border.
 and border quilted by Maree Gebhardt.             pieced and hand quilted.                           Originally made by Mary Totten, New York in     Began at a workshop with Chris Jurd for
 Original design inspired by an antique quilt.                                                        1825.                                           Nelson Bay Quilters.
                                                   264. Katrina Hadjimichael and Veronica
 259. Cinzia White                                 Appleyard                                          Machine quilted by Jenny Campbell, Coastal      Machine quilted by Clare Fairless-Lewis.
 Turkish Delight                                   Netherfield                                        Quilting Services.
 Gerringong,NSW                 250 x 250 cm       Narellan,NSW                   236 x 236 cm                                                        274. Nancy Parkinson
 Commercially Machine Quilted               NFS    Traditional (Professional)                 NFS     269. Margo Hardie                               Friendship Sampler
 Quilt (Open)                                      This is the second in a series based on            Priscilla's Medallion - Circa 1840s             Carramar,NSW                 215 x 215 cm
 Turkish Delight uses 299 hand dyed fabrics.       antique English quilts. This quilt was inspired    Revisited                                       Commercially Machine Quilted          $1000
 Began in a class but, after numerous              by old English frame quilts. I love the            Lakehaven,NSW                 245 x 245 cm      Quilt (Open)
 changes, final quilt no longer resembles the      colours of the reproduction fabrics and I still    Predominantly Appliqué                 NFS      A medallion quilt to honour my friends.
 original. Free motion quilting by Maxine          enjoy making hexagons!                             (Professional)
 Sandry, in the ditch by self. Pattern available                                                      Remake of a quilt made by Priscilla Barnett     Machine quilted by Jenny Campbell, Coastal
 at http:\\                    265. Catherine Butterworth                         Dodson USA 1840s. Appliqué and Broderie         Quilting Services.
                                                   Square Rings                             NFS       Perse techniques. 8 years to sew 528 grapes
 Machine quilted by Maxine Sandry, Quilts to       Lindfield,NSW                 230 x 230 cm         and 1200 pyramids spurred on by the magic       275. Paddy Hannigan
 the Max.                                          New Traditions from Old Favourites                 of early quilters. Hand made from a             New Hampshire Falls
                                                   I love the shape and design of the traditional     photograph.                                     Sydney South,NSW             215 x 215 cm
 260. Maureen Martin                               Double Wedding Ring but in this quilt I had                                                        Commercially Machine Quilted             NFS
                                                   fun putting a contemporary slant on this old       270. Isobel Lancashire                          Quilt (Open)
 "My" Venezia Mosaic
                                                   favourite.                                         Keeping Watch                                   This quilt gave me the opportunity to indulge
 Pennant Hills,NSW              265 x 235 cm
                                                                                                      Wentworth Falls,NSW           242 x 245 cm      my love of hand piecing and bright colours.
 Traditional (Amateur)                     NFS
                                                   266. Lorraine Wheeler & Kaye Brown                 Not to be judged - Display               NFS    The centre is a piece of fabric from France
 With my love of Italy, I wanted to have my
                                                   Savannah - Helping Hands                 NFS       only                                            and I have used French-inspired Yuwa
 own "mosaic" quilt. My own design, hand
 pieced and quilted. Inspired by the floor of      Menangle,NSW                  227 x 227 cm         My version of the "Roebuck" quilt. Made for     fabrics.
                                                   Predominantly Appliqué (Professional)              grandson Llewellyn for his 19th birthday.
 the Basilica di s. Marco, Venice, with the use
                                                   My inspiration for the layout of this appliqué     The central block is made from a souvenir       Machine quilted by Susan Campbell, Rowdy
 of many mottled fabrics and different blocks
 to get the atmosphere of Italy.                   sampler came from an old quilt by Mrs              linen tea towel given to me by my mother
                                                                                                      many years ago. Remaining birds are
                                                                                                                                                      Flat Quilting.
                                                   Rebecca Temperley.
