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									                                    TOWN OF RYE
                                 BOARD OF SELECTMEN                    Unapproved Minutes
                                                                      See Meeting 9-19-05 for
                            MINUTES OF THE MEETING                     corrections approval
                              Tuesday, August 30, 2005
                                      3:30 p.m.
                         Commencing on site at 6:30 Central Road
                              Reconvening at Town Hall

Chairman Priscilla Jenness called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. at 630 Central Road. Also
present were Selectmen Joe Mills and Craig Musselman, Interim Town Administrator Phil
Arel, homeowner Henry Rabchenuk and contractor John Koskela.


630 Central Road

Mr. Rabchenuk is planning an addition and a very large old maple is currently in the middle
of his current driveway. The site walk determined that this tree is in the town right of way.
Before making a decision, a letter will be sent to Betty Smith, Chairman of the Rye Beach
District, to obtain the degree of Precinct participation we can expect regarding removal.

34 Old Beach Road

The selectmen and Phil Arel then adjourned to 34 Old Beach Road at Old Town Way (a
Public Beach Access). At the Selectmen’s meeting of August 22nd, Joseph Dipilato spoke to
the Board of his concerns. He has never placed a fence or rocks to keep people from parking
along the edge of the road but this year they have pulled onto his lawn and into plantings, left
trash, changed clothes and generally used his lawn as a staging area to go to the beach. He
requested no-parking signs either side of the beach right of way to ensure egress for the
people of the four homes that enter Old Beach Road from the right of way.

No votes were taken. Selectmen decided to look at the width of the right of way on the Town
map prior to further discussion with regard to signage.

The Board of Selectmen and Phil Arel adjourned to Town Hall.

At 4:35 p.m., a motion was made by the Chairman to go into Non-Public Session per
RSA 91-A:3, II (e) Legal. Seconded by Craig Musselman. Roll call: Mills/Yes
Musselman/Yes Jenness/Yes

A conference call was placed to Town Attorney Michael Donovan. No votes were taken.

At 5:05 p.m., the Chairman made a motion to come out of Non-Public Session and
return to the meeting. Seconded by Craig Musselman. Roll call:       Mills/Yes
Musselman/Yes Jenness/Yes.
Page 2. Minutes of the Meeting      8/30/05

Municipal Agent Automation Project (MAAP)

A signed agreement between the New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Motor
Vehicles, and the Town of Rye is required to enable the Town Clerk to implement the
Municipal Agent Automation Project (MAAP).

A motion was made by Joe Mills and seconded by Craig Musselman to allow the Town
Clerk’s Office to be directly on-line with the State Motor Vehicles Department. All
Request to Tie-in with Town Storm Drain System

A verbal request has been received from contractor Mike Daigle to tie-in a sump pump to
Town storm drain at a house under construction at 18 Park Ridge Avenue. The property
owner is Dante Caminati.
Following discussion of increasing pressure on the Town storm drainage system, it was
decided to have Phil draft a letter requesting proof of need to show that the water cannot be
dealt with on site and providing a schematic drawing of the plan to connect.
The Town needs to develop policy immediately to deal with this kind of request as well as
any systems that are tied into Town storm drains illegally.
The Selectmen went over a draft letter to Michael and Dianne Cavaretta on La Mer Drive
regarding removal of shrubs in the right of way. It was agreed that a time frame for removal
of one large arborvitae and one spreading juniper should be added to the letter in order to
provide time for them to move the shrubs before danger of frost. Both must be removed prior
to winter in order to ensure cleaning/clearing of drains. The arborvitae is in the Town right of
way blocking a catch basin and the juniper is in a Town easement and is blocking the exit
pipe from the catch basin.
The removal of these shrubs was by mutual agreement of the Board of Selectmen and Michael
and Dianne Cavaretta during a site walk on Tuesday, July 26, 2005.
NO PARKING Signs Appear on Church Road
In response to an inquiry from a Rye resident, Police Chief Alan Gould along with Public
Works Director Bud Jordan viewed an area adjacent to the Damauro property on Church
Road where No Parking Signs have appeared (three are believed to be on private property and
one in the Town right of way). Parking there is not prohibited by ordinance and the Dept. of
Public Works did not erect these signs.
Page 3. Minutes of the Meeting 8/30/05

It was agreed that the Selectmen need to go down to Church Road to observe the situation.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Priscilla V. Jenness, Chairman

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