; Tired of hearing no in Network Marketing?
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Tired of hearing no in Network Marketing?


A look at the top 4 reasons say not to network marketing opportunities, and how you can combat those fears with this one simple secret.

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									       We'd like to take a second (O.K more like 2 minutes) to look at the most common reasons that
people either don't join a network marketing company, or why they drop out within just a few months.
The reasons may come in different shapes and sizes, but they all usually have their roots in 4 main

What are the top 4 reasons that people don't get into a network marketing business?
      1. Startup fees:
          a) Startup fees can be upwards of $1,000 and in today's economy it may
             be hard for people to come up with that kind of startup money.
          b) I've personally never understood why you need to pay money
             to sell someone's products and make other people money.

       2. Monthly fees purchase requirements:
          a) Every month in these companies, people are required to shell out
             money and buy x amount of products every single month
             or they become inactive.
          b) Unless someone has some sign-ups pretty quick they can drop
             out really fast because they can't take the monthly fees.

       3. Having to sell
          a) The majority of people aren't interested in pushing their cleaning supplies
             vitamins, essential oils, whatever on their family and friends.
          b) If you ask a majority of people if they are good salespeople most will probably
             say that they are not.

       4. Lack of Relevant Training
          a) The cookie cuter training.. make a list, bug them, make another list
             bug them, etc.. takes precious time to get people in your business.
          b) Couple that with the fact that you are getting dinged $50-$100 in required
             purchase, and you've got a $1,000's spent before you think about profit

                 There's a way that you can fix all of that right now!
Data Network Affiliates is a relatively new network marketing company that combats all of the “good”
reasons that people aren't joining into network marketing companies.

    1. There's no cost to join: 100% free
       a) No really, I'm not making this up it's 100% free to join the company.
          There's no hidden “free to try” here, it's 100% free for you to join and
          start making money.

    2. No monthly fee: pay $0.00 each month and still make money
       a) 3 sales pages, and 1 back office page and the commissions plan that
          pays you 10 levels deep all included for $0.0! Again.. nothing hidden
          here. What you see is what you get.. it's not free but you need to pay
          for your back office etc.
       b) There is an optional “Pro Affiliate” program that is $29 a month, that has
          benefits above and beyond the standard affiliate level but it's not required.
    3. Sell nothing and make money!
       a) It's a data entry company, there isn't a requirement to sell 1 single product a month!
       b) Like sales? Awesome, Data Network Affiliates has been rolling out
           2 products every month since they've started, with more on the horizon
           if you can sell, you make more money! But sales are not required.

    4. No bugging your friends and family, we help you use the power of the biggest
       list that there is out there... The Internet!
        a) Instead of un-targeted, bothering of everyone around you only to sign up a few people, use
            the internet as a huge targeted list to get the people you want.
        b) We'll give you the training and knowledge to get your name and your
            sign-up link out there for 1000's of people to see and use when they
            see the amazing offer you have for them!

        Data Network Affiliates is a new network marketing company that opened up in March of 2010,
and has grown to HUGE numbers. 135K+ members have already joined, making it the fastest growing
network marketing company in the world, and it could reach historic growth if this trend continues.
They are projecting 2 Million people within it's first 24 months of existence. How can 135,000 people
be wrong? Data Network Affiliates is so crazy that they are offering a $100,000 guarantee for people
who join for free and reach a specific level. If you don't make $100k in 12 months, they'll give you the

        We (The Carter Story) have gone through all the training, we've seen all the tools and tricks to
get your name in front of the most people at the least cost to yourself. We've put together an internet
marketing 101 guide that will bring you the basics and we continue to provide training through
webinars, e-mail, and training documents to bring you up to the “graduate level” of network marketing
on the internet. Data Network Affiliates also provides daily training and recruitment calls.

Visit us here to schedule a 20min 1on1 phone consultation about Data Network Affiliates.
Or Join us right now by going here, you are 5 questions away from your destiny.

Thanks for reading
Yours in success,
Adam & Nadine
The Carter Story

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