 261. Sue O'Connell                                My 3yr old granddaughter Savanah used to           Margaret Rolfe designs.
                                                                                                                                                      276. Adri van der Zel
 California Dreaming                               love to help me with the fabrics etc, thus the
                                                   name of the quilt.                                 271. Margaret Kain                              Childhood Spirit
 Frenchs Forest,NSW             250 x 250 cm                                                                                                          Castle Hill,NSW                214 x 214 cm
                                                                                                      Tree of Life
 Commercially Machine Quilted            NFS                                                                                                          Art Quilt (Open)                         NFS
                                                   267. Jeanette Pereira                              Baulkham Hills,NSW             270 x 254 cm
 Quilt (Open)                                                                                                                                         Hot winds swirling over the Namib desert
                                                   Fiji Sunset                                        Predominantly Appliqué                   NFS
 I purchased a charm pack of Moda Hemming                                                                                                             carry my childhood spirit aloft to soar above
                                                   Grafton,NSW                  235 x 230 cm          (Amateur)
 House, fell in love with it, but needed more                                                                                                         the dunes; leaving the cold Atlantic ocean
                                                   Commercially Machine Quilted            NFS        'Tree of Life' with Celtic theme. Made for my
 packs. I designed this quilt myself using                                                                                                            behind.
                                                   Quilt (Open)                                       daughter Michelle. There are six wrens in the
 simple blocks. I then used all the scraps on
                                                   Drunkards Path design using red, black and         tree representing her six children and two
 the back (rather than make a similar quilt).                                                                                                         277. Glenda Wise
                                                   gold fabrics. Made at Patchwork in Paradise        wrens under the tree representing the
                                                   in Fiji with Chris Timmins. Sewing,                parents.                                        Variation on an Amish Theme
 Machine quilted by Jenny Campbell, Coastal                                                                                                           Balgownie,NSW                220 x 220 cm
 Quilting Services.                                snorkeling, beach walks, swimming, sunsets,
                                                   local cuisine and refreshments - what a way        272. Margaret McDonald                          Traditional (Amateur)                   NFS
                                                   to make a quilt.                                   Journeys                                        Traditional  block    with   varied    black
 262. Kathy Doughty                                                                                                                                   background fabrics used to create interest in
                                                                                                      Lockwood South,Vic             208 x 208 cm
 Pheasantville                        NFS                                                                                                             contrast to the bright jewel colours. Made
                                                   Machine quilted by Diana Grant.                    Commercially Machine Quilted            NFS
 West Ryde,NSW               245 x 245 cm                                                                                                             for Cameron's 18th birthday.
                                                                                                      Quilt (Open)
 New Traditions from Old Favourites
 Sharing is common amongst quilters. A                                                                Inspired by the gift of the background fabric
                                                                                                      of appliqué blocks and the Dover book from
 gorgeous fabric, surrounded by fabric
                                                                                                      my daughter following a holiday in Hawaii.
 donations from Sue Cody and a block
 designed by Sue Ross all combine to make                                                             Hand needleturn appliqué and machine
 one happy place…Pheasantville.                                                                       piecing.
                                                                                                      Machine quilted by Susan Campbell, Rowdy
                                                                                                      Flat Quilting.
Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                    Page 23    Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                 Page 24
Online Catalogue                                                                                     Online Catalogue
 278. Marilyn Joan Hinwood                          hexagons are made from the offcuts. Shuji
 Summer Time                                        means calligraphy.                              290. Kaye Brown                                 pieced and appliquéd. Main hexagons are
 Berry,NSW                     270 x 270 cm                                                         Look Val, Finally Finished              NFS     machine pieced and the quilt is machine
 Commercially Machine Quilted            NFS        284. Marina Shanidze                            Glenmore,NSW                  270 x 240 cm      quilted.
