Healthy Weight for Women of Reproductive Age by sammyc2007

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									Healthy Weight for Women of Reproductive Age
      Action Learning Collaborative
           Los Angeles County

Building local capacity to help women
       achieve healthy weight

      Eleanor Long, MSPH
     Cynthia Harding, MPH
  Margaret Lynn Yonekura, M.D

         August 25-28, 2007
          Denver, Colorado
   About Los Angeles County HWWALC

• Why „healthy weight‟?

• Key stakeholders

• Strategies

• Results & Challenges
             Why is this our issue?

                 Underweight                                                            31%
         Obese      4%                  30%
          18%                           25%

                                        20%      19%



                                                      White        Hispanic           African American
Overweight                     Normal                          Overweight     Obese
   24%                          54%

                                              White            Hispanic                 African-

Weight Status Before Pregnancy           Prevalence By Race/Ethnicity
             Who are our partners?
         Broad Stakeholder Participation

State of California Department of   Demonstration Projects
   Public Health MCH/OFP
                                    Insurance Oversight
Los Angeles County Department
  of Public Health (many            University
  divisions and programs)

Promotora Organizations             Hospitals

Special Interest Coalitions         WIC
               Strategies for Impact
1. Leadership Development
  1)   Engage stakeholders
  2)   Train Trainers
  3)   Policy work in key sectors
2. Support worksite-wellness programs
  2)   5-a-Day Be Active!
3. Community Collaboration
  1)   Healthy Eating Active Communities projects
  2)   Promotora organizations
  3)   Policy Work
4. Message Development
  1)   For consumers
  2)   For providers
  How we engage stakeholders
• Monthly meetings – educational segment and
  action items

• “Walk the talk”: healthy snacks and exercise

• Reminder phone calls to members

• Dedicated staff

• Feedback from members for improving meetings
                     Current Results
Leadership Development
•   Training, presenting information
•   Broad stakeholder involvement
•   Policy work
Worksite Wellness
•   Network for Healthy California – employer toolkits
•   UCLA and LAC/DPH – W.O.R.K.I.N.G project
Community Collaboration
•   Demonstration projects in high-risk areas
•   Promotora organizations – train the trainer
Message Development
•   Focus Groups completed
•   Health provider – education and support
  Challenges: Designing effective
 community messaging campaigns
Reach women of            Motivate and empower
  reproductive age         women to take charge
                           of their health
• Culturally sensitive -
  Different cultures view
  "extra pounds"          • Give them options
  differently               that work
• Appropriate reading     • Understand and
  level                     address their barriers
• Multi-lingual
 Preliminary Findings – Focus Groups

• Women know about        • Specific findings for
  nutrition & exercise      African-Americans

• Barriers to healthy     • Fast foods:
  behavior include no:       – Taste developed early
  –   Time                   – Considered treat
  –   Money                  – Convenient & cheap
  –   Cooking Skill
  –   Environment to
      support behaviors
  Challenges: Reaching Providers
• Health Care bureaucracies

• Importance of this topic compared to
  other clinical goals

• Implementing standards for BMI as part of
  patient vital signs with reminder message
  for clinical intervention
            Talk with us!
• Eleanor Long

• Cynthia Harding

• Lynn Yonekura

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