 Quilt (Open)                                       The Butterfly Race                              Predominantly Appliqué (Professional)
 This first time Darling Harbour entry,             Putney,NSW                   261 x 259 cm       I started this quilt in 1992 at a shop in       292. Heather Davie
 featuring butterflies and flowers was hand-        Mixed Techniques - Anything             NFS     Camden with Val Moore and thanks to my          Elizabeths Medallion
 appliquéd using commercial patterns from           Goes (Professional)                             friend Lorraine Wheeler who helped finish       Marrickville,NSW              200 x 220 cm
 America with additions of my own design.           This quilt 'The Butterfly Race' is about        the last couple of blocks and put it together   Commercially Machine Quilted           NFS
 Pastel colours were chosen to create a fresh       following your dreams. Everybody has happy      20 years later.                                 Quilt (Open)
 summery effect and to tone with our                times and not so happy times in their lives.                                                    Large medallion quilt using blue and brown
 bedroom.                                           But all of us should remember that there is     291. Patricia Poole                             reproduction fabrics. Hand pieced and
                                                    always the path and also not everything is      Pink and Purple                                 appliqué.   Border   of   large   hexagons.
 Machine quilted by Kim Bradley, Kim Bradley        black and white.                                Dural,NSW                   178 x 144 cm        Designed by Lynne Alchin.
 Creations.                                                                                         Traditional (Amateur)                NFS
                                                    285. Rhonda Langhorne                           This quilt is made for my granddaughter,        Machine quilted by Adri van der Zel.
 279. Rose Lewis                                    Windows of Floral Bouquets              NFS     Amy, whose favourite colours are pink and
                                                    Elanora Heights,NSW           240 x 262 cm      purple. The hexagons and flowers are hand
 A Caterpillars Dream                     NFS
 Drouin,Vic                     264 x 264 cm        Predominantly Appliqué (Amateur)
 Predominantly Appliqué (Amateur)                   The appliqué in this quilt is from a Dianne
                                                    Johnston pattern. I have done this as a
 This quilt just grew around me. I designed
 each block and panel as I progressed. The          "quilt as you go" and designed the quilting
 only real stipulation I had to myself was lots
 of appliqué, trapunto and quilting.
                                                    286. WITHDRAWN
 I twisted and manipulated Karen McTavish's
 outer border quilting design.
                                                    287. Pamela Rouse
 280. Catherine Butterworth                         Villa des Fleur
                                                    Horsley,NSW                 275 x 253 cm
 Ron's Quilt
                                                    Commercially Machine Quilted          NFS
 Lindfield,NSW                  261 x 261 cm
                                                    Quilt (Open)
 Traditional (Professional)                 NFS
                                                    This quilt was made from a kit designed by
 In February 2011 my big brother will turn
 sixty, so I made him this quilt. I trust he will   Dianne Johnston. It has been hand
                                                    appliquéd and hand embroidered and
 enjoy using this quilt as much as I enjoyed
                                                    machine pieced.
 designing and stitching it.
                                                    Machine quilted by Joanne Nicholls, Thirroul
 281. Brett Bridger
                                                    Custom Quilting.
 Tigers in my Bed
 Burwood,NSW                  282 x 215 cm
                                                    288. Peggy Mansfield
 Not to be judged-Display only         $900
                                                    Tying the Knot
 This quilt combines a fascination with both
                                                    Jilliby,NSW                   274 x 250 cm
 Oriental designs and Attic Windows. I set
                                                    Commercially Machine Quilted            NFS
 myself the task of creating a quilt out of
                                                    Quilt (Open)
 mostly oriental fabrics that used Attic
                                                    This is a wedding present for my son and his
 windows as the focal points.
                                                    bride. It is a combination of Celtic knots,
                                                    which my son loves, and a tribal look as my
 282. Meg Orr
                                                    Daughter in Law has done a lot of work in
 Epping,NSW                    288 x 203 cm
 Traditional (Professional)              NFS        Machine quilted by Jan Foster, Red Shed
 I made this quilt to celebrate the move my         Quilting.
 sister and brother-in-law made into a
 retirement village. Machine pieced and made        289. Pat Dwyer
 using quilt-as-you-go method.                      Evening Elegance
                                                    Waterfall,NSW              218 x 145 cm
 283. Jane Gibson                                   Mixed Techniques - Anything           NFS
 Shuji                                              Goes (Professional)
 Epping,NSW                  250 x 236 cm           This fabric caught my eye whilst shopping
 Traditional (Professional)           NFS           for something else as I love 'bling'. The
 Made for my nephew Tom. The basketweave            black and silver colours appealed to me,
 pattern is from Susan Briscoe's book               something I might wear out a night, thus
 "Japanese   Quilt  Blocks".  The   pieced          'Evening Elegance'.
Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                  Page 25    Sydney Quilt Show 2010                                                                  Page 26
Online Catalogue                                                                                   Online Catalogue
                               Exhibitor Listing 2010
Adams, Kathy                  178   Gower, Barbara           185, 220   Myers, Barbara            56, 120
Aigner, Mirjam            73, 200   Grant, Dianna                 114   Neil, Ellie             122, 150
Alchin, Lynne                 165   Grant, Susan                  189   O'Brien, Michelle             142
Aliu, Esther                  175   Griffiths, Denise         49, 218   O'Connell, Sue          208, 261
Allsop, Susan            108, 217   Haddad, Ann                   157   Orr, Meg                      282
Alvaro, Dianna                247   Haddrick, Julie           47, 205   Parish, Christine             243
Anderson, Amanda          72, 215   Hadjimichael, Katrina         264   Parker, Lorraine               64
Arita, Keiko             112, 192   Haerland, Kay              67, 97   Parkinson, Nancy          25, 274
Babidge, Catherine        76, 202   Haigh, Lorna               58, 60   Payne, Jan              129, 164
Bacon, Jenny              43, 118   Hammond, Fiona                  1   Pearce, Merelyn               144
Barlow, Judy              74, 140   Hannigan, Paddy               275   Pereira, Jeanette             267
Beer, Sheila                  100   Hardie, Margo                 269   Perry, Margaret Ann            83
Bell, Marilyn            104, 182   Harradine, Colleen             34   Phillips, Jo-Ann              105
Betts, Belinda            30, 119   Harradine, Eve                 22   Pilgrim, Chelsea              139
Betts, Harry                  219   Harradine, Ruth                44   Porter, Catherine         12, 117
Blanchard, Maree         161, 169   Herbert, Julia                194   Poole, Patricia               291
Bowker, Jenny                 204   Hewitt, Lynn                   93   Power, Susan                  240
Bridger, Brett           153, 281   Hill, Pam                      14   Price, Caroline               213
Bridges, Nic                   71   Hine, Bernadine                68   Price, Gail                   177
Brown,Kaye                    290   Hinwood, Marilyn Joan         278   Priday, Pamela             19, 31
Brown, Anna                    78   Hinwood, Verity                95   Ramsay, Jennifer        113, 147
Brown, Marian                 152   Hockey, Ele                    65   Riles, Kerrie-Anne             37
Bullen, Alrema                179   Honeyman, Carol          196, 273   Roberts, Marianne              94
Butcher, Linda                133   Horwood, Verna            88, 145   Rouse, Pamela                 287
Butterworth, Catherine   265, 280   Hoswell, Penny                  4   Rutter, Natasha         154, 216
Campbell, Mary                221   Hunter, Beverly               160   Salter, Elva            155, 222
Camping, Elizabeth         75, 91   Hunters Hill Quilters,   212, 245   Sargo, Denise             50, 121
Cantrill, Jennifer       116, 135   Inoue, Kiyo                    20   Serong, Chris                 256
Caroline Bay Quilters         159   Jack Coupland, Cathy        9, 36   Shanidze, Marina        190, 284
Carroll, Shirley              158   James, Robert            110, 254   Shaw, Joan                     26
Cashman, Rae             125, 244   James, Zoe                    229   Shepherd, Helen         167, 191
Chapman, Sheena           86, 126   Johns, Trudy              69, 149   Sieff, Kay                    5, 6
Charles, Jennifer             209   Jones, Carolyn                195   Smith, Brenda Gael          2, 40
Cody, Susanne            151, 163   Jurd, Chris              111, 252   Smith-Rees, Tracey             70
Cook, Lois                    235   Kain, Margaret                271   Spinks, Erica                  11
Cox, Benjamin                  84   Kamakura, Cissa           85, 101   Stanislas, Amelia             199
Cox, Kathryn                   52   Kazarian, Greg           174, 246   Sullivan, Carolyn              16
Coxsedge, Tanya               231   Kennedy, Lucy              90, 96   Syrett, Margy                 183
Cross, Wendy               21, 80   Kikuchi, Mineko               156   Tarrant, Johanna               54
Crouch, Linda                  38   Klingohr, Waltraud             18   Tawton, Pamela          123, 232
Cunningham, Karen             233   Knudsen, Stephanie        27, 106   Taylor, Kerryn           35, 210
Daly, Amanda                3, 24   Kreutzfeldt, Kirsten          253   Teager, Maureen               225
Davidson, Joshua              124   Laird, Sandra                 103   Thomson, Judith          48, 146
Davie, Heather           238, 292   Lancashire, Isobel        46, 270   Thrift, Lynette          81, 251
Day, Judy                  42, 61   Langhorne, Rhonda             285   Timmins, Carol          239, 268
Deans, Nicole                  15   Leath, Jocelyne               132   Timmins, Chris            7, 176
Dear, Kerry              138, 263   Lever, Leonie             99, 181   Tramontana, Diane             239
Denneny, Rachelle         62, 168   Lewis, Rose                   279   Tremain, Alan R.        128, 171
Dennis, Sue                28, 63   Line, Yvonne                  248   Turner, Judy                  172
Diepeveen, Shirley       234, 241   Loaney-Brown, Julie           250   van der Zel, Adri             276
Dixon, Janine                  10   Long, Elizabeth            13, 55   Vermeulen, Wendy               77
Donnelly, Sandra              223   Louie, Deborah                148   Voigt, Ineka                   23
Doughty, Kathy           207, 262   Lowder, Marilyn               227   Walden, Melissa               186
Dwyer, Pat                66, 289   Lyon, Noelle               79, 89   Walden, Rebecca               198
Epping Quilters Inc,          180   Lyons, Sandra              8, 109   Wallace, Margaret         39, 87
Evans, Leesa                  255   Mansfield, Peggy              288   Walton, Lisa                  162
Farrow, Nerida                134   Mariani, Kim                  170   Waples, Glen                  173
Firth, Dianne             82, 143   Martin, Maureen               260   Westmacott, Pamela      236, 242
Flynn, Samara                 201   Marvig, Michelle              224   Wheeler,L&K Brown       214, 266
Forbes, Mercedes              237   Massie, Daphne           115, 137   White, Cinzia                 259
Frazer, Jan               92, 102   Matthews, Janine               53   Williams, Choy -Lin            17
French, Sharon            41, 226   McDonald, Margaret       197, 272   Williams, Mary                 29
Gebhardt, Maree               258   McGee, Patricia               130   Williams, Wendy               136
Gibson, Jane              33, 283   Merriel, Shirley              249   Williams, Yvonne               57
Ginis, Dianne                 230   Miller, Beth                   59   Wilson, Lindy                  45
Godden, Helen            203, 206   Miller, Roslyn                 51   Wise, Glenda            188, 277
Godden, Pat                    98   Morrison, Janice         228, 257   Young, Faye                   107
Goodwin, Kay             166, 184   Moules, Roslyn                187   Zahra, Lynette                193
Govey, Scarlett               211   Mowbray Public School         141

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Online Catalogue